Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Violent Arrest - Minute Manifestos

Minute Manifestos (+ Criminal Record double 7"), 2010
This year's return of VA is as intense as the previous album: raging hardcore punk by the ex Ripcord people for SSD fans! Killer thrashing ZERRRRRRRR!RR!R!R!RR!R!RR!
CD rip. Combines the tracks from the 12" version with the tracks from the "Criminal Record" Double 7" plus two extra bonus tracks.

Violent Arrest 1st CD
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


The Temples of Offal 7", 1991
Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L., 1993
The Sun of Tiphareth, 1995
The Third Storm of Cythraul, 1999
Tara, 2001
Absu, 2009
Edit: Mythological Occult Metal (compilation of 7", comp tracks & cover songs, merci Philbert)
Thrashing attack of the black death!! The 7" is a piece of rotten death metal, it's as juicy as a Prophecy Of Doom | Autopsy tarshake. I've liked the first two albums with an average amount of excitement, but then they started releasing truly killer stuff from The Third Storm on. The last three albums are vicious monsters of speed and screams in the vein of accelerated Slayer, Sodom and Bathory. Fast, technical and memorable - AMAZING!! MEGA ARMAGGEDDON ZERRRRR!RR!R!RRR ! R!R!R !R!RR!R!RR! R!R!R !R! ! ! ! !R!R!RR !RR!R R!R! !R!R!RRR ! !R!RR!R! !R! !!! ! !! !RRR R! !R !R !R! !!
CD rip and 7" rip of:
The Temples of Offal
A1 Immortal Sorcery
B1 Sumerian Sands (The Silence)
B2 Disembodied

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Psycho - live Québec 23/07/2010

live 23/07/2010, 2010
Live recording of their set in Québec City in July. Raw, fast and loud classic thrashing hardcore ZERRRRRR!R! !R!RR!R !R! R! !R! R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R !R! R! !R !R! R!R!RR !RR! !!! !R!R !
Recorded by Seb (Striver) and mastered by myself.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Venomous Concept

Retroactive Abortion, 2004
Split with 324, 2006
Poisoned Apple, 2008 Track 17 Track 5
What happens when you mix 50% of Brutal Truth with 50% of Napalm Death? Extra big-ass fast ugly thrashcore of 80s proportions!!!!! No fan of Siege | Ripcord | Heresy is allowed to bypass Venomous Concept!
Live in Montréal tomorrow evening Friday Sept. 24th @ Katacombes (1635 St-Laurent) with Nails, Fistfuck, Lay Waste, Shatter It All - BE THERE!!! THRASH TIL ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! R!R! R!RR!RRR !R!R! R!R !RRRRRR! R!R !!RR! !R !R!R!RR!R!RR !R !R! RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! R! !R !R !R! R! R!RR!R!RR! ! ! ! !R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! !R !R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !R! R! !R !!!!
CD rip.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nomind - Tales Of Ordinary Madness

Nomind - Tales Of Ordinary Madness, 1988
Masterpiece alert! This record has some of the very best punk rock I ever heard. This is the wet dream of the DI | TSOL | Adolescent fan, made in Canada. The greatness of the hard rocking punk this record delivers is multiplied by the awesome arrangements, the very excellent bass and guitar leads and the generally superior musicality of it all - highly memorable and totally catchy while sustaining very hot instrumental parts: let's dare using again the magic word "classic" to tag this thing that matches anything (and above...) by the aforementioned triplet of punk rock icons. FANTASTIC ROCKING PUNK ROCKING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!R !R!R !R!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R R!R !RR!RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R!R!R !! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!R !R! R!R !RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! R! !R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! R! !R! R!RRRRR ! !! !! !
LP rip:
A1 Slick (Makes Me Sick)
A2 Nomind (To Lose)
A3 Checking The Obituaries)
A4 Well Adjusted
A5 Brainrack
B1 Strontium Dog
B2 Someone Else's Life
B3 Talking With Mr.D
B4 Worlds Apart
B5 Move Over
B6 Cause Insanity
Mhhh I think my song separation might be wrong with tracks 6 and 7. Sorry.

Addendum: Nomind - punkusraucousrex 1987 demo
Thanks a lot Neils! Amazing tape!
Side 1
Side 2

Monday, September 20, 2010

Face Value

The Price Of Maturity + Coming Of Age, 1990/1991
Kick it Over, 1993
Choices, 1994
Classic-sounding hardcore, mostly of the SSD | Insted | Uniform Choice sort. You've heard this before but these guys do (did) it really well! The 3 albums rock til you drop: the 1st one is the fast, straight-forward killer shit you'd expect, loaded with high energy, excellent arrangements, way above average musicians and excellent production. I'll take this over anything from Integrity. The 3rd album is a bit quieter on the same front, more punk rock, very good too. But my precious here is their 2nd MASTERPIECE of a rock album Kick It Over! This one is an awesome evolution from their earlier sound filled with massive hard rock segments (there is a 7 minutes long song) and amazing solos, it's almost prog - augmented with this totally great Black Sabbath "Mob Rules" cover, top zer version!
CD rip. There is a 4th album from 1999 titled Never Stray, I never heard it, links are appreciated.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

World Below

Sacrifices to the Moon, 2004
Maelstrom, 2005 Maelstrom - Track 3
Repulsion, 2006
Magnificent doom metal overload! The people of the slow beat are happy to consume the superb, heavy, soul-catching albums of World Below. For fans of Dio-era Black Sabbath | Candlemass | Solitude Aeturnus | Orodruin, this is high class stuff. Masterfully written and executed, alternating aggressive measures and excellent melodies, with top notch musicianship - these solos! - and excellent production, this is a must! Really one of the best of the new generation of doomsters in this overcrowded revival that has been happening for a few years. MEGA ARMAGGEDDON DOOM ZERRRR R RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR R! !R! !R!RRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! R! !R! R! R! R! R!!RR!R!R! !!!!!R R! R!R !RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR !R! R! R! !R !!!!
CD rip.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dead Horse

Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That's Time Consuming (+ Death Rides a Dead Horse demo), 1988/1989
Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers (+ demo 90), 1990/1991
Boil(ing), 1996
More classic-killer crossover HC-metal thrash! My favorite here (and everyone's I guess) is the fantastic Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers - tight, fast and filled with a lot of class and arrangements - faster and more mature than Horsecore, which is a raw little gem too. The last CD is a bit too quiet but great groove anyway. For Wehrmacht | DRI | Bloodcum addicts!!! Excellence in hammer riffing ZEERrrrRRrRRrrR r RR! R !R! RrR r !R r !R R! R!!RR!R rrR R! R! R!R r R R! !! !
CD rip.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Holy Moses

Queen Of Siam (+ Walpurgis Night demo), 1985/1986
Finished With the Dogs, 1987
The New Machine of Liechtenstein, 1989
World Chaos, 1990 World Chaos - 1 World Chaos - 13
Terminal Terror, 1991
Reborn Dogs, 1992
Too Drunk to Fuck, 1982/1991/1993
No Matter What's the Cause, 1994
Master of Disaster, 2001
Disorder of the Order, 2002
Strength Power Will Passion, 2005
Agony of Death, 2008
Temple Of The Absurd - Absurd, 1993
Yessssssssss 80s German thrash metal!!!! More of the best in all its brutal glory! Definitely into my 8GTTT (80s German Thrash Top Ten), Holy Moses was noticed for the female singer that could match any throat in Sodom or Kreator. Inhuman and unbelievable for the time! Holy Moses were also noticed because they've produced some of the MOSTEST KILLER RIPPER GRINDER THRASH METAL EVER, with lots of hardcore influences. The most intense albums are probably the dirty Reborn Dogs and No Matter What's The Cause, yet all the others are also first class death machines with insane riffing and merciless rhythm sections. Two words : Sodom | Slayer. AWESOME ARTILLERY OF MEGA ARMAGGEDDON DEATH ZERRRRRRRRRRRRR!R !R !R!!R!RR!R!RRRRRR !R! R! !R!R!R! !R !R! !R!R!RR! R! !R! R! R! !RRRRRRR!!RRRRR!!!R R! !R R!!RRRRRR !R! R!R!R!R!RR!R!R!RR! RR !
More data: Too Drunk To Fuck is the 19 tracks version (with the Black Metal cover that features Cronos and Warpath - this is the track that also appears on the first Warpath album!) The Beastie Boys cover gets on my nerves. The DRI cover makes me joyful. Dan Lilker of Brutal Truth plays the bass on No Matter What's The Cause. Temple Of The Asburd was Warpath + Sabina Classen, here is one album (is the second one good ?).
CD rip.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Mörser - 1st Class Suicide

1st Class Suicide, 2010 (true link :-)
AAAAAARRRRGGGGRGHHHHH!!!! The new Mörser is out with more heavy-weight Carcass | Slayer | Napalm Death grinding death thrash metal to bang your skull to! If you enjoyed the awesome 10,000 Bad Guys Dead and Scum, this will make you week. The riff factory never stops! TOTAL DEATH ZEEEERRRRRRRRR!RR!R! !R!R R!R!R !R! !R! R! R!R !RRRRR !RR!R! !RR!R!R !R!R !RR!R !R!R!R !R!R!RR!R! !R R! R!R !RR!R!RRR !R!R! !!! ! ! !!
CD rip.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Louder Than Words 10", 1996
Spit On The Innocent (CD with 15 bonus live tracks), 1998
Split 7" with Last Warning, 2000 (Last Warning side)
Fallout made bone-breaking thrashing hardcore of the nastiest sort. It's fucking Heresy-fast, it's pissed as fuck and it's a big large bloody fuck off in everyone's general direction. Oh yeah, this is the Australian band, not the NYC pre-Carnivore thing. Totally killer raging power-violent burning zerRrRrrrRR!RR!RrR!RrR! r !r R! R! rRRRRRRRRRRRRRR rr R R! !R! R! !R !RRR! !R R!R!! ! ! ! !!
CD & vinyl rip.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Primitive Origins, 1987
Force Fed (LP rip), 1988
Force Fed (CD rip), 1988
Peel Sessions (LP rip), 1990
Peel Sessions (CD rip), 1990
Beg To Differ, 1990
Prove You Wrong, 1991
Cleansing, 1994
Rude Awakening, 1996
100% Live, 2002
Scorpio Rising, 2003
Power Of The Damager, 2007
Semi reload with complements of Prong's discography and CD rip or previously posted LP rips. The greatness of Prong is non negotiable, even through the albums "true metalheads" don't like. From classic crossover and thrash metal to killer groovy massive rock, this is the eternal legend of Prong! ÜBER LEGEND OF ZERRRRRRRRRRR!R!R!R!RRR !R R! !R R!R!R R R! R! R! RR! R! RR!R!R !! ! ! !RR! !!!
CD rip (and redundant vinyl rip).

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