Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Resisting Success, 1987 (vinyl rip)
Resisting Success, 1987 (CD rip with bonus)
If At First You Don't Succeed, 1988
Live On Location, 1991
Exist To Resist, 1995
$avior$elf, 1999
The Downside, 2000
DamNation, 2001
Everybody loved and cried at the excellent Anvil rockumentary. Still, should we be that sorry about Anvil's relative lack of success while other heavy metal bands at least as talented like the legendary Raven and the beasts of Hades didn't even reach half of Anvil's success? A recurrent theme in Hades' album titles... Like Raven and Anvil, Hades started in the 70s (1978 I think) and have made some of the best heavy metal ever. My first encounter of the second type with Hades was through the classic Metal Massacre VI compilation, but they didn't really stand out. You do have to get up early and outdo your best to rival the emergence of Dark Angel, Nasty Savage, Possessed, Hallow's Eve or Hirax on the same record... But years later they released Resisting Success and this time it was a total sonic success, fuck yeah! Best heavy metal since Forged in Fire and All For One! Resisting Success made me sell back my post-fistful Anthrax, Trance, Loudness and Armored Saints records, didn't need that stuff anymore when I could listen to Hades! Resisting Success and If At First You Don't Succeed sit at the very top of Speed Metal Mountain thanks to the power and speed reminding of Exciter and Agent Steel, the heaviness of Nasty Savage, the catchy technicality of Iron Priest and Watchtower and simply some world class crazy killer metal songs. The live album is awesome, Exist To Resist has wider and richer influences while the last two albums are a bit heavier and crunchier. My least favorite is $avior$elf, still an excellent piece of metal. Lots of variations, super strong melodies, top notch musicianship, no filler songs, what else do you want? Even the few songs that could be tagged as ballads are super great. And these guys knew how to mix a bass guitar, which was an original thing in metal (and too often still is...). Mandatory metal masterpiece! LEGEND OF CLASSIC HEAVY METAL ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! !R !RRRR !R !R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! R! R! !RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R R! !R ! ! ! ! ! !!
CD rip.

Buy marvelous Hades CDs!!, beware of the Norwegian black metal band with the same name.
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Friday, May 27, 2011


Four Depressing Seasons, 1993
Return From Tomorrow, 1994
Submit, 1995
There's Something Rotten in the State of Denmark, 1997
Kokaiinum, 2001
1-800 Vindication, 2004
Burn Me Wicked, 2006
The Prestige, 2008
To Those Who Walk Behind Us, 2009
There Is Light (But It's Not For Me), 2011
Addicted to death! The 20 years old Danish tank just released the new amazing death rock album There Is Light, bang that head! As you remember, the early material is crushing crusty ultra groovy death metal reminding of Massacre | Autopsy | 90s Sepultura, culminating in the monster awesome Submit. Then from the enormous Something Rotten on, they evolved into melodic death-hard-rock (yes) without loosing on the big fat heaviness, in a late Carcass way. Great awesome discography !! Headbanging factory of mega metal attack of ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRr RR! R! !R !RRrR R R!RR!R!R R r !RR! rr !RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !Rr!r R !R! R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R !R!R R!!! RR! R!R!R !! ! ! ! ! !
CD rip.

Illdisposed website
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Nuovo Punto Di Partenza, 1999
Chiedi Troppo, 2004
Let's welcome Tomorrow among our favorite language swingers (Corrupted from Japan singing in Spanish, Força Macabra from Finland singing in Portuguese). Tomorrow from Japan deliver an array of 80s Italian hardcore that everyone into HHH | Indigesti | Discarga must insert into their aural conduits ASAP. Short sharp ZerrRrrRrrrRrR!Rr !R R! !R! RRRRRRR !R!RR!R R!R! r r!R !R !R !R !R R !R !R !R! ! ! ! ! R R! !!
CD rip.
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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Money Chain 7", 1984
Depression LP, 1985
Australia, Australia 12", 1985
The Reactor Records years CD, 1982/1984/1985 (2008 reissue)
Australia And More (split 12" w/Gash), 1984/1985/1986
Big Brother 7", 1986
Thrash Til Death, 1988 (new rip)
Semi repost alert! Here are the new things to complete the 2008 publication of Depression material: the two 7" (which I downloaded from another blog but forgot which one, sorry dude, but thanks), finally a rip of the first album and the split with Gash (but not the Gash side yet), the marvelous CD reissue and a better rip of the fantastic Thrash Til Death LP. The 1982/1984 stuff is very UK punk sounding, while Australia, Australia is an amazing metalli-vitaminic complement to your Broken Bones | Permanent Damage collection. Thrash Til Death is still the awesome raw metal attack with massive early Accüsed input | late Attitude Adjustment input. Classic Ultra Hard Core Mega Heavy Punk Metal Thrash ZERRRRRRRRR R R R RRRRRRRRRRRrr RRr r R r RR!R !R !R !R! ! !! !RRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!R !! ! !R ! !R!R ! ! ! !R!!!!
Link to the live album?
CD rip and vinyl rip:

Depression LP:
A1 Geneva Convention
A2 Pilled Out
A3 Man Death Destruction
A4 Big Business
A5 M.X. Warhead
A6 Breath Of Death
A7 They Wouldn't
A8 What A Strange World
A9 When You're Young
A10 Their War, Your Death
A11 Religion
A12 I'm So Bored
A13 More Of Us. Less Of Them
B1 Universal Product Code
B2 Time Bomb
B3 No Escape From The System
B4 Work All Day
B5 Grown Up Strange
B6 Time Freeze
B7 School Kids
B8 I Hate Yobbos
B9 Nightmoves, Countdown, Sounds
B10 Big Chief
B11 Brainless Conformists
B12 Money Chain
B13 Noise

Australia And More:
A1 Depression (2) – Geneva Convention
A2 Depression (2) – Money Chain
A3 Depression (2) – Time Bomb
A4 Depression (2) – No Escape
A5 Depression (2) – Australia Australia
A6 Depression (2) – Social Tension
A7 Depression (2) – T.V. Lies
A8 Depression (2) – The Plan
A9 Depression (2) – The Box
A10 Depression (2) – Eternal Genocide
A11 Depression (2) – Dirty Fucken USA
A12 Depression (2) – Copper Chopper
A13 Depression (2) – This Side Up
A14 Depression (2) – Civilization Of Destruction

Tracks A1 to A4 taken from the "Depression" LP 1985, recorded in August 1984 @ Platinum Studio and remixed in September 1984 @ York St. Studio.
Tracks A5 to A13 taken from the "Australia Australia" 12"EP 1985, recorded on May 5th, 1985 @ Richmond Records.
Track A14 recorded on January 2nd, 1986 @ Hardcore House.

Thrash Til Death LP:
A1 Money
A2 Civilisation Of Destruction
A3 Freedom And War
A4 Filthy Trash
A5 Have A Look Around
A6 Instrumental
A7 Fifty Bucks
B1 Masters Of The Universe
B2 Pagan Rites
B3 Kill For Christ
B4 Out Of Touch
B5 Spiritual Warrior

Australia, Australia 12":
This Side
A1 Australia, Australia
A2 Social Tension
A3 T.V. Lies
A4 The Plan
That Side
B1 The Box
B2 Eternal Genocide
B3 Dirty Fucken U.S.A.
B4 Copper Chopper
B5 This Side Up

The CD compiles:
40 tracks from the debut 7" 'Money Chain', the 'Depression' LP and the 'Australia Australia' 12" and 3 previously Unreleased 1982 Demos!!!

La rédaction stimule la satisfaction des désirs archéologiques des opto-lecteurs potentiels de Roger Mag, le seul magazine qui. Ceux qui sont encore réveillés peuvent en effet cliquer outre mesure l'assemblée de bits ci-dessous afin de relire le numéro 2 de novembre 1988 dont plusieurs informations peuvent vous avoir échappé :

Friday, May 20, 2011


To Cure The Sane With Insanity, 2003
Doomsday Comfort, 2005
We Deserve Much Worse, 2006
Non Compos Mentis - a Momentary Loss of Muscular Co-Ordination, 2010
To make a happy connection with the previous post, let's indulge in more aural guilty pleasures with this other Finnish monster of grinding death. Deathbound features ex Rotten Sound employees and Deathbound sounds very much like Rotten Sound. When you need to be possessed by sonic drones and just completed a full rotation of the Rotten Sound catalog, this is what you need. Zero originality, total linearity, happiness. FAST LOUD ZERRRRRRRRR! R! R!R!R!R ! RRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R !R ! !R !R! R!R R!R! !R!R ! ! !! R! ! ! ! R! !!
CD rip.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Christmas in May : new Artillery + new Rotten Sound

Artillery - My Blood, 2011 (digi edition w/2 bonus)
Rotten Sound - Cursed, 2011
The postman is one of my favorite human beings, look what he brought me today. The Danish kings of thrash metal return with My Blood, great follow-up to the 2009 super powered When Death Comes. I still have to listen to it a couple dozen times more to have a real opinion. My Blood sounds excellent, and even if it does not seem to match When Death Comes, it provokes a great amount of headbanging and air guitar. Fist in the air!!
Now Rotten Sound's Cursed... Holy shit. Only 2 spins confirm it's nothing less than a grinding MONSTER full of merciless crust and sludge. I think I already like it more than Cycles. Fuck yeah! It's mean, it's fast, it's dark, it's a murder, it's awesome, it's Christmas.
CD rip.

Buy My Blood and all Artillery masterpieces
Buy Cursed and more Rotten Sound bulldozers

All Artillery
All Rotten Sound
Too old, too cold ? Aaaah kids today... and their modern garbage with so many atrocious sections - the "emo" parts scream SHOOT ME IN THE KNEE, SHOOT ME IN THE KNEE!! Get the barf bag ready:

Nice makeup, but the vocalist ought to schedule an appointment with the nearest veterinarian. Listen to Artillery and Rotten Sound and learn the usage of a throat without the disgraceful vomit inducing auto-tune.
Ah shit.

But yes! Only 3 more weeks before the official return of the kings:

Et puisque c'est Noël, la rédaction de Roger Mag, le seul magazine qui, offre à la populace en transes une exhumation de ses archives qui sentent bon. Aujourd'hui, voici le numéro 1 de Roger Mag, initialement publié en septembre 1988. Pour ceci dont qu'est-ce qu'il est question, opérez un cliquement de rongeur électrique sur sa couverture ci-slip afin de le lire avec des yeux au plat:

Et encore merci à Stéphane pour le logo !

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fudge Tunnel

Hate Songs In E Minor, 1991
Fudgecake (The Fudge Tunnel 7" + The Sweet Sound Of Excess 12"), 1989/1990 (1992 reissue)
Teeth mcd, 1992
Creep Diets, 1992
The Complicated Futility of Ignorance, 1994
In A Word, 1994
Fudge Tunnel had the great idea to surface at a time when I was spending my days rotating between the Rollins Band, the Melvins and Distortion X. Louder than loud abrasive sludge rock to make your spinal chord crack, that was the idea - never too heavy! Discovering the Sweet Sound of Excess and Hate Songs In E Minor was then a major win. At least something really heavy to pursue the sonic tasks of Big Black and their peers, which to me always lacked something menacing in their sound. I don't know which record is my favorite here, but it's not Creep Diets, the only FT release I find dull and flacid. The rest is golden crushing rocking tar by the mighty distorted decibel!
Then FT split up and there was Nailbomb, a FT | Sepultura joint venture of the S.O.D. | Ministry sort (not to be published here because I didn't dig it and sold the cds years ago). FUDGE ALL TUNNELS ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R R rRr R r r R rr r rR RrR r r r R! !R !R ! !R!R!R R !R !! !!RR!R !! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CD rip.

Fudgecake compiles:
Tracks 1-4: originally released as The Fudge Tunnel EP 7" (PIG2) recorded at Frontier Studios, Nottingham.
Tracks 5-8: originally released as The Sweet Sound Of Excess 12" (12PIG4) recorded at Frontier Studios, Nottingham.

In A Word compiles:
Tracks 1-3 were recorded for John Peel's radio show in 1990.
Track 4 was recorded as part of the 'Sweet Sound Of Excess' session.
Track 5-6 were recorded live in New York in 1993 in front of about 300 Americans who didn't pay to get in.
Tracks 7-10 were recorded for Peel in 1992.
Tracks 11-13 were recorded at the Dynamo Fest in Holland in front of 36,000 people. We shit our pants but had a fun day.

In 1991, my good old friend Yves and I attended a Fudge Tunnel show in Germany: as of today, this is still one of the loudest and heaviest live experience I enjoyed, only topped (skull-fracturing-decibel-wise) by Khanate in 2002 (Khanate in Quebec City RHAAAAAAHHHHHHRHHRHHRRRRRHGHHHH! ! ! ! ! ! !). It was an amazing show of legendary magnitude, we were floored so we both bought the same long-sleeve Fudge Tunnel shirts, and the week after we were wearing them when we were featured in that TV show:

Oui, la blague est maintenant usée, c'est au moins le 34e repost de ces vidéos, jlefréplupromis. Mais c'est le 20e lundi de l'année, ça se fête, plus que 32 et on change de slip. (Le lundi, je fais du riz. Le mardi, je ponds des truies. Le mercredi, y'a du salami. Le jeudi, je range mon ski. Le vendredi, on inspecte des fourmis. Le samedi, poil au salsifi. Le dimanche, je me gratte le manche.)++ while (!mort);

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Minds Mine

Between Soothing Consolation And Uncontrollable Madness , 2000
Scenes Of The Complete Annihilation Of This Planet, 2002
48 Reasons To Leave This Planet, 2000/2001 (2004 reissue)
Are you deaf yet ? If not, get the very subtle works of My Minds Mine and let's talk about it. On the menu: distortion of the distortion, frantic speed and inhuman screaming, as in Hellnation at the speed of Heresy with the delicate sound production of Exclaim for 89 ear slaughtering songs in the same hole within 60 minutes or less, what a bargain! Fucking insane terminal mega armaggeddon ginding death of ZERRRRRrRrRrrrrRR!!! R! R! rr R!R !RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R !R ! R! !R !!RR!R! !R R!R ! ! !R R !R ! ! !R!R !R! !!R ! ! ! ! ! !
CD rip and LP rip of

Scenes Of The Complete Annihilation Of This Planet:
Singing Up
Lockup Volunteers
On The Soil Of Greed
In Decay
I Lied
Empty Figureheads
Easy Come - Easy Go
Numbered Corpse
Seen And Not Seen
Remote Controller
Switch Blade Attitude
Imago Mundi
The Game
My Minds Mine
Mobilization Of Chaos
Born Tired
Pretentious Idols

48 Reasons To Leave This Planet compiles:
Tracks 1-8 originally released as Unseen World 7"
Tracks 9-15 originally released as split 7" with Idiocy Of Grotesque
Tracks 16-25 originally released as split 10" with Head Hits Concrete
Tracks 26-32 originally released as split 7" with Unholy Grave
Tracks 33-37 originally released as split 7" with Violent Headache
Track 38 released on Worldwide Violence 7"
Track 39 to be released on Heresy tribute
Track 40 previously unreleased
Tracks 41-48 recorded live at ship Stubnitz, Rostock on 24-12-2000.

Idiocy Of Grotesque originally by Idiocy Of Grotesque.
Face Up To It and Network Of Friends originally by Heresy.
Repeat At Length originally by S.O.B.
When there are S.O.B. and Heresy covers on a disc, you just buy it.

Breaking news! Obama was the drummer on the first Overkill album "Feel The Fire"!

Friday, May 6, 2011


All Hail To Thee + Kick'Em When They're Down + Live Suicide, 1984/1985/1986
Act Of God, 1988
Extra special bonus upload du Suppôt de 698 :
demo, 1983
Live @ Club Deaf Exit, 29-01-1988
Speed metal merci !

Today is Z day and after blasting some classic Zoetrope, and then the mega awesome Zilemma album, nostalgia kicks my ass with Znöwhite, bringers of numerous neck aches in my distant youth. None more headbangable! Their totally classic female-fronted wild & catchy speed metal of the Broken Bones | Judas Priest | Acid | Tank sort is the temple of speed, power, melodies and great solos, fuck yeah!!! And these discs do not age, it's a better miracle than Jean Paul II. BANG THAT HEAD FOREVER! ZNÖWHITE ZERRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RR RR !R !R! R! !R!RR! !R!R! !R RRR! !!!!RR! R!R !RR!R! R!R!R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! R!R ! R! !RR!R!R !R!R! R!R!R! !R ! !R! !!!!!!!!
CD rip.


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