Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gobblehoof - freezerburn

Gobblehoof - freezerburn, USA 1992
Welcome to the unstable world of Gobblehoof: slabs of early Tool with Jim Morrison on vocals. This is an album of dirty genius. Do drugs and listen. Totally rocking ZER!!!
1st album to be uploaded soon.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Plasmatics - coup d'état

Plasmatics - coup d'état, USA 1982
This is one of the best hard rock albums in the universe. I might have listened to it more often than 'Ace of Spades' and 'Paranoid' combined (records of 62 kills).
Download and if you like it, buy it, not for Wendy O who's dead and doesn't need the money anymore, but for your own infinite satisfaction. Anyone not owning a real copy is a poser. Preferably an LP of course (this is the CD rip)
Best 'No class' cover of all times. Fucking ultra mega zer.
I'll upload 'Maggots' and maybe the rest. Not because this is hard to find but as a tribute to WoW's memory. Submit to the undisputed Queen Of Rock'n'Roll!!! ZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRR

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ripping Corpse - splattered remains

Ripping Corpse - splattered remains, USA 1990
The name, the sound, the legend of Ripping Corpse! Uniquely abrasive death/thrash metal (with Erik Rutan, Morbid Angel's riff consultant), very necessary to any true metal record collection.
I'm not going to upload the final classic "Dreaming with the dead" which must be available on two thousand blogs and torrents. This is the previous demo that was released on 12". 666 ZER!!!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Rapt - 7''

Rapt - 7'', France 1986

Just download and listen to the ultimate campaign for musical destruction ! Totally cult recording (!!!) of harshest quality with over the top songs. Olivier then joined the noise cult of Psycho Sin (USA). I listened to this 7'' a thousand times at least. so the rip cracks. More distortion! Noiiiiiiise!!!! ZER!!!!!!
Rapt on MySpace
7'' details

Crossfire - see you in hell

Crossfire - see you in hell, Belgium 1984
One of the classics from Belgium: excellent screaming for vengeance hard rock and heavy metal with a rough edge - more Motörhead and AC/DC than Maiden. Nothing new here but a lot of energy and giant skulls. I have no idea about cd re-issues, I haven't even heard "second attack". Great zer!

Vulcain - rock'n'roll secours

Vulcain - rock'n'roll secours + la dame de fer, France 1984
Vulcain were tagged 'The French Motörhead' with a good reason - they delivered the Motörhead spirit and quality, only faster. This first album is a entire classic from start to finish. High drive speedy heavy hard rock, Overkill all the way!! TOTAL ZER!!!
This is the 1st reedition cd rip (includes 'la dame de fer' mini lp).
titles from yet another excellent blog dedicated to French metal.

Friday, July 25, 2008

YDI - black dust

YDI - black dust, USA 1985
Zer! The punk police of the 80s (who said MRR ?? haha) decided that anything metal, especially hc bands going metal, was worthless and shitty. During the 84/86 period, many hc kings turned metal at an alarming rate (DRI, Raw Power, Verbal Abuse, Suicidal Tendencies, Rattus, White Pigs, Wasted Youth etc.) but if the music was still good, wtf???? Aaaaah, the 80's punk|metal schism and the forbidden border crossing... amen.
Anyway, YDI did it too and after a classic punk 7", they released this awesome rock/metal LP that was completely turned down by the punk authorities. Yes it is awesome if you're into Venom and Hellhammer. Some genuine heaviness, Cronos-growls and thick crunchy riffs. Mega zer!

Wasted Youth

reagan's in + get out of my yard + black daze, 1981/1988
Classic, classic, classic! Very much TSOL, Teen Idles and Circle Jerks, just faster and better, LA's Wasted Youth's first release is a plain great typical 80S' US HC, while 'Get out of my yard' leans towards more metal (think S.T.) and 'Black daze' is simply a killer speed metal album with outstanding musical performances. These guys did not stop there, you can find them nowadays in Queen of the Stone Age, Velvet Revolver or Danzig. Zer.

Wasted Youth titles & bio on Wikipedia

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Snake Nation

Snake Nation, USA 1989
Mike Dean & Woody Weatherman from Corrosion of Conformity teamed up with an amazing drummer to make this fucking classic album. By classic I mean it has all the best elements of CoC, Black Sabbath or the sludgiest of Venom like 'warhead' and '7 gates of hell', doomy heavy metal, classic 70s rock and heavy hardcore à la Bl'ast!. The slow pace, the darkness and the general feeling of these incredibly great songs make this record MANDATORY for the true metal/hc/rock enthusiast. I like this much better than any CoC post "Technocracy". Just a shame nothing else came out and no CD reissue was ever pressed. Anyway, CLIMAX TO ZER!!!
Also check out Ninefinger (Mike Dean + Rich Hoak of Brutal Truth) for related sludge. I'll probably upload it before June 2023.
ps: for some reason, this rar also contains an Iceburn 7". zer.
titles from a Snake Nation MySpace fan page

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Warfare - a decade of decibels

Warfare - a decade of decibels, UK 1993
So yeah, Warfare has been one of my top erections in speed/thrash metal since I bought 'pure filth' in 84. Evo (drummer/vocalist) had been into major UK punk bands: Chaotic Dischord, Angelic Upstarts, the Blood and others, and went on in Warhead with Wurzel (Motörhead) and Algy Ward (Tank) after Warfare. Is that enough references???
Warfare is the defintion of CULT: awesome dirty Venom/Tank raw metal with a hardcore edge that matches anything like 'black metal' or 'fith hounds of hades' AND their first records were produced by Lemmy, Cronos and Algy Ward. ZER!!!
This compilation is actually a re-recording of old classics (without anything from the total monster 'mayhem.. fuckin' mayhem', why ???) with Mantas (Venom) on guitars.
Anyone willing to sell a copy of 'deathcharge' (live lp) and 'Radio Hell: The Friday Rock Show Sessions' (BBC session: Venom, Raven, Warfare), let me know ASAP. I'll sell my house.
To be uploaded: all other LPs, including the 'total death' and 'two tribes' maxi singles.


all hail to thee + kick'em when they're down, USA 1984/1985
Sit-down and stay calm. This is jaw-dropping speed metal of the highest quality with much more neck-breaking speed and headbanging than Cyclone Temple (born out of Znöwhite's ashes) - notice the high-drive female vocals that are more manly than anything from Savage Grace or Iron Angel. Fast, furious and tight as a virgin's ass, it challenges 'kill'em all' any day - CLASSIC ZER!!!
Rip form the 1st CD reissue without 'live suicide'. To be uploaded: Act Of God

all hail to thee titles
kieck'em when they're down


amnesty + a life of crime, USA 1985/1987
To make it short, 'Amnesty' goes straight to the main room of the Speed Metal Hall of Fame at Abattoir 'Vicious Attack' level. Too fucking hot metal with an Articles Of Faith influence. CLASSIC ZER!!!
'A life of crime' is almost as great. Enjoy early Metallica/Slayer speed metal!
The Century media CD reissues have lots of bonus demo tracks. This is the vinyl rip.
I'll upload the 3rd lp 'Mind Over Splatter' shortly.

amnesty titles
life of crime titles

Napalm - combat boot camp

Napalm - combat boot camp, USA 1986
The classic NY metal demo that put them on orbit around Thrash Planet: speed metal à la dirty Nuclear Assault with some strange, almost voivodian riffs. Yeah zer.

Last Option - burning

Last Option - burning, USA 1988
They do not reinvent the wheel but they drive it as fast as Final Conflict with a mature crunchy sound and a touch of Verbal Assault. Excellent ear-job.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Assassins Of God

the jupiter ox revealed, 1989
pink song 7", 1989
black tongue speaks, USA 1991
technological mythic limbo, 1992
Mix your best Victims Family with a fat spoon of Melvins, Rhythm Pigs and even a layer of Voïvod, NoMeansNo and Th'Inbred, then eat like a pig. The Jupiter Ox Revelaed is the rawest / most Melvins of the lot, while Technological mesmerizes the Primus/NMN addict. King musicians writing killer tunes for some awesomely zerful zerism!! ZER ZER ZER & REZERRrRRRrrrrRRrrR!R!R!R R!R !R! R!RR! R!R!RrRrrr !R !R!R rRRr !R!R R! Rrr !R! R! R!Rr R!R!R r!R R! !R r! !R !R ! !r R!RR! !!R!R! ! ! R! ! ! ! !RR!R ! ! ! ! ! RRrrrRR!R ! !

Nog Watt - fear

Nog Watt - fear, Holland 1985
Flabbergasting thrashcore from Asmterdam powered by the speed of darkness with the most excellent female vocals since the first Sacrilege. It is a total shame that they didn't put out at least another LP. Frustrazer. When I crawl out of my laziness, I'll rip the compilation tracks too. Total ZERRRRR!!!
titles & review

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lethal Aggression

Lethal Aggression - life is hard... + subliminal erosion + just killed rock'n'roll, USA 1987/1990
Yet, zer. Finest thrashcore at full velocity as venomous as a truckload of Wehrmacht, Stark Raving Mad, NYC Mayhem, über zer. The good news is they're back.
If you like this vinyl rip, buy the reedition CD with 3 new incredible thrash attacks from the reunion line-up! click their MySpace.

Emils - fight together for...

Emils - fight together for..., Germany 1986
Totally excellent crossover from the new band of the ex-Slime guys - bastard kings of Deutschpunk. This first album is a real treat of early CoC and Excel. 2 more albums to upload.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Calhoun Conquer - and now you're gone

Calhoun Conquer - and now you're gone, Switzerland 1987
Excellent and original thrash with a prog approach not unlike Voïvod. Amazing Husker Dü cover. The 1989 album will follow. Their drummer went to Mekong Delta.
Calhoun Conquer on MySpace

Bloodcum - death by a cloth hanger

Bloodcum - death by a cloth hanger, USA 1988
Hyperactive thrashcore straight from the thigh of DRI and Assassin. Tom Araya's brother plays bass & guit on this record. Fast & raw thrash destruction! Zer!
titles and more download from another amazing blog
Bloodcum on MySpace


kein schlaff bis deutschland + the good, the bad, the obnoxious, USA 1987
A spin-off from the Attitude Adjustment family. Not as fast and energetic, more rocking metal here, still very very good. Original vinyl rips in one rar, zer.
titles kein schlaff
titles the good the bad the obnoxious

Attitude Adjustment

american paranoia + demo, USA 1986
no more mr nice guy + out of hand, USA 1988/1991
AA were|are among the top best zer mega über kvlt crossover bands ever. Having an incestuous affair with the best of this era in sound and line-up (DRI, Hirax, Verbal Abuse, the Accüsed, Broken Bones, Machine Head etc.), AA produced 3 albums that may very well be the only necessary legacy to Bay Area thrash|crossover - and the best in your face answer to the east coast divine explosion of Crumbsuckers, Ludichrist, Straight Ahead, Gang Green etc. ABSOLUTE ZER!!!!

AA on Wikipedia
AA on MySpace

Battleaxe - burn this town

Battleaxe - burn this town, UK 1983
Zer. NWOBHM with the speed metal touch, before Metallica, yo.

Warfare - pure filth

Warfare - pure filth, UK 1984
No introduction necessary. The top cult 1st album from yet another great blog.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Axegrinder - the rise of the serpent men

Axegrinder - the rise of the serpent men, UK 1988
Amebix spawned an entire scene whose crown was held by Axegrinder. One can only submit to their heavy crusty mid tempo dirty metal directly from the bowels of Venom|Celtic Frost|Discharge|Sacrilege. Then you hear where Paradise Lost, MDB and Anathema come from. Total zer.
This is not a rip from the 2nd reissue from 2006.
And now search for Hellbastard.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Crude SS - the system you hate is the system you support

Crude SS - the system you hate is the system you support, Sweden 1982/1984
The Crude SS war machine has not aged a bit, the rawness and aggression is very up to date 25 years later. As one of the main bands to define the vile 80's crust sound along with Discharge, Rattus, TK, Mob47 etc., find here the inspiration for Skitsystem, Disfear, Warcollapse and all the music of the modern caveman. Essential! ZER!!!
Crude SS on MySpace

Clown Alley - circus of chaos

Clown Alley - circus of chaos, USA 1986
I kept listening to this for the past 22 years because it is GREAT THRASH METAL bordering on FANTASTIC STRANGECORE! I didn't know Southern Lord just reissued this classic. Picture a dark and sorry blend of early stop&go thrash à la Septic Death with Metallica riffs and early Melvins hammering. TOTAL FUCKING ZZZZZZZZZZZZERRR!!!! A total shame no other album was released, blame it on the Melvins.
The band is a cult not only for its great music: bassist Lori Black (Lorax) and guitarist Mark Deutrom both played bass (at different times) in The Melvins. Mark Deutrom is also the founder of their orginal label, Alchemy (also known as the starting point for The Melvins and Neurosis, and many other cult releases by Sacrilege BC, Poison Idea, Paranoïa etc.).

The archive was ripped from the original vinyl rip, not the remastered CD reissue by Southern Lord. The CD has more demo tracks + interview.
titles on Southern Lord website - buy ther CD reissue !
another download with the 1985 demo on a killer blog

No Pigs

No Pigs - in her house + black day, Holland 1987/1988
The guilty pleasure of heaviness and speed is greatly served with these 2 monstrous records that managed to mix Amebix, Nuclear Assault and Nonoyesno. Super zer. The last line-up included the singer of CCM.

No Pigs on MySpace

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers

into the void + live in so36, Italy 1986
tracks from the Destiny compilation "what does not hurt us..." + tracks from "permanent scar" (split with I refuse It) + 400 fascists 7", Italy 1981/1985
One of my all times favorites and it does not age. The Germs and Black Flag are obvious influences on the first releases, while the ultimate masterpiece "into the void" and the incredible "what does not hurt us" comp tracks deliver some vicious hardcore of major corrosion and are among the hottest recordings in human history. Zer.
Montélimar, La Tannerie juin 1986 !

titles into the void
titles 400 fascists
titles what does not hurts us
CCM on MySpace

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Neos - end all discrimination + hassibah gets the martian brain squeeze, Canada 1982
So fast so rough so early, this is an über cult milestone. No one from the early days played songs that even remotely matched the intensity, harshness and speed of Neos, not Discharge, GBH, the Exploited, UK Subs, Dead Kennedys, Motörhead, Venom etc. not even Lärm nor DRI, who had no release at this time, nor Raw Power who had not met their full potential of destruction. Send me faster stuff with an earlier release date! Jump to the Hassibah 7" on track 12 ! This seems to really be the start of all things DRI and thrashcore. Fuckkkkkking zer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

titles end of discrimination + review + many more mp3s from the "singer" of Fear Of God
titles hassibah

Cop On Fire

Cop On Fire - LP + Visions Of War split LP, USA/Spain 200?
These 2 records are recent yet hard to find. Soon-to-be-classic dark and savage crustcore from both bands! Essential listen for the die-hard fan of Warcollapse|3 Way Cum|Bombstrike etc. Plus that ugly decomposed "I love rock'n'roll" cover ! Total zer!!!

Cop On Fire on MySpace
Visions Of War on MySpace
Another killer blog

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Scam - everything ends in rot

The Scam - everything ends in rot, USA 1986
Released on the cult label Ax/ction Records, this totally awesome 7" defies description, incorporating pre-sludge elements and some raw, dark hardcore thrash. I'd also use the term 'nihilistic' if I was a trve black metal disciple. 'Disgusting' will be enough and closer to the flesh.
Some of these guys then joined Post Mortem for the seriously deranged post-"coroner's office / missing link" records (to be posted soon).
The archive also contains the track from the "Ax/ction Island" compilation 7". Zer.
titles, discography and UNRELEASED MEGA EXCELLENT LP on this page!

Corpus Vile - what does it take

Corpus Vile - what does it take, Canada 1989
Canadian crossover strikes again with a heavy first class release. This LP reeks of juicy speed metal-with-hardcore mandatory for any serious fan of Beyond Possession, Paranoïa and Attitude Adjustment. And you get a formidable "Words That Kill" cover (SSD). Zer !


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