Monday, June 29, 2009

Ifix Tcen Tcen

liquid party, 1989
oltre la collina, 1991
What? I've heard that Michael Jackson is dead. Just in case it's true, let's pay homage through the magnificent Ifix Tcen Tcen pop cover album which renders all these ugly tunes (and TV commercials!) in raging hardcore format with the typical Italian sound. For fans of the early Impact sound and all CLASSIC SPEEDING 80s RITALCORE ZERRRR!R!R!RR!R!RR!! !R !R !R!R !!!!RR! R! !! R! ! !
CD rip of "Oltre la collina", vinyl rip of "Liquid Party":

a01. Bad (Michael Jackson)
a02. Ring My Bell (Anita Ward)
a03. Into The Groove (Madonna)
a04. Canale 5
a05. Hatu'
a06. Il Pranzo E' Servito
a07. Knock On Wood (Amii Stewart)
a08. You Should Be Dancing (Bee Gees)
a09. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Santa Esmeralda)
a10. Canale 5
a11. Bravo Benny
a12. Mastrolindo
a13. Io Non Sono Come Voi (Blue Vomit)
a14. Born To Be Alive (Patrick Hernandez)
a15. Io Mi Amo (Ifix Tcen Tcen)

b01. Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)
b02. Moscow Discow (Telex)
b03. Wordy Rappinghood (Tom Tom Club)
b04. Canale 5
b05. Scottex
b06. Rinco Boys
b07. Heart Of Glass (Blondie)
b08. Funkytown (Lipps Inc.)
b09. Come Together (The Beatles)
b10. Canale 5
b11. Lagostina
b12. Fruittella
b13. The Slave (The Germs)
b14. Grazie Del Passaggio

Sunday, June 28, 2009


12" bootleg, 1983/1988
old master comp., 1983/1988
I don't know shit about Confuse except that they were Japanese, their stuff was easy to tape-trade, but it was very hard to find the actual records. Who cares nowadays with the numerous bootlegs and the magic of the transcontinental electrons. Sonically, Confuse will rape your ears again and again, just like GISM but much faster at times. Into a dirty and aggressive evil mix of Hellhammer and Septic Death? ZER! THRASHING MADNESS OF THE TAR PITS FULL OF ZERRRRRR!R!R!R!R!R! !RR! !RR!R !RR! !R!RR!RRR!!! R!R!R!!!!!
Confuse on KFTH
CD rip (old master boot comp) and vinyl rip:


the kids will have their say, 1982
get it away, 1983
live CBGB (X-claim! bootleg side B), 1983
how we rock + break it up, 1984/1985
power, 1981/1985
After having laughed at the straight edge thing with Crucial Youth, let's humbly climb the mountain of classics SSD released during their short existence. I am as avid a consumer of the first two monster records of short, fast and loud hardcore as of the last 2 heavier, sludgier and hard rocking albums. The punk nerd police and the pHD metal militia are still debating about these last two record 25 years later. Time Magazine is supposed to print a special report on the topic. We hold our breath. Meanwhile, we're rolling a big fat spliff and enjoy all this pure 80s raging noise because SSD are the CORE OF ALL CLASSIC KILLER ZERRRR!RRRR!R!R!R!R R!R! !R !RR!R !R! ! !!!!!

Vinyl rip except "power" and "get it away" (CD rip).

The kids will have their say:
1. Boiling Point
2. Fight Back
3. Do You Even Care
4. Not Normal
5. Wasted Youth
6. Jock Itch
7. Fun To You
8. V.A.
9. How Much Art
10. The Kids Will Have Their Say
11. Headed Straight
12. War Threat
13. Teach Me Violence
14. Screw
15. Who's To Judge
16. Police Beat
17. United
18. The End

how we rock:
1. How We Rock Intro
2. How We Rock
3. Words That Kill
4. The Choice
5. On The Road
6. What It Takes
7. What If I

break it up:
1. Break It Up
2. Children Will Rock
3. Heart Failure
4. Hit the Bottom
5. Blood Flood
6. No Solution
7. Baby Black
8. Calendar
9. Screams of the Night
10. Feel the Flame

live 1983 CBGB:

SSD on KFTH (history & reviews)
Buy 'power' for only $10!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Crucial Youth - the posi-machine

Crucial Youth - the posi-machine, 1988


Everybody agrees that the straight-edge boy-scout trend has been one of the best jokes since day one (but yo, still less funny than the Christian hardcore scene, alright). Yet it was necessary, the hardcore scene HAD to demonstrate that it could be as religiously cretinous as the satanic black metal fart (and Manowar). We need democracy at all levels of the IQ scale. Crucial Youth took it on themselves to work on the topic and here comes their cult '88 album of pure positiveness. Standard moderately-thrashing hardcore but the best lyrics since Barbara Streisand! MEET THE MOST POSITIVE ZER IN THE WORLD!!! Ok now let's go smoking joints at the NoMeansNo show, ZERRRRRR R R R R RRRR!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Have a nice week-end.
Positive milk-white vinyl rip.
Buy the CD version
Buy the CD collection of the singles



s/t, 1986
lost my head... but I'm back on the right track, 1988
un-sentimental, 1993
honey, don't ya know me 7", 1994
2 cents, 1995
westminster and 5th, 2007
Another post that screams CLASSIC!!!! all the way and back, and again. Beowülf are one of the inventors of the crossover sound, the special branch that draws on Motörhead, Dr. Know, Excel and (of course) Suicidal Tendencies. Needless to say this collection (still incomplete, I miss a few 7" - dl links ?) is the flawless purveyor of olympic headbanging as well as incredibly soul-catching melodies (if you haven't sold it to Satan already, natürlich). Fast and heavy drive, massive riffing, excellent singing! Check the "honey" 7" and tell me you didn't dislodge a couple vertebras! The last 2 records are more punk oriented, for those with strict allergies. Beowülf dominate AND THRASH THE ROCKING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRR!! R!RRRRRR RR!RRRRR!R!R!R!! RR! !! R!
CD rip except:

1st album:
1. Took the Jewel 02:35
2. No Doubt 02:47
3. Drink, Fight, Fuck 01:48
4. All I Need 02:41
5. Shoot Them Down 02:15
6. Taste the Steel (Extended Fight Version) 04:02
7. Phuck 03:16
8. Get the Grind 03:17
9. Americanizm 01:51
10. Down 'Til Dead 03:07
11. Belligerence 01:27
12. Don't Give a Damn 03:16
13. (My Life) Alcohol 03:03

Lost my head...:
1. Muy Bonita 02:35
2. Flare 02:34
3. Plastic People 03:17
4. Fuzzy Princess 03:32
5. Hippy Liquor 03:37
6. One Chance 03:35
7. Done Got Caught 02:14
8. You Get Me Off 02:43
9. Winer Diner 03:14
10. Where You From 03:50
11. Lost My Head 03:25
12. Cruisin' 04:49

(these 2 albums were released on a CD last year but Interpunk unzerly didn't include it in my last order, so live with the vinyl)

Honey, don't ya know me ? 7":
1. Honey, Don't Ya Know Me?!!
2. Hussy
3. Unicorn
4. Taste the Steel

Beowülf on MySpace
Visit their label iScream Records

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Intense Degree

war in my head, 1988
peel sessions (CD version), 1988
the eyes have it 10" + released! 7" + peel sessions (LP), 1988/1992
More cult 80s UK speedcore thrash!!! When you are into Electro Hippies, Heresy and Dr & The Crippens, you love Intense Degree! They appeared on the scene a bit later than the others, thus their level of cultness is slightly lower, but still they do have a song catalog well worth the remains of your eardrums. Fun, thrash, fun, grind, fun, zer. "War in my head" was Earache release #9 (History details!). MEGA ARMAGGEDDON ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!R!R !!!!!!!!!!R!R!RR!!R!!!!!! R!R! R! !R!R!!!RR!
Vinyl rip with one CD version of the PS.
"War in my head" is properly tagged. zer.

Released! 7":
A1 Turned Off
A2 Sometimes...
A3 Patchwork Scene
B1 Another Stupid Song
B2 Headache
B3 Riot Riot Riot

The eyes have it 10":
A1 W.I.M.H (1:54)
A2 Fat Man (1:17)
A3 Space Case (0:54)
A4 Poppys (1:27)
A5 Yellow Lemonade (1:37)
A6 Straight Jacket (0:58)
A7 I've Got A Cure (1:16)
B1 Size (1:55)
B2 Making Time (1:56)
B3 Your Trouble Is Mine (0:51)
B4 Self Abuse (1:26)
B5 Your No Punk (1:10)
B6 Perm And Jeans (1:57)
B7 Behind Our Eyes (2:14)

Peel sessions CD:
* Hangin' On / Vagrants / Skate-Bored
* Intense Degree / All The Guys / Daydreams
* Take No Chances / Future Shock / Politician
* Allegiance / Bursting

Intense Degree on MySpace

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


4 tracks ep, 1992
degeneration, 1994
Dark, slow and elaborate hardcore with metal layers. The 4 tracks ep is excellent, but the album is a criminally forgotten masterpiece that deserves a big seat at the pantheon of amazing records. The music on 'Degeneration' is simply mesmerizing! Brilliant musicianship, brilliant production, complete maturity of FIRST CLASS SONGS!!! The bloodthirsty fans of Swiz, Bl'ast!, Damnation AD, High On Fire or Die 116 MUST worship Mindwar! TERRIFIC GROOVE MACHINE OF BLACK ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!R R!R! !!!RRR !RR!R!R! !R!!R!!!RR RRR!!! RR!! !!!!! !! !
CD rip.
ep tracks:
1. Redrum
2. City of nine gates
3. Two worlds
4. Suffer
Mindwar on MySpace
Buy these CDs for 5 Euros!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Morbid Outburst - my explosion

Morbid Outburst - my explosion, 1987
Are there any Bad Brains fans on this sinking ship? Wake them up because Morbid Outburst answer to "rock for light" with this ultra hot record of fast and catchy hardcore!! A good dose of Indigesti can also be detected between two guitar leads and a commanding chorus. This is the pre-Militant Mothers release of German mental chief Karl Nagel and it is AN AWESOMELY ROCKING MASTERPIECE OF THE MEGAZERRRRRRRRRRRRR R R RRRRRRRR R!R!R!R!!! R!R!R! !R!RR!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !!

Vinyl rip:
A1 Ninetynine
A2 I Got To Style
A3 I Feel Good
A4 My Explosion
A5 No Language
A6 Destroy Music
A7 Kick My Ass
B1 Success
B2 Rugby
B3 Gimme Your Heart
B4 I Don't Understand
B5 The Last Wave
B6 Got It?

Karl Nagel (vocals) website
Militant Mothers - studio
Militant Mothers - live

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009


demo/reh., 1985 NEW UPLOAD
yeah, everything's great!, 1986
drop-out melodies from the boulevard of broken strings, 1988
corrupted track 4 (side A) from "drop out melodies" UPDATE

Heibel was (and still is) one of the very best Belgian hardcore/metal bands I heard. Their crossover mixes the first 2 Corrosion of Conformity records with Septic Death at the speed of Ripcord, with the panache of Ludichrist and the dark melodic side of Crowd of Isolated. On the second album, they insist on the metal riffing and at the same time become more melodic and complex (with a different singer), makes me think of Scream and Hüsker Dü doing the 2nd Ludichrist. Heibel display incredible musical competences and maturity, both records are full of amazing solos and tight arrangements. Catchy and powerful TOP NOTCH SPEEDCORE ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! R!R!R!R !!!!!!!!!!R !RR!R!R !R!RR!! !! !
Vinyl rip.

Yeah! Everything's great! :
1. It Has No Value For Me
2. Fuck Your Propaganda
3. Can't You See What's Happening
4. Zwembroeken Thrash
5. School
6. Puberstrijd
7. We Are Against You
8. Apartheid
9. Forget It
10. Gninraw
11. Time to Change
12. Who's the Terrorist
13. Now You're a Big Boy
14. Live Your Own Life
15. Slave
(I just noticed I forgot to split 3 songs, so in the rar you have 13 mp3s with the 15 songs, zorry).

(sorry for the flash!)

Drop-Out Melodies From The Boulevard Of Broken Strings:
1. I Wanna Work
2. Not My Life
3. Oh Violetta
4. Strange Edge
5. Media Manipulate System n°1
6. TGV (Thrash á Grande Vitesse)
7. My Debbie Harry Picture
8. Bottle Not Battle
9. Big Business
10. Filled With Emptiness
11. Who Are We
12. Poor Dog
13. Mu!
14. Alras onstand the opstanding van het vlees

1000 mercis à Flitox pour l'upload de la démo 85 !!! ZEEEERRRRRR!R!R!R!R!RR!!!!RRRR!!

And then they became Triptych and played stoner rock, but I never heard. Links ?
Heibel on MySpace

Oh yes, let me now check if I can find my Capital Scum records.

English Dogs - invasion of the porky men + max the millionaire

English Dogs - invasion of the porky men + max the millionaire, 1983/1984
Alright, I just found a copy of the CD version of the classic porky album, including the classic millionaire 12" mini LP. This comes before their classic speed metal releases, THIS IS CLASSIC UK PUNK ROCK ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!RRRRRRRRR! R!!!!R!R! !R!R! !!!!!!!!!!!!!R!RR!R!!!!
CD rip.
all English Dogs
Now speaking of high octane killer groove and headbanging, let me push this record that I find unzerly ignored: the almighty Vopo's - conquer! I'm knees deep into Tank and English Dogs this week, and therefore I am starting a new, aggravated diet of Vopo's FUCK YEAH!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


filth hounds of hades, 1982
power of the hunter, 1983
this means war, 1983
honour and blood, 1984
tank, 1987
the return of the filth hounds, 1997
war of attrition - live, 1981 (rel. 2001)
still at war, 2002
live & rare, 1981/1999 (rel. 2007, rar pwd =
I was 15... and I bought "the filth hounds of hades", and I was hooked for the next 25 years. Tank have class, balls and inspiration. They bury Venom regarding musicality and arrangements while delivering the same kind of power, a direct match to Warfare and Motörhead's. And their latest "Still at war" is vastly superior to Venom's last thing "Hell"... Ok, the two or three ballads (over the entire discog) are stupid, but have you ever heard any good love song except from Reich Orgasm or Gogol Premier? Have you listened to Lemmy's ballads without laughing?
TANK RULE! Tank is one of my absolute favorite NWOBHM bands. Raven, Venom, Avenger, Satan... TANK!!!!! HEAVY METAL IS THE LAW ZEEEEEERRRRRR!!R!RR! R!!!!RR!!! !!!!RRRR!!!! RRRR! !! !
Lyon 1984 avec Metallica! ZERRRR!!!
CD rip from the Metal Mind boxed set with all the bonus tracks (this set is supposed to contain ALL studio recordings + various live bonuses). There is a live DVD too, I won't rip it, and it's very excellent.
Too bad "Live and Rare" was not in the boxed set... unzer.
track listing
Tank on MySpace

Monday, June 15, 2009

Spazztic Blurr

Before...And After, 1988 [LINK FIXED AS OF 01.09.2011]
Bedrock Blurr (demo), 1986
Pour un début de semaine primesautier chez Jean-Marc, voici Spazztic Blurr!!! Featuring personnel from Wehrmacht (and some of Poison Idea, or did I dream this?), Spazztic Blurr deliver the west-coast-hectic-lightning-fast-party-thrashcore-answer to S.O.D. Total party thrash!!! This is the real frantic-tic-toc. A lot of fun and an obvious source of inspiration for Municipal Waste... SATURDAY NIGHT THRASH FEVER ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!R!R!R!RR!R!!!!!!!!!!!R
CD rip except the demo (ripped from the bootleg split LP with the Brutal Truth demo on the other side):
1. Intro 1:27
2. Blurr hogs 2:11
3. Images 2:31
4. ABC's + Spazztic puke 1:56
5. Let There Be Blurr 01:18
6. Wipe Out 03:13
7. Jiven Rhyme 00:58
8. Call In Sick 01:30
9. Mexicalli 06:59
(track list fixed - thanks Fibro!)
Spazztic Blurr on MySpace
Spazztic Blurr on Wikipedia

Friday, June 12, 2009


biermacht + shark attack, 1987/1989
demo, 1986
rehearsal demo, 09/02/1986
bonus track ADDED
Let's start the week-end with something easy - something TIMELESS, THE CLASSIC OF CLASSICS!!! It's available on hundreds of other blogs, there is no reason why I shouldn't also post these totally killer records. Ultra fast thrash|core crossover cult that RIPPED MY SUMMER OF 1987!!! I still remember the neck-ache and the formidable air-guitar sessions. Early Kreator mixed with Cryptic Slaughter and Excel and a drop of Tankard, FINAL NUCLEAR THRASHING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R R R RRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!R!RRR!R!!!R!R!!!!!!! And the drummer plays on the last Cryptic Slaughter record "speak your peace".
CD rip from the CD Shark Records reissue of 1991. I think I have somewhere an extra/new and unplayed blue-wax edition of "shark attack" for trade. But I'm not sure. Spazztic Blurr next ? Maybe.
Wehrmacht on Encyclopaedia Metallum
Wehrmacht on MySpace
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