Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Crucial Youth

Crucial Youth - The Posi-Machine - 1988
Crucial Youth - A Gig Too Far - 1991
01. Crucial Youth - The Posi-Machine, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     New Red Archives, New Red Archives - NRA02, NRA 02
02. Crucial Youth - A Gig Too Far, 1991 Vinyl 7" EP
     B-Core Disc - B-CORE-5
Who would have thought that what was a joke in 1988 could now pass for actual opinions? Enter Crucial Youth, the best parody of the 80s straight edge HC patronizing mania. Today's SJWs and safe space crew will not get it, but the rest of us can have a good laugh, at least those old enough to remember the value or provocation and artistic offense. Musically, Crucial Youth are competent in their generic rendition of generic HC and even grace us with a cool Agnostic Front cover. It is actually musically close to Sick Of it All and it is actually better than Youth of Today or Bold, but I am biased, I cannot listen to YOT nor Bold. Basic fun HC in the spirit of Stikky, just not as fast, with as many laughs and great riffage from the central repository of rapid punk! Unizersal crucifixion of the old youth of today! Be straight, don't be late, bench your weight, don't !
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!ZER Crucial Youth ZER!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Righteous Pigs

Righteous Pigs - Live And Learn - 1989
Righteous Pigs - Stress Related - 1990
01. Righteous Pigs - Live And Learn, 1989 Vinyl LP Album
     Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast - NB 012, NUCLEAR BLAST RECORD 012
02. Righteous Pigs - Stress Related, 1990 CD Album
     Nuclear Blast - NB 035
Righteous Pigs delivered the noise! The first album is a collection of vicious blasts of grinding hardcore, some nasty crossover of crossover and early grindcore. The Cryptic Slaughter crowd is at home here. Very noisy, extremely zer! Stress explores more complex structures with a heavier approach that could be tagged death metal without sacrificing the noisy rawness of it all. Adepts of eardrum mutilation have been using Righteous Pigs family style for the past 3 decades because noise is the answer!
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!ZER Righteous Pigs ZER!

Thursday, May 18, 2017


KXM - KXM - 2014
KXM - Scatterbrain - 2017
01. KXM - KXM, 2014 CD Album
     Rat Pak Records - RPR603056
02. KXM - Scatterbrain, 2017 CD Album
     Rat Pak Records - RPR603077
Perfection of the hard rock! This is a supergroup involving the bassist/singer from King`s X, the drummer from Korn and grandmaster guitar wizard George Lynch of Lynch Mob. If you do not like superb hard rocking music full of amazing songs, absolut world class execution and grandiose production, go away. I'll stay and drool over this marvel that sounds a lot like Living Colour with as much greatness. Awesomely brilliant from start to finish!
RIP Chris Cornell.
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Some flaccid and utterly ignorant subhuman had a show cancelled in Montreal through threats of violence because the band names hurt his feelings: Whores and Slaves. It is the second time this year already that a rock or metal show is stopped in Montreal by this kind of fascist attitudes. Do we have a nest of deficient insects here or what? Social justice wankers need to choke on their intestines ASAP - oh the wet dream of a giant SJW human centipede. If I had a facebook or twitter account, I'd swamp this half-dick with nazi midgets porn and excerpts of Cannibal Holocaust. Anyone doing this earns a reload of their choice.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Morbosidad - Morbosidad - 2000
Morbosidad - Cojete A Dios Por El Culo - 2004
Morbosidad - Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno - 2008
Morbosidad - Muerte De Cristo En Golgota - 2013
Morbosidad - Enterrados Vivos En La Tumba De Moscow - 2014
Morbosidad - Tortura - 2014
01. Morbosidad - Morbosidad, 2000 CD Album Reissue
     Nuclear War Now! Productions - ANTI-GOTH 007
     Reissue from 2014
02. Morbosidad - Cojete A Dios Por El Culo, 2004 CD Album Limited Edition Reissue
     Morbid Kult Records, Concreto Records - MKCD002, CDCR17
     Reissue from 2006 - + Bajo El Egendro Del Crucificado 7''
03. Morbosidad - Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno, 2008 CD Album
     Nuclear War Now! Productions - ANTI-GOTH 101
04. Morbosidad - Muerte De Cristo En Golgota, 2013 CD Album
     Nuclear War Now! Productions, Soul Erazer Distribution - Anti-Goth 241, SE011
05. Morbosidad - Enterrados Vivos En La Tumba De Moscow, 2014 CD
     Pestis Insaniae - Pestis 009
06. Morbosidad - Tortura, 2014 Vinyl 12" 45 RPM Mini-Album
     Nuclear War Now! Productions - Anti-Goth 274
Aggravation of the black death! Swallow the recipe of these cannibals for a rotten mixture of the most primitive bits of old Sodom and Bathory with large buckets of 80s Brazilian monstrosities and Blasphemy and Conqueror. Very fast, very noisy, very full of Satan with blood and many other unpleasant things, the monsters conspire for the fattest satisfaction of the indulger in raw metallic meat. I feel guilty, I crave this chaos. Tortura offers the cream and the cherry on top of this avalanche of autopsy juice and angel corpses. Marvel of the ugly! Megazeristic thrashing explosion of sombre flesh cataplasms!
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!ZER Morbosidad ZER!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

No Fraud

No Fraud - No Fraud - 1991 01. No Fraud - No Fraud, 1991 CD Compilation
     Mind Control Records - MIND 003 CD
Never enough 80s hardcore! No Fraud play the short, fast card in direct continuation of early Gang Green | Zero Boys | Beowulf and do it very well. The high velocity punk thrash pumps up the ape like aural cocaine, and a knack for memorable choruses makes them stick. Never enough of that classic recipe! This disc compiles the first two EPs and some compilation tracks.
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!ZER No Fraud ZER!

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Chateaux - Chained And Desperate - 1983
Chateaux - FirePower - 1984
Chateaux - Highly Strung - 1985
Chateaux - Fight To The Last! The Anthology - 2003
Chateaux - Fight To The Last! The Anthology - 2003
Chateaux - Fight To The Last! The Anthology - 2003
Chateaux - Fight To The Last! The Anthology - 2003
01. Chateaux - Chained And Desperate, 1983 Vinyl LP Album
     Ebony Records - EBON 13
02. Chateaux - FirePower, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Ebony Records - EBON 18
03. Chateaux - Highly Strung, 1985 Vinyl LP Album
     Ebony Records - EBON 31
04. Chateaux - Fight To The Last! The Anthology, 2003 CD Compilation x 2
     Castle Music, Sanctuary Records - CMDDD667, CMDDD667
     Fight To The Last 7''
05. Chateaux - Fight To The Last! The Anthology, 2003 CD Compilation x 2
     Castle Music, Sanctuary Records - CMDDD667, CMDDD667
     Chained And Desperate
06. Chateaux - Fight To The Last! The Anthology, 2003 CD Compilation x 2
     Castle Music, Sanctuary Records - CMDDD667, CMDDD667
07. Chateaux - Fight To The Last! The Anthology, 2003 CD Compilation x 2
     Castle Music, Sanctuary Records - CMDDD667, CMDDD667
     Highly Strung
Chateaux were brilliantly banging heads eons ago, and these records are still as great today. There are obvious Judas Priest and Saxon propellers under the hood, and we smile in awe. The first record features the amazing vocals of Steve Grimmett (Grim Reaper, Onslaught etc.), and more awe descends. A complete haunting gem that deserves much more exposure and recognition. The next two albums are a bit heavier and meaner, and even more bliss descends. All masterpieces, all burning hot hard rocking classic metal! Heavy Metal will never die! NWOBHM forever until the end of time!
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!ZER Chateaux ZER!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Cryptic Slaughter

Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted - 1986
Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted - 1986
Cryptic Slaughter - Money Talks - 1987
Cryptic Slaughter - Money Talks - 1987
Cryptic Slaughter - Stream Of Consciousness - 1988
Cryptic Slaughter - Stream Of Consciousness - 1988
Cryptic Slaughter - Speak Your Peace - 1990
01. Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted, 1986 Vinyl LP Album
     Roadrunner Records - RR 9680
02. Cryptic Slaughter - Convicted, 1986 CD Album Reissue Remastered
     Relapse Records - RR 6546-2
     Reissue from 2003 - bonus: 15-19: Life In Grave Demo 1985, 20-23: Live In Houston 1988
03. Cryptic Slaughter - Money Talks, 1987 Vinyl LP Album
     Metal Blade Records, Death Records - RR 9607, RR 9607
04. Cryptic Slaughter - Money Talks, 1987 CD Album Remastered Reissue
     Relapse Records - RR 6547-2
     Reissue from 2003 - bonus: 13-17: Stream Of Consciousness Rehearsal 5/88, 18: Live In Detroit 1988, 19-21: Live In Houston 1988
05. Cryptic Slaughter - Stream Of Consciousness, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Death Records, Metal Blade Records - 7 72320-1, 72320
06. Cryptic Slaughter - Stream Of Consciousness, 1988 CD Album
     Death Records - 7 72320-2
07. Cryptic Slaughter - Speak Your Peace, 1990 CD Album
     Metal Blade Records - CDZORRO 6
Monster thrashcore jubilation! After Neos, DRI, Siege and Lärm, we needed more head bashing and thrashing speed mania, and we got it! Heresy, Repulsion, Wehrmacht and Cryptic Slaughter! The zeriverse is generous. That first week with both LPs, I played Convicted many more times than Reign In Blood, because only speed mattered in 1986. Convicted was even faster than Kreator and Sodom, and almost more intense than Raw Power and Inferno. Here are the seeds of grindcore, amen. Absolute relishment of the primitive! The next album is almost as great but less sloppy, Stream is strange and excellently noisy and Speak is a very different beast of crossover in the general direction of Excel and Attitude. None more classic! Break that skeleton that doesn't break! Thrash til zer!
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!ZER Cryptic Slaughter ZER!

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Claustrofobia - Claustrofobia - 2000
Claustrofobia - Thrasher - 2002
Claustrofobia - Fulminant - 2005
Claustrofobia - I See Red - 2009
Claustrofobia - Peste - 2011
Claustrofobia - Download Hatred - 2016
01. Claustrofobia - Claustrofobia, 2000 CD Album
     Unimar Music, Dragons Records - UNI 107, UNI 107
02. Claustrofobia - Thrasher, 2002 CD Album
     Dragons Records - GAM 002
03. Claustrofobia - Fulminant, 2005 CD Album
     Caustic Rhythms - CRCD001
04. Claustrofobia - I See Red, 2009 CD Album
     Voice Music - VMCD 043
05. Claustrofobia - Peste, 2011 CD Album
     Sangre - SANGRE 001
06. Claustrofobia - Download Hatred, 2016 CD Album
     PRC Music - PRC68
Thrash metal massacre volume 666! The first three albums deliver the progression of violent thrashing addicts towards perfection of the craft of straightforward 1989 Sepultura | Kreator worship. With of course a touch of the most metal bits of RDP, amen. These are amazing skull crushers that do not reinvent the wheel but run you over with it fast and loud. Bones will break, heads will bang. Then from this fertile slaughterhouse emerge an invincible force of metal with even more intensity and now more personality. I have heard very few releases as vicious, heavy and voracious as these last three albums in the past decade. While not sacrificing the catchy and memorable aspects of this deluge of monster riffs and merciless rhythmical beatings, Claustrofobia explore the black area between thrash and death metal with as much potent aggression and expertise as other grand masters like Gotsu-Totsu-Kotsu (without the crazy bass lines but with more Meshuggah on Download Hatred). You know what this means. Mind blowing headbanging until the end of the night and the morning after! Infinite cycle of triplazering megathrashing madness metalgasm! Absolute cervical damage and frontal fulfilment of the beast!
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!ZER Claustrofobia ZER!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Willful Neglect

Willful Neglect - 1982-1984 - 2003 01. Willful Neglect - 1982-1984, 2003 CD Album Compilation
     Neglected Records, Go Johnny Go - NR-003, GJG001
     Willful Neglect EP + Justice For No One EP + Big Enough To Get It LP
Back to the future! Fast and snotty hardcore punk has always offered a high amount of zerritude, especially when done that well. As a pure product of the early 80s US HC sound, WN were made out of the same rock whence the eternal Bad Brains | Neos | Adrenalin OD and so many more were carved. One minute tight songs, full speed ahead, bang that head until it falls off!
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!ZER Willful Neglect ZER!

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Deathwitch - Triumphant Devastation - 1996
Deathwitch - Dawn Of Armageddon - 1997
Deathwitch - The Ultimate Death - 1998
Deathwitch - Monumental Mutilations - 1999
Deathwitch - Deathfuck Rituals - 2002
Deathwitch - Violence Blasphemy Sodomy - 2004
01. Deathwitch - Triumphant Devastation, 1996 CD Album
     Desecration Records - Desecration Records 001
02. Deathwitch - Dawn Of Armageddon, 1997 CD Album
     Desecration Records - DR002
03. Deathwitch - The Ultimate Death, 1998 CD Album Promo
     Necropolis Records - none
04. Deathwitch - Monumental Mutilations, 1999 CD Album
     Necropolis Records - NR 035
05. Deathwitch - Deathfuck Rituals, 2002 CD Album
     Hellspawn Records - HELL009
06. Deathwitch - Violence Blasphemy Sodomy, 2004 CD Album
     Wicked World, Earache - WICK16CD, WICK16CD
Black death from the nuclear mushroom of Satan! Chainsaw sacrifices and cannibalistic protocols! Deathwitch reincarnated the early years of Sodom and Bathory at the speed of Repulsion, or faster. The first two albums are vicious lo-fi meat grinders while the last four do the same thing with larger, heavier production. All albums are monstrous avalanches of primitive fast demonic thrash & death metal that positively enhance the life of avid consumers of Impaled Nazarene, Morbosidad, and all the Australian war metal catalog. This is not your gentle retro thrash tribute. This is pure armageddon and deathgasm with all the juices, all the flesh, all the fucking amazing evil riffs onslaught for triplazering headbanging carnage! Satanic black death over everything else! Vote for Satan!
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!ZER Deathwitch ZER!

Friday, April 28, 2017


Massgrav - Napalm Över Stureplan - 2005
Massgrav - This War Will Be Won By Meat Eaters - 2008
01. Massgrav - Napalm Över Stureplan, 2005 CD Album
     Sound Pollution Records - Pollute 087
02. Massgrav - This War Will Be Won By Meat Eaters, 2008 CD Album
     Sound Pollution Records - Pollute 098
Extreme thrash terror! Short, fast, raw : this is relentless textbook Swedish hardcore for Mob 47 and Diskonto addicts. Listen to your meat as it burns! Very well done and crudely triplazer with all the speed and raw power you need for the next half-hour!
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!ZER Massgrav ZER!

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