Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Team Goon, 1983 (1986 reissue with bonus including a Devo cover)
Ancient Artifacts, 1985
Horse Bites Dog Cries, 1985
What Good Is Grief To A God, 1988
Tragedy Again, 1989
Live At A Dive, 1993
State Of Shock, 1994
On The Western Front, 2007 UPDATE Merci Jean-Marc
From more or less the same people who gave us the magnificent Adolescents discography, here comes the main body of the über classic output of punk rock grand masters D.I. They were the great antidote to the depressing pop-punk invasion: when you needed something less abrasive than Poison Idea but more manly than Bad Religion and the Fat Wreck Chords lullabies, D.I. were the gourmet choice. There are 3 mandatory records here: Tragedy Again, Live At A Dive and above all the eternal piece of superior genius Horse Bites Dog Cries, the Hell Awaits of punk rock!!!
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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Stormvold, 1991/1995
Blod Draum, 1995
More evil! Fast, titanic-low and guttural black death metal of the zombie funerarium sort. While very distinct, Molested reach out to my inner tired old slug like Sacramentary Abolishment do with devastating riffs and complete hostility while maintaining melodies and great dynamics. Amazing! Awesome! Awezing! SUBMIT!
CD rip (original, no remaster) and vinyl rip of the demos LP Stormvold:
Stormvold (1995)
A1 The Usurpers Winterblood
A2 Fogflames
A3 Wolves Of Graven Hate
A4 Pyre At The Tarn
A5 Following The Growls
Stalk The Dead (1991)
A6 Stalk The Dead
A7 Memorial Of The Inhuman
Unborn Woods In Doom (1993)
B1 Unborn Woods In Doom
B2 Calmness
B3 Mournful Scars
B4 Forlorn As A Mist Of Grief / Wail From The Well

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Friday, July 22, 2011


Bathory, 1984
The Return..., 1985
Under The Sign Of The Black Mark, 1987
Blood Fire Death, 1988
"demo" (split bootleg w/Venom), 1983/1988
The temperature is near 4890°C, let's dance! 1984 was the most evil year of the 20th century, you know why: In the Sign of Evil, Apocalyptic Raids, Sentence of Death, Haunting the Chapel, Vengeance of Hell, Warhead, Metal Massacre VI, War And Pain, We Have Arrived, Ride The Lightning... and the official soundtrack of hell's dentist, BATHORY!!! All normal teenagers were instantly possessed by the unbelievable evil of Bathory and I was no exception, although the love affair ended abruptly in 1990 with Hammerheart which I entirely disliked, as well as all the following albums, I won't even try to gather external links. To me Bathory are these first 4 albums of Venomous sonic black plague, ARMAGGEDDON!
Quorthon RIP, CD rip (originals, no remasters / bonus tracks) & vinyl rip of the bootleg:
In Nomine Satanas
Die In Fire
Burning Leather
Satan My Master
The Return Of Darkness And Evil

Read this article about Venom vs. Bathory
Get the complete Bathory catalog from the source!

Do not miss the Scandinavian Metal Attack compilations with Bathory especially the super classic alternative and heavier versions of Sacrifice and the mother of all black metal THE RETURN OF THE DARKNESS AND EVIL!!!


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Just kidding.
Now choose the message to send to Herr Ian Stuart in Heaven's Fourth Reich:

Unbelievable romantic skinheads : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO6xueCF_k4&feature=related
Listen to real music! LISTEN TO SLAYER!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life Of Agony

demos, 1989/1999
River Runs Red (digi edition w/4 live bonus), 1993
This Time MCD, 1994
Ugly (metal tin edition w/2 bonus), 1995
Soul Searching Sun, 1997
Unplugged At The Lowlands Festival, 1997
River Runs Again - Live - CD 1, 2003
River Runs Again - Live - CD 2, 2003
Broken Valley, 2005
20 Years Strong - River Runs Red : Live In Brussels, 2010
The year was 1993 and we were honeymooning with Marielle in NYC, desperate for a good show. There were great shows before and after but not during out stay, so we easily got talked into going to see this band unknown to us, Life of Agony, by a guy in a record store: he told us they had the Type O Negative drummer (from the two master superior very best very zerrrrrest albums Slow, Deep and Hard and Bloody Kisses), we could not resist. So we attended what was the launch party (in a Manhattan church) of River Runs Red (produced by Josh Silver of Type O Negative... ach, a family affair) and to this day it is one of the very best shows we ever saw, ever. It was just too amazing to be true! And so is the CD: heavy, intense, melodic and dark to the level of Candlemass, River Runs Red has remained on the top of the EZTT. This is some CLASSIC AWESOME metal here! And I mean true 90s metal inherited from the Best Wishes / Alpha Omega era of the Cro-Mags, not some fucking shoot-me-in-the-knee-nu-metal. If new to L.O.A., River Runs Red is mandatory, then the excellent follow up Ugly, then the live stuff and the great 2005 comeback album Broken Valley, a depressing piece of heavy rock. You may forget the demos (average NYHC) and the Soul Searching Sun unzer thing that features the singer from Ugly Kid Joe - not terrible, but much weaker/radio oriented than expected.
Factoids: the guitarist was in the 2007 reunion of Carnivore, and the singer is now a lady (yes, like the bass player from Cretin).
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Life Of Agony website with tons of videos + links to buy CDs & merch!
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Terveet Kädet - Leather Enslavement (live 1991)

Terveet Kädet - Leather Enslavement (live 1991), 1998
Slooooow posting these warm & wet days... Summer slug. Here is the raging live '91 LP from the masters of Finnish hardcore. Sound quality is raw and good, with some noisy parts. The TK fan cannot miss it!
Vinyl rip:
A1 Unkind
A2 Pushed Too Far
A3 Bizarre Domination
A4 The Horse
A5 Fall Into Decay
B1 Utilization
B2 Devil Christ
B3 Whip Me
B4 Searching For The End Of The World
B5 Saappaat
B6 A.L.I.E.N.
B7 Transvestite
B8 Man Of Sorrows
B9 Pissaa Ja Paskaa
B10 Anno Domini
B11 Bloody Vision Of Fear
B12 Outo Maa

All TK

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The Ugly Truth, 1991
Fit To Be Tied, 1992
Fall From Grace, 1995
Happy Zer Day! This green blog is 3 years old aujourd'hui, cheers. Let's celebrate with a great dose of the mighty punkmetalcrossover delivered by Aversion: fast, catchy and dynamic like a couscous of Beowulf | Beyond Possession | Dr Know | 1st Uncle Slam | Excel | Attitude, plus the excellent D.I. layer, you totally need this!! Like Deadspot, Aversion emerged a couple of years too late to shine as brightly as the above list of eternal heroes, but their music is in the same league and just as headbangable. A constant source of happiness, especially from the first two mega armaggeddon zer albums. KILLER CROSSOZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrR !R RR RrRRR !R! R!rR!R !R!RR !RrrrR R!RR!Rr rr rR!R !RR! !RR! R!R!Rrrr rrRRRRRRRRRRRRRR rrrRrR !R! R !R! RR! !R !!R !RR! R! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Morbid Angel

Abominations Of Desolation, 1986 (1991 reissue)
Altars Of Madness, 1989
Blessed Are The Sick, 1991
Covenant, 1993
Domination, 1995
Entangled In Chaos, 1996
Formulas Fatal To The Flesh, 1998
Gateways To Annihilation, 2000
Heretic, 2003
Illud Divinum Insanus, 2011
And St-God said: let there be death! And there was Morbid Angel. What can I say? I love the new album! The experts say the techno pumps and electro devices in Illud are very bad and Morbid Angel should be hanged for treason. Unzer to that, the dance machines were great with Coroner, Brutal Truth or Prong, why not in Morbid Angel's Ministry. Extremely catchy album! Autobahn trip and marital possession soundtrack! And I also like a lot the Steve Tucker albums, but no blasphemy here, Blessed Are The Sick is still my first choice, and then the amazing live record. Morbid! Morbid! Morbid! MORBID! MORBID! MORBID! MORBID ANZERerRRrrRrRrrR !!RR! !R !R!RR! RR!R R!R!R! !R !RR !RR! !RR R!R!R! !! ! !R!R !! ! !R!RR! !! !R!R !! !!RR!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! !RrRrR !R !R !r R! RR!R !rrr R! R!R!R ! ! !RR ! ! ! !
CD rip (from originals without bonus tracks nor remasters).

Morbid Angel website
Buy Morbid Angel objects!

My favorite song Day Of Suffering with Phil Anselmo on vocals:

The ridiculous and improvised eeuuuhhh aaaaaaahhh aaah uuuuhhhh interview of David Vincent in Zürich in 1991:

More death: the end is near! Bring out your dead! Terrorizer:


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