Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Brutal Destruction, 1985
Inferior To None, 1990
Welcome to Belgium's finest speed and thrash metal band (ex-aequo with X Creta!). 'Brutal Destruction' is a heavy pizza of early Exodus | Whiplash | Metallica and it feels great to abuse it. This is speed metal 1985 zer! But nostalgia aside, I do prefer 'Inferior To None'. The songs, the playing, the artwork and the production are better, the thrash metal on this album is meaner, with an added touch of Prong. Bang that head!
CD rip.
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Reload: GISM, Golers, Satan, Sacrilege, Carrion

A quick reload of some essential zerism: unedited rip (G.I.S.M.), newer reissue (Sacrilege, Satan) and CD rip of previously posted LP rip (Golers, Carrion):

Detestation (rip of the Beast Art CD), 1984

South Mountain Style (CD)
2nd generation (CD)

Court In The Act (+ 3 single/demo tracks), 1983

Within The Prophecy (+ 3 live tracks + 3 demo tracks - 2009 reissue), 1987

Evil Is There! (+ Evil Is There! demo 1985 + 2 live tracks 1986 - 2005 CD reissue), 1986

Monday, March 29, 2010


One Step Behind Anger, 2007
Image Of Disorder, 2008
Total thrash metal obliteration! This deadly trio from Brasil ressucitates early Sepultura tactical moves (with a delicate touch of Morbid Angel) to propel their own brand of metal aggression to the highest levels. This is not just another number in the vast cohort of neo thrash bands: Chaosfear are one of the very best of their generation (according to none other than myself, and I agree). The first album is a frontal thrash attack with first grade riffs, excellent song writing and arrangements; then the second album is a complete metal masterpiece, a terminal classic of the Y2K decade! It is insanely heavy, aggressive and memorable - and delivers more groove than anybody else, augmented by excellent melodic lines and almost prog metal structures. They're not just rehashing, they bang your head and the whole meat harder than most in the happy thrash metal revival. Not since Golers and Watchmaker have I had such strong and lasting erections thanks to a new thrash metal band. THRASH 'TIL DECHE!!! Yes I am excited.
CD rip.

Chaosfear website
Chaosfear on MySpace

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Attitude Adjustment

AA - American Paranoia & More (Dead Serious demo / Bitzcore CD), 1985/1986
AA - Out Of Hand + No More Mr Nice Guy (Bitzcore CD), 1988/1991
AA - True To The Trade 7", 1995 (complete...)
Attitude - The good, the bad and the obnoxious + Kein Schlaff bis Deutschland (mini LPs), 1987
Attitude - Tracks from Rat Music (includes Factory Man 7"), 1988/1990
Attitude - The Good, The Bad, The Obnoxious + Kein Schlaff Bis Deutschland + To Whom It May Concern (We Bite CD), 1987/1990
Nobody told me the previous Attitude Adjustment post was total crap, many 'Dead Serious' and 'American Paranoia' songs missing. Sacrilege! I apologize and here are AA again, and also the Attitude discs, tant qu'à faire. "Out Of Hand" still stands today as one of the most fierce crossover records - pissed, fast, heavy with two tons of groove, ZER! Of course 'American Paranoia' is the classic of classics, amen. I also enjoy very much the excellent mini LPs from the spin-off Attitude (= singer from "American Paranoia" with another line up, including drummer Eric Brecht from DRI/Hirax). Attitude traded the manic speed to the rest of AA for more hard rock and heavy metal and zer the excellent Exodus|Excel crossover. Killer from start to finish!!!
CD rip except

Rat Music (tagged - merci Stéphane!)

True To The Trade:
1. Pay the Price 01:04
2. My Problem Is... 00:44
3. Born To Lose 01:01
4. No Explanations 01:25
5. I Can't Forgive 01:30
6. First Things First 03:05
7. Prejudice/Skinned Alive 01:05 Amazing CRUCIFIX cover!!!

AA on MySpace - they're back!!!
AA on Wikipedia

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bad Brains

Black Dots, 1979 (rel. 1996)
Pay To Cum 7", 1980
Attitude - The ROIR Sessions, 1982 (1989 We Bite reissue)
Live At CBGB, 1982 (rel. 2006)
Rock For Light, 1983
Rock For Light (dumb 1991 remix), 1983/1991
I Against I, 1986
The Youth Are Getting Restless (Live in Amsterdam), 1987 (rel. 1990)
Live, 1988
Quickness, 1989
Spirit Electricity (Live), 1991
Rise, 1993
God Of Love, 1995
Build A Nation, 2007
Live 1989 - Quickness tour, 1989 (tape rip)
Live 1995 - God Of Love tour, 1995 (tape rip)
Live on Dutch TV 1989, 1989 (VHS rip)
Live At Iguanas 7", 1989
Live At The Marquee, 1991 (new & better rip than last year's!) Track 03 (UPDATE)
Pay To Cum 1979/1981 12", ?
Related zerness:
HR - Tapes '84-'86 (It's About Luv + Keep Out Of Reach), 1988
Stealth - Zero To Mach 7, 1998
Never Give In - A Tribute To The Bad Brains, 1999
You saw it coming. After Henry Rollins' Bad Brains stories, I had to post some Bad Brains records, the best band in the world. Also, this post kicks out the Protector post from the front page, it HAD to be with something with CULT CLASSIC status. BAD BRAINS!
I already mentioned the ETERNAL ZER TOP 10 in which Eisenvater, C.C.M., Rose Rose, The Accüsed and Acid Bath hold unmovable seats. Bad Brains is there too, above the previously cited. To me Bad Brains is the combined greatness of Black Sabbath and Motörhead in the hardcore punk rock department, they invented the whole thing, they released the best records and they are gods. That's it.
My favorite albums? Probably "Rock For Light" and "Quickness", but actually everything up to and including the masterpiece "Rise". "Rise" is to Bad Brains what "Curse" is to the Accüsed, an amazing comeback with another singer that does as well as the original. Saw them 3 times on the Rise tour with Israel on vocals and it was as mesmerizing as the 3 shows we attended on the 1989 Quickness tour (when I proposed to my wife! Zer! Fucking flabbergasting Zürich show! NOSTALGIAAAAAAAAAAA!).
- I tagged the 1991 reissue of "Rock For Light" as "the dumb remix" because the songs order changed, there is way to much reverb on the vocals to my liking and I always had the feeling some parts had been accelerated. Listen and compare.
- the tribute CD posted here is pretty good, however the best Bad Brains covers I heard are not on this disc. Check out the incredible rendition of "We Will Not" by crossover kings Blunt Force Trauma. Other great covers by Sepultura, Cro-Mags, Living Colour, Kazjurol and a billion others. Don't forget the German cover versions by Kein Hass Da (ex Militant Mothers, the German Bad Brains). You might also be interested in the excellent Japanese Bad Brains: Fearless Vampire Killers. Mega zer.
And don't use this Bad Brains orgy as an excuse to smoke a joint because drugs are bad, long live the war on drugs!
CD rip except vinyl rip of

Pay To Cum 7" (tagged)
Pay To Cum 12" (tagged)

Live At Iguanas 7":
A1 Banned In D.C.
A2 At The Movies
B Pay To Cum

Live At The Marquee:

Black Dots:
Don't Need It
At The Atlantis
Pay To Cum
Supertouch / Shitfit
You're A Migraine
Don't Bother Me
Banned In D.C
Why'd You Have To Go?
The Man Won't Annoy Ya
Redbone In The City
Black Dots
How Low Can A Punk Get?
Just Another Damn Song
Send You No Flower

+ tapes & VHS rips where indicated and I was too lazy to tag, anyway you know all the songs. Each song is a classic. Know your classics.

Bad Brains on Wikipedia

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rollins Band

Do It, 1988 track 7 (UPDATE)
Life Time, 1988
Hard Volume, 1989
Kick Out The Jam
Turned On (Live in Austria), 1990
The End Of Silence, 1991
Heny Rollins & the Hard-Ons - Let There Be Rock, 1991
Being Obscene (Live @ St Andrews Hall, Detroit, 17/04/92), 1992
Electro Convulsive Therapy (Live at City Garden, Trenton, New Jersey on August 22, 1992), 1993
Weight, 1994
Come In And Burn, 1997
Insert Band Here (Live in Australia 1990), 1999
Get Some Go Again, 2000
Nice, 2001

Yesterday was the day. Henry Garfield was on stage in Montreal for an almost 3 hours long speech - without a second of pause nor a single glass of water! It was as interesting as hilarious, the man is a fantastic speaker and adresses a variety of subjects that range from Sarah Palin to the Bad Brains. You really should go listen to Henry Rollins if his current "Frequent Flyer" tour stops in your area, it's well worth an entire evening.
I'm not a fan of Black Flag so I'll post here some Rollins Band recordings. This music - especially the ultra intense 87/93 era - is heavier than metal. It is HARD rock!!! This stuff ripssssss your screaming skeleton!!! Big ass twisted heavy and evil shit as in Bl'ast! wrestling the Stooges and MC5 at a doom show. I can't say which one I like the most from the 5 or 6 first records, probably "The End Of Silence", "Lifetime" and all the live records. And the Hard-Ons mcd is a must too. Fucking fuck!!!
CD rip except vinyl rip of

Hard Volume:
What Have I Got
I Feel Like This
Planet Joe
Love Song
Turned Inside Out
Down And Away

Turned On:
Lonely 4:59
Do It 2:55
What Have I Got 5:42
Tearing 5:08
Out There 11:37
You Didn't Need 5:26
Hard 4:20
Followed Around 2:46
Mask / Down And Away 7:44
Turned Inside Out 6:57
The Dietmar Song 2:28
Black And White 3:31
What Do You Do 6:29
Crazy Lover 4:44

S.O.A. things up sooner or later. Zer.


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