Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tetsu Arrey

鉄アレイ - 鉄アレイ 1991
鉄アレイ - Force 1997
鉄アレイ - II 1998
鉄アレイ - 14All 2000
01. 鉄アレイ - 鉄アレイ, 1991 CD, Album
     Sunshine Sherbet Records - SS-011
02. 鉄アレイ - Force, 1997 CD, EP
     HG Fact - HG-079
03. 鉄アレイ - II, 1998 CD, Album
     HG Fact - HG-100
04. 鉄アレイ - 14All, 2000 CD, Single
     HG Fact - HG-120CD
!ZER 鉄アレイ ZER!
For the first time, some much expected Tetsu Arrey. The formidable energy of Japanese punk is wonderfully deployed here. Fans of the more motörheadist rocking side of japcore aka the far-eastern descendants of Poison Idea (like Paintbox) must of course indulge in unlimited consumption of Tetsu Arrey - but they know that already. Rock til you drop!
PS: I wish bright people who notice dead links stopped leaving comments about their discoveries. Thanks.
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Backwater - Revelation 1984
Backwater - Final Strike 1986
Backwater - Revelation / Final Strike 2006
01. Backwater - Revelation, 1984 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Disaster - 10001
02. Backwater - Final Strike, 1986 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Disaster - 10003
03. Backwater - Revelation / Final Strike, 2006 CD, Compilation
     Old Metal Records - omr-48
Underground 80s German thrash metal, ACH JA! This is another short divergence from the request log, I had wanted for a while to reload this magnificent piece of metal history. I have not heard their new album yet, but these two albums are eternal classics for all speed metal fans. They sound like the indestructible super-version of Venom that would be produced by the factory that made the Königstiger. I have listened to this so much that my copy of Revelation is worn out and I had to edit out some audible pops and bumps. It is recommended to also get the CD (which is a greater vinyl rip and includes a 1990 demo). Final witching megazer!
!ZER Backwater ZER!
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recipients Of Death

Recipients Of Death - Recipients Of Death 1988
Recipients Of Death - Final Flight 1990
01. Recipients Of Death - Recipients Of Death, 1988 Vinyl, 12"
     Wild Rags Records - WRR-007
02. Recipients Of Death - Final Flight, 1990 Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album
     Wild Rags Records - WRR028
Underground 80s US thrash metal, YES! Five years after Show No Mercy, the flame was still burning strong and fast. Nuclear apocalypse, zombie outbreaks, machine guns, noisy solos and awesome blazing killer thrash til zer!
!ZER Recipients Of Death ZER!
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Thrash metal fans watch zombie movies!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Stupids - Peruvian Vacation 1985
Stupids - Peruvian Vacation & Violent Nun 1985
Stupids - Retard Picnic 1986
Stupids - Retard Picnic, Feedback Session, Stupids Flexi 1986
Stupids - The Complete BBC Peel Sessions 1986/1987
Stupids - Untitled 1987
Stupids - Van Stupid 1987
Stupids - Van Stupid / Eat 1987
Stupids - Jesus Meets The Stupids 1988
Stupids - Jesus Meets The Stupids 1988
Stupids - The Peel Sessions 1988
Various Artists - No Cheese! (The High-Way To Hell Tour Souvenir) 1989
Stupids - The Kids Don't Like It... 2009
Stupids - Japanese Vacation 2011
01. Stupids - Peruvian Vacation, 1985 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Children Of The Revolution Records - GURT 9
02. Stupids - Peruvian Vacation & Violent Nun, 1985 CD, Compilation
     Clay Records - CLAY CD 116
     Reissue from 1993 - includes Violent Nun EP + 11 demo tracks
03. Stupids - Retard Picnic, 1986 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Children Of The Revolution Records - GURT 15
04. Stupids - Retard Picnic, Feedback Session, Stupids Flexi, 1986 CD, Compilation
     Clay Records - CLAY CD 117
     Reissue from 1993 - 1-16: Retard Picnic. 17-20: Flexi, 21-29: Feedback session, 30-34: Retard Picnic out-takes.
05. Stupids - The Complete BBC Peel Sessions, 1986/1987 CD, Compilation
     Boss Tuneage - BTRCRS034
     Reissue from 2008 - 1-4: December 9, 1986, 5-8: Frankfurter Show, April 16, 1987, 9-13: May 12, 1987, 14-18: October 13, 1987.
06. Stupids - Untitled, 1987 Vinyl, 7", Single, Limited Edition
     Vinyl Solution - VS3
07. Stupids - Van Stupid, 1987 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Vinyl Solution - SOL-2
08. Stupids - Van Stupid / Eat, 1987 CD, Album, Reissue
     Visible Noise - TORMENT128
     Reissue from 2008 - 1-7: Van Stupid, 8-15: Frankfurter - Eat EP. 16-23: Frankfurter Demo, 24: Previously Unreleased.
09. Stupids - Jesus Meets The Stupids, 1988 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Vinyl Solution - SOL-7
10. Stupids - Jesus Meets The Stupids, 1988 CD, Album, Reissue
     Visible Noise - TORMENT129
     Reissue from 2008 - includes bonus 1st pressing EP
11. Stupids - The Peel Sessions, 1988 Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
     Strange Fruit - SFPS054
12. Various Artists - No Cheese! (The High-Way To Hell Tour Souvenir), 1989
     Vinyl Solution - SOL - 16, Compilation
     Contains 8 songs by: Tennant All Stars, Pittman All Stars, Stupids, Hard-Ons
13. Stupids - The Kids Don't Like It..., 2009 CD, Album
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC030
14. Stupids - Japanese Vacation, 2011 CD, EP, Limited Edition
     Boss Tuneage - BTRC064
Maximum superclassic rezer! Everyone agrees with strong head nodding that Stupids are one of the brightest star in punk-rock-universe. Deeply carved into the Eternal Zer Top Ten foundations since the release of Peruvian Vacation, they explode in your face with the unmatched energy of a double bomb of Stilton. And... NO BULLSHIT CONCERNED & REVOLUTIONARY "POLITICAL LYRICS". This is the pinnacle of essential catchy thrashing rocking triplazer for the past and future decades. Stupids forever hyprazer!
But will this be another case of blog demolition?
PS: discogs links fixed
!ZER Stupids ZER!
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta - Mekong Delta 1987
Mekong Delta - The Music Of Erich Zann 1988
Mekong Delta - The Principle Of Doubt 1989
Mekong Delta - Dances Of Death (And Other Walking Shadows) 1990
Mekong Delta - Live At An Exhibition 1991
Mekong Delta - Kaleidoscope 1992
Mekong Delta - Visions Fugitives 1994
Mekong Delta - Pictures At An Exhibition 1996
Mekong Delta - Lurking Fear 2007
Mekong Delta - Wanderer On The Edge Of Time 2010
Mekong Delta - Intersections 2012
01. Mekong Delta - Mekong Delta, 1987 Vinyl, LP, Album
     GWR Records - 7 71413-1
     Reissue from 1989
02. Mekong Delta - The Music Of Erich Zann, 1988 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Aaarrg Records - AAARRG 11
03. Mekong Delta - The Principle Of Doubt, 1989 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Aaarrg Records - AAARRG 19
04. Mekong Delta - Dances Of Death (And Other Walking Shadows), 1990 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Aaarrg Records - ARG 23/034-1
05. Mekong Delta - Live At An Exhibition, 1991 CD, Album, Remastered
     Mystic Empire - MYST CD 040
     Reissue from 2006
06. Mekong Delta - Kaleidoscope, 1992 CD, Album
     Intercord Record Service - IRS 986963
07. Mekong Delta - Visions Fugitives, 1994 CD, Album
     Intercord Record Service - IRS 986.993
08. Mekong Delta - Pictures At An Exhibition, 1996 CD, Album
     Bullet Proof Records - IRS 993.626
09. Mekong Delta - Lurking Fear, 2007 CD, Album, DVD, DVD-Video
     AFM Records - AFM 173-9
10. Mekong Delta - Wanderer On The Edge Of Time, 2010 CD, Album
     Aaarrg Records - AAARRG 2010 - 1D
11. Mekong Delta - Intersections, 2012 CD, Compilation, Album
     Steamhammer - SPV 260222 CD
Let's do this: the blog goes on, on short FIFO mode. As one quick smartass lectured, let's use our own private space. But having 100 times less space than the previous server, I'll have to erase files quickly to make room for new posts, and post more slowly.
All posts will have a lifespan of one to two weeks due to limited storage space. On average, only the last two or three posts will stay alive. You'll have not to miss what you're interested in because reloads will be unlikely for a while, new posts will focus on stuff that has not been posted since February 2012. Let's see how this works. Then it's up to everyone to reload and seed to keep it all floating around. I don't want to put up torrents myself as my home bandwidth is limited.
The Kvist post is reactivated.

And now let's have the 8th wonder of the universe, the supernatural Mekong Delta and their splendid masterpieces. Technical thrash metal would be the short description, but the real phrase should be: mind blowing succulent perfection in maxizer demonstration of the metal. The vocals may sometimes be less impressive, but they always work, like they do in Voïvod or Coroner (or Living Death :) which reminds me that there were some guys from Living Death in the first line-up). There is also plenty of classical music reprises on several if not all albums. Just brilliant and more brilliant. I would have a hard time identifying my favorite album. Dances Of Death would probably go into the survivor kit, but just half a nose hair before everything else. Mekong Delta occupy a large house with two swimming pools on Eternal Zer Top Ten mountain.
!ZER Mekong Delta ZER!
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The end of permanent posts

From Open Drive:

"I have checked your account, and it was closed due to a copyright report on several of the files you have been sharing. This, as you may already know, is a violation of our terms of service. Unfortunately, we will be unable to reopen the account unless you can furnish proof that all files on the account belong to you or that you have been given permission to share the files.
The files that were included in the report are:
Terveet Kädet - Ääretön Propaganda
Terveet Kädet - Mi Enthalvan Tk Historiaan 1980-1984
Terveet Kädet - Pissaa Ja Paskaa
Terveet Kädet – Halloween
Kaaos - Totaalinen Kaaos
Riistetyt - Valtion Vankina
Riistetyt - As A Prisoner Of State
Riistetyt - Skitsofrenia
If you can provide proof of ownership or authorization to distribute the files, please attach the information in a response to the message. We will be happy to forward this information."

We can thank the Finnish punk police this time (last time it was the politburo from Alternative Tentacles). It is (almost) funny how the punk scene is so protective of their copyrights, like mother bear. I guess some obese asshole in Finland has the rights to the above records and is crying to mama. He did not even contact me first to ask to take down the copyright-raping posts.

I remember the angry letters to the editor in Maximum Rock'n'Roll from people (punks!) insulting DRI, Verbal Abuse, Wasted Youth et al. for turning metal in 1986, because playing metal was selling out, going all rock star like Whitesnake, becoming capitalist whores, and as you all know capitalism is cannibalism (and pedophilia) (and Nazism).
Now the very same kind of people (and their lawyers), the dreadlocked anti-system living-room-anarchists who hate Monsanto send cease and desist orders to music blogs. It was all about "freedom", "sharing", "smashing the state" and "money is evil". But copyrights über alles!

Too bad, I was ready to post the entire Mekong Delta collection, GBH, Stupids, Carcass, Clown, Geriatric Unit, Exhumed, Emils, Tetsu Arrey, No Allegiance and a bunch of other cool stuff (Japanese and otherwise!). But the punks won't let you erode their copyrights. You'll have to wait until 2077 when they are all dead.

I could go on with this blog and reload the whole thing (I have backups of all archives) if I find another server, but frankly I'm not sure I'm going to search for one (and I'm sure I'm not going to). Suggestions are still welcome. Somewhere in Russia? Meanwhile, the punk$ have won - but it was a great ride, 6 years of green loud fun! Thanks to everyone for caring and leaving comments.


Fuck that. We'll be going on in a constricted format. Starting very soon, I'll have rotating posts on a private server on a weekly basis. Stay tuned.


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