Monday, January 14, 2019

Filthy Christians

Filthy Christians - Mean - 1990
Filthy Christians - Nailed - 1994
01. Filthy Christians - Mean, 1990 Vinyl LP Album
     Earache - MOSH 17
02. Filthy Christians - Nailed, 1994 CD EP
     We Bite Records - WB 1-096-2
After the (third!) infusion of Protes Bengt into the Church, it was only natural to upload Filthy Christian's short output. Great references: two of these guys operated Protes Bengt, and there is a Mob 47 cover on Mean, of which we praise the artwork because it is always comforting to watch a dead politician. We also praise its musical content of primitive 80s grindcore that no fan of early ND shall bypass. Maybe not as mind-blowing as the output of the early UK scene: in 1990 we were already used to the savagery of the genre, yet we always welcome a new collection of short sharp shocks. Lyrically, it is as juvenile and worthless as you can imagine, don't read the lyrics. In short: a good grinding release, not a classic but still a worthy piece for your collection. The following EP is less exciting: they ostensibly tried to jump on the Swedish death metal bandwagon, and these three songs are a competent tribute to the sound, but not a betterment of what Dismember or Entombed were doing then. A good but forgettable EP.
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!ZER Filthy Christians ZER!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Reload: Mob 47 + Protes Bengt

Mob 47 - Mob 47 - 1984
Mob 47 - Garanterat Mangel - 1984/1986
Protes Bengt - In Bengt We Trust - 1986
Mob 47 - Dom Ljuger Igen - 2008
01. Mob 47 - Mob 47, 1984 Vinyl 7" 45 RPM Reissue White Label
     Uproar Records - none
     Reissue from 1989
02. Mob 47 - Garanterat Mangel, 1984/1986 CD Compilation
     Distortion Records - DISTCD 22 , Compilation
     Reissue from 1995 - 83 tracks including everything (7'', live & unreleased songs) and more (Protes Bengt 7'') - Contains 83 songs by: Protes Bengt, Mob 47
03. Protes Bengt - In Bengt We Trust, 1986 Vinyl 7" 33 ⅓ RPM EP White Label
     Röj Records - RŌJ-2
04. Mob 47 - Dom Ljuger Igen, 2008 CD EP
     Communichaos Media - none
Requested: rezerred.
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!ZER Protes Bengt, Mob 47 ZER!

Anyone in possession of the FLAC of the new Protes Bengt is welcome to share!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


MasseMord - Let The World Burn - 2007
MasseMord - The Whore Of Hate - 2008
Massemord - The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices Of Livid Hope - 2010
Massemord -  A Life-Giving Power Of Devastation - 2013
01. MasseMord - Let The World Burn, 2007 CD Album
     Death Solution Productions, Death Solution Productions - DS 06, ds06
02. MasseMord - The Whore Of Hate, 2008 CD Album
     Death Solution Productions - DS 16
03. Massemord - The Madness Tongue Devouring Juices Of Livid Hope, 2010 CD Album
     Pagan Records - MOON 068
04. Massemord - A Life-Giving Power Of Devastation, 2013 CD Album
     Pagan Records - MOON 089
Black metal paradise! Involving the fine gentlemen from the other Polish high density black stars of total zer Furia and Odraza, MasseMord deliver a flawless discography. The first two releases push the black metal envelop to the best extremes of brutality and finesse: the expertise manifests itself through stellar compositions and instrumentation propelled by an almost infinite amount of power and rage that shames the last ten years of Belphegor. This is high caliber, world-class metal. Then there is the completely amazing The Madness and its 35 minutes-long mono-riff song, a trip into hypnosis and dissolution into the self that has no equivalent - it is not funeral doom. And then there is the last album which elevates their initial blackness to other dimensions of creativity and mind twisting, an unmovable masterpiece of grandeur and apocalypse. I like big words when I digress about big music. All hail MasseMord! Blackness of the triplazering monstrosities and voracious creatures in the EZTT!
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!ZER MasseMord ZER!

Yes, before anyone asks, there shall be a Kriegsmaschine post in the near future. Let me first absorb their newest bomb of black, the supra-masterpiece Apocalypticists that I just received and cannot get enough of.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Reload: Wretched

Wretched - Con Il Potere Che Tu Stesso Gli Hai Dato... ...Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire - 1982/1984
Wretched - Lotta Per Vivere - 1982/1989
Wretched - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto... - 1983
Wretched - Libero Di Vivere / Libero Di Morire - 1984
Wretched - La Tua Morte Non Aspetta - 1986
Wretched - Vivi Ogni Momento - 1986/1987
Wretched - Life Out There - 1993
Wretched - Psychosomatic Medicine - 1994
Wretched - Center Of The Universe - 1995
Wretched - Black Ambience - 2009
01. Wretched - Con Il Potere Che Tu Stesso Gli Hai Dato... ...Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire, 1982/1984 Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Compilation Unofficial Release
     Chaos Produzioni - 12
     Reissue from 2012 - 1-6: Wretched / Indigesti Split 7'' 1982, 7-14: In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto Per Distruggere Il Mondo Dove Tu Vivi 7'' 1983, 15-19: Finirà Mai?'' 1984, 20-28: Live @ Torviscosa (UD), 2/10/1982, 29-35: La Notte Dell'Anarchia 7/04/1984
02. Wretched - Lotta Per Vivere, 1982/1989 CD Compilation
     Antichrist Dionysus - A/D 03
     Reissue from 1996 - 1996 release: 1-6: Wretched / Indigesti Split 7'' 1982, 7-11: Finirà Mai 7'' 1983, 12-27: Libero Di Vivere, Libero Di Morire LP 1984, 28-33: La Tua Morte Non Aspetta 12'' 1986, 34-35: In Controluce 7'' 1989, 36-44: live at Torviscosa 1982
03. Wretched - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto..., 1983 Vinyl 7" EP 45 RPM
     Not On Label - none
04. Wretched - Libero Di Vivere / Libero Di Morire, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Chaos Produzioni - 1
05. Wretched - La Tua Morte Non Aspetta, 1986 Vinyl 12" EP
     Chaos Produzioni - 8
06. Wretched - Vivi Ogni Momento, 1986/1987 CD Compilation Enhanced
     E.U. '91 Produzioni - E.U. 021
     Reissue from 2005 - 2005 release: 1-6: La Tua Morte Non Aspetta 12'' LP 1986, 7-8: In Controluce 7'' 1989, 9-22: Live In Padova, 1987 - Last Show Ever !!!
07. Wretched - Life Out There, 1993 CD Album
     Hellhound Records - HELL 024
08. Wretched - Psychosomatic Medicine, 1994 CD Album
     Hellhound Records - H 0031-2
09. Wretched - Center Of The Universe, 1995 CD Album
     Hellhound Records - H 0041-2
10. Wretched - Black Ambience, 2009 CD EP
     PsycheDOOMelic - PSY 047
Requested: rezerred. I could not remember if the classic chainsaw hardcore or the sweet doom metal had been requested, so you get both you lucky bastards.
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!ZER Wretched ZER!

If you have trouble expanding the rar of the record 01, try to extract it at the root of your drive, or download this name-shortened rar.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

D-Clone - Creation And Destroy

D-Clone - Creation And Destroy - 2012 01. D-Clone - Creation And Destroy, 2012 CD Album
     Mouse Records - MOUSE-003
Hell yeah! A benevolent member of the Zerbook just shared this violent kick in the face, and I can't wait to propagate it to the Church at large. This is raw as fuck Japanese maximum distortion crust thrashing dbeat!!! Your worst nightmare and your wettest dream at the same time! If you liked Exlaim, DO NOT MISS D-CLONE! THRASH TIL YOUR TEETH ALL FALL OFF YOUR DROOLING HOLE!
!ZER D-Clone ZER!

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Reload: The Futures

The Futures - Electric Wave From The Under World - 2002
The Futures, Wag Platy - The Brand New Theory Of Degeneration - 2003
The Futures - 分裂電塊 - 2005
The Futures - 分裂電塊+8 - 2005
The Futures - Dirty Works 1997-2001 - 2005
01. The Futures - Electric Wave From The Under World, 2002 CD Album
     MCR Company - MCR-164
02. The Futures, Wag Platy - The Brand New Theory Of Degeneration, 2003 CD Mini-Album
     Jerk Off - Jerk-Off 004 , Compilation
     The Futures / Wag Platty split CD, studio & live - Contains 15 songs by: Wag Platy, The Futures
03. The Futures - 分裂電塊, 2005 CD Album
     Jerk Off - JERK-008
04. The Futures - 分裂電塊+8, 2005 CD Reissue
     Hardcore Kitchen - HxCxK-024
     Reissue from 2011 - Bunretsudenkai + Wag Platty split CD tracks
05. The Futures - Dirty Works 1997-2001, 2005 CD Compilation
     Jerk Off - JERK-003
     EPs & compilation tracks
Requested: rezerred.
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!ZER The Futures ZER!

Monday, December 31, 2018


Convocation - Scars Across - 2018 01. Convocation - Scars Across, 2018 CD Album
     Everlasting Spew Records - SPIT017CD
And so dies the calendar. Let us rejoice for all things noisy and larger than other loud things to come in the new calendar. Have a good one and crank this Convocation bastard to 11 and make your new year's eve the funeral of the year! The giant music matches the very superb artwork! Most awesome doom and death until the last breath! Cheers!
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!ZER Convocation ZER!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Venom vs. Venom Inc.

Venom Inc. - Avé - 2017
Venom - Storm The Gates - 2018
01. Venom Inc. - Avé, 2017 CD Album
     Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast - NB 3801-2, 3801-2
02. Venom - Storm The Gates, 2018 CD Album
     Spinefarm Records - 2577021626
Laaaaaaaadies and gentlemeeeen! From the very depths of zerrRrRRRrRrrRRrrrRRR, Venoooooooooooooom twiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! For those who are not Venom-woke, since 2015 we've enjoyed two concurrent incarnations of Venom: the Cronos-led Venom and the Mantas/Demolition Man-led Venom Inc. (sort of M-Pire of Evil re-branded). Both are legit. I saw Venom Inc. last year at a festival and they were amazing, of course spitting out all the 1981/1984 classics with utter energy. I lost my voice that evening.
So, which one is the best? From a graphical art perspective, Venom Inc.'s artwork is much better. The Storm The Gates artwork is just ridiculous. What with this smoking-dick giant stone demon shitting out small demons who climb on the high portal of heaven on the back of the CD? Fuck! If it is a parody, it is too well done for my tiny neuron. That Venom Inc. flute-blowing demon is much more sinister and engaging. Musically speaking, both are excellent, they sound very, very similar delivering the crunchy sleazy thrashy heavy rocking metal they have been famous for for the past four decades. I have a preference for Storm The Gates. I find the songs slightly more exciting and crispier (but again, Avé  is very close in style and performance). The big advantage of Storm The Gates is its more visceral, less clinical production. I have been thinking the drumming on Avé was a well-programmed computer track. I am still not sure - anyway, it sounds too clean. Storm The Gates has that raw 80s atmosphere but bigger, just perfect for these songs.
Two magnificent albums by veterans who know their public, nothing new or innovative, but who would want anything else from this team? Two fucking zeristic albums for the ancient metalosaurus! Lay down you soul twice!! I am glad they are unable to reunite as a single band, it provides us with twice as much fucking VENOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!
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!ZER Venom Inc., Venom ZER!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Blood Divine

The Blood Divine - Awaken - 1996
The Blood Divine - Mystica - 1997
01. The Blood Divine - Awaken, 1996 CD Album
     Peaceville - CDVILE 62
02. The Blood Divine - Mystica, 1997 CD Album
     Peaceville - CDVILE 70
Too light for doom metal fans? Too heavy for goths or 70s rockers? The two magnificent albums of the short-lived The Blood Divine may have commercially suffered from lack of extremities, especially in the 90s when everything metal had to be more extreme than anything else (those who remember the Usenet forums like alt.rock-n-roll.metal.death remember the early days of keyboard duels). But on the artistic level, these minor masterpieces are rich and lively purveyors of non-traditional doom metal with a 70s non-Black Sabbath approach. The singer came from Anathema after all. The songs are gloomy but not funeral, the general atmosphere may be dark or light, but never with much joy. These are great soundtracks for winter. They rock but you are always on the verge of freezing. Majestic ruins, heavy with sadness, not losing qualities as time passes, I've always loved The Blood Divine, and I shall continue.
Remove brackets and unzip: [divinizer]
!ZER The Blood Divine ZER!

Saturday, December 22, 2018


Zay - Cry For The Moon - 2017 01. Zay - Cry For The Moon, 2017 CD Album
     Zay-Nin Records - ZAY-NIN-001
A member of the Zerbook mentioned this album and it whetted my appetite immediately. Thanks to the Discogs market, the CD landed swiftly and enlarged the zeriverse. This is a killer release that deserves to become a little classic of the future. Zay do not reinvent the thrash, they deliver they personal take. It is as rough as sophisticated, almost progressive in some places, then super crunchy and heavy again, with explosions and blasts. You may think of Slang and Forward associated with Beyond Description and Shikabane. Some Rose Rose or Paintbox? A large spoon of each and a good ass-kicking! Extra superb crossover thrash punk full of sweetness and fury! Bang that head against the zerrific metalized japcore addiction!
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