Thursday, October 28, 2010


Fear Gave Us Wings, 2004
Mourning the Unknown, 2007
The Great Northern Revisited (7" eps + split w/Bruce Banner + 4 unreleased), 2010
Blood fire death!!! Featuring meat from VICTIMS, GENERAL SURGERY and NASUM, here comes one awesome grindcore bulldozing supersonic tank. From "regular" grinding crust of first quality on the first album, they upgggrade (with three Gs for a triple dose of their grinding) on the following album and the Northern compilation to MAXIMUM speed and head sledgehammering as in Rotten Sound | Blockheads | Brutal Truth - with a satisfying amount of "melodies" and catchy parts that make it all not just a blur of radioactive wind. Amazing!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Geriatric Unit

Nuclear Accidents, 2007
Life Half Over, 2007
Distance And Damage, 2008
Permethrin Blues, 2009
Kill The Pose (= Nuclear Accident + Life Half Over + 2 tracks), 2009
Audit Of Enemies, 2010 FIXED
Semi reload of the Geriatric Unit stuff, 3 zer-old and 3 zer-new CDs. Reminder for the too stoned: G.U. == ex meat from Heresy + Meatfly + Iron Monkey + Hard To Swallow! Classic sounding British UK hardcore for Ripcord addicts!
CD rip, some with no tags:

Audit of Enemies:
A1 Conundrum Alpha Male
A2 Never Work Me Out
A3 Life In Reverse
A4 Let It Rot
A5 Walking
A6 Doorknocker
A7 Rats And Slugs
B1 Just Like Whine
B2 Audit Of Enemies
B3 No Solutions
B4 Pay To Play
B5 The Maggot

Nuclear Accidents:
1 Kill The Pose
2 Little Voice Of Reason
3 Trapped
4 Gotta Make A Friend
5 Black Dog
6 It's Time To Choose
7 Too Dumb To Learn
8 Waste-Line
9 Antidepression
10 Can't Sleep
11 Bonus Track

Distance And Damage:
1 Hell Is Just Too Good For You
2 The Reason Why Life Is Shit?
3 Peace Of Mind
4 Inclusion/Exclusion
5 At Least Not Today
6 Too Many Chances
7 Nervous Wreck
8 Distance And Damage
9 Don't Want To Be Young Again
10 Secret Impostor
11 Second-Hand Ideas
12 Caved In Mess

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Monday, October 25, 2010


In The Garden Of Serpent, 1996
Autumn Ride, 1997
Do you like Black Sabbath? Stupid question. Do you like St-Vitus and Goatsnake? Zer, click Serpent! Featuring ex meat of the almighty Carbonized, this is excellent traditional mid-tempo doom metal with stoner leaves (not to be mistaken for stoner rock with metal riffs). The bass sounds rips! The groove machine is on. All you need is love.
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Friday, October 22, 2010


The Heroic Bloodshed 7", 1997
Split 7" w/Gomorrha, 1998
fucking awesome 12" LP!, 2000
Today's magic phrase is: shit, I love it when a maniac German hardcore band sounds like a mix of Siege and Hellnation at the speed of Heresy bordering on war field black metal. Come in and let your jaw drop on your knees before Tumult breaks it in several pieces of various sizes. AWESOME RIPPING THRASHCORE DESTRUCTION!!!
Vinyl rip:

The Heroic Bloodshed 7":
A1 Ihr Wisst Nichts
A2 Das Wahre Gesicht
A3 Praying Man
A4 Mann Im Anzug
A5 Das Leben Ist Ein Haufen Scheisse
A6 Eingehämmert
A7 Cancerous
A8 Skin On Skin
B1 Der König
B2 Dem Tod Vertraut
B3 Think For A Minute
B4 Aus Beton
B5 So Nah Und Doch So Fern
B6 Feige Verreckt
B7 Trend Is Out

split 7" w/ Gomorrha:
A1 Gomorrha - Blind
A2 Gomorrha - Too Late
A3 Gomorrha - Breakout
A4 Gomorrha - God's Right Hand
A5 Gomorrha - Eat Your Waste
A6 Gomorrha - Existence
A7 Gomorrha - Why?
A8 Gomorrha - M.A.D.
B1 Tumult - Zu Früh Gefreut
B2 Tumult - Fascist Views
B3 Tumult - Bremen Style
B4 Tumult - Wrong Not Strong
B5 Tumult - Explosinsartig
B6 Tumult - Keine Mark Übrig
B7 Tumult - Neid Herrscht

A1 Das Ist Punk
A2 Böhse Tumultz
A3 Entschuldigen Sie Bitte
A4 Faules Fleisch
A5 Ist Mir Doch Egal
A6 Tausendmal Gehört
A7 Scheissverein
A8 Heuchler Vor Dem Herrn
A9 Vollblutasi
A10 Problem Nr.1
A11 V8-Arschtreter
B1 Im Banne Des Gehörnten
B2 Heile-Welt
B3 Fussball, Frauen, Feste Feiern
B4 Gottsuchtig
B5 Alles Vernichtet
B6 Sterbenskrank
B7 Novus Ordo Seclorum
B8 Mein Name Ist Honk
B9 Ohne Gesicht
B10 Lachen Ist Gesund
B11 Der Unglaubliche Holk

Monday, October 18, 2010


Happy Night Electric Experience (+ 1st 7" + comp tracks), 2000/2001
Sem Remorso, 2003
split LP w/I shot Cyrus, 2005
Musica Pra Guerra (+ split w/H-Zero), 2009
Featuring the current bass player from Ratos De Porao, Discarga is easily in my top 5, no, top 3 of the hardcore bands to have surfaced during the past decade (hardcore as in hardcore, not vegan metal). Discarga sound like the hyperactive bastard heir of Indigesti and Heresy, they deploy in your general direction some FAST and tight and memorable thrashing assault with the longest song clocking in at 1:44. There are also some brilliant slower and punker songs for the sake of breathing but it's soon back into the supersonic chamber. 80 totally awesome tracks of accelerated 80s madness from the 21st century!
CD rip and vinyl rip of:
Sem Remorso:
01. Intro
02. Num Queremo
03. Até Quando?
04. Não Força A Barra
05. Conteúdo Mastigado
06. Esforço Em Vão
07. Fim Do Mundo
08. Se Bem Que...
09. Pesadelo
10. Descontrole Remoto
11. Sempre Ganância
12. Vitória
13. Original (Parte 2)
14. Armadilha
15. Preparados
16. Papel
17. No Buraco
18. Sobrevivência (Dub Version)

A1 I Shot Cyrus - Sempre Refém
A2 I Shot Cyrus - Kapitalistik Dëth
A3 I Shot Cyrus - Pé Na Cova
A4 I Shot Cyrus - Servir Para Morrer
A5 I Shot Cyrus - Reaggire
A6 I Shot Cyrus - Boçais A Servico Do Capital
A7 I Shot Cyrus - Na Cara
A8 I Shot Cyrus - Bad Vibrations
A9 I Shot Cyrus - Cobra Engolindo Cobra
B1 Discarga - Jaula
B2 Discarga - Descanse Em Paz
B3 Discarga - Suor Perdido
B4 Discarga - Peça Com Defeito
B5 Discarga - Nós Temos Escravos
B6 Discarga - Super Poderes
B7 Discarga - Olhos Abertos, Sempre Alerta
B8 Discarga - Estranho No Ninho
B9 Discarga - Estou Aqui

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dead Head

The Feast Begins At Dawn, 1991
Dream Deceiver, 1993
Kill Division (+ 9 live tracks), 1999
Haatland, 2005
Depression Tank, 2009
Dead Head are in the business of pulverizing all your bones from the head down, absolute zer! Here is some of the most ripping thrash metal ever released! I can only think of Slayer, Kreator, Sadus and Morgoth locked up for a week in a room with the fiercest of Raw Power blasted at 11. On top of that the 9 bonus live tracks on Kill Division show how incredible this band really is.
Favorites: the last three albums for the renewed non-stop savagery that exceeds that of many grindcore releases. The Feast is also an excellent debut, fast and raw with a hammer-touch of the amazing Entrance album by A.R.G., while Dream Deceiver is more complex, darker and with many heavy slow sections. A lesson in violent thrashing ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R! !R!R!RR !R! R! R! !RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! R! !R !R !R !R! R RR!R !R !R! RR! R!! R R! !R! R !R !RR R !R !R! R! RRRRR !R! R! R!! !R !RR!R! ! ! ! ! R!RR! !! ! !R !!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip except LP rip from

The Feast Begins At Dawn:
A1 Untergang Des Abendlandes
A2 Saved
A3 Desolated By The Shining
A4 In Your Room
A5 Below The Earth
A6 Slay Your Kid
B1 Rites Of Kandar
B2 Pesticide
B3 From Belial
B4 The Feast Begins At Dawn

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Cockeye (Silverfish 12" ep + Total Fucking Asshole 12" ep), 1989
Fat Axl, 1990
Fuckin' Drivin' Or What ep, 1991
Organ Fan, 1992
Nerve-eating noise rock! There is a lot of fuzz and heaviness and groove and energy and and a great singer that probably had an influence on Karyn from Crisis and she sings in French about her mother and sister on "Déchaînée" (Organ Fan), which is very sexy. You could obviously mention the less friendly era of Sonic Youth as an influence: Silverfish is like having your eardrums processed with fresh sandpaper by NoMeansNo and the Melvins on a foggy day in Detroit. Fuckin' great or what! My favorite is the very abrasive Fat Axl MONSTER DISTORTIONNIZERRRRRR!R!RR! !RR! R!R !R!R !R!R R! R !R !
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Monday, October 11, 2010


Dead Brain Cells, 1987
Universe + Dead Brain Cells, 1989
Unreleased, 1991/2002
Montreal's best answer to Slayer! Amazing 80s speed & thrash metal! Unreleased is a great mix of the style of the two earlier albums, maybe not as intense or inspired. The second release has a more technical / Voïvod edge, while Dead Brain Cells is the prototype of classic skull bashing thrash metal. Two totally killer classic records!!!! People of the 80s awake and bang your head until you're all brain dead!
CD rip. RIP Gerry Ouellette (guitars).
PS: links fixed...

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Speaking of the 80s, we just spent a week-end in 1985. Thanks to the iron longevity of the heavy metal scene, we just had the infinite privilege to attend a Vulcain show!!! ROCK'N'ROLL SECOURS!!!! 30 ans plus tard, Vulcain sont toujours les plus forts! Ne pas aller voir un concert de Vulcain est une faiblesse impardonnable. Grand moment de nostalgie pour les plus arthritiques d'entre nous (la dernière fois que je les ai vus, c'était en 86 près de Dijon et c'est pendant le voyage en voiture que Roger est né!)! Meilleur show hard rock depuis Exciter (Beehler) l'an dernier! TOP MEGA ZERRRRRRRR!R!R!R!R!R !R!R! R! R! R! !R! R! R! !R !R !! ! VULCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock'n'roll secours!

Arrête de penser à l'amûr!

And yesterday we got to watch... CELTIC FROST!!! Yo, Triptykon actually, but close your eyes and just submit to Procreation Of The Wicked and Dethroned Emperor and it's all 1985 again - not to undermine Triptykon's own material which is as excruciatingly doom and deadly as anything else on this planet and the bass player is more fun to watch than Martin Ain (somebody pass me a frog) - actually this was the best and most intense DOOM show I've seen in years. Pure gravity and death!!! The speed of darkness!!!



And a special batch of thanks to the crowd at both shows. You could have taken a series of photos to print in the October '85 issue of Metal Hammer along the Anthrax/Overkill/Agent Steel tour report.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Forest Of Impaled

Mortis Dei, 1995
Demonvoid, 1999
Forward The Spears, 2003
Rise And Conquer, 2007
Impaled heads, satanic orgies and black plague on the war field! Let's go for an intense black death metal ride. Mortis Dei is a short, bombastic, memorable and neck breaking black metal offering like a Dark Funeral demo. Lots of class in the darkness, zer. On Demonvoid the death metal grows a bit, good album, yet things get really terrific on the last two albums that are as deadly as a mix of early Dark Funeral and Immolation at full speed with the spirit of Slayer, fuck yeah! Fantastic no-bullshit songs full of merciless blasts and skull krushing riffs, amazing execution, killer production, these two gems rarely leave the top 10 of black death monstrosities I like to submit myself to. Death is certain, life is not! 666 TONS OF DEADLY ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R !R!R!R!RRR R!RR! !R!RR!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!RR!R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! !RR! !R!RRRRRRRRRR !R! !R !RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !RR! !RR!R! !R! !RR! R!R !R! !!!!R !R ! !R !! R!R! ! !!
CD rip.

Mortis Dei:
1. Beckoning Midnight Dreams
2. Orgy Of Unearthly Delights
3. Mortis Dei
4. Mystic Sight Of The Infernal Horde
5. Dark Shades Of The Astral World

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Trivia: which experience is going to make you fill large buckets of vomit between discovering the very ugly rose color of your daughter's newly dyed fluorescent hair and the following unbelievable video:

This is much better:

And even better, yet not as groovy:

And now more groove with our frog loving cousins:

Thursday, October 7, 2010


F.T.L.E. 7", 1999
No Attribute Attack / Flag Of Defiance split 7" w/Minus, 2000
ハイラソク 7", 2001
理想郷 LP, 2003
More Deride, yet not a real reload since this time the LP mp3 separation is now correct (I hope! last year the frontier between songs 1 and 2 was wrong, and another song was not separated at all) and a bit louder. On top of this here are the raging 7" full of that classic Japanese hardcore sound - as strong as any Gauze | Systematic Death, AWESOME!!! Still the totally killlllerrrrrrrR R! R!r !R!R R!R!RR!R!R R thrashcore zerrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRrRRRRrR!R!R!RrRr!RR!r!R!RRR!r!!RR!R!RR!R!! ! ! !!R! R! !R !R !
Vinyl rip:

F.T.L.E. 7":
A1 Unless You Change
A2 Be Alive With Doubt
B1 All Yourself
B2 Can't Claim Guys

No Attribute Attack / Flag Of Defiance split 7" w/Minus:
A1 Deride - Beginning Of Discrimination
A2 Deride - Routine
B1 Minus - Flag Of Defiance
B2 Minus - Brutal Conflict
B3 Minus - Time To Attack

ハイラソク 7":
A1 完全なる管理 0:40
A2 疑心暗鬼 0:55
B1 Limited Will 1:25
B2 Fuck Taste 0:52

理想郷 LP:
A1 理想郷 ?
A2 染みこませろ
A3 君は被害者.情報の奴隷
A4 Can't Claim Guys
A5 楽園
A6 Yourself
A7 理想郷
B1 慢性的暇潰し
B2 B.O.D
B3 疑心暗鬼
B4 不毛な時間
B5 In Underground

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Fear Of Tomorrow (+ 7 bonus 82/84), 1985
Terror Squad (+ 8 bonus), 1987
By Inheritance (+ 6 bonus), 1990
Deadly Relics (4 demos, but not the first one from 1982), 1998
B.A.C.K. (+ 2 bonus), 1999
When Death Comes, 2009
One Foot In The Grave, The Other One In The Trash (Euro version w/2 bonus), 2009
SPEED THRASH METAL HEAVEN!!!! It doesn't get really any better than Artillery when you need your metal to be simultaneously fast, technical, heavy, melodic, catchy, crunchy and super powered! Think of the (very very) best of Megadeth (but with real, powerful vocals) and Forbidden and add some truly unique and unforgettable choruses and you're not there yet. Artillery sit with the best of the 80s - yet their two come backs in 1999 and 2009 are also absolutely AMAZING! One often fears the return of an old band, but these guys now just rip twice more than 20 years ago. Bring out the air guitars!!!
CD rip.
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