Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Kaaos - Totaalinen Kaaos 1982/2003
Kaaos - Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos 1984/2003
Kaaos - Ismit 2001/2006
01. Kaaos - Totaalinen Kaaos, 1982/2003 LP
     Höhnie Records - Hö 69
     2003 reissue with 7 bonus tracks
02. Kaaos - Ristiinnaulittu Kaaos, 1984/2003 LP
     Havoc Records - HC1212
     2003 reissue with 3 bonus tracks
03. Kaaos - Ismit, 2001/2006 LP
     Assel Records - ASSI 013
     2006 reissue: 1-4, 8-11: Ismit 10'' 2001, 5-6: Perkeleen Punkit vol. 1, 7: Tampere vs. Portland, 12-14: Perkeleen Punkit vol. 2
Arhhhh yes yes yes to this mandatory request! Today the very aptly named Kaaos make your ears cry again and forever. Raging like early Terveet Kädet, this is another major piece of the time machine engine we love to ride to the ends of the hardcore universe. Kaootik noise thrash madness triplazer rezer!
!ZER Kaaos ZER!
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Monday, July 29, 2013


13 - Hollow 7'' 1993
13 - Whore Split 7'' Eyehategod 1994
13 - Split 7'' Eyehategod 1995
01. 13 - Hollow 7'', 1993 7''
02. 13 - Whore Split 7'' Eyehategod, 1994 Split 7''
     Ax/ction Records - ACT 23
03. 13 - Split 7'' Eyehategod, 1995 Split 7''
     Slap A Ham Records - #24
As requested a while ago, please welcome the monstrous female sludge of 13. I thought I also had the split with Grief, but no. Let me search the cellar again. I'll be back in a few, slow hundred years. Meanwhile, please drown in doom.
!ZER 13 ZER!
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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hammer - More 7'' 2003
Hammer - Raw Tracks 2000 7'' 2003
Hammer - ふみだせ ぬけだせ ぶっちぎれ 2004
Hammer -できるもんならやってみな 2005
01. Hammer - More 7'', 2003 7''
     Ugly Pop Records - UP013
02. Hammer - Raw Tracks 2000 7'', 2003 7''
     Deranged Records - DY 50
03. Hammer - ふみだせ ぬけだせ ぶっちぎれ, 2004 LP
     Deranged Records - DY 60
04. Hammer - できるもんならやってみな, 2005 LP
     Deranged Records - DY 72
What about some requested Japanese hardcore, it's been a while. And by Japanese hardcore, I mean exactly what you think: Hammer kick and shout with the energy of their glorious ancestors of the Systematic Death | Gauze branch. The raw thrashy punkitude of Hammer brings joy and contentment to you and your family on these short slabs of vinyl. Play it loud!
!ZER Hammer ZER!
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Black Alice

Black Alice - Endangered Species 1983
01. Black Alice - Endangered Species, 1983 LP
     Street Tunes - STLP 004
So, what was going on in Australia in 1983? The red rocky thing in the desert was already there, so Black Alice decided to use it for their album cover. My young self found that cover so appealing that I bought the record, hoping to find something along the lines of Exciter or Battleaxe, I don't know, this artwork looks very speed metal to me, doesn't it? Maybe, but the music is completely standard hard rock, pretty close to AC/DC (mainly because of the vocals) and British Steel-type Judas Priest, and Metal On Metal-era Anvil. And most importantly, it is great, close to classic! I love this record. It rocks in the sand and makes your hair grow faster. There is a bump on song 2 on side B that I could not edit out, sorry. Super very excellent hard zerring album anyway!
!ZER Black Alice ZER!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Wretched - Con Il Potere Che Tu Stesso Gli Hai Dato... ...Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire 1982/1984
Wretched - Lotta Per Vivere-Discografia 1982/1989
Wretched - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto... 7'' 1982/1996
Wretched - Libero Di Vivere-Libero Di Morire 1984
Wretched - La Tua Morte Non Aspetta 1986
Wretched - Vivi Ogni Momento 1986/1987
01. Wretched - Con Il Potere Che Tu Stesso Gli Hai Dato... ...Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire, 1982/1984 LP
     Chaos Produzioni - 12, Compilation
     1-6: Wretched / Indigesti Split 7'' 1982, 7-14: In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto Per Distruggere Il Mondo Dove Tu Vivi 7'' 1983, 15-19: Finira Mai?'' 1984, 20-28: Live @ Torviscosa (UD), 2/10/1982, 29-35: La Notte Dell'Anarchia 7/04/1984
02. Wretched - Lotta Per Vivere-Discografia, 1982/1989 CD
     Antichrist Dionysus - A/D 03, Compilation
     1996 release: 1-6: Wretched / Indigesti Split 7'' 1982, 7-11: Finira Mai 7'' 1983, 12-27: Libero Di Vivere, Libero Di Morire LP 1984, 28-33: La Tua Morte Non Aspetta 12'' 1986, 34-35: In Controluce 7'' 1989, 36-44: live at Torviscosa 1982
03. Wretched - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto... 7'', 1982/1996 7''
04. Wretched - Libero Di Vivere-Libero Di Morire, 1984 LP
     Chaos Produzioni - 1
05. Wretched - La Tua Morte Non Aspetta, 1986 LP
     Chaos Produzioni - 8
06. Wretched - Vivi Ogni Momento, 1986/1987 CD
     E.U. '91 Produzioni - E.U. 021, Compilation
     2005 release: 1-6: La Tua Morte Non Aspetta 12'' LP 1986, 7-8: In Controluce 7'' 1989, 9-22: Live In Padova, 1987 - Last Show Ever !!!
Oooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss, it's the return of darkness and evil!!! From the perfect triangle of deadliest 80s hardcore {Japan - Finland - Italy}, let us reload the legend of the maximum chainsaw disaster: sonicannibalism and eardrumurder, hardcore tyranozor terror, most madness monster, the one and only maximumizer Wretched!
!ZER Wretched ZER!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Adversity - Lost It All 1988
01. Adversity - Lost It All, 1988 LP
     Manic Ears Records - ACHE 13
Request, reload, rezer. Crossover classic for adepts of Attitude, this is excellent. The vocals could have been angrier, they remind of the Teutonic angle, maybe Unwanted Youth. It's fast and full or excited riffing, we're all 20 again. Shed a tear and turn up the volume to 11. Thank you Adversity!
Announcement: another very large post is coming, but you will not guess what of.
!ZER Adversity ZER!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dead Head

Dead Head - The Feast Begins At Dawn 1991
Dead Head - Dream Deceiver 1993
Dead Head - Kill Division 1999
Dead Head - Come To Salem 2000
Dead Head - Haatland 2005
Dead Head - Depression Tank 2008
01. Dead Head - The Feast Begins At Dawn, 1991 LP
     Bad Taste Recordings - IRS 942226
02. Dead Head - Dream Deceiver, 1993 CD
     Bad Taste Recordings - IRS 972.233
03. Dead Head - Kill Division, 1999 CD
     Displeased Records - D-00188
     2008 reissue with bonus tracks 13-21 (Live At Hedon, Zwolle On February 24Th, 2006)
04. Dead Head - Come To Salem, 2000 CD
     Hammerheart Records - HUW009, Compilation
     1-6, 13: Festering demo 1990, 6-7: Shark demo 1995, 8: 1991 rehearsal, 9-10: from comp Metal in Rocks Volume II 1989, 11: Kill Division 1999 outtake
05. Dead Head - Haatland, 2005 CD
     Extremity Records - EXTREMCD004
06. Dead Head - Depression Tank, 2008 CD
     Displeased Records - D-00183
The vicious and brutal sonic blast of Dead Head deserves an augmented reload. Their Saxon cover (on Kill Division) is amazing. Come To Salem is the 1989 demo on CD and sounds better than the Feast album. Dream Deceiver goes more into the twisted slug area, in an excellent manner. Compression of early Kreator | Indestroy with the heat of Cryptic Slaughter. This so very intense and fast. This whole condensed, critical-mass defenestration is on the menu of the serious thrash metal fan. Hotter than contemporary Exodus! Thrash madness till rezer!!!
!ZER Dead Head ZER!
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For more brutality, let's mention the new Evil Dead. It's not often I find a movie tolerable; this one has a good pace and lots of gore, it's fun, good recycling.

Monday, July 22, 2013

76% Uncertain + C.I.A.

76% Uncertain - Estimated Monkey Time 1984
76% Uncertain - Nothing But Love Songs 1985
76% Uncertain - Hunka Hunka Burning Log 1989
76% Uncertain - Where's The Lid 1994
C.I.A. - God Guns Guts And More 1982/1983
C.I.A. - God, Guts, Guns 1983
01. 76% Uncertain - Estimated Monkey Time, 1984 LP
     Shmegma Records - 101 A/B
02. 76% Uncertain - Nothing But Love Songs, 1985 LP
     Shmegma Records - SR 76
03. 76% Uncertain - Hunka Hunka Burning Log, 1989 LP
     Giant Records - GRI 6021-1
04. 76% Uncertain - Where's The Lid, 1994 LP
     Flex! Records - FLEX #12
     Live 1986/1989
05. C.I.A. - God Guns Guts And More, 1982/1983 LP
     More Than A Witness Product - MTAWP No.1, Compilation
     1-6: GGG 7'', 7-11: GGG 7'' outtakes, 12-14: Audio West 1982, 15-16: Blue Basement demo 1982, 17-18: reh. 1982, 19-20: live 1983
06. C.I.A. - God, Guts, Guns, 1983 7''
     Shmegma Records - 21919
The more than amazing 76% Uncertain glow today through this ravishing reload, as well as some records of their previous band C.I.A. Trademark 80s USHC along Circle Jerks, RKL, DI, Government Issue etc. Brilliant-to-awesome records that aged so extremely well, the Burning Log bringing in some evolution to 176% of our satisfaction. So much rocking class, so much outstanding zer!
!ZER 76% C.I.A. ZER!
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Saturday, July 20, 2013


Skeezicks - Selling Out! 1987
01. Skeezicks - Selling Out!, 1987 LP
     X-Mist Records - XM 008
Request satisfied, yo. German hardcore with a strong US influence, a bit like the first Emils, but maybe not as great. Still very good bouncing sound for the nostalgia glands!
No, I do not have the second LP.
!ZER Skeezicks ZER!
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PS: do not fear the stupid warnings from Google or Chrome/Firefox: this site is clean.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zeni Geva

Zeni Geva - How To Kill 1987
Zeni Geva - Maximum Money Monster 1990
Zeni Geva - Total Castration 1991
Zeni Geva - Honowoh 1992
Zeni Geva - Nai-Ha 1992
Zeni Geva - All Right, You Little Bastards! 1993
Zeni Geva - Desire For Agony 1993
Zeni Geva - Disgraceland 7'' 1993
Zeni Geva - Live In Amerika 1993
Zeni Geva - Trance Europe Experience 1994
Zeni Geva - Freedom Bondage 1995
Zeni Geva - Implosion 7'' 1995
Zeni Geva - 10,000 Light Years 2001
Zeni Geva - Last Nanosecond 2003
Zeni Geva - Alive And Rising 2010
01. Zeni Geva - How To Kill, 1987 LP
     Nux Organization - NUX-R5
02. Zeni Geva - Maximum Money Monster, 1990 CD
     Pathological Records - PATH 5CD
03. Zeni Geva - Total Castration, 1991 CD
     Public Bath - PB CD-2
04. Zeni Geva - Honowoh, 1992 7''
     Baby Huey - BABY 002
05. Zeni Geva - Nai-Ha, 1992 CD
     Nipp Guitar - NG D01
06. Zeni Geva - All Right, You Little Bastards!, 1993 CD
     Nipp Guitar - NG D02
     With Steve Albini
07. Zeni Geva - Desire For Agony, 1993 CD
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 135CD
08. Zeni Geva - Disgraceland 7'', 1993 7''
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 127
09. Zeni Geva - Live In Amerika, 1993 CD
     Nux Organization - NUX-D 2
10. Zeni Geva - Trance Europe Experience, 1994 CD
     Nux Organization - NUX-D12
11. Zeni Geva - Freedom Bondage, 1995 CD
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 170CD
12. Zeni Geva - Implosion 7'', 1995 7''
     Black Hole Records - HOLE 012
13. Zeni Geva - 10,000 Light Years, 2001 CD
     Neurot Recordings - NR011
14. Zeni Geva - Last Nanosecond, 2003 CD
     Urgence Disk Records - KAB-015
15. Zeni Geva - Alive And Rising, 2010 CD
     Hello From The Gutter - HFTG-008
Black mass of black matter in the black hole! Permanent destrology of the living deaf! Zeni Geva should need no introduction. From the other side of the planet, the perfect triangle is completed: Eisenvater, Shellac, Zeni Geva. Let's just hope the above Alternative Testicles releases will not trigger another shitstorm. Invoke the gods of metallic noisecore to protect this post. Let the zenigevagasm explode! Too perfectly awesomely zer to be real! Zeni Geva 'til the last proton!
Thank a lot Jazzpunk for the Little Bastards & Amerika rips.
!ZER Zeni Geva ZER!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Negative Gain

Negative Gain - Back From The Dead 1986
01. Negative Gain - Back From The Dead, 1986 LP
     Pusmort - PUSMORT 0012-14
After all these emotions, we need a strong classic. Pushead will probably not whine like the Jellosaurus... unless he spent too much time in the vicinity of Lars Ulrich. So, while we can, here is the often requested reload of Toronto's '86 raging thrasher - two wagons of Discharge and MDC at Life Sentence temperature with the jaws of Impulse Manslaughter = Negative Gain boner. The fast abrasion has not aged a bit, the power is intact, this is truly a classic. Negative Gain forever megazer!!!
!ZER Negative Gain ZER!
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Alternative Tentacles vs. Church of Zer: AT called the police and hid behind the government's skirt

Yo, seems like all the trouble on this blog since this morning are due to the bad breath of Jello Biafrass. He and his cubicle coworkers are not happy that this vile pirate blog posted 30 years old music by Th'Inbred. AT still needs to cash in on it (even though they were not involved with releasing the LPs back then).
Look, Alternative Tentacles called the police to defend their right$. Money bad, capitalism bad, system bad, except sometimes.
These assholes did not even contact me first so that I'd take the Th'Inbred post down.
Don't know if this is related to the malware warnings that have also popped up today. Sorry about all that.

I'll be sure to throw away all my DKs and Guantanamo School Of Medicine (sucks anyway) records tonight. Actually no, I too want my money back. I'll put them up for sale for one cent on Discogs.

Death by starvation to fake punks! There are better things in life. Fuck you and farewell unzer AT, unzer DKs.
Listen to Flag Of Democracy and Brutal Truth instead.

PS: Chrome users may have a very hard time loading this blog because of the FALSE claims of virus/malware. Firefox and Internet Explorer are less dumb (and I won't write that often!) and allow normal access to the site. Haven't tried Opera, Safari, Iron etc. Avoid Chrome.


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