Monday, April 15, 2019

Bestial Raids

Bestial Raids - Reversed Black Trinity - 2007
Bestial Raids - Prime Evil Damnation - 2011
Bestial Raids - Master Satan's Witchery - 2016
01. Bestial Raids - Reversed Black Trinity, 2007 CD Album
     Morbid Moon Records - MMR 013 CD   
02. Bestial Raids - Prime Evil Damnation, 2011 CD Album
     Nuclear War Now! Productions - ANTI-GOTH 197   
03. Bestial Raids - Master Satan's Witchery, 2016 CD Album
     Nuclear War Now! Productions - ANTI-GOTH 332
WAR METAL! What is war metal? War metal is Hellhammer and Bathory at the speed of Napalm Death and Repulsion. War metal is black and dirty, war metal is the sound of the final collapse of the ruins over the smoldering corpses of anything that used to move, war metal is the greatest overture on a Monday morning. Bestial Raids is war metal! Bestial Raids do it by the book, like 666 666 other war metallists since Blasphemy, war metal is great and war metal ist Krieg. Unadulterated misanthropy and limitless attacks of the most primitive sonic structures to be found south of grindcore - this is war metal and it is awesome. No redemption, no sleaze, no hope, only war! War and Satan! The beast of war metal wants to kiss you with lips, tongue and then teeth. WAR!!!
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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Reload: Gastunk

Gastunk - 1984-07-07 - Shibuya Yaneura, Tokyo - 1984
Gastunk - Dead Song - 1985
Gastunk - Geronimo  - 1986 - Reissue of 2004
Gastunk - Under The Sun - 1987
Gastunk - Counter-Clock Wise - 1988
Gastunk - Mother - 1988
Various - A Farewell To Arms - 1988
Gastunk - The End - 1989
Gastunk - Midnight Rain + 2 Songs - 1999
Gastunk - Rest In Peace ~Live At Akasaka Blitz~ - 1999
Gastunk - Early Singles - 2002
Gastunk - Deadman's Face - 2010
01. Gastunk - 1984-07-07 - Shibuya Yaneura, Tokyo, 1984
    tape bootleg
02. Gastunk - Dead Song, 1985 CD Album Reissue
     SS Recordings - SS-303
     Reissue from 2004
11. Gastunk - Geronimo , 2004 CD Single EP Reissue
     SS Recordings - SS-305
     Reissue from 2004
03. Gastunk - Under The Sun, 1987 CD Album Remastered Reissue
     SS Recordings - SS-312
     Reissue from 2004
04. Gastunk - Counter-Clock Wise, 1988 CD Single Reissue
     SS Recordings - SS-308
     Reissue from 2004
05. Gastunk - Mother, 1988 CD Album Limited Edition Reissue
     SS Recordings - SS-313
     Reissue from 2004
06. Various - A Farewell To Arms, 1988 Vinyl LP Compilation Reissue
     Nuclear Blast, Nuclear Blast - NB 009, NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS 009 , Compilation
     Reissue of the Selfish Records compilation - Contains 17 songs by: Gauze, Lipcream, The Execute, Outo, Gastunk, Ghoul
07. Gastunk - The End, 1989 CD Album Reissue Remastered x 2
     Reveil - TECN-385669~70
     Reissue from 1999 - 1994 Reissue
08. Gastunk - Midnight Rain + 2 Songs, 1999 CD Compilation Stereo
     Reveil - TECN20568
09. Gastunk - Rest In Peace ~Live At Akasaka Blitz~, 1999 CD Album
     Reveil - TECN-31490
10. Gastunk - Early Singles, 2002 CD Compilation
     Reveil - TECN-20814
12. Gastunk - Deadman's Face, 2010 CD Maxi-Single
     Savanna Kitchen - DDCZ-1684
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PS: new CD rips.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Wrathchild - Stakk Attakk

Wrathchild - Stakk Attakk - 1984 01. Wrathchild - Stakk Attakk, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Heavy Metal Records - HMR LP 18
This is surely the gayest record ever posted here. In the feverish quest for new gems that would bring as much rejoicing and neck-breaking as Show No Mercy and Shout At The Devil (yes I have been a uninterrupted fan of the first two Mötley Crüe records since day one, watch the hilarious Netflix biopic and shut up - then watch the more awesome Death Of Stalin), I was naturally attracted by this first Wrathchild record. It looked promising with all this glam boots and haircuts and makeup mixed with the spikes and leather of speed metal. A new classic? The middle-road of Destruction and Ratt (yes the first Ratt is amazing too)? Fuck no! 20 years before Saint-Anger, Stakk Attakk instantly became my reference for the worst "metal" album (if you can call it that - and excluding Sigue Sigue Sputnik from the contest). The songs are lame and bland with Olympic force, the production sucks major ass (what a ridiculous guitar sound) and - yes - most tracks feature a drum machine (a 1983 drum machine! pif paf bing bong). It is not even catchy, the singing and instrumentation are not remotely noticeable, it is a badly compiled snorefest that does not begins to threaten the supremacy of Twisted Sister. They can't even pose correctly, nor even write a semi-funny lyric line. Fuck Wrathchild with their own spiked underwear. This is a sad joke, do not download it.
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Sunday, April 7, 2019


Un - The Tomb Of All Things - 2015
UN - Sentiment - 2018
Coltsblood, Un - Coltsblood / Un - 2019
01. Un - The Tomb Of All Things, 2015 CD Album
     Black Bow Records - BBOW012
02. UN - Sentiment, 2018 CD Album
     Translation Loss Records - TL-136
03. Coltsblood, Un - Coltsblood / Un, 2019 Cassette Album Limited Edition Numbered
     Not On Label - none , Compilation
     Contains 2 songs by: Coltsblood, Un - not ripped from the tape
The contemporary funeral doom scene is alive and kicking thanks to entities like Eye Of Solitude, Abstract Spirit, Ataraxie and many others. Today we deal with the very fine manifestation of Un. It has all the best features of slow darkness with musicality and ambiance in its most potent forms. Originality is not a prominent selling point, but there is enough passion and personality to simply enjoy the processions without a breath. Funerality and gravity! Absolutely huge and zer! Un!
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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter - Hectic Thinking - 1993
Mind Over Matter - Security - 1994
Mind Over Matter - Automanipulation - 1995
01. Mind Over Matter - Hectic Thinking, 1993 Vinyl 7"
     Wreck-Age - WAR011
02. Mind Over Matter - Security, 1994 CD
     Wreck-Age - WAR015-2
03. Mind Over Matter - Automanipulation, 1995 CD Album
     Wreck-Age - WAR023-2
In the 90s, the hardcore scene produced a different sound through inspiration from the likes of Helmet, Rollins Band or Fugazi. If I were in a nasty mood, I'd add that it was the last innovation from the hardcore scene. Mind Over Matter exemplify this perfectly. Yes, it sounds "hardcore", no it does not sound "punk". Slowly angry with a touch of desperation and a dark vibe full of dissonances, Mind Over Matter offer the ideal island of anguish and unease that any fan of the kvlt Die 116 or of the bigger names cited above should enjoy. Half-classic, all zerring greatness!
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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Reload: Sacrilege B.C.

Sacrilege B.C. - Live - 1985
Sacrilege B.C. - Party With God - 1986
Sacrilege B.C. - Party With God - 1986
Sacrilege B.C. - Too Cool To Pray - 1988
Sacrilege B.C. - Too Cool To Pray - 1988
01. Sacrilege B.C. - Live, 1985
    bootleg tape
02. Sacrilege B.C. - Party With God, 1986 Vinyl LP Album
     Alchemy Records, Alchemy Records - VM 102, VM102
03. Sacrilege B.C. - Party With God, 1986 CD Album Reissue
     November Fire Recordings - NFRCD-001
     Reissue from 2008 - Remaster with 1985 4 tracks demo
04. Sacrilege B.C. - Too Cool To Pray, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Medusa Records, Ever Rat Records, Alchemy Records - 7 72324-1, none, none
05. Sacrilege B.C. - Too Cool To Pray, 1988 CD Album Reissue
     November Fire Recordings - NFRCD005
     Reissue from 2011 - Remaster with 1990 5 tracks demo
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Monday, April 1, 2019

A new beginning: Church Of Zer mandatory membership

There are too many socialists, conservatives and other flavors of democrats visiting the Church Of Zer.
In order to improve the quality of visitors and make politically inclined people taste their own soup of regulation, elitism, expropriation and forced intervention with real chunks of fascism, I am implementing a permit to access the site.

In effect tonight, access will be restricted to authorized permit holders only. No exception.

A web form will be available shortly on the front page that any visitor wishing to continue his.her browsing through the pages of the Church will have to complete. It will take no more than 35 minutes to fill, including the recording of a short video statement where the applicant acknowledges that taxation is theft and that intellectual property is a fraud.
A small administrative fee of $37.50 shall be collected upon approval of your membership application before your permit is activated.

This protective measure shall be effective today at 11:50 PM EST.


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