Monday, March 31, 2014

Metal Virgins

Metal Virgins - Animal People 1984
01. Metal Virgins - Animal People, 1984 LP
The snow is melting, the smog is thickening, Spring is coming. So today it's 2 for 1 (don't miss the Fasts post below) and we get an extra dose of noise. This has always been a strange record and I was never able to part with it, even if I only listen to this twice a decade. One review says it sounds like punks having read about thrash metal in a magazine but without having never heard any. It's a pretty fair description. There is a lot of charm in this mess, and also a lot of despair. Strange snare overdubs, awkward riffing, lyrics and vocals from a doomed poet, it is actually a brilliant UZO (Unidentified Zerring Object). Needs more frequent playing, let's make a Foobar script.
!ZER Metal Virgins ZER!
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Fasts - Fasts 2003
01. Fasts - Fasts, 2003 CD
     Sound Pollution Records - Pollute 075
Severely requested and happily delivered, here comes the fast Japanese thrashing punk that will illuminate your evening. It's short, piercing and fast as a snake, not unlike a less ear-splitting version of Exclaim. Thrashing punks not dead! Rock til you zer!
!ZER Fasts ZER!
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Monday, March 24, 2014


Egoist - Ultra Selfish Revolution 2009
01. Egoist - Ultra Selfish Revolution, 2009 CD, Album
     Selfmadegod Records - SMG 048
I do not listen to instrumental bands except Behold The Arctopus, I do not listen to duos except OvO and I do not listen to one-man-bands except Egoist. When a dude does everything on a record, it usually sucks because there is one thing that he cannot really do as well as the other things (Thrones does not count since Mr. Preston uses machines). Not Egoist. This dude does everything perfectly, he is a killer prodigy musician with amazing songwriting abilities. This album is technically proficient and delivers high class semi prog metal for Alchemist and Carbonized fans, rounded up in first class production. Awesome!
No I have not heard his first release, is it as great?
!ZER Egoist ZER!
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Fucking day. The singer of Gwar just died and it is completely unzer.


Sunday, March 16, 2014


Emils - Der Schwarze Fleck
Emils - Fight Together For ... 1988
Emils - Es Geht Uns Gut 1989
Emils - Wer Frisst Wen ? 1990
Various Artists - Live 1991 1991
Emils - Licht Am Horizont 1993
Emils - Partytime 1997
01. Emils - Der Schwarze Fleck, CD
     We Bite Records - WB
02. Emils - Fight Together For ..., 1988 Vinyl, LP, Album
     We Bite Records - WB 025
03. Emils - Es Geht Uns Gut, 1989 Vinyl, LP, Album
     We Bite Records - WB 049
04. Emils - Wer Frisst Wen ?, 1990 Vinyl, LP, Album
     We Bite Records - WB 072
05. Various Artists - Live 1991, 1991
     We Bite Records - WB 076CD, Compilation
     Contains 17 songs by: Capitol Punishment, Emils, Suckspeed
06. Emils - Licht Am Horizont, 1993 CD, Album
     We Bite Records - 1-105-2
07. Emils - Partytime, 1997 CD, Album
     Widerstand Produktionen - WP002
Let's have a new serving of Emils. From excellent crossover to party punk rock of a lesser manufacture, we get a decade of riffs in one nice package. I love the more incisive stuff, but the party stuff of Partytime quickly makes me switch to My Minds Mine. Gesundheit!
!ZER Emils ZER!
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Blood Feast

Blood Feast - Kill For Pleasure 1987
Blood Feast - Face Fate 1988
Blood Feast - Chopping Block Blues 1990
Blood Feast - Remnants: The Last Remains 2002
01. Blood Feast - Kill For Pleasure, 1987 Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
     New Renaissance Records - NRR16
02. Blood Feast - Face Fate, 1988 Vinyl, 12", EP
     New Renaissance Records - NRR-35
03. Blood Feast - Chopping Block Blues, 1990 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Flametrader - FLAMETRADER 1016
04. Blood Feast - Remnants: The Last Remains, 2002 CD, Compilation
     Militia Records (3) - MR-036
More true 80s underground thrash metal rezer! Blood Feast delivered the heavy dirty slayatorized metal for the denim & leather crowd. Most of this stuff is great, in my book just a half nose hair less exciting than the raging thrash of early Sacrilege BC | Indestroy | Acrophet | Horde Of Torment | Recipients Of Death | Bloodcum etc. EXCEPT for the fantastic bomb that the Face Fate mini LP is. This one is complete thrash metal glory!!! The perfect thrash feast that you and your children and their children need all year long for happy family reunions!
!ZER Blood Feast ZER!
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


G.B.H. - Race Against Time-The Complete Clay Recordings CD1 1981/1982
G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked By Rats 1982
G.B.H. - Leather, Bristles, No Survivors And Sick Boys... 1982
G.B.H. - Race Against Time-The Complete Clay Recordings CD2 1982/1983
G.B.H. - No Need To Panic 1987
G.B.H. - No Survivors 1989
G.B.H. - From Here To Reality 1990
G.B.H. - Church Of The Truly Warped 1993
G.B.H. - Live In Japan 1993
G.B.H. - Punk Junkies 1997
G.B.H. - Perfume And Piss 2010
01. G.B.H. - Race Against Time-The Complete Clay Recordings CD1, 1981/1982 CD, Compilation
     Castle Music - CMETD 1455
     EPs (Sick Boy, No Survivors etc.) + City Baby Attacked By Rats
02. G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked By Rats, 1982 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Clay Records - CLAY LP 4
03. G.B.H. - Leather, Bristles, No Survivors And Sick Boys..., 1982 Vinyl, LP, Compilation
     Clay Records - CLAY LP5, Clay Records ?
04. G.B.H. - Race Against Time-The Complete Clay Recordings CD2, 1982/1983 CD, Compilation
     Castle Music - CMETD 1455
     EPs (Give Me Fire, Catch 23, Do What You Do) + City Baby Revenge
05. G.B.H. - No Need To Panic, 1987 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Combat - 88561-8184-1
06. G.B.H. - No Survivors, 1989 CD, Album
     Clay Records - 102
07. G.B.H. - From Here To Reality, 1990 Cassette, Album
     Restless Records - 7 72525-4
08. G.B.H. - Church Of The Truly Warped, 1993 CD, Album
     Futurist (2) - FD 1015
09. G.B.H. - Live In Japan, 1993 CD, Album
     Dojo Limited - DOJO CD 112
10. G.B.H. - Punk Junkies, 1997 CD, Album
     We Bite Records - 51211-2
11. G.B.H. - Perfume And Piss, 2010 CD, Album
     Hellcat Records - 80512
Wildly requested, finally reloaded! Classic megapunk at the rockingest level! GBH are a third of the NWOBPR triumvirate with Discharge and The Exploited - enough said. The eternal equation is still: City Baby Attacked By Rats + early Holocaust = Kill'Em All? It was another era. It was heaven and hell. It was the big bang that head. GBH, Holocaust and Metallica are still active, but who has released a never ending river of brown since 89?

[only Francophones can get this]
PS: anybody here using Discogs's API to automatically retrieve data from My stuff's been getting 404 on all pages since Saturday... WTF?
PPS: is the new Robocop as infinitely shitty as the trailers promise? It smells of infect romance for your microwave. The list of traitors to the 80s never closes.
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Ah, I almost forgot, AT got aware of the Th'Inbred drama from last year, here is their response. Some of you might be interested in reading what they have to say. I am not following suit to their offer of "working with AT", becoming an AT marketing entry point is not very high on my TODO list.

Jesse/Alternative Tentacles February 19, 2014 at 7:29 PM
Jesse Townley/Alternative Tentacles here. When we release authorized discographies and/or reissues of KBD bands like Th' Inbred, False Prophets, The Dicks, etc, we search out music blogs like yours and ask in the comments for the full downloads to be pulled down & replaced with a link to the reissue's page on our site. (With our most recent reissues of The Dicks LPs & 7"s, we started offering free promo tracks to music blogs so that there'll still be some tracks available for free)

Why? Because that way the bands whose music fans like the visitors to this site can actually make a little bit of money, AND you all can hear the music in the remastered and/or restored version that the band intended you to hear it. No longer is a scratchy rip of a beloved 7-inch the only way to hear that KBD single.

Off hand, I've no idea if your blog was contacted before the DMCA notice was sent. (My ex-co worker was in charge of these notices and I'm checking to see if he tried contacting you before sending the DMCA notice)

For other on-line blogs who clearly not fan-run, let alone punk-run, we just send DMCA notices immediately. There are definitely people who don't care about the bands at all and it's usually really clear from the 1st glance which ones these are. Those blogs don't give a fuck about the music and they definitely don't care if a particular band is taken down.

We feel really strongly as a label that copyright and free/inexpensive access to art are not incompatible and we try to balance the two. That's why we try to make a distinction between different types of blogs who host our bands' music. (We're not perfect and sometimes make mistakes- that may have happened here)

Please support your favorite bands by purchasing their music from authorized record labels or directly from the bands themselves. To the owner of this blog, please consider substituting direct links to the AT site for any live links left on your site.

P.S.- You used to do what I'm talking about back in 2009. In this post about Jello/DOA & Lard, you offer links to AT & a sample song or 2.

That's friggin' awesome and what we'd love you to continue. If you want to work WITH us, we could even work out something like sending you tracks to post that are cleaned up and ready to go for current and future KBD releases. 2 upcoming ones are FRANTIX and REALLY RED, along with a super-secret one that probably won't happen until 2015.

E-mail Dominic my co-worker about this. I'm also sending him a link to this page so he can see what the current situation is. comm at

Jesse/Alternative Tentacles February 19, 2014 at 7:34 PM
PS- This would also mean you could have some permanent downloads on your site again because we'd know, oh hey, it's Church of Zer. These are all a-okay and we'd skip to the next site.

Jesse/Alternative Tentacles February 19, 2014 at 8:28 PM
PPS- Today is the 1st I've heard of this thread or situation. We would've responded more quickly if we'd known that there was a discussion like this going on, or realized that we'd made a mistake and sent a DMCA notice to a fan blog before asking for the music to be taken down.

Zer February 20, 2014 at 11:42 AM
I appreciate you taking the time to explain things. Really, I never received any request from AT to take down the Th'Inbred link before getting the DMCA notice (and a warning from Blogspot).
Another label carrying 80s punk releases recently managed to destroy the content of this blog (see here) without asking me to take down the links. So no more permanent links anymore and all punk labels are now safe from my piracy.

Jesse/Alternative Tentacles February 20, 2014 at 2:20 PM
If you can add my reply to the original post so that people see our label's response, I would appreciate it.

My co-worker said that after the take-down request went thru, you and I corresponded briefly. I don't remember it & can't find it in my e-mail. Regardless, I hope you and your readers have a better understanding of how we're trying to straddle supporting our bands by paying them and encouraging people to check them out by offering a FEW free songs.

As I wrote before, you (and other fan bloggers) are strongly encouraged to work WITH Alternative Tentacles. E-mail Dominic at the e-mail above.


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