Friday, January 31, 2020


Blood - Impulse To Destroy - 1989
Blood - Christbait - 1992
Blood - Ο Άγιος Πέθανε - 1993
Blood - Mental Conflicts - 1994
Blood - Depraved Goddess - 1996
Blood - Gas - Flames - Bones - 1999
Blood - Dysangelium - 2003
Blood - Inferno - 2018
01. Blood - Impulse To Destroy, 1989 CD Album
     Morbid Records - MR 014 CD
     Reissue from 1994
02. Blood - Christbait, 1992 CD Album
     1MF Recordz, 1MF Recordz, 1MF Recordz - 377.0029.2.41, CD 377.0029.2.41, 377.0029.2.
03. Blood - Ο Άγιος Πέθανε, 1993 CD Album
     1MF Recordz - 1MF34-2
04. Blood - Mental Conflicts, 1994 CD Album
     Morbid Records - MR 016 CD
05. Blood - Depraved Goddess, 1996 CD Album
     Not On Label - none
06. Blood - Gas - Flames - Bones, 1999 CD Album
     Ars Metalli - ARS CD 011
07. Blood - Dysangelium, 2003 CD Album
     CD-Maximum - CDM 0503-1376
08. Blood - Inferno, 2018 CD Album Deluxe Edition
     FDA Records, FDA Records - FDA136DIGI, FDA136CD
My first encounter with Blood was with their second CD and the immediate reaction was "Oh cool, a new album by The Blood" - but back home, I was hearing some nasty, primitive death metallic grindcore of the early Napalm Death | Defecation sort, not the awesome punk rock I had expected. No, it was definitely not THE Blood, only Blood, and they made noise from Germany, not the UK. Now it is a lot of retro fun to listen to that stuff again in 2020: the rawness of it all with the simplistic punk riffs and the barbarian rhythms are full of meat and the cauterization has started - but for actual, intense aural gratification, the last album is the most serious entry here. It sounds like they needed a 15 years pause to upgrade from fun-but-second rate blastification (of the wicked) to a complete war machine with Inferno, one hell of a release. I can't find any pre-Inferno Blood album that I would rank nearly as high as early Terrorizer or Carcass, but Inferno  definitely deserves its gold death medal. Blood til grind til death!
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!ZER Blood ZER!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


突撃戦車 - -Search For The Sun- - 2014 01. 突撃戦車 - -Search For The Sun-, 2014 CD Album
     Straight Up Records, Real Life Recordings - RLCA-1172, RLCA-1172
Gauze, Death Side, Systematic Death anyone? I knew it! Then click immediately. I do not know the name of that band, but their power to prolong the classic Japanese hardcore thrash sound is amazing and this is exactly the kind of album you want to hear when you need fresh blood with the old style. Fast, furious, high octane 80s japcore from the 21st century! Perfection of the triplazering head smasherizer!
PS: FLAC links to their other releases very much welcome of course.
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!ZER 突撃戦車 ZER!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Waste Of Space Orchestra

Waste Of Space Orchestra - Syntheosis - 2019 01. Waste Of Space Orchestra - Syntheosis, 2019 CD Album Stereo
     Svart Records - SVART188CD
Would you like to spend an hour in outer space's deep bowels? Are you a fan of Dark Buddha Rising or Oranssi Pazuzu? Then swallow immediately the exquisite output of Waste Of Space Orchestra! Large psychedelic vibrations of doom will make the trip worthwhile, just do not eat all the candlesticks.
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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Acid Reign

Acid Reign - Moshkinstein - 1988
Acid Reign - The Fear / Moshkinstein - 1989
Acid Reign - Obnoxious - 1990
Acid Reign - The Worst Of Acid Reign - 1991
Acid Reign - The Age Of Entitlement - 2019
01. Acid Reign - Moshkinstein, 1988 Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM EP
     Combat, Under One Flag - 88561-8230-1, 88561-8230-1
02. Acid Reign - The Fear / Moshkinstein, 1989 CD Album
     Under One Flag - CD FLAG 31
     1-9: The Fear, 10-14: Moshkinstein
03. Acid Reign - Obnoxious, 1990 CD Album Reissue
     Lost And Found Records - LFR-1012-2
     Reissue from 2010 - 9-11: Hangin' On The Telephone Single
04. Acid Reign - The Worst Of Acid Reign, 1991 CD Compilation
     Under One Flag - CD FLAG 60
05. Acid Reign - The Age Of Entitlement, 2019 CD Album
     Dissonance Productions - DISS0149CDUSA
NRAR: today with the newest and awesome album The Age Of Entitlement! 30 years later, they are still or even more relevant and exciting. Fans of contemporary purveyors of that sound - as in Gama Bomb, Lich King, Dr. Living Dead! etc. - should be delighted by this new Acid Reign release, a perfection of the genre. The old guard who still drools over DRI and Tankard will also be rejoicing massively. Thrash metal rips and crossover rules! And the good news is that the old Acid Reign releases age perfectly well: these dudes never fail to bang that head and this post is entirely fucking zerRrrRRrrRRRrRRrRRrRRrrrrRrrR!!
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!ZER Acid Reign ZER!

Monday, January 20, 2020


Refused - Everlasting - 1994
Refused - Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent - 1996
Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come (A Chimerical Bombination In 12 Bursts) - 1998
Refused - Freedom - 2015
Refused - War Music - 2019
01. Refused - Everlasting, 1994 CD Maxi-Single
     Startrec - STAR 383-2
02. Refused - Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent, 1996 CD Album
     We Bite Records - WB 3-143-2
03. Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come (A Chimerical Bombination In 12 Bursts), 1998 CD Album
     Burning Heart Records, Burning Heart Records - BHR 071, BHR071
04. Refused - Freedom, 2015 CD Album
     Epitaph - 873702
05. Refused - War Music, 2019 CD Album
     Spinefarm Records, Search And Destroy Records - SPINE799918, SPINE799918
Requested: zerred for the first time. Refused, the Swedish prodigy of the US hardcore sound! Initially very much into that Victory Records style with the worst of them (Earth Crisis!), they still managed to do it better and release more interesting stuff than that scene was known for - but maybe not enough for my taste since I did not keep their first album This Just Might Be... ...The Truth (FLAC link welcome, I need to sink into some nostalgia now). Everlasting and Song To Fan... are great testimonies to that era, maybe the best stuff I know in that vein, you know, Inside Out etc. Things jump from great to über zer with the very much acclaimed The Shape Of Punk To Come, a worldwide hit that made them almost mainstream. This gem and the last two releases are completely awesome albums if you like your highly rocking, slightly metalized hardcore to run expert renditions of Fugazi, Rage Against The Machine, Shelter etc. sub-structures, still propelled by their heavy machinery with NYHC rotors. One can even detect Tool influences in the guitar tracks, and other things that rock. I just dropped a few big names, you will surely find your own influence detector more accurate - this is just to say here comes great crunchy music with something for a everyone except war metal fanatics. Large greatness in the super rocking zeriverse!
PS: slight typo on the folder name for Everlasting. It will unzip as 1997 instead of 1994.
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!ZER Refused ZER!

Now if Refused are so much into freedom and revolution, they need to revamp their instruments and make them look like my new baby:

Friday, January 17, 2020


Gehenna - Black Seared Heart - 1993
Gehenna - First Spell - 1994
Gehenna - Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness (The Second Spell) - 1995
Gehenna - Malice - 1996
Gehenna - Adimiron Black - 1998
Gehenna - Murder - 2000
Gehenna - WW - 2005
Gehenna - Unravel - 2013
01. Gehenna - Black Seared Heart, 1993 CD Album Reissue Remastered
     Holycaust Records - Sin003
     Reissue from 1996
02. Gehenna - First Spell, 1994 CD Mini-Album
     Head Not Found - HNF 003
03. Gehenna - Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness (The Second Spell), 1995 CD Album
     Cacophonous Records, Cacophonous Records, Cacophonous Records - NIHIL 9CD, Nihil 9CD, Nihil 9cd
04. Gehenna - Malice, 1996 CD Album
     Cacophonous Records - NIHIL 16CD
05. Gehenna - Adimiron Black, 1998 CD Album
     Moonfog Productions, Moonfog Productions - FOG016, Fog 016
06. Gehenna - Murder, 2000 CD Album
     Moonfog Productions - FOG 025
07. Gehenna - WW, 2005 CD Album
     Moonfog Productions - FOG 036
08. Gehenna - Unravel, 2013 CD Album
     Indie Recordings - INDIE123CD
In my top list of 90s black metallists, Gehenna occupy a large seat, the third album Malice being one of the best blackness I ever heard and my favorite of the lot. While I could never find any interest in Dimmu Borgir who obviously tried to mimic Malice with less artistic success and more commercial success, Gehenna filled that craving for an intermediate between harsh and polished black metal. It is cold and evil, but not recorded-in-the-forest-quality. It is black and menacing, but not a war metal obfuscation of the senses. Every entry here has its own vibe - a bit of death metal in the late 90s releases, some doom decay on the latest release - and a bit of good old Bathory everywhere of course. The black gem of the zerotheque, a high density black star of the zeriverse!
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!ZER Gehenna ZER!

Speaking of Satan, if you have 90 minutes to waste you might enjoy this useless documentary. It tells the sad story of a bunch of SJW bitches wearing Slayer shirts who call themselves The Satanic Temple and who pose as satanists.
They waste so much time and energy in pointless stunts and ridiculous lawsuits that it made my gums bleed with frustration. Their so called seven tenets and entire "philosophy" could have been summarized as The Non-Aggression Principle, but no, that was apparently too complex for their snail-sized brains. Instead, they sell Satan mugs and setup "satanic" after-school classes in order to piss off Fred Phelps disciples and other Christian conservative bastards. WTF. Fight the state for its own sake, not the church or any pointless shit related to "freedom of religion", who fucking cares about the church??? The state is the true church! Real satanists are anti-state libertarians and anarcho-capitalists!.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Reload: Carcass

Carcass - Demos LP 86/87 - 1986/1987
Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction - 1988
Carcass - Symphonies Of Sickness - 1989
Carcass - Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious - 1991
Carcass - Heartwork - 1993
Carcass - Swansong - 1995
Carcass - Surgical Steel (First Aid Kit) - 2013
Repulsion, Carcass - Horrific Neurotic Sickness - 2013
Carcass - Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel EP - 2014
01. Carcass - Demos LP 86/87, 1986/1987 Vinyl LP Compilation Unofficial Release
     Not On Label - none
     Reissue from 2009
02. Carcass - Reek Of Putrefaction, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Earache, Earache - MOSH 6, MUSH 006
03. Carcass - Symphonies Of Sickness, 1989 CD Album
     Earache - GMOSH 18 CD
04. Carcass - Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious, 1991 CD Album
     Earache - MOSH 42CD
05. Carcass - Heartwork, 1993 CD Album
     Earache - MOSH 97CD
06. Carcass - Swansong, 1995 CD Album
     Earache - MOSH 160CD
07. Carcass - Surgical Steel (First Aid Kit), 2013 Box Set Limited Edition Numbered, CD Album Limited Edition
     Nuclear Blast - none
08. Repulsion, Carcass - Horrific Neurotic Sickness, 2013 Vinyl LP Unofficial Release
     Headache Records - none , Compilation
     Contains 17 songs by: Repulsion, Carcass
09. Carcass - Surgical Remission / Surplus Steel EP, 2014 Vinyl 10" 45 RPM EP
     Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast - NB 3443-1, 27361 34431
Requested: rezerred.
For both Peel Sessions, fetch CD2 of the Grind Madness At the BBC compilation.
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Monday, January 13, 2020

Accion Mutante

Accion Mutante - Decade Of Decay - The Complete Discography - 2005
Kurushimu, Accion Mutante - Somewhere Over The Big Water / Kurushimu - 2006
Accion Mutante - Worse Than A Virus - 2013
01. Accion Mutante - Decade Of Decay - The Complete Discography, 2005 CD Compilation
     Crimes Against Humanity Records - CAHRECS037
     1-13: Ghetto Europa/Up The Metal Punx, 14-33: EPs, splits & comp tracks
02. Kurushimu, Accion Mutante - Somewhere Over The Big Water / Kurushimu, 2006 Vinyl 7" 33 ⅓ RPM
     Frontcore Records, Vulkancore - Frontcore 18, none , Compilation
     without the Kurushimu songs - taken from - Contains 6 songs by: Kurushimu, Accion Mutante
03. Accion Mutante - Worse Than A Virus, 2013 CD Album
     Power It Up, Give Praise Records - P.I.U. # 160, GPR: 99
High octane delivery, dirty abrasion, animal riffing and pounding, kindergarten lyrical content with all the dumbest clichés? CRUST CORE DAY! Accion Mutante are the perfect Extreme Noise Terror clone. If you are not a fan of the sound of E.N.T or its many spin-offs like Disgust, do not bother testing Accion Mutante. I don't know what else to say except I am happy to indulge in this non-variation on the crust thrash theme. Great job and keep on ruining our aural holes!
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!ZER Accion Mutante ZER!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Friday, January 10, 2020

Hawaii + Cacophony

Hawaii - One Nation Underground - 1983
Hawaii - The Natives Are Restless - 1985
Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony - 1987
Cacophony - Go Off! - 1988
01. Hawaii - One Nation Underground, 1983 Vinyl LP Album
     Shrapnel Records - SHRAPNEL 1009
02. Hawaii - The Natives Are Restless, 1985 CD Album Reissue
     Axe Killer Records - AX0710104
     Reissue from 2007
03. Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony, 1987 CD Album
     Roadrunner Records - RR 349577
04. Cacophony - Go Off!, 1988 CD Album
     Shrapnel Records - SH-1040cd
Marty Friedman may not have owned a DeLorean, but his six-string wizardry has had this tendency to make jaws drop for over three decades and a half. If you snore at the sound of Malmsteen or even Friedman's solo albums and need more meat than just a show off of virtuosity, these albums are the perfect link between actual songs with a speed metal edge and the actual show off. Absolutely brilliant! Some arena-cheese may indeed be found here and there, but overall this is all great hard rocking metal, I'll take that any day over Helloween. Finger burning head scratching triplazer!
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!ZER Cacophony, Hawaii ZER!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Reload: The Stalin

The Stalin - Trash - 1981
The Stalin - Stop Jap - 1982
The Stalin - 虫 - 1983
The Stalin - フィッシュ・イン (オリジナル・ミックス1984) - 1984

Stalin - Joy - 1989
Stalin - Stalin - 1989
The Stalin - Sakhalin Smile - 1999
01. The Stalin - Trash, 1981 Vinyl LP Limited Edition
     Political Records - MIG2505L
02. The Stalin - Stop Jap, 1982 Vinyl LP Limited Edition Promo, Flexi-disc 7" Promo
     Climax Records - CMC-2505
03. The Stalin - 虫, 1983 Vinyl LP Album
     Climax Records - CMC-2512
04. The Stalin - フィッシュ・イン (オリジナル・ミックス1984), 1984 CD
     SS Recordings - SS-503
     Reissue from 2005
05. The Stalin - Stalinism, 1987 CD Compilation Reissue Remastered
     SS Recordings - SS-504
     Reissue from 2005 - 1,2: From flexi-disc "電動コケシ / 肉" 1980; 3,4: From flexi-disc for Fish Inn 1984; 5: From compilation Welcome to 1984; 6-10: From EP スターリニズム 1981
06. Stalin - Joy, 1989 CD Album
     Alfa - 28A2-7
07. Stalin - Stalin, 1989 CD Album
     Alfa - 29A2-37
08. The Stalin - Sakhalin Smile, 1999 Vinyl LP Album Compilation Unofficial Release
     Absolute Power - JAPAN THREE
     1-2: 1st flexi 1980, 3-7: Stalinism 7'' 1981, 8-9: Rominichisuto 7'' 1982, 10-11: Arerugii 7'' 1982, 12-14: Go Go Stalin 12'' 1983, 15-16: Nothing 7'' 1983, 17: Welcome to 1984 comp, 18-19: Fish Inn flexi 1984
Requested: rezerred.
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!ZER The Stalin ZER!


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