Friday, November 29, 2013


DYS - Fire & Ice + Wolfpack 1991
01. DYS - Fire & Ice + Wolfpack, 1991 CD, Compilation
     Taang! Records - TG 9298 2
The Department of Youth Services wishes you a nasty Christmas and a heavy new year. Request, rezer. Can't say I'm very fond of Fire & Ice, but Wolfpack is stil the hot piece of burning noise it always has been.
Now, sorry to announce that this new service I started to move the archives to is a piece of crap. 30% of the files I put there have already vanished. Do not use, it is totally unreliable and support is very poor. If you know of an afforable and reliable service, leave a comment. Meanwhile, back to OpenDrive, unfortunately (let me know when files break at 64 kb, I'll try to fix those).
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Ohuzaru + L'Amico Di Martucci

L'Amico Di Martucci - Collection 2005
Ohuzaru - Ohuzaru 2005
01. L'Amico Di Martucci - Collection, 2005 CD, Compilation
     625 Thrashcore - 625-153
02. Ohuzaru - Ohuzaru, 2005 Vinyl, LP, Album
     625 Thrashcore - 625-159
Force 12! L'Amico and Ohuzaru share the same members, therefore the combined (re)post. L'Amico has the best name in the world and play a faster kind of classic Italian hardcore, Indigesti style. Ohuzaru take the rougher path with some brutal thrash that could be Japanese (hence the Death Side cover). Both bands rip to the bone!
!ZER L'Amico Di Martucci ZER!
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Sunday, November 24, 2013


Raven - Rock Until You Drop 1981
Raven - Wiped Out 1982
Raven - All For One 1983
Raven - Live At The Inferno 1984
Raven - Life's A Bitch 1987
Raven - Nothing Exceeds Like Excess 1988
Raven - Architect Of Fear 1991
Raven - Glow 1994
Raven - Destroy All Monsters - Live In Japan 1995
Raven - Everything Louder 1997
Raven - Raw Tracks 1999
Raven - One For All 2000
Raven - Walk Through Fire 2009
01. Raven - Rock Until You Drop, 1981 CD, Album
     Neat Metal Records - NM036
     Reissue from 1999 - + 3 B sides bonus tracks
02. Raven - Wiped Out, 1982 CD, Album, Reissue
     Neat Metal - NM037
     Reissue from 1999 - + Crash Bang Wallop EP
03. Raven - All For One, 1983 CD, Album
     Neat Metal - NM038
     Reissue from 1999 - + 3 B sides bonus tracks
04. Raven - Live At The Inferno, 1984 CD, Album
     Megaforce Records - IRS 993.415
     Reissue from 1996
05. Raven - Life's A Bitch, 1987 CD,
     Mayhem Records - 11143-2
     Reissue from 1999
06. Raven - Nothing Exceeds Like Excess, 1988 CD, Album
     Century Media - 66043-2
     Reissue from 1999
07. Raven - Architect Of Fear, 1991 CD, Album
     Steamhammer - SPV 084 - 76282
08. Raven - Glow, 1994 CD, Album
     SPV GmbH - 084-12092 CD
09. Raven - Destroy All Monsters - Live In Japan, 1995 CD, Album
     Fresh Fruit - SPV 085-12132 CD
10. Raven - Everything Louder, 1997 CD, Album
     SPV GmbH - CD 085-12162-P
11. Raven - Raw Tracks, 1999 CD, Compilation
     Metal Blade Records - 14279-2
12. Raven - One For All, 2000 CD, Album
     Metal Blade Records - 14362-2
13. Raven - Walk Through Fire, 2009 CD, Album
     Metal Frontier - KICP-1361
     Japanese version
This request could not be delayed any further. I discovered this unbelievable monster when All For One came out and quickly sold my sister to get the previous two albums. Nothing more to be said. The most frantically intense thrashing hard rock and I'm all 15 again! Ultrathletic megazerus triplamaximus!!! RAVEN TIL THE ENDS OF THE MULTIVERSE!!!!
!ZER Raven ZER!
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Friday, November 22, 2013


Ringworm - The Promise 1993
Ringworm - Birth Is Pain 2001
Ringworm - Justice Replaced By Revenge 2005
Ringworm - The Venomous Grand Design 2007
Ringworm - Scars 2011
Ringworm - Stigmatas In The Flesh 2012
01. Ringworm - The Promise, 1993 CD, Album
     Incision Records (3) - incision001
02. Ringworm - Birth Is Pain, 2001 CD, Album
     Victory Records - VR167
03. Ringworm - Justice Replaced By Revenge, 2005 CD, Album
     Victory Records - VR283
04. Ringworm - The Venomous Grand Design, 2007 CD, Album
     Victory Records - VR376
05. Ringworm - Scars, 2011 Vinyl, LP
     Victory Records - VR624
06. Ringworm - Stigmatas In The Flesh, 2012 Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
     A389 Recordings - A389-109
Once upon a time, there was Infest, and there was Ringworm. And also, there was Slayer, and there was Ringworm again. So, if you don't have much time and need to listen to Infest and Slayer at the same time, try The Promise, it's a good compromise. The following releases are heavier on the Slayer side, with probably a solid brick of Integrity, but as a non-fan of Integrity, I find Ringworm more enjoyable. Strong basic thrash-metal/hardcore with lung-exploding vocals that seem bent on devouring the listener. Intense stuff! Yeah, some of this came out on Victory, but this is no straight edge bullshit. Or it's the satanic chapel of sXe, no Earth Crisis nightmare here. Speaking of straight edge, let me share an anecdote. Someone recently emailed me about a CD I have for sale on Discogs, with a legitimate inquiry about the condition of the CD. Then he asked if the CD had been stored in a smoke-free house - "does the CD smell of smoke?" Amazing. The extreme sanitation of bodies and minds has reached this level. Yeah, let's all live in a marshmallow bubble with furry animals, do not smoke near your CDs, also do not fart or cook sausage and broccoli near your CDs, do not buy CDs in a diesel car, do not live in a city, shave your pubis, use deodorant, watch Prometheus, pray and vote. Amen.
!ZER Ringworm ZER!
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lack Of Interest

Lack Of Interest - Never Back Down 2005
01. Lack Of Interest - Never Back Down, 2005 Vinyl, 12"
     Deep Six Records - DS66
Request! Rezer. Those who think Infest are interesting will be very much interested in Lack Of Interest. Modern hardcore full of speed, concision and teeth thrashing, that's what we want, that's what we get. Short sharp zer!
!ZER Lack Of Interest ZER!
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Monday, November 18, 2013


Tumult - Gomorrha / Tumult 1998
Tumult - The Heroic Bloodshed E.P. 1997
Tumult - Tumult 2000
Tumult - Yacopsae / Tumult 2000
01. Tumult - Gomorrha / Tumult, 1998 Vinyl, 7", 33 RPM
     Anomie Records (2) - P.U.T. 024
02. Tumult - The Heroic Bloodshed E.P., 1997 Vinyl, 7", EP, 33 RPM
     Defiance Records (2) - Defiance Records V
03. Tumult - Tumult, 2000 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Per Koro - PK 033
04. Tumult - Yacopsae / Tumult, 2000 Vinyl, 7"
     Spiral Objective - Spiral-21
Heavily requested, finally rezerred! Fast as a shark, mean as an axe to the skull, this is what you need, go ahead and enjoy the mayhem of Tumult, the champions of 90s tyrannocore. The LP is particularly awesome, it can dislodge the teeth of a young horse galloping to the horizon. Siege and Hellnation fans know where to click.
!ZER Tumult ZER!
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Saturday, November 16, 2013


Selfish - Burning Sensation 2001
Selfish - Cause Pain 2005
Selfish - Life Has No Vacant Time 2013
01. Selfish - Burning Sensation, 2001 CD, Album
     HG Fact - HG-140
02. Selfish - Cause Pain, 2005 CD, Mini-Album
     Feral Ward - YAN-0012-008 2004
03. Selfish - Life Has No Vacant Time, 2013 Vinyl, LP
     Feral Ward - YAN071
A fine request zerred with joy. Selfish are Finnish and play excellent Japanese hardcore. Fans of Tetsu Arrey, Forward and therefore Poison Idea already salivate. The new album is a complete masterpiece of the genre, raw and abrasive punk thrash of zerrest rendition. Buy this amazing record!
!ZER Selfish ZER!
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Pittbull - Pittbull 1991
Pittbull - Casualty 1993
Pittbull - Kick Out The Jam 1995
Pittbull - New All-Time Low 1995
01. Pittbull - Pittbull, 1991 CD, Album
     Nemesis Records (4) - NEM-039
02. Pittbull - Casualty, 1993 CD, Album
     Lost And Found Records - LF 049/CD
03. Pittbull - Kick Out The Jam, 1995 CD, Album
     Lost And Found Records - LF 249/CD
04. Pittbull - New All-Time Low, 1995 CD, Album
     Lost And Found Records - LF 128/CD
The requested Pittbull bite. From Cro-Mags inspiration on the first album to a cousin of the Mindwar | Mind Over Matter family on the later releases, Pittbull did everything perfectly, heavily and not very nicely. Classic piece of 90s history. I must have the split 7" with Ryker's somewhere, I'll load it when I can put my hands on it. In the meantime, grind some teeth.
!ZER Pittbull ZER!
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Power Trip

Power Trip - Manifest Decimation 2013
01. Power Trip - Manifest Decimation, 2013 Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress
     Southern Lord - LORD175
Large power of the megabrontozer! Us old pachyderms are easily bored with the 80s thrash metal revival department (= any band who started playing 80s thrash after 1993). But once in a while a new band rips everything apart and sends the Earache catalog and management crying into the bathroom. Power Trip released here and in 2013 one of these wonderful records with attitude and genuine 80s intensity, not just an easy mock up of the real thing. This is no mild Municipal Tankard soup, this Manifest sounds like the second Cro-Mags LP mixed up with the first two Onslaught albums. The amazing riff machine and the bulldozing rhythmic attack are rounded by a commanding voice that tells you BUY THIS ALBUM AND BANG YOUR HEAD TILL RETROZER! KILLER THRASHING TRIPLAZER!
!ZER Power Trip ZER!
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The following posts were fixed today with new download links to the new server, now you can get the stuff that did not work from:
Drunk Tank
Dead Boys
Agent Steel
More fixes to come. Stay tuned.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Verbal Abuse

Verbal Abuse - Just An American Band 1983
Verbal Abuse - Rocks Your Liver 1986
Verbal Abuse - Rocks Your Liver 1986
Verbal Abuse - Of America 1990
Verbal Abuse - Red, White & Violent 1995
Verbal Abuse - Just An American Band / Live In '84 2005
01. Verbal Abuse - Just An American Band, 1983 Vinyl, 12", Mini-Album, Reissue, 45 RPM
     Bitzcore - EFA 01651-90
     Reissue from 1987
02. Verbal Abuse - Rocks Your Liver, 1986 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Boner Records - BR07
03. Verbal Abuse - Rocks Your Liver, 1986 CD
     Malt Soda - 23
     with 15 live & demos bonus tracks
04. Verbal Abuse - Of America, 1990 CD, Album
     Destiny Records (2) - 05256/26
05. Verbal Abuse - Red, White & Violent, 1995 CD, Album
     Century Media - 7795-2
06. Verbal Abuse - Just An American Band / Live In '84, 2005 CD, Album, Reissue
     Beer City Records - BCCD 131
Maximum avalanche of mandatory rezer! VA sit on the eternal council of classic 80s hardcore and hard rocking crossover thrash that does not age. The 1st album is such a landmark that Slayer started the Attitude cover album with 4 (killer) covers. Anyway, dinosaurs know who VA were, and the younger audience can now just download and drool. VA zers your liver forever!
SERVER NIGHTMARE UPDATE: this is the first post with the new server. Let me know if anything goes wrong. My first tests are satisfying so I hope this service will make us all happy. I am slowly moving the rest of the zip files there, it will take weeks to complete. I will post the progression of repairs and hopefully all these broken zips will be available for consumption soon.
!ZER Verbal Abuse ZER!
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Monday, November 4, 2013


Z - 蠕。螢?2006
Z - 譁ー莉頑律 2009
Z - 邨カ蝪?繧シ繝?ヨ繧ヲ) 2012
01. Z - 蠕。螢, 2006 CD,
     Grok Plastique - grok-san
02. Z - 譁ー莉頑律, 2009 CD
     Catune - 25
03. Z - 邨カ蝪?繧シ繝?ヨ繧ヲ), 2012 CD
     Grok Plastique
Instant classic alarm! As soon as I heard one song a few months ago, I had to consume all available releases from Z. What would be an accurate description of Z? No idea. It's only perfect incisive Japanese convulsive rock, sort of Shellac boosted by the spirit of NoMeansNo, sort of. Assimilate without restriction and become an addict. AmaZing!!! Zerrest of hyprazerring zer!!!
If dl trouble persists, stay zen-zer, server move starts in 3 days.
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Saturday, November 2, 2013


Devastation - Violent Termination 1987
Devastation - Signs Of Life 1989
Devastation - Idolatry 1991
01. Devastation - Violent Termination, 1987 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Zombo Records - ZRO269
02. Devastation - Signs Of Life, 1989 CD, Album
     Combat - 88561-2008-2
03. Devastation - Idolatry, 1991 CD, Album
     Combat - 468399 2
We haven't had 80s thrash metal for a while. Never spend more than a week without 80s thrash metal, the doctor said. This one is the very excellent thing that completes a nice Exodus | Sacrilege BC | Indestroy collection. Yes, there is a lot of Slayer in there. Compact, mean, powerful thrash to bang you head against the nearest wall like in 89 til zer!!
Yes I will upload the 80s death metal Devastation in a not too distant future.
!ZER Devastation ZER!
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