Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prelapse (Naked City)

Download it from Singe!
Be warned, this is unreleased Naked City, and you will die.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Death Sentence

not a pretty sight, Canada 1985
stop killing me, Canada 1988
The 1st album offers excellent standard 80s hardcore punk, but the second album delivers awesome and more mature hc with a groovy metal edge that makes it a proud heir of the later Gang Green legacy. Very fucking ZERRR!!!
Do not mistake for the Australian thrashcore band by the same name (and same decade...).
Vinyl rip.
Death Sentence on KFTH (w/tracks list)

Wrecking Crew

balance of terror, USA 1989
comp 1987/1991 (does not contain the balance LP)
NYHC from Boston! This is the kind of records, like previously posted S.U.M. or Hate Crew things, that does not reinvent anything but deliver some standard hardcore with a crossover edge that keeps you banging your head. This time, if you're into classic Agnostic Front (victim in pain) or Cro-Mags, get this - it will ZERRRRRR YOU UP!!! And some nasty Battalion of Saints and Negative Approach covers ZER!
balance: vinyl rip
comp: CD rip
Wrecking Crew on MySpace

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Verbal Abuse

just an american band, 1983 LP RIP
VA rocks your liver, 1986
passport (live), 1989
red, white & violent, 1995
just an american band + live 1984, 1983/1984 CD RIP - UPDATE
live, 1986 TAPE RIP - UPDATE
VA were one of the most influential bands bands from the US HC scene - at DRI, Cro-Mags and MDC level, so of course, I was and still am a disciple. This is big and fierce, they have everything from primal raging hardcore to liquor-induced hard rock to unparalleled crossover thrash. And check the CV of the drummer on the last two albums : Machine Head, Konkhra, Testament, Exodus, James Murphy, Hell's Kitchen, and the almighty Attitude Adjustment!!!
Too short a discography, but at such level of quality, stop complaining and ZERRRRRR!!!!!

american + rocks : vinyl rip
red + passport : CD rip
VA on Encyclopaedia Metallum (w/discography & tracks)


Gudon - discography (without demos & flexi), Japan 1986/1987
The eternal river of Japanese hardcore brings another gem of thrashing madness that was a hot tape trader title in the 80s... nostalgia and zer. And Gudon do not only replicate GISM, Gauze and Outo, guitar solos and slightly more metallic bursts inhabit this maniac ZERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

1. Stoic Violence
2. [Japanese Title]
3. Burst Your Head
4. Regret
5. [Japanese Title]
6. Tit for Tat
7. Maniac Point
8. Outside Dream
9. Howling Hate
10. Dickeys
11. Bloody Sleeping
12. Power of Dusk
13. Egger
14. Void
15. Hard On
16. Erebus
17. Fundamental Error
18. N.O.X.
19. Almighty Idoler
20. Haiboku

CD rip.
Gudon on KFTH

Hail of Rage

Hail of Rage - All Hail (discography), USA 1995
Arghhhhhhh!!! Manic thrashcore and grind to fracture every bone in your body and your dog's that the fan of Hellnation, Rupture and Phobia cannot afford to miss. PISSED ZEEEERRRRRR!!!!!
Vinyl rip.
Buy the LP from Hardcore Holocaust
Hail of rage on MySpace

The Deepcore Fighter - secret of flesh

TDF - secret of flesh (+ live), Japan 1993
More Japanese thrashcore! TDF deliver an impressive array of deadly hardcore with speed twists and musical force, distinctively (fast) Japanese sound and raging ZEERRRRR!!!!
CD rip.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Zoetrope - mind over splatter

Zoetrope - mind over splatter, USA 1993
The excellent last Zoetrope album is an excellent piece of excellent speed metal and it is excellent. Dark, harsh, melodic, with an Abattoir touch, ZER ZOETROPE!!!
CD rip.
First 2 Zoetrope albums here
Zoetrope n Wikipedia

Distortion To Hell

distortion to hell, Sweden 1994
distortion to hell again, Sweden 1995
2 more pieces of landmark dis|core and total destruction from a deadly pack of Swedish bulldoZERs!!!!! Brutal dbeat and crust of death by Warcollapse, 3 Way Cum, Rajoitus, Skitsystem etc. just check the incredible line-up. SLR and Asocial also provide addictive thrashmetal/crossover/Carnivore data - these comps are ULTIMATE ZERRRRRR!!!!

Distortion to hell
1 Warcollapse - Misery & despair
2 Warcollapse - Warcollapse
3 Dispense - Disorder
4 Dispense - Nervous Breakdown
5 Dispense - Massgenocide
6 Perukers, The - Protest & survive
7 Perukers, The - Spräckta snutskallar
8 Perukers, The - Burn out
9 Sauna - Bestiality
10 Sauna - Different
11 Sauna - M.N.C
12 Asocial - The nightmare arrives / goodbye
13 Asocial - Burn offerings
14 Asocial - Rebound reality
15 Bombraid - Fuck society
16 Bombraid - Brända pengar
17 3-Way Cum - Government arseholes
18 3-Way Cum - Begging for help
19 3-Way Cum - Kill & infest
20 Dissober - Bödlar i vita rockar
21 Dissober - In the shit
22 Dissober - Days of pride
23 S.L.R - When the system falls
24 S.L.R - Stimulated agression
25 S.L.R - Crusade of the cursed
26 Black Nation - Bomben
27 Black Nation - Ändra din åsikt
28 Black Nation - Vägra blunda
29 Black Nation - Maskiner
30 Arsedestroyer - 4.25 minuters sodomi
31 Driller Killer - Who?
32 Driller Killer - Alcoholocaust

Distortion to hell again
1 Skitsystem - Maktens murar rasar
2 Skitsystem - Revolt
3 No Admission - Blind nation
4 No Admission - Depraved
5 No Admission - Violence breed violence
6 No Admission - Society welfare
7 No Admission - Still ignorance
8 Snifter - Shades of your god
9 Snifter - Discipline
10 Nojs Bojs - Nojs bop
11 Nojs Bojs - Solo song 2
12 Nojs Bojs - Upward spiral
13 Nojs Bojs - Evil circle
14 Nojs Bojs - Karaoke song
15 Nojs Bojs - Anti tooth brush
16 Nojs Bojs - J.A.B.F.U
17 Nojs Bojs - No cure
18 Mind of Hate - All you need is hate
19 Mind of Hate - Straight hate
20 Mind of Hate - I blame socielty
21 Rajoitus - Syytön uhri
22 Rajoitus - Maa ja valo
23 Rajoitus - Politikko siat
24 Diskonto - Bombregn
25 Diskonto - 3 frågor till makthavarna
26 Diskonto - Ett livsverk i spillror
27 Diskonto - När kriget är slut
28 Diskonto - Krigets vansinne
29 Zionide - Sweet SS Christ
30 Zionide - A date with reality
31 Zionide - They died in vain

CD rip.

3 Way Cum

battle of opinions 7", Sweden 1996
killing the life, Sweden 1995
Immediately download this! Monster dbeat thrash, as dark and murderous as Warcollapse!!! DISZERRRRR!!!
Vinyl rip.
3 Way Cum on MySpace

Friday, October 24, 2008

Exclaim - critical exploder

Exclaim - critical exploder, Japan 2001
Aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww... ZER! Here comes another recent total classic thrashcore attack from Japan. This is not the fastest grindcore or whatnot, it is simply UTTTTTTERLY GOOD, INCREDIBLY AGGRESSIVE and probably the MOST ABRASIVE AND DISTORTED record in circulation since the Septic Death bootlegs. Try G.I.S.M. and D.O.N.D.O.N. in a meat grinder with broken glass and sharp nails. Is it better than genital auto-manipulation ? Mhhh... Call me back in an hour. DISTOZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
Vinyl rip.
great review

Suburban Mutilation - the opera ain't over 'til the fat lady sings

Suburban Mutilation - the opera ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, USA 1984
RHÄÂÄ!!! If you do not enjoy lo-fi abrasive iron and irony loaded hardcore punk with solos that would make Slayer blush, DO NOT ZER THIS! Somehow sounding like the Landlords and early Poison Idea with minimal production, ZER'S NOT DEAD!!!
Vinyl rip.
tracks and review on KFTH


firon, USA 1992
hephaestus, USA 1993
poetry of fire, USA 1994
meditavolutions, USA 1996
OH ZERRRRR!!!! How many thousands hours have I spent listening to Iceburn... To make it short, this is a very heavy mix of Bad Brains and Voïvod and Black Sabbath - in the beginning. Then it evolves into hair-pulling sonic experiments and improvisations of the zerrest form... great influence on my own band Porno Coma. Here is the first half of their discography. And yes, they were on Revelation, but fear not, this has nothing to do with clean and positive adolescent square-jaw metalcore, THIS IS TOTALLLY TWISSSSTED ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
CD rip.
The burn/fall 7" is embedded in the Snake Nation rip (both songs are re-recorded on Firon).
Iceburn on Wikipedia

In These Black Days

in these black days 5 x 7"
Black Sabbath tribute ! With Brutal Truth, Anal Cunt, Converge, Cavity, Jesuit, Overcast, Neurosis, Coalesce etc.
Excellent dirty job by fine purveyors of dark matter. I have to check again where that bloody 6th 7" is hiding in my basement (I think vol. 4 is missing, I'll add it if I find it). ZERRRRR!!!
Vinyl rip
track list on Wikipedia

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sudden Impact

no rest from the wicked + split personality, Canada 1985/1988
Excellent hc/metal crossover for Excel fans and Suicidal Tendencies addicts. Very strong ZER FACTOR!!!
Vinyl rip.
Sudden Impact on Encyclopaedia Metallum (w/discography)
"no rest from the wicked" CD rip w/tons of bonus from this amazing blog

Naked Truth - fight

Naked Truth - fight, Holland 1993
Besides grindcore and doom, I have a constant craving for groovy stuff with bad breath, and here enters Naked Truth's "fight". Nothing new, only an excellent dose of darker Bad Brains and Kinghorse-like metallic rock with infectious hooks. Extremely satisfying and absolutely ZERRRR!!!
CD rip.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Government Issue

no way out (live), 1982
live!, 1982/1985
finale (live), 1988/1989
joy ride + the fun just never ends, 1984/1985
you, 1987
crash, 1988
Government Issue were one of the main DC HC bands (today, we say it is a CULT BAND). Punk rock, hardcore and more elaborate rock of the zerrest shape - all melodic, powerful and unmistakable for someone else. The live records are all great sounding and especially GREATEST PUNK ZERRRRR!!!!

Live 82-85:
1. Familiar
2. Time to Escape
3. The Next Time
4. Fun and Games
5. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
6. Hall of Fame
7. Reflection
8. Notch to My Crotch
9. Hall of Fame II
10. Understand
11. Teenager In a Box
12. G.I.
13. Hour of One
14. Dead Dog
No way out live 82:
A1 Teenager In A Box
A2 Religious Ripoff
A3 No Rights
A4 Asshole
A5 Plain To See
A6 Hall Of Fame
A7 No Way Out
A8 Party Line
B1 Here's The Rope
B2 Insomniac
B3 Bored To Death
B4 Twisted Views
B5 Sheer Terror
B6 Hour of One

no way out & live! : vinyl rip
rest: CD rip
GI on MySpace

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rose Rose

Emotional Disturbance, 1985
Skatehead '88 7", 1986
Mosh Of Ass + Liquidation, 1987/1989
Kill Your Brain, 1988
Throbbing of the Needy, 1988
Brutalize, 1991
Deaden the Nerve pt. II mcd, 1992
Degenerate Generation, 1993
Bemire, 1994
Private or Not 7", 1995
Everyday Life, 1998
No Medecine Cures an Asshole, 2000
99% is shit, 2003
Neo Unknown Tranced Slayers, 2006
Skate Revenge, 2006
CheapER DReaM!, 2007
Mosh From the Forbidden Zone, 2007
VooothZER, 2008
My doctor demands that I slow down on the exclamation point and the CAPS LOCK, but ROSE ROSE IS GRAND MASTER ZERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In 1986, a Japanese tape-trader penpal sent me this tape with Rose Rose and S.O.B. and then my life could only be dedicated to the quest of finding all the records from both bands. So after the monster S.O.B. post, here is the Rose Rose altar. I'm missing the demos, three 7" and the live album. The quest is on.
If new to Rose Rose, I would recommend starting with the savage rerecording albums "Skate Revenge" and "Mosh from the forbidden side", faster and better produced collections of a batch of their 80s killer songs, ultra zer. Then of course the newest album rips form start to finish and is titled "VooothZER"!!!! From "Bemire" to "Everyday Life", their attempt to incorporate melodies did not work very well with me (the out-of-tune factor is sometimes too high, zer). From "Liquidation" to "Degenerate Generation", they turn to a death metal sound on an early Morbid Angel and Autopsy vibe and it is such a heavy dose of ZERRERRRR!!!! The 80s recordings are cult thrashcore and epileptic crossover with a frantic will to grind your ass on a trip with the Accüsed, Heresy, S.O.B., D.R.I. on acid and Slayer on 45 rpm, with the distinct crazy-Japanese touch AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! The newest albums since "99% is shit" are again in this infinitely zerrest of hysterical crossover ways, I can't believe it how intense and just plain awesome all these albums are! An infinite source of energy with original arrangements and craziness! PERFECT GRINDING THRASH CORE METAL ZERRRRRR!!!!!
Get the still available albums directly from the Rose Rose website. Do it now.

Emotional, Skatehead, Throbbing, Kill you brain, Mosh of Ass, Liquidation, Private or not: vinyl rip
Everything else: CD rip
Rose Rose on Encyclopaedia Metallum (w/discography)


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