Monday, August 31, 2009


torment in fire + exorcism demo - reissue disc 1, 1985
torment in fire - reissue disc 2 - live, 1986
forward to termination - album - reissue disc 1 part 1, 1987
forward to termination demo + live - reissue disc 1 part 2, 1987
forward to termination - disc 2 - live - part 1, 1987
forward to termination - disc 2 - live - part 2, 1987
soldiers of misfortune - album - reissue disc 1 part 1, 1991
soldiers of misfortune - demo 1989 + live - reissue disc 1 part 2, 1989/1992
soldiers of misfortune - live - reissue disc 2 part 1, 1989/1992
soldiers of misfortune - live - reissue disc 2 part 2, 1989/1992
apocalypse inside, 1993
the ones I condemn (extended with 1 remix, 2 re-recordings and 2 live tracks from 2007), 2009
The sound, the legend, the zer ! Sacrifice are back with something close to the perfect album. "The ones I condemn" is the thrash metal surprise masterpiece of the year, buy this monster now ! Especially if you're getting bored with the overdose of not-so-brilliant retro-thrash of today... That's just my jaded opinion from of an eroded, ever-unsatisfied mind, but aren't the new albums by old masters like Bulldozer, Onslaught, Nasty Savage or Sacrifice a hundred times better and nastier than all the fresh stuff from the likes of Warbringer, Municipal Waste or Gama Bomb (not even mentioning the false leg of metal embodied by Killswitch Engaged and all the MTV business) ? More importantly, who cares ?
MEGA ZER to the 5 exemplary albums of one of Canada's very best metal band ever ZERRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!RRRRRRRR !R !R! !R RRRRRR R!! !R !R!RRRRRRRRRRRR R!R!R !!!RRRRRR R!! ! !RRRR !RR!R !!RRRRR R!R!R !!!!
CD rip.
Sacrifice on MySpace
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Sunday, August 30, 2009


sonho maniaco + pay for your lies, 1987/1988
mass illusion, 1991
k.z.s., 1995
live at monsters of rock, 1998
ties of blood, 2004
Brazilian thrash metal exactly like it should be : South of Slayer. On the scale of Sepultura, I like this better than most pre-roots Sepultura and much more than any post-roots Sepultura. "Ties of blood" is a mega bomb of zer a dozen times more vicious than most thrash of today. Bend over and kiss the SOUND OF BLEEDING THRASHING ZERRRRRRR!R!R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!RR!!RRRRRRRRRR !! ! ! ! R!RR! !! ! ! ! RRRRRRRR!RR! ! !R! R!RRRRRRRRRRR !RR!R! !RRRRRRRR !RR! ! !!!!!!!!!
CD rip.
Korzus website
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Gammacide - victims of science (extended)

Gammacide - victims of science (includes the 1991 demo + 2 rerecorded '92 tracks), 1989/2005
You love your thrash metal to be full of Exodus, Sacred Reich and Wehrmacht, and you are right. Gammacide will fill that craving for EVIL METAL THRASHING ZERRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!RR!R !RR!R R!R!R !R!RRRRRRRRRR R!R!R !R! R!R!R !R!R !!R RR! !!!!!!!
CD rip.
Gammacide website
Gammacide on MySpace

Sudden Impact - no rest from the wicked (extended)

Sudden Impact - no rest from the wicked (+ 20 bonus tracks : demos & live set @ Foufs), 1985
Yessssss another repost: in the Canadian classic series I just got the excellent Brazilian CD reissue of this crossover gem. AS ZERRRRRR AS EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZER!RR!R!RR!R!R! !R!R! !R!R!RR!RR! R!R!R !R!R !!RR RRR !!!!!!!
CD rip.
Sudden Impact on MySpace
Sudden Impact vinyl rips

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

S.C.U.M. - born too soon

S.C.U.M. - born too soon (+ comp track & live set), 1985
The legendary album from the legendary Montreal band, zer. This stuff is plain classic angry 80s hardcore in early Bl'ast! | Black Flag manner. If you hate the subhuman part of our population called "cops" and other expressions of the globally moronic state of affairs in you daily existence... or if you just dig classic albums, know this : ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!RRRRRRRRRRRR! !R! !R!R!R!R!R!R!R!R!R!R!R R!R!R!R !RR ! !!!!! RR! R!R! R! !
CD rip.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fair Warning - you are the scene

Fair Warning - you are the scene, 1985
Another Canadian classic record! Without reinventing the wheel, this piece rocks like the heir of the DC sound, Teen Idles mixed with S.O.A., plus something or Urban Waste, zer. WE TOLD YOU! CLASSIC HARDCORE PUNK ZERRR!RR!R!RR R!R! !RR!R!RRRRRRRRRRRRR !RR! !R! !R !R !!!!!!!!!!!R !R! R! RRRR !RR!R !R! !
MRR review from issue #33:

Vinyl rip:
A1 Time & Place
A2 Second Chance
A3 Blood On The Bumper
A4 Skating
A5 Do You Know What You Do?
A6 Frayed Nerves
B1 6 O'Clock Blues (Pt. 2)
B2 Caught In A Trap
B3 Wake Me Up
B4 Problems
B5 Could Be Worse
B6 Bag Ladies
B7 You Are The Scene

Thursday, August 20, 2009


to a frown, 1993
sore, 1994
at a loss, 1998
at a loss::left behind (13th song, didn't fit in the album rar), 1998
revelation: sick again, 1999 or 2001 depending on who you ask
Feeling like sniffing molten styrofoam and jumping in the tar sands ? Don't forget the right soundtrack. That should be Buzzov•en and their very qualified death sludge of Eyehategod descent with the occasional burst of septicdeathesque speed. Turn up the volume and slit your ankles, grin at the speed of sickness, hang a cat. DECAYING UNWILLING UNLIVING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!R!R!R !RR!R !RR!R! !RR!R!RRR !RR!R !R!R!R!R !! ! ! ! RRRR !R!R!RR!R !!! ! !R!RR!R!R!RR! !!R!RR !RR !R R!R !RR! !R!R !!!R !RR !R !!!!
Everyday, everyday I start to ooze.
CD and vinyl rip, but I forgot which is which (at least Revelation is a vinyl rip) and I am too numb to verify, so just in case here are all the tracks:

To a frown:
1. "Intro" - 0:06
2. "To a Frown" – 3:28
3. "Shove" – 2:12
4. "Drained" – 5:22
5. "Forget It" – 2:30
6. "Frayed" – 3:38
7. "Splinter My Eye" – 2:04
8. "Wound" – 4:06
9. "Toe Fry" – 2:39
10. "Aching Improv #9" – 3:42
11. "Weeding" – 17:48

1. Sore
2. Hawiking To Explain
3. Hollow
4. Dome
5. I Don't Like You
6. Broken
7. Pathetic
8. Should I
9. Behaved
10. Blinded
11. Grit
12. This Is Not…

At a loss:
1. ...At a Loss 02:32
2. A Lack Of 03:56
3. Kakkila 03:28
4. Loracei 03:55
5. Flow 01:48
6. Crawl Away 06:19
7. Whiskey Fit 02:39
8. Don't Bring me Down 04:39
9. Dirtkickers 02:53
10. Red/Green 02:49
11. Useless 05:08
12. Heal 01:33
13. Left Behind 36:20

Revelation: sick again:
A1 Never Again Again
A2 Fast
A3 Ka Killa
B1 Live
B2 Junkie
B3 Lose
B4 Porch

Buzzov•en on MySpace
Buy the 21 tracks "welcome to violence" compilation

Friday, August 14, 2009


and we all fall down + if it ain't broke don't fix it 7", 1999/2001
The excellent people of Ripcord and Heresy demonstrate again their superior mastery of classic thrashing hardcore. This came out before Geriatric Unit and Violent Arrest, if you like both bands and don't know Dumbstruck, get this MASSIVE BRITISH SOUNDING THRASH BARRAGE OF ZERRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!RR! !RR! !R!R! !R!R R!R!R ! ! ! ! ! RRR!R!R!R !RR!RR RRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! !RR!R! !R R !!!!!!!!!!! !R !R !! R!R !RR ! !! R!
Vinyl rip. No I don't have the split 7" with Y. But I have several other Y records zer.

and we all fall down:
180 degrees
the victim's pit
lineage of doom
same old ground
same shit different pile
jehova's bastards
school fro non believers
nothing changes
conflict agenda

if it ain't broke don't fix it:
A1 Bullshit Artist (1:18)
A2 Loner (0:54)
A3 Helpless (1:28)
B1 Clone (1:11)
B2 Hate Your Kind (1:44)
B3 Break The Chains (0:55)

buy the LP!

PS: come see me playing tonight in Montreal (as bass & 2nd voice of CortisoL, opening for Bloody Panda, starting with technological industrialists brain smashers Inurbanex), $10 for 3 or 4 hours of tar and cancer, what a bargain! Zer! 9pm @ Katacombes zer.

Bloody Panda! Not the Mentors!

PPS: il est chaudement recommandé d'écouter la voix de la raison! La sagesse est un plat qui se mange poilu avec du munster.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hostages of Ayatollah

antHOAlogy - record 1, 1985/1989
antHOAlogy - record 2, 1985/1989
Totally classic German hardcore punk with lots of melodies, originality and class. They know how to write great songs without trying to blatantly mimic anyone. If you dig Pullermann, Upright Citizens, Scream or a punkier version of Jingo de Lunch, this stuff is HIGH PROFILE HC ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R! !R!RR!RRRRRRRRRRRR! !R! !RR! R!R!R! !R!R !!! !RRR ! ! ! ! RRR !! !
Vinyl rip (actually, I got the double Lp but downloaded the mp3s from X-Mist's website - so I guess these mp3s were encoded from the remasters, not vinyl).
"32 Tracks - all tracks of their legendary first EP, the split with MANSON YOUTH, the best songs of the debut and unreleased demotracks! Plus a Bonus DVD with live footage and old video clips!"
Buy the CD+DVD

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Violent Arrest

Violent Arrest, 2007
The excellent people of Ripcord and Heresy team-up to smash our feeble selves through this new charge of antique-school hardcore - 347% Ripcord | Jerrys's Kids | SSD WALL OF PUNK THRASHING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!RR!!!!!!!!!!R!RR! ! R!R ! ! RR!R! !R !R!R!!!!!!!!!!! R!R!R R!R !R!!R R!! !!!!!!!!!!! RRRRRRRRRRRR !R!RR! !R!R !! R!R! ! !R !!!
CD rip.
"New CD compilation featuring 12 tracks from their 12", 10 new tracks from their upcoming 7" (both on Deranged), and 3 bonus tracks not available anywhere else."
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Violent Arrest on MySpace

Monday, August 10, 2009

band request for show on Friday Aug. 14th in Montreal

Unzer! My doom-sludge-endoftheworld band CortisoL opens for NYC's doom monster Bloody Panda on Friday night (Katacombes, Montreal) and this is very zer. But the Mtl doom unit Ghäst was supposed to open the show and they just canceled and we do not seem to be able to find a replacement. If you know anyone willing to fill the opening slot with slow dirge and dirty death (or a good noise set), please get in touch ASAP (laurent at Zer!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Fartz

world full of hate, 1982
you, we see you crawling, 1990 (1981/1982 recordings)
what's in a name, 2001
injustice, 2002
The Fartz! With the crazy vocalist of the Accüsed (or vice-versa), you bet this is a mandatory ear-tearing experience. Dirty and raw hardcore punk rock aggression in true Crucifix | Rattus form with more metallic Accüsed perversion on the latter 2 albums, you really want this stuff! There is a good dose of great covers (Discharge, Motörhead, Black Sabbath etc.) and a couple of songs also in the Accüsed repertoire, plus stellar re-recordings of old songs on "what's in a name", how zerily zer TO BE SMASHED ON THE FARTZ ROCKING BLOOD WET WALL OF ZERRRRR!R!R!R!R!RR!RR RR!R! RR!R !R!RR! R!R!R !R R!R!R R!RRR !RRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! R!R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R!R! !! RR !!!! R!R R! !R!R !
Injustice: CD rip.
Else: vinyl rip.

World full of hate:
B1 World Full Of Hate
B2 Bible Stories
B3 What's Wrong
B4 Happy Apathy
B5 Know It Alls
B6 Freight Train
B7 Take A Stand (Against The Klan)
B8 Children Of The Grave
A1 People United
A2 Hero's (Cum Home In Boxes)
A3 When Will It End
A4 Rights
A5 Don't Want No Gun
A6 Questions & Answers
A7 Viet Vet
A8 Battle Hymn Of Ronald Reagan

You, we see you crawling:
A1 Music Critics
A2 Is This The Way?
A3 Judgement Day
A4 Dead Soldier
A5 Resistance
B1 People United
B2 Police Force
B3 Buried Alive
B4 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)
B5 Death Merchants
(Forgot to split 2 rehearsal songs => 9 mp3s for 10 songs)

What's in a name:
A1 People United
A2 Police Force (W.T.O. Mix)
A3 Iron Fist
Written-By - Motörhead
A4 Freight Train
A5 Is This The Way (It's Gonna Be?)
A6 Take A Stand (Against The Klan)
A7 Hero's (Come Home In Boxes)
A8 Death Merchants
B1 Viet-Vet
B2 God Fearing Christians
B3 Judgement Day
B4 Resistance (War Is Hell!!!)
B5 Idiots Rule
B6 Children Of The Grave
Written-By - Black Sabbath
B7 You've Got A Brain (So Use It)

The Fartz on Alternative Tentacles
Buy the Fartz records!!!
The Fartz on Wikipedia
Interview with vocalist Blaine Cook

Friday, August 7, 2009

Corruption of Peace - confusion

Corruption of Peace - confusion, 1985
My first confrontation with C.o.P. was on the 1986 7" comp released by Pushead with Fratricide and Septic Death etc. (cf. the comp Pusmort View), and I was floored. Owning the complete album was not an option. Largely influenced by Crucifix and deploying the same amount of class and hooks - only faster, Corruption of Peace stand apart from the traditional Japanese thrash of the 80s and will STICK TO YOUR PERFORATED BRAIN FOREVER ZERRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!RR! !R! !R !R! !R !R!RR !!!!!!!!!!!RR!R!R! ! !R!RR! !R!R R!R !RR !!
CD rip from the 2008 remaster with 4 live tracks from 1986.

Violator - chemical assault

Violator - chemical assault, 2006
You badly need your daily fix of thrash metal and you're stuck in a horrible dilemma : Slayer "show no mercy" or Tankard "chemical invasion" ? What a relief, we have a solution for you : enjoy both at the same time through Violator's "chemical assault", the great condensation of all TEMPLATES OF METAL THRASHING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!R!R !RR!R! !RR!R! !!! !!RR!R R!R!R R!R! !R! R R!R !!!!!
CD rip.
Violator on MySpace
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Thursday, August 6, 2009


the day of wrath (LP rip), 1985
the day of wrath (+ 'Fallen Angel', CD rip), 1985
the final separation (+ "another beer" from the "Fallen Angel" single), 1986
ix (including The Derby: AC Wild+Labyrinth), 1987 (FIXED)
neurodeliri (including "dance got sick"), 1988
alive... in poland, 1990 (FIXED)
unexpected fate, 2009 (FIXED)
Submit to the kings of Italian thrash metal! From an early Venom | Tank reformulation to high profile fast thrash à la Sodom, Bulldozer kick your ass up to Jupiter. The new album "unexpected fate" is a super hot follow-up to "neurodeliri", ie. fast and essential thrashing with an added dimension of superb instrumentation (these incredible guitar parts! and a Billy Sheehan bass solo!). Ilona the very best! BANG YOUR HEAD AND TORSO AGAINST THE DOMINATING BULLDOZERRRRRRR!R!R!R!RR!RRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R !RR! !RR! !RR! R! !! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!R !RR! ! R!R R!R!RR R!R!R !!!!!!!!!R R!R!R!!R R! !!RR ! ! ! !!RRR !! !!R!R !R!RR RRRR!
CD rip. I uploaded the vinyl rip by mistake, left here for the sake of nostalgia. If more nostagia is needed, I can rip the rest from vinyl too (from my picture discs, not the greatest sound quality).
The "regenerated in the grave" boxed set offers an awesome packaging with a great booklet full of insight. Mandatory for the true Bulldozer and Cicciolina fan!
I have original copies of the Sound Cave CD reissues of "neurodeliri" and "the final separation" for trade (shoot your trade list to laurent at Zer!
Bulldozer website
Buy all Bulldozer albums now - limited "regenerated in the grave" boxed set still available!!!


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