Thursday, April 11, 2024


Replicant - Worthless Desires - 2016
Replicant - Negative Life - 2018
Replicant - Malignant Reality - 2021
Replicant - Infinite Mortality - 2024
01. Replicant - Worthless Desires, 2016 CD EP Limited Edition
     PRC Music - PRC62
02. Replicant - Negative Life, 2018 CD Album
     PRC Music - PRC95
03. Replicant - Malignant Reality, 2021 File FLAC Album x 10
     Transcending Obscurity Records - none
04. Replicant - Infinite Mortality, 2024 File FLAC Album x 9
     Transcending Obscurity Records - none
Love and death, love of death. Replicant deliver sophistication in death metal that rejoices all lovers of the next step after vomiting monsters and blast beat barrages. From Gorguts to Execration to Ulcerate, the panorama explored by Replicant is deep and wide, competent to the level of gifted, very well produced and splendidly composed. They make songs, not contests. The dudes know and love their death. Because death it is: the fine-tuning only enhances the power and the sharpness of the whole affair, no aggression, no speed burst is sacrificed for the sake of accessibility. At the top of the pyramid of expertise in death. With triplazering love!
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!ZER Replicant ZER!

Friday, April 5, 2024


Uttertomb - Necrocentrism - 2012
Death Vomit, Uttertomb - Coagulation Of Pest - 2013
Uttertomb - Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist - 2017
Evil Spectrum, Uttertomb - Heic Noenum Pax - 2019
Uttertomb - Nebulas Of Self-Desecration - 2024
01. Uttertomb - Necrocentrism, 2012 CD EP Limited Edition
     Apocalyptic Productions - AP 003
02. Death Vomit, Uttertomb - Coagulation Of Pest, 2013 CD Limited Edition
     Veins Full Of Wrath - VEINS 004 , Compilation
     Contains 8 songs by: Uttertomb, Death Vomit
03. Uttertomb - Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist, 2017 CD EP Limited Edition
     Apocalyptic Productions - AP 31
04. Evil Spectrum, Uttertomb - Heic Noenum Pax, 2019 CD Limited Edition
     Morbid Metal Records - MMR-020 , Compilation
     Contains 8 songs by: Evil Spectrum, Uttertomb
05. Uttertomb - Nebulas Of Self-Desecration, 2024 File FLAC x 8
     Pulverised Records - none
NRAR. Total cathedralizer death. Sinister deluge of methodical bombardment. Endless procession of doom toward the black death. Graveyard of the mass graves. The Church needs to celebrate the end times, Uttertomb provides the soundtrack for optimized gratification. Until death to us zer!
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!ZER Uttertomb ZER!

Tuesday, April 2, 2024


Mensu - Menstruation - 1991
01. Mensu - Menstruation, 1991 CD Album
     Paranoiz - RVCI-50002
Alt-rock from Japan, with noisy riffs and screaming lady. That's all you need to know. Bleed until you drop!
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!ZER Mensu ZER!


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