Monday, December 27, 2010

Iron Monkey

Iron Monkey, 1997 Track 05 - black aspirin
Our Problem, 1998
We've learned nothing (split w/Church Of Misery), 1999
Massive British sludge avalanche! Music to perfectly fit the current temperatures and the content of your stomach - especially if you thrive on a steady Eyehategod diet. Heavy fatness of lead zerRRrrRr!RRrRrrRr R! r !rRRr!!!R!R!R!RrrrR!RR!R!R!
We've learned nothing features a cover of C.o.C.'s Kiss Of Death, yo!
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Friday, December 24, 2010


The Contaminated Void, 2007
Rotting Paradise, 2008
Today is the day to get stuffed with all the molten Swiss cheese you can get! And the perfect soundtrack will of course be something heavy and delicious like Coldworker's fast, groovy and totally mega zerrRRrrrRrrRRrrRRR death metal onslaught. Originality : 0 % - Perfection : 120 % - Fat fast loud!!! This is amazing generic death metal (featuring the ex Nasum and Krigshot drummer) performed with high-end musical and writing expertise, served through big ass production and ready to send you on a revolving headbanging orbit. Don't forget to drink and smoke a lot! Before and after! Bang your head and worship Satan!!!! Redtube, Cheese and Coldworker!!! Have a fucking Christmas of ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrRrRRrRrrrrRRRR!R!R !R !R R! r R!R !!1!! R1111!!eleven!!!!one!!!11!!r r1r1rRRRRR!!1eleven!!! R !R1 R!r! !!!!Rr!RR!
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Coldworker website
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Annihilation Time

I, 2002
Bad Reputation MCD, 2003 (yes, the Thin Lizzy song)
II + Cosmic Unconciousness ep + Bad Reputation ep, 2005
III - Tales Of The Ancient Age, 2008
Perfect soundtrack for end of year parties! Annihilation Time is (was) something like the best rock'n'roll thing I heard from the past decade. Mix up very early Motörhead, Thin Lizzy, Bl'ast! and Black Flag and bang your head on a beer keg! Attention, this is high class hard rocking punk hard rock with awesome energy and amazing guitarists, fuck yeah! Night long headbanging guaranteed!!!
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Annihilation Time website
Annihilation Time on MySpace
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Sexual

The Sexual - Complete Discography, 1983/1985
Aaaaaaah oui oui oui for Japanese 80s thrashing punk at its most Japanese! Actually they also sound very Finnish (Kaaos, Massacre, etc.) with the inevitable zerrrrr joyful Kuro | The Execute references. This is true 80s hardcore with dark metal riffing here and there, absolutely marvelous cultosaurus punk death from very far!

CD rip with missing song names tags:
1 Messiah
2 Ejaculate
3 The Nexus Of Man To Man
4 Worm
5 Anarchy & Destruction - Muddy Brains
6 Crime Of Sexual
7 War Cry
8 The Last Days
9 Scatter The Hatred
10 Devil Reversion
11 The End Approaches
12 愛国者
13 ザ・ジャパニーズ
14 自閉症
15 人間のあかし
16 Messiah
17 愛国者

Tracks 1-4 taken from Suicide flexi (1984)
Tracks 5-9 taken from The Last Days flexi (1985)
Tracks 10-11 taken from 自殺オムニバス compilation (1985)
Tracks 12-15 unreleased studio tracks (recorded at Kouchi Reco 8/23/1983)
Tracks 16-17 unreleased live tracks (live at 高知Buzz 9/11/1983)

Tracks 5-9 + 10-11 also available on the first Order Of The Kite compilation of 80s Japanese punk 7".

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Imbalance - Period Three Implies Chaos, 2010
Once again I have to amend the steady flow of stupid things I might write about "new bands" (not from the 80s...) because here is a newcomer that rips your head off in the manner of the almighty Sadus. In the realm of fast technical yet groovy and addictive thrash metal, Imbalance is close to the best thing I've heard in years and it's my favorite 2010 release. If you're into the more obscure thrash scene (not in the Municipal Waste | Gama Bomb trend) of the likes of Vektor, if you love advanced, modern metal that blends with the roots of 80s thrashing without being a caricature, and above all, simply near perfect metal with LOTS OF CLASS, bang your brains on Imbalance!!! 2010 Thrash Metal Nobel Prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Imbalance on MySpace
PS: unreleased Flotsam & Jetsam songs for download from the band website

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bethlehem - Stönkfitzchen

Bethlehem - Stönkfitzchen, 2010


Yessss the teutonic mental genius is back and crazier than ever! This is only a mini CD with one old rerecorded song and five new needles to stick into your cranium, but this shit is so fucking good you can push the REPEAT button. This is S.U.I.Z.I.D. | Mein Weg quality stuff. The sound is a bit too compressed but the songs are such a killer assault on your sanity it does not really matter. 31 minutes of exquisite suicidal double hammers and saws! The music is a perfection of dark doom vice as only Bethlehem can make it - deadly heavy, melodic and unique - and the vocals are crazier than ever. A major piece of art of brain liquefaction! AWESOME PUTRID PILE OF ZERRRRRR!R!RR!R!RRRRRR !R !R!R!R! !RR !R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! !R! R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R !RR! R! R! !RRRRRRRRRR !R! R!R !R!R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! R!R! R!R! R! ! ! !! !

1. Was ihr seid, das waren wir - Was wir sind, das werdet ihr 05:09
2. Kalt regelt ab die Krankgeburt 04:55
3. Yesterday I Already Died Today 05:03
4. Kandierte Verlosung zu Ross 04:12
5. Pillerthrillaren 05:33
6. The 11th Hour 06:19

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Monday, December 6, 2010

The Blood Divine

Awaken, 1996
Mystica, 1997
Great soundtrack to the current weather: The Blood Divine made doom metal with 70s rock influences. The 1st Anathema singer is there, as well as several ex Cradle Of Filth people, but no worry, this has nothing to do with CoF except on the geographical level. Very excellent dark metallic rock with atmospheres and great groove, this band was as great as its existence was short. Mandatory piece for early Anathema fans (with less death) and early Stillborn fans (with more metal).
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Mortal Days + Self Defence e.p. + comp tracks, 1987/1989 (2009 remaster)
Protest And Resistance, 1991
Protest And Resistance, 1991 (2009 remaster)
Fiel Lärm, 1992 (2009 reissue)
Graythem... Of Chaos + 9 live tracks (1992 - 2009) + 1 comp track, 1994 (2009 remaster)
Bombastic Japanese thrashgasm explosion alarm of mega zerrRrRRrr RR R R R Rrrr RrrrRrrRR!R!RrRRR!RrrR!r !r !R !RRr rr rRrr R!r !r!R!RR!R r !R !!!! Welcome to another unavoidable piece of heavenly top class golden heavy music. Self Defence, Mortal Days and Protest are the wet and warm dream records of all Nuclear Assault | Excel | Rose Rose | Slayer addicts: highly dynamic, groovy and memorable thrash and crossover to bang your head and mosh around the house all night long to, with excellent execution and production, the trademark Japanese intensity and for once massive, awesome bass guitar lines that drive the insanity instead of just being there as in most thrash. But then things reach level 666 with the last two masterpieces Fiel Lärm (cult German from Japan) and Graythem, both full of augmented multi-dimensional madness that has macerated through lots of mind bending Coroner, some eviscerating S.O.B. and above all the MASTER EXPERIMENTING SUPREME GENIUS GALAXY of Doom, whose bass player they share (explaining the crazy bass lines) - or the newest Atheist on acid. Insanely insanely great!!!!! I'm all wet and warm. I've only listened to Shellshock today. Each CD twice, fuck yeah! And it's not even night time yet. Then I'll replay the whole Doom catalog. The universe has a point after all.
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