Thursday, May 30, 2013


Depression - Depression 1984/1985
Depression - Australia, Australia 1985
Depression - Depression 1985
Depression - Ultra Hard Core Mega Heavy Punk Metal Thrash 1987
Depression - Thrash Till Death-Studio Tapes 1988
01. Depression - Depression, 1984/1985 CD
     Reactor Records, Compilation
     2008 release: 1-2: Money Chain 7'', 3-28: Depression LP, 29-37: Australia Australia 12'', 38-40: Unreleased 1982 Demos
02. Depression - Australia, Australia, 1985 LP
     Reactor Records - Reactor 8
03. Depression - Depression, 1985 LP
     Reactor Records - Reactor 5
04. Depression - Ultra Hard Core Mega Heavy Punk Metal Thrash, 1987 LP
     Cleopatra Records - CLP232
05. Depression - Thrash Till Death-Studio Tapes, 1988 LP
     Cleopatra Records - CLP248
Ladies and gentlepunks, the much expected reload of the omnipotent Depression comes up today, yes. Along with the infernal and instantly enslaving circle of BGK-TK-Rattus-Inferno-Raw Power, Depression were one of my top discoveries on the legendary Welcome to 1984 compilation, nostalgiaaaaaa. From excellent hardcore to deadly metallized thrash, these records provide an infinite discharge of headbanging, like Raw Power stuff played by Attitude Adjustment mark II. Ultra is an exemplary lesson in violence like a cousin of the Accüsed, Return of Martha era. Barrage of essential no-nonsense jackhammer crossover! Fucking intense Depression! Thrash til zerrrRrRrRRrrRrRrrRRR!RR!R!r R!R !R!R!R R!R!rRrRrRrR !R!RR!R RRR!R!R!R !RrrrrRR! RR!R! rRR!R !RR!R! !R!R ! !!!
PS: the split with Gash is only a compilation of the other records with a thinner sound, so I won't upload it. I'm even selling it (see discogs). I only ripped the version of Civilization Of Destruction and added it to the Thrash Til Death rip.
BTW if you like this kind of stuff (mixed up with the mandatory dose of vintage Celtic Frost) and can do potent vocals and reside in the Montreal area and wish to join a new band with old people, drop me a line.
!ZER Depression ZER!
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kilslug + Upsidedown Cross

Kilslug - Answer The Call 1986
Kilslug - Live At Church 2007
Kilslug - God's Funeral 7'' 2010
Kilslug - Sins, Tricks & Lies 11'' 2012
Upsidedown Cross - Upsidedown Cross 1991
Upsidedown Cross - Evilution 1993
01. Kilslug - Answer The Call, 1986 LP
     Taang! Records - TAANG! 08
02. Kilslug - Live At Church, 2007 LP
     Limited Appeal - LA 11
03. Kilslug - God's Funeral 7'', 2010 7''
     Necro-Tone Records - #16
04. Kilslug - Sins, Tricks & Lies 11'', 2012 11''
     Limited Appeal - LA 24
05. Upsidedown Cross - Upsidedown Cross, 1991 CD
     Taang! Records - TG 9294 2
06. Upsidedown Cross - Evilution, 1993 CD
     Taang! Records - Taang! 70
It took only a billion years to evilve from amino acids to Kilslug and then just a couple more to reach the high summit of Upsidedown Cross. The Universe is proud. It has succeeded. All the things cease to be useless. Just like the infinite supply of nothing that surrounds everything, the gas storm of Neptune and the taste of colored cheese also contributed to the sculptures of the inversion, thanks to the pope-ion effect. We, things, made it, there was this bubble of space-time. Particles united, it's a victory. Nothing else matters. Don't think about it.
!ZER Upsidedown Kilslug ZER!
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Monday, May 27, 2013


Hisataka - Hisataka 2003
01. Hisataka - Hisataka, 2003 CD & 7"
     Jerk Off Records - Jerk 009, Compilation & 7"
Gauze fanatics gather and rejoice loudly! Fast, abrasive and juicy textbook ear splitting hardcore! Hisataka reset reload rezer. The archive contains both the CD and the Dirty Dog 7'' (Answer Records - appears on the CD, but with degraded sound quality).
!ZER Hisataka ZER!
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dr. Know

Dr. Know - The Original Group 1983/1987
Dr. Know - The Best Of Dr. Know 1983/1988
Dr. Know - Burn 7'' 1985
Dr. Know - Plug In Jesus 1985
Dr. Know - This Island Earth 1986
Dr. Know - Wreckage In Flesh 1988
Dr. Know - Fuck Off & Die 2008
Dr. Know - Killing For God 2009
01. Dr. Know - The Original Group, 1983/1987 LP
     Mystic Records - MLP 33165
02. Dr. Know - The Best Of Dr. Know, 1983/1988 CD
     Mystic Records - MCD 187, Compilation
     Burn, Jesus & more, but in random order
03. Dr. Know - Burn 7'', 1985 7''
     Super Seven Records - SS7EP 152
04. Dr. Know - Plug In Jesus, 1985 LP
     Mystic Records - MLP 06
05. Dr. Know - This Island Earth, 1986 LP
     Death Records - DEATH 009
06. Dr. Know - Wreckage In Flesh, 1988 LP
     Death Records - 7 72240-1
07. Dr. Know - Fuck Off & Die, 2008 CD
     Cleopatra - 2258, Compilation
08. Dr. Know - Killing For God, 2009 CD
     Unrest Records - UNREST CD010
An ancient request that needed a full rezer service: from punk til metal til re-punk, one Dr Know own one graceful discography that deserves its own double-booth at the Classic 80s Hardcore Symposium. Anyone already into early RKL, Excel, Beowulf or mid-80s Gang Green is already into Dr Know, and the others should anyway, so let's not waste too much time and press "play" now. Remember that Slayer covered Mr. Freeze. This is how miraculously awesome Dr Know were and are.
!ZER Dr Know ZER!
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Friday, May 24, 2013


Urge - Dogs Life 7'' 1989
Urge - Listen Carfeully To The Powerful Urge Outburst 1990
Urge - Why Hide The Lie 1991
01. Urge - Dogs Life 7'', 1989 7''
     Spirit Family - SF001
02. Urge - Listen Carfeully To The Powerful Urge Outburst, 1990 LP
     RPN-Records - RPN 002
03. Urge - Why Hide The Lie, 1991 CD
     RPN-Records - RPN 007
Part III of the Bl'ast! saga: welcome to Urge, the backbone of Power Of Expression. After the almost galloping 7", Urge deliver high density dark hardcore completely inspired by Bl'ast! and again the 80s Rollins Band, it is the counterweight marvel to NoNoYesNo. The Germans know how to please the skeleton. The doctor recommends to consume Why Hide The Lie repeatedly: tardiness, heaviness, happiness. Repeat.
!ZER Urge ZER!
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Power Of Expression

Power Of Expression - The Power Of Expression 1994
Power Of Expression - Water 1995
Power Of Expression - X-Territorial 1995
01. Power Of Expression - The Power Of Expression, 1994 CD
     Lost And Found Records - LF 107/CD
02. Power Of Expression - Water, 1995 MCD
     Century Media - 77060-2
03. Power Of Expression - X-Territorial, 1995 CD
     Century Media - 77120-2
After Bl'ast!: the tribute to Bl'ast!, you saw it coming. The first album is an integral, perfect cover of the Bl'ast! album. Brilliant idea and first class result. Music performed by Urge and vocals by the singers from Assück/Citizens Arrest, Pittbull and Morgoth. The next two releases contain original material, all vocals by the Morgoth guy: totally superb, crunchy, heavy, metallic music that is like Nonoyesno, No Pigs, Rollins, Tool and Voïvod rolled into the largest ammunition of your favorite tank. Nothing less!
!ZER Power Of Expression ZER!
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bl'ast! + Spaceboy + Gargantula

Bl'ast! - The Power Of Expression 1986
Bl'ast! - It's In My Blood 1987
Bl'ast! - Take The Manic Ride 1989
Gargantula - Infinitasm 2004
Spaceboy - Getting Warm On The Trail Of Heat 1998
Spaceboy - The Force That Holds Together A Heart Torn To Pieces 2000
Spaceboy - Searching The Stone Library For The Green Page Of Illusion 2002
01. Bl'ast! - The Power Of Expression, 1986 CD
     SST Records - SST CD 148
     1990 reissue
02. Bl'ast! - It's In My Blood, 1987 CD
     SST Records - SST CD 106
     1990 reissue with bonus = 11-13: School's Out 7''
03. Bl'ast! - Take The Manic Ride, 1989 CD
     SST Records - SST CD 225
04. Gargantula - Infinitasm, 2004 CD
     self-released - GM-01
05. Spaceboy - Getting Warm On The Trail Of Heat, 1998 CD
     Frenetic Records - FR-005
06. Spaceboy - The Force That Holds Together A Heart Torn To Pieces, 2000 MCD
     Howling Bull America - HBA017
07. Spaceboy - Searching The Stone Library For The Green Page Of Illusion, 2002 CD
     Southern Lord - SUNN18
Lee Hollis had the Spermbirds|2Bad|Steakknife layer cake, Clifford Dinsmore has today's monumental totem of world class bunker hardcore and mental metal. I still have to discover his new band Dusted Angel. Bl'ast! was the dark, heavy beast who became an addiction to many, an impressive feat in an era dominated by speed and acceleration. Killer Bl'ast! rules the Eternal Zer Top Ten of hardcore. The nightmare continues. Now, Spaceboy could be a modernized torsion of Take The Manic Ride with more drugs: fifteen-dimensional songs with fucked-up things happening in and around the skeleton of the brain-melting progression of the death waves. Amazing gonzo triplazer! More addiction! And now Gargantula is another step in the Spaceboy direction of nowhere. This incredible assemblage of sonic flesh craft seals you on the inescapable orbit. You hit "play" again. In the parallel universe, they wear the crown of all things metal for the psych ward. Gonzamazing triplaquadrizer!
Bl'ast! vinyl rips might become available this summer if really needed. But really, because these CDs are perfect (Manic Ride sounds even better on the CD).
More Bl'ast! on Them Boners Be Poppin' (alternate versions of the first two songs from The Power Of Expression).
!ZER Bl'ast! Spaceboy! Gargantula! ZER!
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Life Sentence

Life Sentence - Life Sentence 1986
Life Sentence - No Experience Necessary 1989
Life Sentence - More Punks For Profits 7'' 1991
01. Life Sentence - Life Sentence, 1986 LP
     Walkthrufyre - WTF 1736
02. Life Sentence - No Experience Necessary, 1989 LP
     Walkthrufyre - WTF 1744
03. Life Sentence - More Punks For Profits 7'', 1991 7''
     Doing Time Records
Hard to believe, but after almost five years of zerism, there is still no request for a Life Sentence post, you atheists. We therefore interrupt our rehabilitation of dead links program to expose the unmovable Life Sentence, as this is the fast short sharp synthesis of 80s US hardcore. You can hear DRI, FU'S, DI and Offenders and other great ingredients in this expert rendition of the soundtrack of the Reagan years. It's just amazing, Life Sentence blew my mind the first time I heard them and they still do, these record still sound as fresh and incisive as ever, it's just amazing. Life Sentence were amazing.
I also have the stupid CD version of No Experience with all songs ripped from vinyl in a single digital track, so I won't upload that one unless massively requested.
!ZER Life Sentence ZER!
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Terveet Kädet - Musta Hetki

Terveet Kädet - Musta Hetki 2012
01. Terveet Kädet - Musta Hetki, 2012 CD
     Longplay Music - LONG-042
The return of the almighty Finnish demolition enterprise: Terveet Kädet is back with a short blast of thrash war-machine!! Stronger than ever, this is their best album since the Horse. If you liked the 2009 Poika return, this is even stronger over-intense hardcore carbonizer!
!ZER Terveet Kädet ZER!
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Permanent Damage

Permanent Damage - 7'' 1985
Permanent Damage - End Of Innocence 1987
01. Permanent Damage - 7'', 1985 7''
     Reactor Records - REACTOR 3
02. Permanent Damage - End Of Innocence, 1987 LP
     Reactor Records - REACTOR 16
Yesssssssssss Depression was requested for reload, but while this is cooking today's Australian offering will be the equally awesome Permanent Damage. Innonence always reminded me a bit of the first Crumbsuckers, crunch, groove, class! Metallic hardcore thrash of the highest order! Permanent rezer!
!ZER Permanent Damage ZER!
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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Stillborn - Necrospirituals 1989
Stillborn - The Permanent Solution 1991
Stillborn - State Of Disconnection 1992
01. Stillborn - Necrospirituals, 1989 CD
     Radium 226.05 - RACD 48
02. Stillborn - The Permanent Solution, 1991 CD
     Roadracer Records - RO 9243 2
03. Stillborn - State Of Disconnection, 1992 CD
     Roadrunner Records - RR 9137 2
The power and the glory! As requested, here are again the fantastic Stillborn albums. The last two deliver heavy heavy metal of the epic doomy/slow thrash sort, while Necrospirituals is still and always the eternal masterpiece of doom gloom hard-rock we all (at least, I) dream of producing. This is completely awesome. NecrospirutalizerezerRrrRRRR!R!RR! R! R! Rr!R !R! R!R !R!
!ZER Stillborn ZER!
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Dumbstruck - And We All Fall Down 2000
Dumbstruck - If It Ain't Broke... Don't Fix It 7'' 2000
01. Dumbstruck - And We All Fall Down, 2000 LP
     625 Thrashcore - 625#58
02. Dumbstruck - If It Ain't Broke... Don't Fix It 7'', 2000 7''
     Deranged Records - DERANGED YOUTH -29
Request reload rezer of the fine works of the former Ripcord people. So... old Ripcord fans or new Violent Arrest or Geriatric Unit fans must consume this fast thrashing hardcore, this is exactly like what we grew up with! Fur is murder! Single Ticket To Hell!
!ZER Dumbstruck ZER!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fuck On The Beach

Fuck On The Beach - Power Violence Forever 1998
Fuck On The Beach - Slap A Ham Twin Best 1998/2001
Fuck On The Beach - Betrayed Again 2000
Fuck On The Beach - Split 7'' Godstomper 2000
Fuck On The Beach - Split 7'' Ruido 2000
Fuck On The Beach - Endless Summer 2001
Fuck On The Beach - Eat 'em All 2011
01. Fuck On The Beach - Power Violence Forever, 1998 CD
     Slap A Ham Records - #51
02. Fuck On The Beach - Slap A Ham Twin Best, 1998/2001 CD
     Läjä Records ‎– Laja 046, Compilation
     1-21: Power Violence Forever, 22-31: Endless Summer, 32-36: Betrayed Again
03. Fuck On The Beach - Betrayed Again, 2000 MCD
     Killed By Fast Records - KBF 002
04. Fuck On The Beach - Split 7'' Godstomper, 2000 Split 7''
     Get The Axe Records - GTA-002
05. Fuck On The Beach - Split 7'' Ruido, 2000 Split 7''
     Know Records - KNR133
06. Fuck On The Beach - Endless Summer, 2001 LP
     Slap A Ham Records - #57
07. Fuck On The Beach - Eat 'em All, 2011 LP
     Regurgitated Semen Records - RSR 112
The unlimited request service at the Church Of Zer brings you one more time this batch of bitch core, the very fast & very teeth grinding Fuck On The Beach. Listening to FOTB is like having dental surgery with Milf Of Asian replacing anesthesia. It hurts. Several nerves are sevevely hit and soon, you're crying. One of the very most awesome "new" Japanese hardcore bands, consume without mercy! Less black metal yet more grinding than Unholy Grave! Fast, raw and murderous! Fuck On The Beach!
NB: the Twin Best CD is a very, very bad compilation reissue. It's all distortion and noise and totally betrays the originals. You might think it's great if you're a follower of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. This archive will disappear in 6 months. Anyone wants to buy my copy?
!ZER Fuck On The Beach ZER!
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