Monday, December 30, 2013


Armed Government's Error - Inside Darkness 1997
Armed Government's Error - Exploding Insanity 1999
Armed Government's Error - Four Wings 2001
Armed Government's Error - Blowing Wind 2002
Armed Government's Error - The Spider 2006
Armed Government's Error - The Scar Of Lead 2008
Armed Government's Error - Survive 2010
01. Armed Government's Error - Inside Darkness, 1997 Vinyl, 7", EP, 33 RPM
     Dewa Records - DR-001
02. Armed Government's Error - Exploding Insanity, 1999 CD, Album
     Tribal War Asia Records - TWA-AGE002
03. Armed Government's Error - Four Wings, 2001 CD, Album
     Tribal War Asia Records - TWA-AGE001
04. Armed Government's Error - Blowing Wind, 2002 Vinyl, 7"
     Underground Warder Productions - UWP006
05. Armed Government's Error - The Spider, 2006 Vinyl, 7"
     Black Water - none
06. Armed Government's Error - The Scar Of Lead, 2008 Vinyl, 12", EP
     Black Water - BLACK WATER 018
07. Armed Government's Error - Survive, 2010 Vinyl, 7", EP, Limited Edition
     Black Water - BW-036
Let us repeat: the two basic components of the international universe are cheese (especially heated at the right viscosity) and Japanese hardcore. So today we will have a large slice of AGE, the perfect metalized bulldozing crust thrash that any sane ape will want to consume now and forever because he knows how great an Amebix | Discharge | Hellbastard pudding can be, especially with a layer of "Power From Hell" era Onslaught. For more recent references, ask for a serving of Crow | Extinction Of Mankind | Hellshock. You must AT LEAST get the last two golden thrashanese monster releases! Bang your head against the walls! AGE before beauty!
Last request before next year! A zering 2014 to everyone.
!ZER Armed Government's Error ZER!
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Friday, December 27, 2013


Conclusion - 忘レ去ラレタ記憶ノ残骸 2003
Conclusion - 零ノ目醒め 2004
01. Conclusion - 忘レ去ラレタ記憶ノ残骸, 2003 Vinyl, 7", EP, 33 RPM
     HG Fact - HG-168
02. Conclusion - 零ノ目醒め, 2004 Vinyl, 7"
     Overthrow Records - Overthrow-036
The two basic components of the international universe are: cheese (especially heated at the right viscosity) and Japanese hardcore. This revelation is obvious but it deserves regular reminders. If you have not had your daily warm cheese, do it now while your daily dose of Japanese hardcore is downloading, today with the masterful Conclusion. These two short records are amazing tributes to the real thing from the 80s and draw influences from your favorite far-eastern punkish heroes, like Colored Rice Men. It rocks, it grooves, it is perfect. Are there any other Conclusion releases? I want them.
PS: Yacøpsæ - Pop-Punk Alienation now added to the Yacøpsæ posts! ZER!
PPS: you may now enjoy the Porno Coma bandcamp segment and share it with your sister in law with your smartphone. Touch, slide, slide, touch, touch, slide, slide, touch.
!ZER Conclusion ZER!
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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Toxic Reasons

Toxic Reasons - Independence 1982
Toxic Reasons - Kill By Remote Control 1984
Toxic Reasons - Bullets For You 1986
Toxic Reasons - Anything For Money 1989
Toxic Reasons - Dedication 1979-1988 1989
Toxic Reasons - In The House Of God 1993
Toxic Reasons - No Peace In Our Time 1994
01. Toxic Reasons - Independence, 1982 CD, Album
     Bitzcore - 01655-26
     Reissue from 1989
02. Toxic Reasons - Kill By Remote Control, 1984 Vinyl, LP
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 41
03. Toxic Reasons - Bullets For You, 1986 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 55
04. Toxic Reasons - Anything For Money, 1989 CD, Album
     Hellhound Records - HELL 06
05. Toxic Reasons - Dedication 1979-1988, 1989 CD, Album
     Funhouse Records (2) - FH 036 / SPV 85-6419
06. Toxic Reasons - In The House Of God, 1993 CD, Album
     Bitzcore - bc1685-2
07. Toxic Reasons - No Peace In Our Time, 1994 CD, Album
     Bitzcore - 1695
Christmas request! After the second Swiss fondue, everyone needs to revisit this chapter of claaaaaassic US punk. My favorite is the motörized Anything For Money, who plays in the Broken Bones and Dr Know sandbox, absolute marvel! Of course every other album is a win too. A triple zer punk rock train from beginning to end!
!ZER Toxic Reasons ZER!
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Monday, December 23, 2013


Neuroot - Right Is Might 1985
Neuroot - Plead Insanity 1988
01. Neuroot - Right Is Might, 1985 Vinyl, 12", Reissue
     Havoc Records - HC1246
     Reissue from 2012 - with 2 bonus songs
02. Neuroot - Plead Insanity, 1988 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Hageland Records - HR 014
After some serious digging I could finally extract the Insanity LP from the cellar, and I recently got this excellent reissue of the Might EP (with extra songs). This makes an acceptable fulfillment of the Neuroot request. Classic Dutch hardcore that will not overthrow the domination of B.G.K., but that still rocks the old heads among us, and especially fans of Death In Action and Nog Watt. There is a thin crust of metal here and I often wondered if they'd have matched Mottek's Fatal Violence with a couple more albums.
!ZER Neuroot ZER!
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Conquest For Death

Conquest For Death - Beyond The Hidden Valley 2007
Conquest For Death - Front Row Tickets To Armageddon 2007
01. Conquest For Death - Beyond The Hidden Valley, 2007 CD, Album
     Give & Take Records - 006
02. Conquest For Death - Front Row Tickets To Armageddon, 2007 Vinyl, 12", EP, 33 RPM, Single Sided
     Punks Before Profits - PBP #33
Somebody requested the conquest, here it comes. Fast modern crossover, great stuff! A great tribute to the kings of the 80s as in D.R.I. and Attitude Adjustement, for fans of other such great tribute acts like Skulls And Flames or Holier Than Thou. Thrash til zer!
PS: Pittbull files reset and Verbal Abuse liver CD fixed. Zer.
!ZER Conquest For Death ZER!
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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Yacøpsæ - Einstweilige Vernichtung 2001
Yacøpsæ - Discoregraphy 2006
Yacøpsæ - Fastcoregraphy 2007
Yacøpsæ - Tanz, Grosny, Tanz... 2007
01. Yacøpsæ - Einstweilige Vernichtung, 2001 CD, Album
     Slap A Ham Records - #62
02. Yacøpsæ - Discoregraphy, 2006 CD x 2, Compilation, Limited Edition
     Regurgitated Semen Records - RSR 064
03. Yacøpsæ - Fastcoregraphy, 2007 CD, Compilation
     Cantraorden Sidcos - none
04. Yacøpsæ - Tanz, Grosny, Tanz..., 2007 CD,
     Obscene Productions - OBP 081
Heavily requested for a long time, here come the Yacøpsæ power plants. The origin of life lies in the primordial volcano of Siege, S.O.B. and Septic Death. Evolution did its magic and we then got Heresy, Cryptic Slaughter and Lärm, and then Hellnation, and then Tumult, Unsane Crisis and Yacøpsæ. Yes yes yes Yacøpsæ burn everything everywhere, you will promptly go deaf even if you listen to this underwater. The first releases (Discoregrahy) are noisy slabs of crusty thrash, then Yacøpsæ turns to the family of the most intense brutaloids noisemakers, it is beyond metal of the death or black sorts, it is not standard grindcore either, you have to reach up to Brutal Truth or Axis Of Advance to succumb to similarly destructive sound waves. You are not allowed to miss Tanz, Grosny, Tanz.
The Fastcoregraphy CD has many ugly digital blips in the first songs, sorry about that. I don't have the Pop Punk Alienation album, it is a compilation of real pop punk covers and not a parody.
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Yacøpsæ - Fuck Punk Rock... This Is Turbo-Speed-Violence! (1998) THANKS!
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Yacøpsæ - Pop-Punk Alienation THANKS!
!ZER Yacøpsæ ZER!
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

White Pigs

White Pigs - White Pigs 1984
White Pigs - Deathway 1986
White Pigs - Songs Of Sin 1989
01. White Pigs - White Pigs, 1984 Vinyl, 7", 33 RPM, EP
     Swinch Kwilsen Record Productions - none
02. White Pigs - Deathway, 1986 Vinyl, 12", EP, 33 RPM
     Combat - MX 8129
03. White Pigs - Songs Of Sin, 1989 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Walkthrufyre - WTF 1745
More Christmas turkey with the White Pigs records: from hungry caveman punk to motörheaded metal, White Pigs deliver all the electrolytes you need to survive the winter. Play it loud, have a drink, eat this Stilton!
!ZER White Pigs ZER!
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Uppercut - Shroud Shifter 2001
Uppercut - Reanimation Of Hate 2004
01. Uppercut - Shroud Shifter, 2001 CD, Album
     G.U.C. - G.U.C. 007-01
02. Uppercut - Reanimation Of Hate, 2004 CD, Album
     G.U.C. - G.U.C. 011-04
Let's have some middlezer: you can live without Uppercut and their comfortable thrash metal. But you can also enjoy it very much if you're into reheated Destruction. Nothing original or remarkably frantic here, but it's like cheesecake, once in a while it fits what your sensory organs need. Heavy and greasy standard fat for the whole family in these days of rejoicing.
!ZER Uppercut ZER!
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rich Kids On LSD

Rich Kids On LSD - Keep Laughing: The Best Of... RKL 1984/1985
Rich Kids On LSD - Revenge Is A Beautiful Feeling 1984/1985
Rich Kids On LSD - Rock N Roll Nightmare 1987
Rich Kids On LSD - Greatest Hits Live West Berlin 1988 1988
Rich Kids On LSD - Greatest Hits Double Live In Berlin 1989
Rich Kids On LSD - Reactivate 1993
Rich Kids On LSD - Rock N Roll Nightmare 1993
Rich Kids On LSD - Riches To Rags 1994
01. Rich Kids On LSD - Keep Laughing: The Best Of... RKL, 1984/1985 CD, Compilation
     Mystic Records (8) - MCD 163
     Reissue from 2001 - includes Keep Laughing LP and Beautiful Feeling 7''
02. Rich Kids On LSD - Revenge Is A Beautiful Feeling, 1984/1985 Vinyl, LP, Compilation
     Destiny Records (2) - EFA 05251
     Reissue from 1989 - includes remastered versions of Keep Laughing LP, Beautiful Feeling 7'' & Nardcore comp tracks
03. Rich Kids On LSD - Rock N Roll Nightmare, 1987 Vinyl, LP
     Alchemy Records - VM104
04. Rich Kids On LSD - Greatest Hits Live West Berlin 1988, 1988 CD, Album
     Destiny Records (2) - DESTINY-01543/2
05. Rich Kids On LSD - Greatest Hits Double Live In Berlin, 1989 Vinyl x 2, LP
     Destiny Records (2) - 05143
06. Rich Kids On LSD - Reactivate, 1993 CD, Album
     Epitaph - 86423-2
07. Rich Kids On LSD - Rock N Roll Nightmare, 1993 CD, Album
     Epitaph - 86426-2
08. Rich Kids On LSD - Riches To Rags, 1994 CD, Album
     Epitaph - 86445-2
One of the richest requests finally rezerred! There are no sufficient superlatives in any human language to adequately qualify the universal zerring greatness of RKL, who sit firmly on one of the largest thrones of the Eternal Zer Top Ten. And as everybody knows, the EZTT has been the only true holy entity in any liturgy since the dawn of space and time. Until any god, ghost or ghoul proves itself, only the EZTT is worthy of worship and awe. And up there RKL shine and rise from every angle. RKL gave the greatest and craziest live performances you could attend. Amazing musicians, amazing songwriting. Only RKL can make a Kiss song sound acceptable. That maniac bass player. I think he went on to fame and fortune in some MTV-pop-punk band. Rock'n'roll Nightmare screams HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT'S TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE while the live in Berlin album RULES THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE OF LIVE ALBUMS. You have to be Slayer, Raven, Bad Brains or Motörhead to produce an equally killer live album. Now, Reactivate was a bit of a disappointment, or am I the only one to find it a bit amorphous? I was sacred to see it released by Epitaph and I was right. Yet the great Riches To Rags reset the balance, great farewell record. RKL ruled and we will never see them again because the majority of the members died. RKL is a true legend, but not a myth.
NB: I had to rip the vinyls, it is RKL after all. But back then I played the live record twice a day for over 16 months and now it has 3 major bumping scratches. I did my best to edit them out, but I suggest to get the CD rip as well. This is the original 1989 CD, not some remastered butchery for mp3 consumers.
!ZER Rich Kids On LSD ZER!
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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yellow Machinegun

Yellow Machinegun - Father's Golden Fish 1996
Yellow Machinegun - Spot Remover 1998
Yellow Machinegun - Build & Destroy 1999
Yellow Machinegun - Split 2000
Yellow Machinegun - Bean Ball 2001
Yellow Machinegun - Yellow Bucket 2002
01. Yellow Machinegun - Father's Golden Fish, 1996 CD, Album
     Howling Bull - HWCA-1002
02. Yellow Machinegun - Spot Remover, 1998 CD, Album
     Howling Bull America - HBA-002
03. Yellow Machinegun - Build & Destroy, 1999 CD, Album
     Rotten Orange - HWCA-1025
04. Yellow Machinegun - Split, 2000 CD,
     Howling Bull - HWCA-1030
05. Yellow Machinegun - Bean Ball, 2001 CD, Album
     Rotten Orange - HWCA-1064
06. Yellow Machinegun - Yellow Bucket, 2002 CD, Album
     Howling Bull - HWCA-1082
Omnivores love Yellow Machinegun, and Yellow Machinegun love you, so I will gladly comply to this reload request. Basic loud punk with screaming thrash is on the menu and we all blissfully work on our appetite.

!ZER Yellow Machinegun ZER!
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Now, how accurate were you?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Atavistic - Equilibrium 1987
Atavistic - Life During Wartime 1987
Atavistic - Vanishing Point 1990
01. Atavistic - Equilibrium, 1987 Vinyl, 7", EP, 33 1/3RPM
     Loony Tunes Records - TUNE 7
02. Atavistic - Life During Wartime, 1987 Vinyl, 7", EP, 33 1/3RPM
     Peaceville - WARP 3
03. Atavistic - Vanishing Point, 1990 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Deaf Records - DEAF 3
Get ready to lose more hearing. The two EPs redefine the word "saturation" the right way, serving well their fast thrashing hardcore on the fringe of the then burgeoning grindcore sound. The LP is a bit more rocking the punk with metal riffing, harmonica and whale sounds, and is overall a bit more sophisticated and less noisy, but still excellently excellent. This is classic UK 80s turbozer noise for the campaign for musical destruction!
!ZER Atavistic ZER!
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