Sunday, February 28, 2010


god's clown, 1976
océan II, 1980
rock dur (live) - extended, 1980
océan III (+ 4 remasters), 1981
Legends of hard rock! The 1st album is an AMAZING piece of prog rock à la Rush | King Crimson to be used with several flammable plants for maximum zertisfaction. The following albums engage in first hand classic hard rock - catchier than AC/DC and Led Zeppelin combined with groovy instrumental developments that make Trust sound a bit agricultural. Océan opened for Iron Maiden and AC/DC too, and should have reached the same fame and fortune + 15%. Red hot music with mega talented vocals = THIS IS HARD ROCK!!!
CD rip.
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Blind Fury

out of reach, 1985
The dudes from the almighty NWOBHM living gods Satan released their second album "Out of reach" under this other name, zer. Whatever the marketing strategy, the music is still an epic monument of greatness in heavy metal. These guys rule. Powerful, catchy with a technical prowess at every corner, Blind Satan make me hungry. More Blind Satan!
CD rip.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nailed Down

violent distortion (3" CD), 1995
destroy deceitful fellows (7"), 1996
atrocious damnation (green 10"), 1997
honour and glory (flexi 8"), 1997
perth wolfpack (LP), 2002
might is right (7"), 2003
resurrection (CD), 2003
When Lucifer in the sky with King Diamond devise wise plans to ruin musical harmony, they invent things like Rupture and Nailed Down, the Australian twin hags of thrashing punk disgust. Nailed Down navigate between Lärm-speed Siege-hardcore nihilism and dirty gurgling ground beef punk with the British flavour of Chaos UK. This is fast, loud and DDirty, with 2 Ds for a double dose of destruction. Extreme zer satisfaction!!! Achtung, too much listening to Nailed Down may make you blind.
Vinyl rip + CD rip from Violent Distortion and Resurrection.

violent distortion:
Dust To Dust
Time Dead
Blade Of Heart
Who The Helpless (Kuro cover)
Nothing Matters
Sarin Attack
Negative Fx (Neg Fx cover)
Gunned Down
I'm So Saviour
Burled Alive
Broken Glass
Knuckle Sandwich
Tunnel Vision
Anxiety Bound
Disaster (Confuse cover)

destroy deceitful fellows:
A1 Kaaos Attack
A2 X 9
A3 Conform
A4 Systemas Bastardos
A5 Rock Star
B6 Leak Of Deadly Bacteria
B7 White Lightning Storm
B8 Divine Wind
B9 Bloody Bomber Boy
B10 Warmachine (Anti Cimex cover)

atrocious damnation:
A1 1000 Hiroshima Body
A2 Last Hiroshima
A3 Darkness
A4 Conform
A5 Divine Wind
A6 Perth SS
A7 Tutti Rabia
A8 Violent Poisoning
A9 White Lightning Storm
A10 Boring Life
A11 Systemas Bastardos
A12 America Bombs Perth
A13 Mob Attack
B1 Leak Of Deadly Bacteria
B2 Riot Riot
B3 Swimming In Ice
B4 Violent Distort
B5 Bloody Bomber Boy
B6 Rockstar
B7 Daisy Chain
B8 Gossip Monger
B9 Kaaos Attak
B10 X-9
B11 Selfish Cow
B12 Die For Your Fatherland
B13 Countdown To Meltdown

honour and glory:
A1 Learn The Hard Way
A2 Fool
A3 Kiss Arse
A4 Broken Glass
A5 Snake Handlers
A6 Retard
A7 Pain
A8 Everyday
B1 Pressure Valve (Live)
B2 Pain (Live)

perth wolfpack:
A1 Payback Time
A2 Smack In The Head
A3 The Glory Of Nailed Down
A4 Anti PC (Is Just Another Trend)
A5 Knucklesandwich
A6 Monster Of Distortion
A7 Born To Win
A8 Someones Going To Die
A9 Might Makes Right
A10 Inside
B11 Fierce Demon Fire
B12 Nailed Down Night Rider
B13 Monster Zero
B14 Life Under The Bomb
B15 Fear (P2)
B16 Ghost
B17 Governments That Deal In Death
B18 Scene Cleansing

might is right:
A1 Might Is Right
A2 Shinning Down
B1 Police State
B2 Nailed Down Sympathiser

capital N, capital D
time to fight
nailed down stormtrooper
slowing down
nuclear fear (Negative Fx cover)
negative circle
all problems solved
you tell me
try to judge
what do i get
whats going on

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Thursday, February 25, 2010


corrupt minds, 1988
faded glory (CD), 1990
faded glory (LP) large plastic nostalgia!
So much class! For those who wish Sacred Reich had put out more albums in the vein of "Ignorance" and "Surf Nicaragua", extended usage of the Acrophet medicine will fulfill this very understandable craving. These 2 exemplary albums deliver the late 80s speed and intensity of hardcore influences along with excellent anti-linear technical prowess and refinements - these twin guitars!! - in all its essential thrash metal glory. Amazing! Bang your head! Thrash til zer! And they say they were 17 when they released the first one...
CD and LP rip.
Acrophet on MySpace

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sacred Reich

ignorance (LP rip), 1987
ignorance (CD rip + 3 bonus MDC, Judas Priest - WITH ROB HALFORD SINGING!! zer - & Black Sabbath covers), 1987
surf nicaragua (+ demo & Metal Massacre tracks), 1989
alive at the dynamo, 1989
the american way (extended + 6 demo tracks), 1990
independent, 1993
heal, 1996
still ignorant (live), 1997
The 80s thrasher wet dream! After the 1986 blunt force traumas due to Slayer, Sacrilege BC, Onslaught and Dark Angel, 1987 offered us the MONSTER "ignorance" mega thrasher. Fast straight-forward metal full of hardcore influences, this stuff is hotter than hell even in 2010. The "surf Nicaragua" mini is also a big plate of rejoicing with the incredible "One nation" bomb of groove. The other albums have more groovy heavy metal like this than fast thrash and are also excellent, these guys are outstanding musicians. Of course "Ignorance" remains on a higher pedestal among the "darkness descends" and "the force" of this world. Thrash til death!
CD rip.
"Alive at the dynamo" is a 128 kbps rip I took on another blog (I have a DVD of the complete show but was too lazy to rip the audio, so here you go with the 4 original track in low res).
Sacred Reich on MySpace

Friday, February 19, 2010


sins of our fathers, 1984
recorded live off the board at CBGB, 1987
DEMOS! From the encyclopedic Blogged And Quartered blog Update
From the pantheon of classics, here are both Damage records, the cream of 80s hardcore. When you're a fan of BGK, MDC, Fear and RKL, you can't live without the Damage albums. This stuff is still totally hot today - the definition of classic, fast, tight and complete with wild arrangements and great solos (especially on the 2nd album, zer!). These recordings are both live off the board at CBGB, pure live talent! And then Mike Kirkland (bass) joined the newborn Prong.
Vinyl rip:

Sins of our fathers:
A1 Sins Of Our Fathers
A2 This House
A3 Beauty Lies
A4 The Dice
A5 Parasite
A6 Charge It
A7 March Of The Morons
A8 Floodlight
A9 Yah Die Ho
B1 Our Song / Bad Thoughts
B2 Killing Floor
B3 Macht Uns Slecht / Bridge + Tunnel
B4 Below Average / Boots Of God
B5 Inertia
B6 Die In Fire

Recorded live off the board at CBGB
A1 Blues Theme / Die In Fire
A2 Boots Of God
A3 Festering
A4 Floodlight
A5 Yah Die Ho
A6 Beauty Lies
A7 Slug-O
A8 Bridge & Tunnel
B1 Killing Floor
B2 Beer Can
B3 This House
B4 V.C.P.I.M. / Majority Tyranny
B5 Our Song
B6 Parasite
B7 Count Me Out

One more song on the amazing There's A Method To Our madness compilation.

I must have been a bit energetic on the track splitting, there are more mp3s than song entries...

Damage on MySpace

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Corrupted files

Not a post about Corrupted unfortunately (yet!). I ran a batch of tests and the problem with corrupted files is on Mediafire (not Winrar or my use of it). The same rar ends up corrupted after download from Mediafire although it is clean on my computer or downloaded from elsewhere. I'll check if I can find another free file hosting service without the irritating daily limits, file size limits etc. Meanwhile, thanks for reporting the corrupted files, I'll upoload them individually (the best solution, see below).

This is what Mediafire support have to say:
With any compressed file, the chances of them becoming corrupt when uploading them to another server can increase as they become larger. I know some of our clients have had better experience when either keeping them at 95MB or less or saving the compressed file as a .exe file prior to uploading. Because there is also the issue of corruption occurring when files are being transferred from one network to another network (yours to ours), this has been a difficult issue to troubleshoot and find a permanent fix for. We are currently working on a resolution for this. In the meantime, please try the above steps to see if they help resolve the issue for you. If they do not work this could indicate that the corruption is occurring during the transfer between networks, and you may need to attempt to re-upload the files after deleting them and waiting 4 hours to ensure that they are completely removed from our servers.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


acid + hooked on metal 7" + demo, 1981/1982
maniac + black car 12", 1983 FIXED 16.09.2011
acid + maniac (VINYL RIP for true nostalgia)
engine beast + demo, 1985 FIXED
live in Belgium 84, 1984/2009
Corrupted & missing files UPDATE
Gosplontchagnaaa! Allow me another repost (next post won't be a re!), the 3rd attempt at posting some Acid, but I think this time I have it better covered: all studio albums from CD versions (finallY!) with the bonus eps & demos, and more importantly THE NEW LIVE ALBUM!!! Look at this marvel : a picture disc in a gatefold cover with a poster. This is an object you do want to own - it is something you need actually. The sound is a bit thin but not saturated and there are clearly no overdubs. True Acid fans buy a copy of this most excellent release and smile all day! Hurry, there are only 500 copies. Speed metal hell!
CD rip except vinyl rip from live in Belgium:

1. Acid
2. Maniac
3. Hooked on Metal
4. Bottoms Up
5. Lucifera
6. No Time
7. Exterminator
8. Anvill
9. Max Overload
10. Heavens Devils

Acid on MySpace

Monday, February 15, 2010


mirror distance, 1991/1995 (rel. 2005)
x 7", 1993
pull the flood, 1994
revirgin, 1996
Allow me to repost the Korpse records because 1) I just found the 'Mirror Distance' CD, which is very fucking zer 2) this is outstanding music. 'Mirror Distance' is a compilation of EXCELLENT TO AWESOME demos and their enormous 7".
I remember a 'Revirgin' review saying 'death metal with balls, groove and class', and yessssss, that's exactly what it is. Hairy balls with Grand Master Class. And the perfect groove! Autopsy and early Voïvod fans cannot miss any of it! According to the last estimates, I listen to Korpse 12.87 times more often than to Entombed.
CD rip except
'X' 7" (which is on 'Mirror Distance'):
1. X 06:20
2. Rusted 04:02

Mirror Distance contains:
Mauler demo: tracks 1-6.
'X' 7": tracks 7, 8.
Revirgin demo 1: tracks 9-13.
Revirgin demo 2: tracks 14-17.
Studio out-take: track 18.

Korpse on MySpace

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Rymykorpi - The Complete Recordings CD1, 1986/1987
Rymykorpi - The Complete Recordings CD2, 1988/1989
As the CD title says, enjoy all Euhtanasia recordings at once : classic hardcore punk in true Finnish tradition for early Rattus | TK addicts. A bit linear but overall great drive and energy.
CD rip.
Buy this double CD!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cirith Ungol

frost & fire, 1980
king of the dead, 1984
one foot in hell, 1986
paradise lost, 1991
(links fixed)
Heavy metal is the law! Grim hard rock and heavy metal tagged as "cult" in the relevant circles. Grim and almost doom sometimes, this is more or less like "mob rules" era Sabbath with evil vocals that could almost fit in Burning Witch. "Frost and fire" does sound 70s hard rock and it gets slower & heavier on the following records. Excellent musicians and excellent production with for once a prominent bass guitar sound. And you got to love the artwork, which is precisely what drew my teenager self to them when "king" was released. Zombie kings with complicated swords is always a winner. An amazing segment in the history of metal !
CD rip.
Cirith Ungol on MySpace

Kiss It Goodbye

She Loves Me....She Loves Me Not, 1997
Featuring former employees of Deadguy and Rorschach, Kiss It Goodbye deliver more heavy batches of evil and piledrives you with their metallic torture until you beg for Bad Religion. No, just kidding, you hit "play" again. Metalcorenstein wizardry!
CD rip.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


work ethic + whitemeat, 1994 (2002 CD reissue)
fixation on a co-worker, 1995
screamin' with the deadguy quintet, 1996
I know your tragedy (live), 2000
Enormous metal and hardcore of assdozer density in the heavy wagon of nervous darkness and groove. Amazing playing and arrangements, lots of feeling (mostly anger, but also hunger and disdain) and great production : this is as serious as early Rollins Band, Mindwar and Die 116 with more metal, paving the way for the then emerging Converge scene. Awesome destruction !
CD rip. Extra merci au Suppôt pour les compléments vitaminiques! Zerrrr!!!
Deadguy MySpace fan page

Friday, February 5, 2010

Terveet Kädet - Ihmisen poika, pedon poika

Terveet Kädet - Ihmisen poika, pedon poika, 2009
This is another trip into complete awesomeness territory. 30 years after their inception, TK deliver one of their very best recordings ever. The metal & more groovy rock sound of their 2000 decade albums is gone, this is a pure blast of classic Finnish thrashcore like the 'bizarre domination', 'halloween' and 'black god' records. It's even faster and meaner than the 1985 mega classic 'the horse'. This CD is unbelievably good!!! It teaches a lesson in thrash to all of us wannabees in 10 songs, 11 minutes, zer!!! It's way too short, I have to play it three times in a row. Long live the return of classic Finnish hardcore thrash!!! Rattus and TK über alles!!!!
CD rip.
More TK here.
buy this AWESOME CD!!!!!
TK on Wikipedia


world circus (+ Wasteland Demo + track from the Metal Massacre IX compilation + 2 unreleased songs), 1986/1987
think this (+ demo), 1989
True 80s high-pitch-vocals maximum speed metal!!!! This is just fantastic technical metal served with great lyrics and great artwork for once (and not so great haircuts and jackets but we're used to it, aren't we). The singer on "think this" reminds me of top vocal genius Steve Grimmett's unbelievable performance on Chateaux's "chained and desperate". The musicians are experts and these are 2 exemplary devices of first grade speed thrashing heavy metal of IIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! If you're in it for something in the vein of Whiplash' 'insult to injury' and early Agent Steel with more complexity, Toxik will rock your day!!! Fuck yeah!!!
CD rip.
Toxik on MySpace
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Japanische Kampfhörspiele

sektion JaKa, 1998
Japanische Kampfhörspiele, 2000
Die Grossstadt stinkt, ist laut und septisch, 2002
fertigmensch, 2003
Hardcore Aus Der Ersten Welt, 2004
Deutschland von vorne, 2005
split w/Das Krill, 2005
Früher War Auch Nicht Alles Gut, 2006 (1998/2002 demo tracks)
split w/Bathtub Shitter, 2007
rauchen und yoga, 2007
split w/Are You God?, 2008
split w/EISENVATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 2009
live in Trier, 2009
Luxusvernichtung, 2009
Bilder Fressen Strom, 2010
Corrupted tracks UPDATE


Visitors of this blog already know about my obsession with the emperors of kings of dominators of gods of all things heavy : EISENVATER, Germany's strongest asset in sonic warfare and artistic merit, fuck yeah. When our planet is invaded by 11-dimensional nuclear hyper-dinosaurs from the contagious black hole of terminal death, we'll send them Eisenvater and all will be fixed. Just to make sure everything is exterminated, we'll also send along Germany's 2nd strongest asset in brain-melting technnology : Japanische Kampfhörspiele, the craziest purveyors of grinding thrash metal madness with the heaviest punk sections. JaKa is a band of genius makers of incredible music - sure there are faster or meaner bands around, but nobody captures and releases madness and irony like they do - and it's über catchy. JaKa is the sonic wall of death with the spirit of Nomeansno. The newest album is a monster bomb, and "rauchen und yoga" is the central masterpiece, along with the tracks of demented madness on the Eisenvater split.
Break your neck!!!!!


CD rip.

"Deutschland von vorne" is a cover album of German punk and metal and features an amazing EISENVATER cover !!! Yessssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

split with Bathtub Shitter vinyl rip:
A1 Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Der Westen Ist Geschockt
A2 Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Das Metalcore Konzert
A3 Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Schöne Neue Küche (Instrumental)
A4 Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Kunstfehler
A5 Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Mann Dreht Mann Durch Fleischwolf
B Bathtub Shitter - World Dun Hole

"Früher War Auch Nicht Alles Gut" contains:
01, 04, 08, 17 from "Le Menu De L'Autopsie Des Gagnants Du Grand Prix" (1999)
02, 03, 05, 07, 15, 16 from "Gott ist Satt" (2000)
09 from "Transportbox für Menschen" (2000)
10, 11, 12, 28 frmo "Nostradamus in Echtzeit" (2001)
13, 14 from "Oslo" (2000)
06, 18, 19, 20, 21 from "Sektion JaKa" (1998)
22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 from "Die Grossstadt stinkt, ist laut und septisch"
29, 30, 31, 32 are from an unreleased Demo (2002)
33 from "Brandsatzliebe" (2001)

YOU MUST BUY THE JAKA DISCS WHILE THEY ARE AVAILABLE!!! And also of course EISENVATER IV and all the shirts because THEY FUCKING ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shipping from Unundeux is very fast, believe me.
JaKa website
JaKa on MySpace

Et plein de multi mutz à la très très grosse fille!!!


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