Thursday, October 17, 2019

Forest Of Impaled

Forest Of Impaled - Mortis Dei - 1996
Forest Of Impaled - Demonvoid - 1999
Forest Of Impaled - Forward The Spears - 2003
Forest Of Impaled - Rise And Conquer - 2007
01. Forest Of Impaled - Mortis Dei, 1996 CD EP
     Terrorizer Records - none
02. Forest Of Impaled - Demonvoid, 1999 CD Album
     Red Stream - RSR 0133
03. Forest Of Impaled - Forward The Spears, 2003 CD Album
     Red Stream - RSR-0167
04. Forest Of Impaled - Rise And Conquer, 2007 CD Album
     Red Stream - RSR-0192
Black death destruction! With thrash metal riffs, especially on the last releases. There are killer hooks and memorable parts everywhere, with a special award to Mortis Dei. Precise savagery in hostile blackness, straight forward sonic terror, speed and power, you got the whole arsenal for the perfect headbanging. If you are looking for experiments and originality, look elsewhere. If you are into a glory ride of neck breaking and aural decapitation, enter the Forest Of Impaled!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Reload: S.S.D.

SSD - X-Claim ! - 0
SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say - 1982
SSD - How We Rock - 1984
SSD - Break It Up - 1985
SSD - Power - 1992
01. SSD - X-Claim !, 0 Vinyl LP Unofficial Release Compilation
     Not On Label - none
     1-12: from Kids LP, 13-19: live CBGB 06-10-1983
02. SSD - The Kids Will Have Their Say, 1982 Vinyl 12" Album 45 RPM
     Xclaim!, Xclaim!, Dischord Records, Dischord Records - NO.1, no.1, NO.7½, no.7½
03. SSD - How We Rock, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Modern Method Records, Modern Method Records - MM022, X110
04. SSD - Break It Up, 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Homestead Records - HMS027
05. SSD - Power, 1992 CD Album Compilation
     Taang! Records, Taang! Records - TAANG! 50, TAANG!50
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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Violent Dirge

Violent Dirge - Obliteration Of Soul - 1991
Violent Dirge - Elapse - 1993
Violent Dirge - Elapse - 2019
01. Violent Dirge - Obliteration Of Soul, 1991 Cassette
     Carnage Records - 008-91
02. Violent Dirge - Elapse, 1993 Cassette Album
     Carnage Records, Carnage Records - CARR 054-93, CARR 054
03. Violent Dirge - Elapse, 2019 CD Album Reissue Remastered
     Pagan Records - MOON 123
In the remote corners of the basement sit old tapes full of corrosion and death. After decades of slow rot and grey dust, an excited exhumation brings them to the light of day and reveals their vicious power. Violent Dirge were one killer band with the combined destructive abilities of Sadus, Grave, Dark Angel, Ripping Corpse and Gorguts. Absolute first class material! Their usage of heavy artillery with precision and class makes their barbarous delivery all the more impressive and enjoyable. There is complexity in the disgust and there is virtuosity in the hate. Expert world war riffing, giant pummeling drumming, prominent killer bass lines, horror voices from the crypts of zer, clarity of destination through the density of architecture and mechanized butchery! Zerification of the obliteration! Metalization of the total thrashing death!
These tapes did not age too well. A link to a better/CD rip of Obliteration and one for Craving are of course very much appreciated.
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!ZER Violent Dirge ZER!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Ensnared - Dysangelium - 2017 01. Ensnared - Dysangelium, 2017 CD Album
     Dark Descent Records, Invictus Productions - DDR187CD, IP110
I wanted to like this CD, I really did because of the artwork. So, I got my copy after checking under thirty seconds of their sound on the bandcamp page. Invictus and DD release mostly killer stuff anyway. And then it was delivered to my mailbox and then I played it and then I did not like it, I fucking LOVED IT! There is barely anything here that the death and black metal addict has not heard before, but this is the kind of minor masterpiece that does not need to reinvent music to reach the highest standards of class, personality, roughness and grimness, at the same time. If you expect 666 references, come again. Let's say this album should equally reach out to Crown Of Thorns and Morbid Angel fans. It is that great! Triplazering black til death!
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!ZER Ensnared ZER!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Reload: FU's + Straw Dogs

FU's - Kill For Christ - 1982
FU's - The Origin Of The Straw Dogs - 1982/1984
FU's - My America - 1983
FU's - Revenge - 1983/1984
FU's - Do We Really Want To Hurt You? - 1984
Straw Dogs - Under The Hammer - 1986
Straw Dogs - We Are Not Amused - 1986
Straw Dogs - Your Own Worst Nightmare - 1992
01. FU's - Kill For Christ, 1982 Vinyl EP 12" 45 RPM
     Xclaim!, Xclaim!, Xclaim! - No.2, No. 2, X-2
02. FU's - The Origin Of The Straw Dogs, 1982/1984 CD Compilation
     Lost And Found Records - LF 020/CD
     Reissue from 1990 - 1-8: Kill For Christ LP, 9-10: The Master Tape comp, 11-15: This Is Boston Not L.A. comp., 16-35: live April 1st 1984.
03. FU's - My America, 1983 Vinyl 12" 45 RPM Album
     Xclaim!, Xclaim! - X-5, #5
04. FU's - Revenge, 1983/1984 CD Compilation
     Lost And Found Records - LF 037/CD
     Reissue from 1992 - 1-13: Do We Really Want To Hurt You?, 14-24: My Ameria
05. FU's - Do We Really Want To Hurt You?, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Gasatanka Records - E-1109
06. Straw Dogs - Under The Hammer, 1986 CD Album
     Lost And Found Records - LF-030/CD
     Reissue from 1991 - We Are Not Amused with 4 extra tracks, including Young, Fast, Iranians
07. Straw Dogs - We Are Not Amused, 1986 Vinyl LP Album
     Enigma Records - 2181-1
08. Straw Dogs - Your Own Worst Nightmare, 1992 CD Album
     Lost And Found Records - LF 034 CD
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Friday, October 4, 2019

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Eisenvater - I 1992
Eisenvater - II 1994
Eisenvater - III 1995
Eisenvater - IV 2009
01. Eisenvater - I, 1992 CD
     We Bite Records - WB 1-089-2
02. Eisenvater - II, 1994 CD
     We Bite Records - WB 1-101-2
03. Eisenvater - III, 1995 CD
     We Bite Records - WB 1-132-2
04. Eisenvater - IV, 2009 CD
     Unundeux - 112/002
Sitting on the face of the Universe,


The greatest thing since crucifixion.
NRAR. Rezerred because the links were buried in the undead links page and Eisenvater deserve front page exposure, always, everywhere.
!ZER Eisenvater ZER!
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