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Spamthology, 1988/1991 FIXED as of 18.08.2011
The pre-Spazz thrashers who sounded like early Adrenalin OD! And if we mention the Stupids-type humour, you get where this is going: healthy fun-poking-at-your-favorite-bands over brilliant thrashing snotty hardcore. It's fast, loud and sharp, it's a classic!
CD rip that features the "Where's my lunchpail" LP, the "Cuddle" 7" and my favorite Stikky release ever: the mega zer "I and I and that guy over there" 7", plus some outtakes and comp tracks.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dirty Rotten LP + Violent Pacification + compilation tracks, 1983/1984 (1987 RR reissue)
Live At CBGB, 1984
Dealing With It!, 1985
Crossover, 1987
4 of A Kind, 1988
Thrash Zone, 1989
Definition, 1992
Live, 1994
Full Speed Ahead, 1995
We Don't Need Society - Tribute To D.R.I., 2002
bootlegs + demo
thanks Hardy!
The D.R.I. post is mandatory, especially after yesterday's. The cult of D.R.I. will continue through the centuries as long as humanity counts people smart enough to be into crossover. Dealing With It! is a member of the Eternal Zer Top 10 (I should be careful not to pack more than 150 titles in the EZT10!). Yet all the records are still as amazing as ever, I'm not going to waste your time on inept praise, just thrash 'til zer!


CD rip. I lost my 1982 live tape with the Jesus artwork, sorry...

The Dirty Rotten CD features the 1987 remix, I'm too lazy to rip the original LP (no I'm not a happy owner of the EP!). Anyway I enjoy the mix on this CD better, and it has the murderous Violent Pacification 7".
All rips are from original RR/Metal Blade/Rotten Records releases, I didn't buy any of the more recent reissues with bonus demos and live.
The tribute features living legends such as the Fartz, Holy Moses (cover from Reborn Dogs), Ratos De Porao, L'Amico Di Martucci, Total Fucking Destruction, Mr Bungle, Capitalist Casualties etc. 37 tracks total!

D.R.I. website
D.R.I. on MySpace
Buy D.R.I. stuff!!!
Catch D.R.I. live at the Maryland Deathfest with Verbal Abuse and Fang!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Broken Bones

Complete Singles, 1983/1986
Live At 100 Club, 1984
Dem Bones + Decapitated, 1984
F.O.A.D. + Bonecrusher, 1985/1987
Bonecrusher, 1985
Losing Control, 1989
Trader In Death, 1990
Stitched Up, 1991
Without Conscience, 2001
Time For Anger, Not Justice, 2004 Track 12
It's been snowing all day. Let's listen to Broken Bones, zerRRRrRRRRrRrrrRR!!!!! The USA have DRI, the UK has Broken Bones (and Canada has Beyond Possession). God save the Queen. But Broken Bones did invent the hardcore/metal crossover, chronologically. I still remember a Dem Bones review that went something like "if you enjoy Venom and Accept, you'll like Broken Bones" (because back then, you were a race traitor if you dared playing metal riffs with a punk band, and vice versa), and of course no bit of Accept nor Venom can be found here. Instead it's what Discharge should have evolved into (instead of the Grave New World disaster), but the good metal ideas went with the "Bones brothers".
Anyway, shut me up and listen to this prototype collection of the template of crossover. I couldn't say what I like best. Of course the mythic-classic-legendary Dem Bones sits on top, anyway all the 80s era is totally great and full of classic songs that never leave your head. Trader In Death is a demonstration in crossover, it's fast and mean, while Stitched Up and Losing Control are pure mid-tempo groovy-heavy-thrash metal heaven. Then there are the last two amazing album, especially Without Conscience, their darkest monument. And soon they hit the 3 Decades of Thrash mark...


CD rip except vinyl rip from

Trader In Death:
1. Money, Pleasure & Pain
2. Who Cares About the Cost?
3. Stabbed in the Back (Still Bleeding)
4. Booze for Free
5. Crack Attack
6. Trader In Death
7. Blue Life

Stitched Up:
1. Stitched Up
2. The Fix
3. Propaganda
4. Wasted Nation
5. Forget It
6. In Fear
7. Gotta Get Away
8. Bring 'em Down
9. Limited Greed
10. Sick World

Attention, attention, this is complicated:
The singles collection CD collects... the 80s singles: Decapitated 7", Crucifix 7", Seeing Thru My Eyes 10", Never Say Die 12" and a few tracks from Dem Bones.
This Dem Bones version is the single CD with the entire Dem Bones LP plus the Decapitated compilation as bonus (which features the Decapitated and Crucifix singles plus tracks from the Seeing Thru My Eyes and Never Say Die mini LPs).
This Bonecrusher version is the CD featuring the original Bonecrusher LP (which is actually the Seeing Thru My Eyes mini LP plus 5 songs), plus 8 bonus tracks from Dem Bones and F.O.A.D.
This version of F.O.A.D. is the 24 tracks CD with the original album (studio and live sides) plus the Bonecrusher songs that were not on Seeing Thru My Eyes and comp / Never Say Die tracks.
Broken Bones on MySpace

Monday, April 26, 2010

Burning Witch

Crippled Lucifer - Seven Psalms For Our Lord Of Light, 1998
Crippled Lucifer [Disc A-Towers...], 2008 reissue
Crippled Lucifer [Disc B-Rift.Canyon.Dreams], 2008
Crippled Lucifer [Disc C-1996 Demo & Live], 2008 [new upload]
I'm still extremely pissed off, hope this will make the Type O Negative deniers cringe and cry. What's so bad about Type O ? Zer, take up this pre-Khanate doom monstrosity that makes the sunniest of days look like a triple train wreck in a chemical plant on a saturday morning. The sound of sllllow evil and 3D pain. Fuck yeah.
The 1st CD is the original reissue of the two 12". The rest is the triple CD reissue of the whole BW catalog with demo and live in 1996. Obviously the 1st upload is totally unnecessary, but I needed to waste disk space, bandwidth and time. Die.
CD rip.


... To The Eden, 1992
Where The Conflict Reaches, 1993
Gleam In The Gloom, 1994
In Words, For Words, 1995
Cirulating Contradictions, 1997 Track 01 Track 07
Bareskin, 1999
Bareskin bonus CD (covers), 1999
Split with Kilara - The Kutna Hora Split Compact Disc, 1998
Split with Word Salad, 2000 [NEW] Word Salad side
Wish, 2000
Split with Converge, 2001
I'm fucking pissed today because of a drummer-induced heartbreak in my new thrash metal project I had been longing for the past 25 years, so here is some ugly Japanese death metal. Not ugly in the sense of ultraveryfastandfasterthanthepreviouslyfastest, but ugly in the sense of ugly, making Entombed sound like Shrek. The first discs start the onslaught in the mid-tempo thrash/death angle, while the following output focuses on the most maniac groove you can find - try not to bang your head! Also Hellchild have my favorite vomit-singer ever - a true artist of the stomach - and some of these guys were in the invicible grindcore terror machine named Force, so shut up and zer.
The Bareskin bonus CD features covers from G.I.S.M., Metallica, Whiplash, U2(!!!), Destruction, Motörhead, Sex Pistols, Exodus and Slayer interludes. I believe this was also released as the "Medley" 10", withtout the G.I.S.M. cover song.
In Words, For Words is a mcd with covers too: Kiss (!!!!), Discharge, Attitude Adjustment, Napalm Death + 1 Hellchild original.
The is a Venom cover on the Kilara split too. Zer!
What's my favorite album here ? I don't know. Probably Wish, or Circulating Contradiction.
CD rip and vinyl rip of the split with Word Salad (stupidly named "World" Salad in my rip, sorry):

1. The Movement Outward
2. Human
Word Salad:
1. Death is Our Hero
2. Simulated Telepathy
3. Emotional Bondage
4. ?

If anyone knows where to find the splits with Bongzilla, Discordance Axis and especially Multiplex, I'd be happy to complete the list.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Back From The Grave, 1988
Empty Head 7", 1989
Doesn't Feel Like Laughing...It's The Second Funeral, 1990
Birthday, 1991 Track 5
New Religion, 1994
Should Have Stayed In The Grave, 2005
MEGA ARMAGGEDDON ZERRrrRRRRrrRRrrR!!!! Insane thrash metal and crossover invasion from Finland to satisfy that endless craving for non-stop super groovy sonic murder. The first album is a ripping assault of Terveet Kädet-style merciless hardcore with an excellent dose of metal; the second leans more on the metal side - more Holy Moses | Erosion-style frantic super sledgehammer-thrash destruction; the third album adds the early Prong touch - more groove, less speed, and the fourth album loads a ton of heavy metal rock not unlike some of TK's most groovy albums of the late 90's | early 00's (no real surprise since Faff-Bey's guitarist joined TK after New Religion). Let's drool!
Should Have Stayed In The Grave is a compilation with 23 tracks from all records (eps included) and 4 unreleased songs from 1996. The Ace Of Spades cover is one of the best on the market. THRASH TIL ZER!
CD rip and vinyl rip from

Back From The Grave:
1. I'm Dead, Isn't That Enough? 02:22
2. When Death Comes 01:02
3. S/M Party 01:31
4. Disgustingly Depraved 01:48
5. The Laugh 02:17
6. The Plague 02:49
7. The Slaymaker 04:27
8. Do You Need a Smash? 01:57
9. I'm the Tormentor 03:03
10. Holy Bible 01:28
11. Authority 02:54
12. Take Your Head Off 01:19
13. Chung Kuo 02:38
14. Back From the Grave 05:23

Emptyhead 7":
1. Emptyhead
2. No Rule

Doesn't Feel Like Laughing... It's The Second Funeral:
1. Doesn't Feel Like Laughing 03:37
2. Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Second 02:18
3. Six Feet Under Ground 03:23
4. The Eyes of Mephistopheles 02:51
5. I'm So Sue 04:26
6. Bleed for Me 02:55
7. Meet Me on the Meat Hook 03:38
8. I Drink Your Blood 03:58
9. Cunt Wanking Men 00:37
10. The Second Funeral 04:51

You can still buy Faff-Bey records!


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