Monday, February 28, 2011

General Surgery

Necrology, 1991
Split LP with the County Medical Examiners, 2003
Left Hand Pathology, 2006
Split CD with Butcher ABC, 2009
Corpus In Extremis: Analysing Necrocriticism, 2009
You feel like listening to Carcass, but today you already got enough Carcass for the next month. What can you do? Yo, just use one of the many Carcass clones, and the best at that are General Surgery. However the Necrology mini hasn't been too thrilling - who needed another Carcass, even in '91, especially one who couldn't match Symphonies Of Sickness (NB: this is the useless part of blog-writing where the meat between the seat and the keyboard issues personal statements as universal expertise). Then General Surgery went dormant for over 10 years, and everyone went back to real Carcass (and Exhumed). Then Carcass died of obesity and General Surgery woke up with the AWESOME split with the County Medical Examiners (another excellent Carcass clone). The following releases deliver an equally amazing early Carcass rendering, except Left Hand Pathology which is a truly AMAZOME album! This masterpiece really floored me: mega effective in your face crusty grinding death Carcass thrashing gore metal!!! Brutal, crunchy, heavy as a thousands corpses, memorable, groovable, headbangable, a grinding aural fuckfest, this is sonic porn!!! General Surgery for president!!!

CD rip and vinyl rip of the GS/CME split LP:

General Surgery
1. Pre-Bisectal Corrosive Immersion 01:50
2. Lab Rat 01:07
3. Mortuary Wars 02:56
4. Cauterization Frenzy 02:18
5. Reception Of Cadavers 02:12
6. Decomposer 02:10
7. Convivial Corpse Disposal Methodology 06:22
The County Medical Examiners
8. Bloatation (Repugnant Refloatation) 03:57
9. Cruentous Mess 01:10
10. Forensic Photography 02:52
11. A Brief Discourse On Wound Ballistics 00:52
12. Cooperative Cadaveric Custody 03:44
13. Prosector's Bane: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Clown - Livestock World

Clown - Livestock World, 2007
Look what the postman dragged in! Amazing Japanese rocking punk thrash full of Poison Idea | Crow | Motörhead | Paintbox ach ja! From great to fantastic, these 10 songs are full of energy and awesome riffs and I'm having a blast. Stand up and shout!
CD rip.

1 Livestock World
2 Crime
3 Empty & Truth・虚しい真実
4 No Way Out
5 No Pay No Work
6 ドロドロ
7 Backpeace Fuck Off!
8 Rolling Science
9 Thug Life
10 感核

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This is very cool indeed! Rock on!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Seven Churches, 1985
Beyond The Gates + The Eyes Of Horror, 1986/1987
The demos, 1984/1991/1993
I was listening again to Thanatos' Beyond Terror and of course the urge to go to Possessed became big and fat. So here are the founding fathers of death metal, although to me the first Onslaught album (which also has a song called 'death metal') was as good a contender for the title. My first contact with Possessed was when I was literally floored by Swing Of The Axe on Metal Massacre IV, then I saw them live in '85 opening for Slayer and it still is a vivid and bleeding memory... Maximum earslaughter! What a golden era. 'Seven Churches' has been my best birthday present of the 80s, merci maman!
Used to own a couple of bootlegs (Chevalier De La Mort LP and Agony In Paradise CD) but these things sound like shit, total time wasters. Don't bit more than $5 on these two. Ah for those who still don't know, Larry Lalonde of Primus played guitar in Possessed (on all the records). Yes, he did spit blood, wear 12 inches spikes and inverted crosses, zer!

Demos CD:
Death Metal Demo Tape 84
1 Death Metal 3:19
2 Evil Warriors 4:20
3 Burning In Hell 3:20
Rehearsal 84
4 Pentagram 3:43
5 Swing Of The Axe 3:44
6 Twisted Minds 3:54
7 Fallen Angel 5:40
Demo Tape 91
8 The Martyr's Wake 4:21
9 The Seventh Sign 3:29
Demo Tape 93
10 The Seventh Sign 3:50
11 Last Ritual 4:13
12 Human Extermination 4:24
13 Untitled 5:13
CD rip.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Emerging from the Netherworlds, 1990
Realm of Ecstacy, 1992
Angelic Encounters, 2000
Beyond Terror (MCD w/Possessed & Celtic Frost covers), 2002
Undead. Unholy. Undivine., 2004
Justified Genocide, 2009
Despite their propaganda, Holland's cheese is far from matching France's, but their metal had been stronger for the first 20 or 30 years. The main culprit is Thanatos which formed in 84 and are probably Holland's longest running thrash/death metal thing. Like the almighty Protector and A.R.G., and as a faster reply to Possessed, Autopsy, Massacre and some Dark Angel (and not only for The Burning Of Sodom on Justified Genocide!!!), they do not reinvent any wheel but they use a spiked, heavy and lethal set of armored ones to expertly run the listener over. Killer fast thrashing death to bang your head til zerRRrrRRRRrR!R!r R! !r !RRrrr !R !r rr !r !R R Rrrrrrrrr RRr RRR !!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip and vinyl rip of

Emerging from the Netherworlds
1. Dawn Of The Dead 04:11
2. Outward Of The Inward 03:52
3. Bodily Dismemberment 02:27
4. Internal Deceit 03:06
5. The Day Before Tomorrow 05:09
6. War 04:41
7. Rebirth 03:40
8. Progressive Destructor 03:34
9. Impostors' Infiltration 04:49
10. Omnicoitor/Dolor Satanae 02:22
11. The Meaning Of Life 02:07

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beyond Description

More Power To Your Elbow 7", 1992
Beyond Description / Excrement Of War Split 7", 1993
Beyond Description / Absconded - Japan Meets Holland split 7", 1995
Fine Day Nostalgia 7", 1995
Beyond Description/Boot Down The Door - No One Can Pollute It split 7", 1996
Calm Loving Life 3" CD, 1997
Beyond Description / Detestation - USA Meets Japan split 10", 1998
Beyond Description / Spinebender - Generation split 7", 1999
Chaos Days in 1992 7", 1992/2000
Beyond Description / Kontrovers split 7", 2000
Beyond Description / Kontatto - Searching For The Missing Truth / La Vostra Pazzia split 7", 2002
Acts Of Sheer Madness (LP), 2002
Acts Of Sheer Madness (CD), 2002
A Road To A Brilliant Future, 2004
Beyond Description / Jilted split CD, 2005
The Path To true Independance (Beyond Description + Asbestos + Totsudeki Sensya + Destruction), 2005
We now need a great dose of nasty Japanese thrash! Beyond Description ravish the aural senses and provide the asskicking, it's a non-stop orgy of hardcore of the Outo| Ripcord | Septic Death | Attitude Adjustment branch. Fast and voracious, with the borderline crossover riff here and there, this is some killer thrash the serious humanoid cannot not like. Happiness.

CD rip and vinyl rip of :

More Power To Your Elbow 7":
A1 Problem
A2 Rise
A3 Will
B1 Value
B2 Appearance

Beyond Description / Excrement Of War Split 7":
A1 Excrement Of War - No War Out 2:12
A2 Excrement Of War - War Scarred 2:13
A3 Excrement Of War - Toxic Gas 1:22
B1 Beyond Description - Thrust 1:03
B2 Beyond Description - Boil 1:36
B3 Beyond Description - Prod 1:26

Beyond Description / Absconded - Japan Meets Holland split 7":
A1 Beyond Description - Remorse 2:12
A2 Beyond Description - Believe 1:25
A3 Beyond Description - Lost 2:20
B1 Absconded - Dignity 2:05
B2 Absconded - Like A Friend 2:19

Fine Day Nostalgia 7":
A1 Face
A2 Difference
A3 Awake
B1 Despair
B2 Lost (Live)

Beyond Description / Boot Down The Door - No One Can Pollute It split 7":
A1 Beyond Description - Release 1:49
A2 Beyond Description - Get Away 1:20 (Ripcord cover)
A3 Beyond Description - Rise 1:48
B1 Boot Down The Door - Punk Sells 2:14
B2 Boot Down The Door - X 2:14
B3 Boot Down The Door - Don't Believe One Word 2:40

Calm Loving Life 3" CD:
1 Awake 1:48
2 Contention 1:02
3 Exploitation 1:06
4 Truth 1:03
5 Release 1:41
6 Appearance 1:51
7 Leech 1:06
8 Value 2:10
9 Rise 1:39
10 Desecration 1:11
11 Thrust 1:01
12 Treason 0:51
13 Prod 1:18
14 Pillage 1:40

Beyond Description / Detestation - USA Meets Japan split 10":
A1 Beyond Description - Future - Moment 1:39
A2 Beyond Description - Servant 1:20
A3 Beyond Description - Understand 1:07
A4 Beyond Description - Possibility 1:04
A5 Beyond Description - Tool 1:14
A6 Beyond Description - Same 2:11
A7 Beyond Description - Chaos 1:00
B1 Detestation - Nerves 2:01
B2 Detestation - Easy Way Out 1:55
B3 Detestation - Tempest 3:02
B4 Detestation - Pyre 3:15
B5 Detestation - Pentimento 2:38

Beyond Description / Spinebender - Generation split 7":
A1 Beyond Description - Unprofitable 1:30
A2 Beyond Description - Development 1:09
A3 Beyond Description - Bluff 1:25
B1 Spinebender - Das Leben... 1:31
B2 Spinebender - Lebenslust 1:25
B3 Spinebender - Kazami 2:13
B4 Spinebender - Generation 1:57
B5 Spinebender - Billy 1:22

Chaos Days in 1992 7":
A1 Interference
A2 False Pride
B Treason

Beyond Description / Kontrovers split 7":
A1 Beyond Description - Storm 1:58
A2 Beyond Description - Judge 1:07
A3 Beyond Description - Ruin 1:45
B1 Kontrovers - Din Huvudvärk? 2:50
B2 Kontrovers - Rejected 2:13
B3 Kontrovers - Krossa Sexismen 0:55
B4 Kontrovers - The Choice Is Yours 1:38

Beyond Description / Kontatto - Searching For The Missing Truth / La Vostra Pazzia split 7":
A1 Beyond Description - Against / Awake
A2 Beyond Description - Alive
B1 Kontatto - Le Vostre Guerre
B2 Kontatto - Rovina Hardcore
B3 Kontatto - Vita D'Inferno
B4 Kontatto - La Vostra Pazzia

Acts Of Sheer Madness LP:
Greetings 1:10
Storm 1:44
Judge 0:56
Pig 1:28
Unprofitable 1:26
Bluff 1:21
Solution 1:18
Shadow 1:13
Treason 1:08
Ruin 1:31
Mirror 2:05
Release 1:45
Consumption 1:39
Selfishness 1:25
Contamination 1:40
Weed 1:19
Nowhere 1:45

The Path To True Independence CD:
1 Beyond Description - Against (Instrumental)
2 Beyond Description - Enemy
3 Beyond Description - Run
4 Beyond Description - Whet
5 Asbestos - 731 Green Cross
6 突撃戦車* - Eyes
7 突撃戦車* - Confusion
8 突撃戦車* - Human Corruption
9 突撃戦車* - Freedom Of Choice
10 Destruction - Workers

Friday, February 18, 2011


Sleep - Back To Square One Again, 1989/1991
No, not the legendary US stoner/doom Sleep, but the rather obscure British melodic HC/punk Sleep. Very refreshing before and after hours of death metal! This is some sort of discography (vinyl releases complete with extra bonus, rare demo and live tracks) full of energetic and musically potent catchy tunes for the fans of Can't Decide | Scream | Snuff | HDQ | Sink, oh yeah. Now, beer.
CD rip.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Onslaught - Sounds Of Violence

Sounds Of Violence, 2011
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Great follow-up to the excellent 2007 reunion album Killing Peace, this new piece of modernized, groovy thrash metal by 80s experts will bang your head that doesn't bang! If you liked Killing Peace and the recent Exodus output, this one will have you air-guitar for 47 minutes. Includes a Bomber cover featuring Tom Angelripper and Phil Campbell, plus a cheesy imperial album intro and outro (please bands, stop doing this, it stopped being funny in 1985). THRASH TIL ZEEEeeEeERrRRrrRR r R r R !!! R RR R R R R R !!!!!!!
CD rip.

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Trrrès intéressant (une version plus longue ici):

Monday, February 14, 2011


Rock Until You Drop (+ 7"), 1981
Wiped Out (+ Crash bang Wallop 12"), 1982
All For One (+ Born To Be Wild 12"), 1983
Live At The Inferno, 1984
Stay Hard, 1985
The Pack Is Back, 1986
Life's A Bitch, 1987
Nothing Exceeds Like Excess, 1988
Architect Of Fear, 1991
Glow, 1994
Destroy All Monsters (Live In Japan), 1995
Everything Louder, 1997
Raw Tracks (compilation of live & demos), 1999
One For All, 2000
Walk Through Fire (Japanese edition with 1 bonus track), 2009

28 years later!

The hottest heavy metal band on earth, Raven!!!! Since the day in 1983 my neuron made contact with the utramegacultosaurus Grandiose Masterpiece superpowered world class infinite force-unmovable king of all-things-hard-rock album All For One, I hadn't had the occasion to attend a Raven live experiment until yesterday night, ZERRRRRRRRrRRRrrrrrRRRRr!R!R!RrrR!R!R R !R !R RRR!R R!! !R!R R !R!R !R!R ! R r ! ! !RR! r!r ! ! ! ! ! Best show of the past years since Vulcain and (the true/Beehler) Exciter!!!!! It's incredible how much energy and power Raven still radiate in your general direction after a career of 37 years of such intense hard rock. And they are SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOD!!! Top class professionals with a constant smile! John Gallagher is the most powerful voice in the metal world, forget Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson! Of course they did play most of their classics from the first three records, and also some of the last albums, a couple from Nothing Exceeds, Life and Architect, but also surprisingly a great version of their attempt at a radio hit On And On.
Regarding their discography, of course the first 4 LPs are just unbelievable classics full of the customized and augmented mix of Motörhead | Judas priest | Anvil that they've been brewing since 1974. No real rock fan can live without these albums or he will be laughed at until the 7th generation. Live At The Inferno is one of the very best metal live record ever released on par with Unleashed In The East and No Sleep Til Hammersmith. Then in 85 and 86, they tried to sell their butts to Atlantic and released the two horrible TV-radio-targeted Stay Hard and The Pack Is Back (I did not even dare to rip my LPs, just took the above rips from a torrent). After that failure of becoming millionaires like Lars Ulrich, they returned for a string of totally rocking albums up to 2009 and the red hot Walk Through Fire and lived happily ever after doing real hard rock for the smaller crowds of truer fans. Raven amen.
RAVEN ROCK TIL YOU ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrRrrr !R!R Rr !R r R!RRRRR Rr R R!R! !R R r RR!R r r! RRRRR!!!!r!!!! RRR R!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !RRR r R rRRRR R!!!!
CD rip.

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