Monday, November 29, 2021


Scorched - Echoes Of Dismemberment - 2016
Scorched - Excavated For Evisceration - 2018
Scorched - Ecliptic Butchery - 2018
01. Scorched - Echoes Of Dismemberment, 2016 CD Album
     Unspeakable Axe Records, Dark Descent Records - UAR033, UAR033
02. Scorched - Excavated For Evisceration, 2018 Vinyl 12" Compilation Limited Edition
     20 Buck Spin - SPIN095
     Bonus CD from Ecliptic Butchery
03. Scorched - Ecliptic Butchery, 2018 CD Album, CD Compilation
     20 Buck Spin - SPIN104
Death, death, death and more death. When you're haunted by ancient Vital Remains and Lemmings Project with a side of deep Grave and a visit from an obese zombie of Morbid Angel, you relish such apparitions of truly great OSDM like Scorched. Captivating, dark and of world class heaviosity - there is that Temple Of Void angle - the tanks from the caverns deliver what you crave, not electrolytes but mechanized death. Unclean yet precisely adjusted to maximize damage, the voracious attacks of Scorched leave you panting for more. May this Church prayer spawn a new Scorched release soon. The deathiverse welcomes with great lust this black star of lead and lava and hammers the triplazering calls of the zeriverse for more butchery!
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!ZER Scorched ZER!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Örk Bastards

Örk Bastards - Warmongers Of The Gloomy Lands - 2019
01. Örk Bastards - Warmongers Of The Gloomy Lands, 2019 CD Album Limited Edition
     No Bread!, Grotesque Sounds - none, GSP 056
Thrash til zer! In a luxurious digipack comes this offering from the death gods of thrash. ÖB combine the murder of Asschapel with the bulldozing of Exodus, the exactly right amount of motörizing  and vocals from beneath the most poisonous pits of hell, and then heads bang and necks break. Execution shines, production too, and the songwriting is memorable and powerful, everything rocks to full efficiency until you drop. The definitive thrash attack! If you played in a thrash metal band, you'd wish it was Örk Bastards. Dust off that air guitar! It sounds as great as it looks and let there be zer in the triplazering black hole at the center of the thrashiverse!
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!ZER Örk Bastards ZER!

Monday, November 22, 2021


Aion - Hang On Night - 1987
Aion - Deathrash Bound - 1989
Aion - Ma-G-Ma - 1990
Aion - Aionism - 1991
Aion - Human Griefman - 1991
Aion - Plasmatic Mania - 1992
Aion - 愛音 ~Aion~ - 1992
Aion - 聖†愛音 ~St. Aion~ - 1992
Aion - Z [Zetto] - 1993
Aion - Absolute - 1994
01. Aion - Hang On Night, 1987 Vinyl 7" Single
     M.A.R. Records - M-005
02. Aion - Deathrash Bound, 1989 Vinyl LP Album
     Night Gallery - Night 0019
03. Aion - Ma-G-Ma, 1990 CD Mini-Album
     Night Gallery - UKCR-1009
04. Aion - Aionism, 1991 CD Album
     Ariola - BVCR-57
05. Aion - Human Griefman, 1991 CD Album Reissue Remastered
     Night Gallery - UKCR-1024
06. Aion - Plasmatic Mania, 1992 CD Album
     Ariola - BVCR-77
07. Aion - 愛音 ~Aion~, 1992 CD Album
     Ariola - BVCR-96
08. Aion - 聖†愛音 ~St. Aion~, 1992 CD Mini-Album
     Ariola - BVCR-5026
09. Aion - Z [Zetto], 1993 CD Album
     Ariola - BVCR-622
10. Aion - Absolute, 1994 CD Album
     Ariola - BVCR-656
Speed metal hell! It took all this time to pay tribute to one of the greatest names in Japanese speed metal, the Church repents forever. But today is the day. This is not the complete discography because the following releases are rather dubious, to remain diplomatic. Feel free to recommend titles that should deserve another attempt. Meanwhile let us bow to this first segment of killer speed metal with a thrash vibe that strongly resonates with fans of Volcano and Rosenfeld, and also early Gargoyle - and not only because  the singer on the first album moved to Rosenfeld, and the singer on the other albums moved to Volcano. Another fun fact: Human Griefman is a rerecording of the first bomb Deathrash Bound, with different song titles, lyrics and vocalist. Both rip like the classics you'd expect them to be. Are they the favorite Church entries? Difficult to say because the live album Plasmatic Mania kicks all sorts of major asses and bangs an infinity of heads. Actually, the only defective title here is the 1992 Aion and its obvious attempt at hitting the radio charts. The next three releases are a much relieving return to that trademark flexible speed thrashing, even if they do not deliver the same intensity as the early material that occupies the highest firmament of the speediverse through the invincible triplazreing procedures of Aion intent on cracking those vertebrae and on captivating the meat inside that banging head forever!
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!ZER Aion ZER!

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Metal Destroyer

Metal Destroyer - Doctrinas & Rituales - 2020
01. Metal Destroyer - Doctrinas & Rituales, 2020 CD Album Reissue
     Careless Records - 033
You'd better put out some killer music when you name your band Metal Destroyer, and they know it, and they do it: this album is a short bomb of thrash metal with the South American touch. In one easy elevator pitch, if you worship the most metallic segments of RDP's discography (Brasil etc.), Disorder (from El Salvador) with a touch of old Slayer and Exodus, you're at home with Colombian expert thrashers Metal Destroyer. They do not advance the science of thrash metal but they do exploit it extremely well: plain, killer songs, excellent execution, very organic production. The 80s thrashonaut fond of the contemporary workout of the genre needs Metal Destroyer. Triplazering thrash attack of the headbanger in the thrashiverse!
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!ZER Metal Destroyer ZER!

Wednesday, November 17, 2021


Zouo - A Roar Agitating Violent Age - 1984
Zouo - Agony 憎悪 Remains - 1984
01. Zouo - A Roar Agitating Violent Age, 1984 Vinyl LP
     Crust War - Crust War-044
     Reissue from 2011
02. Zouo - Agony 憎悪 Remains, 1984 Vinyl LP Compilation Reissue Remastered
     Relapse Records, Relapse Records - RR7441, LP7441R / RR74411
     Reissue from 2021
Classic Japan punk thrash attack! In one flexible sentence, fans of Crow | GISM | Ghoul | The Execute already know what to do, may the rest of you take advice [play at 11]. Evil raw punk death eats you from both ends at once in these two excellent reissues. Roar is a raw audience live recording while the Relapse reissue contains the Final Agony and Frustrations EPs, plus a solid serving of more live recordings. Many thanks to the Church goer who provided the Roar rip. Now it's a little ironic to see Relapse rereleasing the 80s Japanese classics with all their sulfurous imagery and reputation (hint: guess which part of the GISM album cover was censored), while at the same time expelling Tau Cross from their catalog with all their SJW wrath (the whole pressing of the 3rd album was even destroyed! Greta is not amused) for a thank list commandment violation, amen. Is Relapse finally running out of lumbersexual computerized turds to release? While the jury is out thinking hard and long, blast Zouo back to the future of seminal abrasion!
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!ZER Zouo ZER!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Monday, November 15, 2021

Deformed Conscience

Deformed Conscience - The Hagen Days 1991-1994 - 2007
01. Deformed Conscience - The Hagen Days 1991-1994, 2007 Vinyl LP Compilation Limited Edition x 2
     Unrest Records - Unrest LP011
Requested: zerred. Great compilation of the textbook thrashcore the way we love it, especially us survivors of the 80s. To quickly frame what it is all about, after DC the members started established thrash acts such as State Of Fear, Inhaste or Hail Of Rage. So yes, DC provided in your face, fast hardcore punk thrash that fills the vital needs of the fans of Siege | Citizens Arrest | Failure Face and everything primitively fast & aggressive like those 90s Attitude Adjustment EPs. You will not find here anything you have not heard elsewhere, but you will be very pleased with the efficient rage and abrasive power this compilation packs. Smash, burn, zer! 
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!ZER Deformed Conscience ZER!

Friday, November 12, 2021

The Men's Toilet

The Men's Toilet - Dansi Toire - 2017
The Men's Toilet - Eurinal Eulogies Of Eurethral Eurexcrementia - 2018
01. The Men's Toilet - "Dansi Toire" Demo 2017, 2017 CDr
     Not On Label - none
02. The Men's Toilet - Eurinal Eulogies Of Eurethral Eurexcrementia, 2018 CDr
     Not On Label - none
This post is pointless since everything is available from their Bandcamp page at no charge. But the Church needs to have an entry with that title. Fans of goregrind, it is Christmas again! The Men's Toilet hail from Japan and their first demo is muddy like a 1986 Carcass demo. The second demo is clearer and more vicious and just perfect. Both rip and blast like there is no tomorrow (and there is no tomorrow). Fucking awesome! If your daily calorie intake already includes Parfumerie, Heinous, Blue Holocaust and Take That Vile Fiend, your are not authorized to ignore The Men's Toilet. Triplazering goregrindification from basement to attic!
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!ZER The Men's Toilet ZER!


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