Friday, April 29, 2011

Vomitory - Opus Mortis VIII

Vomitory - Opus Mortis VIII, 2011
The Swedish apocalyptic monster of death metal is back!!! This new Vomitory does not surprise but does not disappoint for one second: get ready for another round of perfect Terrorizer | Dismember | Morbid Angel grinding-deathdbeatgasm. There are bands like that, who are allowed to do the same thing every time because they do it so fucking well, like some head-spinning mousse au chocolat I know. You know you do not need any description or review, Vomitory win every time they release something. Super-awesome in your face old school bulldozing death metal ZERRRRRRR!R!R!R !R RRRR !R!RR!RRRRRRRRRRRRRR !RR! !R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R! !R !R!R!R !RR R!R! !R !RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R !R !R !R!R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ! ! ! !RR! ! ! !!!
All right, it's now RAZOR time!!!!
CD rip.

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According to this, Cronos is the uncle of the king-swallowing bitch that marries on TV today in the UK:

Great joke!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Eternal Nightmare, 1988
Oppressing The Masses + Torture Tactics, 1990/1991
Nothing To Gain, 1993
Live @ Slims, 2001 (bonus CD with the Eternal Nightmare reissue)
What, already Wednesday and still no 80s thrash metal post? Ach, let's fix this with the most excellent Vio-lence catalog. 300% Bay Area thrash metal as we love it - fast, intense, catchy enough to fulfill the craving of the Nuclear Assault | late D.R.I. | Holy Terror crowd. The 2001 reunion live CD documents a remarkable (and short) return and my favorite recording here, awesome!!!
CD rip.

Vio-lence website with direct links to Megaforce records and the amazing CD reissues of Eternal Nightmare and Oppressing the Masses! ZER!!!


Monday, April 25, 2011


Mesmerised, 1997
Contentum, 2000
Terrestrials, 2002
Orgasm, 2003
Binocular, 2008
Norway did not only boost the white make-up industry, they also offer the world great fish and Atrox, one major headache in the nomenclature department. Hard to tag, but wunderbar to insert into the aural orifices. The first album Mesmerised is the less convincing: good atmospheric almost-doom as in early Paradise Lost and The Gathering, but a bit pale compared to the other four albums (except the last majestic song, great when riding and iceberg). Then some controlled madness enters the scene and you get 4 amazing albums of progressive, powerful, melodic and technical metal that ranges from Faith No More to Voïvod to Meshuggah (but with great vocals). Yes, with keyboards, sometimes you must accept the challenges of the universe. The last one Binocular is maybe my favorite, although the very excellent lady singer was replaced by a mikepattonesque guy who's actually really good too. Ah, or maybe my favorite is Contentum? Ach, oder Terrestrials ? How do you grade such musical mastery? Let's just say Contentum and Terrestrials are the most fucked up, Orgasm and Binocular the most steady and my sister wears glasses. Embark in a brainiac trip of mesmerizing binocular orgasm of extra-terrestrial contentum and ZER!
CD rip.

Atrox website
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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Fire & Ice + Wolfpack, 1983/1985 (1989 reissue)
From the infamous 80s "youth crew" Boston scene, let's dig out the straight edge buddies of SSD and Negative FX. The first demo and album Wolfpack are the classic Neg Fx sounding short, raw, fast, explosive stuff we love. Funny to remember that singer Dave Smalley then moved on to the melodic punk rock of Dag Nasty to influence what would be tagged "emo" years later. Fire And Ice is the same thing as the 1985 tamer and hard rock oriented DYS album, somewhere between Uniform Choice's Starring Into The Sun and SSD's Break It Up. The hardcore-arena rock branch of crossover... Not a bad album, yet I often jump directly to track 9 on the CD. Don't miss the Iron Man cover.
CD rip.
DYS @ Taang Records
DYS live @ SOUND & FURY JULY 22ND - 24TH 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

Post Mortem

Screams Of Blackness, 1993
The Age of Massmurder, 1997
Repulsion, 1998
Constant Hate, 2008
Seeds of Devastation, 2010
After the classic Post Mortem, here are Post Mortem from Germany and their heavy onslaught of maximum grrrroooove. Not reinventing the wheel obviously... but crushing like an extra big ass tank!!! The first two albums deliver a massive dose of excellent thrash metal of the Protector | Carnivore | Warpath division; Repulsion is more melodic and rocking and is even better; and after a 10 years hiatus, they return with two super chargers full of deadly megatons of catchy brutalosaurus metal up your ass to CARPET BOMB THAT HEAD THAT DOESN'T BANG!!!
CD rip.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Post Mortem

Coroner's Office, 1986
The Missing Link MLP, 1987
Seasoned NoSalt Makes My Beef Stew Taste Like My Beef Stew 7", 1990
Ring Around the Rectum 7", 1990
Festival of Fun, 1991
Destined For Failure, 1993
Message from the Dead, 2009
Mandatory reload with better rips of the vinyls and the already classic 2009 album! When in a Hellhammer and Psycho mood, bath in the rotting sludge of the mega classics Coroner's Office and The Missing Link and decompose. Then fry your mind with the following eps and albums - do NOT miss Ring Around The Rectum: experience the twisted deformation of their early thrash of doom sound with the spirit of Victims Family and the sickness of the very evil the Scam (whose singer does a remarkable appearance).
Sadly in 2009 singer John McCarthy passed away (whose turn next?), before he could record his vocal tracks for Message From The Dead, which were done by Mirai Kawashima, singer of Japan blackmetallist Sigh, and he did an amazing job, this new album brings much rotten toothless rejoicing as in Coffins with thrash metal riffs. It's a complete return to the Coroner's Office doom of death of Hellhammer vibe, argh! It features 5 bonus remixes with other singers as a tribute to McCarthy. Post Mortem FOREZERRRRRRRRrrRrr!R!RrR!RrRrRRR! !RRR ! !R! R! R! R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrRRRrrRRrrrrrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrR!R! !R !R !R !R ! ! ! ! !
CD rip and vinyl rip. John McCarthy RIP.

The Missing Link 12":
A1 Caveman 6:46
A2 Organized Crime 2:33
B1 Fetus Man 2:23
B2 Quietus (Charnel House) 6:18

Ring Around The Rectum 7":
A Ring Around The Rectum
B1 Reconciliation Of The Fish... Peanuts And Corn
B2 Burning Sinister Turnip

Seasoned NoSalt Makes My Beef Stew Taste Like My Beef Stew 7":
A1 Noodles In My Bile B/w Too Many Starchy Foods
B1 Anal Drip

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POST MORTEM - Armies of the Dead

Post Mortem

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thrash metal duet: new releases of Assassin and Korzus

Assassin - Breaking The Silence, 2011
Korzus - Discipline OF Hate, 2010 (Brazil version, no bonus track)
Ach ja! German 80s thrash metal from 2011! The legendary Assassin return 6 years after The Club, which was very good, with this angrier, darker, faster and generally more intense and better produced release. Breaking The Silence is still no match for the über top-class frantic murderous thrash metal masterpiece that Interstellar Experience was and still is, but in this modernized straightforward thrash sound and style, I like it 4198 times more than the abysmally disappointing new Tankard album Vol(l)ume 14. As hot as the new Sodom! Maybe even better... And it ends with a great cover of the mega hit I Like Cola from Japan's monster Outo!!!! That alone is worth the investment. Grand bravo Assassin!
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Ach ja! Brazilian 80s thrash metal from 2010! The legendary Korzus return 6 years after Ties Of Blood with A MONSTER OF AN ALBUM, if you love Slayer. Discipline Of Hate is not influenced by Slayer, it IS Slayer. But the mimic is not a big problem (for me...) as this record is so energetic and well done. If Christ Illusion and World Painted Blood are recurring entries in your playlist, try Discipline Of Hate!
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and thrash til zeRRRrRRrRRRRRrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrR!R!!R !R !R! R! R! R! !!R ! !! R! R! R! !RR

Friday, April 8, 2011


Symphonies Of Sickness + Reek of Putrefaction, 1988/1989
Peel Sessions 1 & 2, 1988/1989
Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious, 1991
Heartwork, 1994
Swansong, 1996
Hell yeah, it's Carcass day! Chronologically revisiting the entire catalog is an extremely zer experience, with lots of nostalgia. I vividly remember that hot summer day in 1988 when I bought on a sidewalk from a walking distro guy (Domino Minchelli from Purulence I think?) his last copy of Reek of Putrefaction because of 3 overwhelming selling points (I had never heard Carcass before):
- the cover artwork, I could not not possess this thing
- it was on the burgeoing Earache label just like the cultosaurus Heresy/Concrete Sox split LP
- the band members came from Napalm Death and Electro Hippies, which made Carcass, for early grindcore anal completists, not an option to avoid.
Then I went home and played the record and was very disappointed, but claimed to love it :-)))) No match for the Fear Of God 7", but then I got into Prophecy Of Doom and lived happily ever after with that ugly sound. The birth of a love affair with gore-grinding death!
Yo, so Carcass released some of the most legendary grindcore, death metal and "death rock" (Swansong rocks !) albums, with technicalities, massive groove and vile atmospheres, but you know all that already. Hard to pick a favorite, maybe the Peel Sessions and Necroticism? Who cares? CLASSSSSSSSSSICCCCC CARCASSORIZERRRRRRRRR!RR!R! R!R !!RR!R!R!R!R !R R!RR!R!R R ! !R !R!RR!!R !R! R! R !RR! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !R !R! ! R! !R !R! R R! ! ! !RR !
CD rip (from the original releases, not the 2007/2008 remasters with bonus tracks).
6 songs are missing from Reek Of Putrefaction on the Symphonies CD, but I am way too lazy to rip such a linear sounding LP, just play twice the last 6 songs.

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That was an awesome show with Rotten Sound!

Have a nice week end with the worldwide Carcass heritage:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sons Of Ishmael

Hayseed Hardcore, The Whole Story, 1985 / 2010 reissue
Pariah Martyr Demands A Sacrifice, 1987
Mimsy With The Borogoves, 1990
Yes, allow me another reload with complements, fully deserved by this legendary band from Ontario. Fans of M.D.C.  | Dehumanizers cannot bypass Sons Of Ishmael, a personal super-spinner of my 1987. This time I finally ripped the amazing 10" (which has one of the very best front covers ever! ex-aequo with Brutal Truth's Sounds of the Animal Kingdom!) plus a newly released 12" featuring the full session of the first 7". Smartass-to-mouth hardcore punk forever ZZEEERRRrrrERrRRerErrRRrr!R! !r R! !R R!R!RRR !R !! ! !RR! !!
Vinyl rip:

Hayseed hardcore - the whole story 12":
A1 Small Town Mentality
A2 Break Free!
A3 Democracy
A4 Mr. Personality
A5 Governors Of Death
A6 Todays Victim / Tomorrows Aggressor
A7 Be A Man
A8 Vice On My Brain
B1 Parasites
B2 Explanation
B3 Social Drinker
B4 Condemned To Live
B5 Another Groovy Tune
B6 Follow The Leader
B7 Service To Your Country / End To Your Life
B8 Divine Deception
B9 Ohio

Pariah Marty Demands A Sacrifice:
Church Inc.
Dead Youth
D Thing
Burnt Farmer
A Man & His Penis Sceptre
A Man & His Penis Sceptre
Posse Comitatus
Ducks Unlimited
Internal Investigation
Elvis Incorporated
Mystery Bonus Track

Mimsy With The Borogoves 10":
A1 This Is Germany
A2 Lefty, Get Serious
A3 The Lightbulb Cracks
A4 Evolution Is For Turkeys
A5 Smash The Fascist Bottle
A6 Umbrella Toenail
A7 Take The John Train
A8 Undulating Blobs
B1 Do Something Radical
B2 Sex Class Riles Mom
B3 Sumo Training Camp
B4 Reprise
B5 Burnt Farmer
B6 Prolegomenon To A Theodicy

S.O.I. on MySpace

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Combat | Napalm

Combat Boot Camp ep, 1986
Combat Boot Camp (Napalm, Powermad, Have Mercy), 1986 (1999 CD reissue)
Cruel Tranquility, 1989
Zero To Black, 1990
Ruination, 2007
Combat is the original name of the band, then they had to switch to something else, as fancy as Napalm, when they got signed to Combat records. Among the hordes of 80s US thrash metal bands, Napalm started as an excellent Nuclear Assault photocopy, Cruel Tranquility being one amazing disc, just a little less catchy and impressive than Game Over or Survive. Then things deteriorated with Zero To Black when they tried (with no original member in the band) to become Faith No More and 24/7 Spyz, and failed. This album is still pretty good if you're in for some 90s MTV quiet'n'groove hard rock, except the horrible, abominable, shoot-me-in-the-neck ballad which reeks of orange factory cheese from a distance of 150 yards. Delete the mp3 after download.
And then the original Combat returned and released the nasty self-produced 2007 thrash metal album Ruination which I encourage everyone to buy and headbang to. Not the most remarkable thing of the decade but still very worth a frequent spin!
CD rip and vinyl rip of

Combat Boot Camp:
1. The Monarch 04:06
2. Tunnel Rat/All Out Assault 02:59
3. Evil Speak 04:48
4. Freedom Day 02:19

Cruel Tranquility:
1. Mind Melt 03:39
2. A.O.A. 02:36
3. Shake It Off 03:06
4. Gag of Steel 03:20
5. Devastation 03:06
6. Combat Zone 05:55
7. Immoral Society 01:27
8. Attack on America 03:10
9. Reanimate 03:22
10. Act of Betrayal / Nightmare Administrator 08:26
11. Practice What You Preach 04:23
12. Kranked Up and Out 03:29

Combat website
Combat on MySpace
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