Thursday, March 31, 2011

Death In Action

Toxic Waste, 1989
Just For Our Sake, 1990
Stuck In Time, 1991
Scheiterhaufen Brennt, 1996
It's time again for some excellent German late 80s crossover! D.I.A. were a great band from the We Bite rooster, with an Erosion vibe but not as heavy and intense: they developed a more melodic approach of the Attitude | Vendetta sort and with lightning fast-Megadeth solos! Their '96 return with Scheiterhaufen Brennt is a lot groovier (Faith No More intersection?) and a great conclusion to their discography. My favorite is the super excellent Just For Our Sake, outstanding crossoZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R !R!R!RR !R !R! R!R! R!R!RRR R!R!R! R! !R !!R!R! ! !R!! !
But speaking of the 80s and their possibilities of monstrous attacks of grease and juices, I must now resume my two-days-heavily-dosed Faff-Bey thrashgasm diet, acccchhhhhhhh jaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !

CD rip of Scheiterhaufen Brennt and vinyl rip of the rest:

Toxic Waste:
A1 Veins Of Fear
A2 Brain Damage
A3 Adapt Or Die
A4 Negative Influence
B1 Ignorance
B2 Toxic Waste
B3 Nuclear Death

Just For Our Sake:
A1 Paralysed
A2 Daily Cruel Death
A3 Sale Scenery
A4 Disgraced
B1 Just For Our Sake
B2 Creditors To Violence
B3 Handle With Care
B4 Deathly Blessing

Stuck In Time:
1. Total Redemption 04:54
2. Perfect And Beautiful 02:36
3. World Of Dreams 03:34
4. Another Life 04:46
5. The Last Gulag 03:28
6. I'm Here Not There 02:33
7. Inferiors 05:28
8. Only Yourself 02:37

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Monday, March 28, 2011


Mindloss + Demos, 1989/1991
False, 1992
The Eindhoven Insanity, 1994
Erase, 1994
Soul Survivor, 1996
Chapter 13, 1998
La Muerte, 2004
Rise To Ruin, 2007
Ach ja, more death metal! Well, sort of, since Gorefest also released a couple of first class (death!) rock albums. It goes like this: early stuff = classic death thrash not unlike Thanatos and Dismember; Erase = heavy machinery of melodic grrrroooooove that echoes Paradise Lost and Atrocity with a touch of Meshuggah; Souls Survivor and Chapter 13 are then the two masterpieces of super hard rock that 90s official death metallers hated, but don't believe them if you like the stonest of Entombed | Cathedral | The Blood Divine with fantastic guitar solos and enormous production; and then they returned with two bombastic bulldozers of deadly thrashing death metal bordering on Napalm Death ZERRRR !R!R!R!R R!!RRR !RR!R !!R !RRRRRRRRRRRR !R! !RR!R!RRRRRRRRRRRR!!! !! ! !R!RR! ! ! !R!RR! !!!!RRRRR !!!
CD rip.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Extreme Noise Terror

Extreme Noise Terror / Chaos UK - Earslaughter, 1986
A Holocaust in Your Head, 1989
Peel Sessions, 1987/1990 Sessions 1 & 3
Grind Madness at the BBC, 1987/1990 The 3 Peel Sessions remastered
Discharged: From Home Front to War Front, 1991
Discharged, 1992
Phonophobia, 1992
Retro-bution, 1995
Damage 381, 1997
Being and Nothing, 2001
Extreme Noise Terror / Driller Killer, 2007
Law of Retaliation, 2009
Phil Vane, singer of E.N.T., passed away last month at 46. We will continue to enjoy his torture vocals though the immense legacy of Extreme Noise Terror, masters of all things crust, grind and death. I initially bought the Earslaughter split as a Chaos UK fan, but once I had heard the E.N.T. side, I had a much broader, drooling smile. E.N.T. brought the early crust thrash sound of Discharge | Terveet Kädet | Rattus | Mob 47 | Ratos De Porao to new levels of abrasion and speed. The Peel Sessions (with Mick Harris of Napalm Death on drums) and Phonophobia are landmark crustgrindcore monsters!! Their insane aggression is the Rolls Royce of the genre, and they even excelled at death metal with the amazing Damage 381 (with Barney from Napalm Death on vocals) and the head crushing Being And Nothing - one pulverizing exercise in super fast death metal. The Law Of retaliation combines both styles, with an emphasis on thrashing crust mania. ACH! EXTREME NOISE TERROR FOREVER ZERRRRR!R!R! !RR! !R !R!R !R!R !RRRRRRRRRRRRR !RR! !R R!R R! !R!RR!RR !!RR ! ! ! ! !RR!R!R! ! !R!R!RR!R !R ! ! !RR! !
CD rip. Phile Vane RIP.

E.N.T. Website
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Discharge tribute - Discharged:
1 Extreme Noise Terror - No T.V. Sketch 1:33
2 Extreme Noise Terror - Religion Instigates 1:42
3 Extreme Noise Terror - They Declare It 1:12
4 Concrete Sox - Death Dealers 1:56
5 Concrete Sox - Is This To Be 1:21
6 Disaster - Mania For Conquest 1:22
7 Excrement Of War - Tomorrow Belongs To Us 1:41
8 Raw Noise - A Look At Tomorrow 2:04
9 Raw Noise - Always Restrictions 1:23
10 Nausea - Hear Nothing, See Nothing 1:37
11 S.D.S - Doomsday 2:39
12 S.D.S - Why? 1:09
13 Scamp - Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles 1:06
14 Scamp - Free Speech For The Dumb 2:18
15 C.F.U.D.L - Does The System Work 1:11
16 C.F.U.D.L - Ain't No Feeble Bastard 1:30

Discharge tribute - Discharged: From Home Front to War Front mini CD
Track 1 by Nausea
Track 2 by Final Conflict
Track 3 by Neurosis
Track 4 by 411
Track 5 by Extreme Noise Terror
1. Intro / Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing / Ain't No Feeble Bastard
2. A Look At Tomorrow
3. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
4. State Violence State Control
5. You Take Part In Creating This System

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pungent Stench

Praise the Names of the Musical Assassins, 1988/1997 includes split LP with Disharmonic Orchestra, 7" and demo
Live in Rogoznik Thrash Camp '88, 1988 thanks!
For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh, 1990
Been Caught Buttering (CD), 1991
Been Caught Buttering (LP), 1991 too
Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats, 1993
Club Mondo Bizarre - For Members Only, 1994
Masters of Moral, Servants of Sin, 2001
Ampeauty, 2004
The Heathen Scum Pungent Stench Sessions, 2010
From the Heimat of Arnold and of the super fast coregasmic Cold World, Pungent Stench vomit their grinding groove sleaze metal into our aural orifices. The early stuff is the moisturized dream of all carnal metal lovers of the Repulsion | Autopsy | Post Mortem school of death. Been Caught Buttering sees the increase of thick tides of fleshly grooves and we get an added layer of Carnivore steak. Dirty Rhymes and Club Mondo Bizarro then drown us into the sludge swamps and it feels awesome. Then they returned with the immense Masters of Moral, and the total masterpiece Ampeauty. As much as I worship the classic For God and Been Caught, Ampeauty is the crowning of the beast, it has all their influences stuffed with high class into one real Austrian death machine that reeks of putrefaction. They'll have to work their asses off to top this. Ah yes, the Heathen Scum project, well, bof. As a non-disciple of the Mentors, I am not impressed by this bunch of semi-flacid dirty rock songs. For completists... Check out the monstrous For God and Ampeauty instead!! FLESH METAL ORGY OF ZERRRRR!R!R !!R! !R!R !!RR !R! R!R!!R ! !R!R!!!! !R!R!R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !R!R !! !R!RR! !! !R!R !R! ! ! !
CD rip.

Praise the Names of the Musical Assassins be:
Tracks 1 through 5 are taken from the split LP with Disharmonic Orchestra
Tracks 6 & 7 are from the same recording session and released on the
Pleasure of Life compilation.
Tracks 8 through 10 are from the Extreme Deformity 7"
Tracks 11 and 12 are from the Shisyu EP,
Track 13 is from Death...Is Just The Beginning III compilation
Track 14 is a collaboration with Austrian hard rock/punk band Drahdiwaberl, first appearing on their Sperminator album
and Tracks 15 through 19 are from the Mucous Secretion demo.

The Heathen Scum Pungent Stench Sessions :
1. Hot, Tight, and Wet 4:44
2. Euro Sluts 4:14
3. Operation Desert Slut Storm 4:35
4. Backdoor Romeo 3:52
5. Can You Smell It? 3:38
6. Glug It Down 3:05
7. Are You Ready For Me? 4:31
8. Screw Ya, Do Ya 5:22
9. Silka 4:20
10. I Like to Get Wasted

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Friday, March 18, 2011


Hard Ons, 1984/1987 (collection of 7")
Smell My Finger, 1986
The Worst Of, 1988 (1984/1987 unreleased & cover songs)
Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts + Dickcheese, 1988/1989
No Cheese!, 1989 split yellow 10" with Stupids
Yummy!, 1990
Let There Be Rock mcd, 1991 with Henry Rollins
Dateless Dudes' Club (studio + live), 1992
Too Far Gone, 1993
Your Choice Live Series, 1995
This Terrible Place, 2000
Very Exciting!, 2003
Pay Attention Collector Scum, 2006
Most People Are Nicer Than Us, 2008
Most People Are A Waste Of Time, 2008
Alfalfa Males Once Summer Is Done Conform Or Die, 2010 (includes download bonus tracks)
Beach party punkin' surfin' thrashin' rockin' hard rock from Australia! The 30 years old legend of the Hard-Ons is as stupid and potent as ever. Lyrically cornered with essential concepts like girlfriends and swallowing, the Hards-Ons mix everything from a lot of sugar pop radio rock that wouldn't frighten the Goo Goo Dolls to motörist hardcore to darkthronesque thrashing accelerations. Not everything in their discography is mandatory: life would still be worth living if Yummy!, Most People Are A Waste Of Time or This Terrible Place had never been released. Not true about the super classics Dickcheese and Love Is A Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts, as well as the recent and jaw dropping Most People Are Nicer Than Us and Very Exciting!, and also the newest LP Alfalfa. Of course, the Rollins ep and the Stupids split cannot be avoided either. If new to the Hard-Ons, go directly to Dickcheese and Most People Are Nicer Than Us, zerRrrRRR!R!RRrrR!r!R!R !RR!Rr! R!r!R!R!R!R! R!R! !R!R! ! !!RR!R! R! R!R! !R! !R!R! R! !R! R! !R !R! RRRRR !!!!!!
Marseille 1989! Made to love you!
CD rip and vinyl rip, yo.

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