Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blunt Force Trauma

Blunt Force Trauma - Hatred For The State - 2009
Blunt Force Trauma - Let Them Eat Lead - 2012
01. Blunt Force Trauma - Hatred For The State, 2009 CD EP
     Shattered World Records - 825479206124
02. Blunt Force Trauma - Let Them Eat Lead, 2012 CD Album
     Shattered World Records - none
Alarm! Crossover time! BFT feature Felix Griffin on drums and therefore induce intense craving from the middle aged thrash ape. And BFT deliver massively. Pissed, juicy, percussive hardcore that will completely satisfy anyone who liked the latest Attitude Adjustment. Hatred For The State features amazing covers of Bad Brains, DRI and Minor Threat. Thrash til zer!
Remove brackets and unzip: [Hatred for the stAte]
!ZER Blunt Force Trauma ZER!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Van Halen

Van Halen - Van Halen - 1978
Van Halen - Van Halen II - 1979
Van Halen - Women And Children First - 1980
Van Halen - Fair Warning - 1981
Van Halen - Diver Down - 1982
Van Halen - Van Halen - 1991
Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth - 2012
01. Van Halen - Van Halen, 1978 Vinyl LP Album
     Warner Bros. Records - KBS 3075
02. Van Halen - Van Halen II, 1979 Vinyl LP Album
     Warner Bros. Records - HS 3312
03. Van Halen - Women And Children First, 1980 Vinyl LP Album
     Warner Bros. Records - XHS 3415
04. Van Halen - Fair Warning, 1981 Vinyl LP Album
     Warner Bros. Records - XHS 3540
05. Van Halen - Diver Down, 1982 Vinyl LP Album
     Warner Bros. Records - XBS 3677
06. Van Halen - Van Halen, 1991 CD Album Reissue
     Warner Bros. Records - CD 3075
07. Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth, 2012 CD Album
     Interscope Records - B001647702
Complete zerness of the super cheese! Yes, but no. This is neither a sarcastic post, nor a mere dive into nostalgia lake. All my hard-rock life, I have been a permanent and avid listener of the David Lee Gorgoroth era of Van Halen, except 1984 (what??? Keyboards in VH?? ACH!). This stuff rocks like nothing else. Edward has been the emperor of killer riffs and axemanship wizardry for almost 4 decades, and Torso Dave is one of my favorite singers (a post of his solo albums is coming up too! Yes!). All the Van Halen songs with this line-up are simply amazing. I must admit that I had put my Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple aside (not for too long...) when I discovered Van Halen I (in 1979!!!). Slack jaw! Perfection in hard rock! Amazement and hours of air guitar! All these early VH records melt my neuron. I carved the VH logo on my high-school tables many times. The 2012 album is another killer piece of hard rock too, hit after hit and heavy rocking stuff all disc long. I wasn't expecting much when I found this $1 copy, but it rocks 27 times like Metallica. Actually, I am now wondering if I should re-explore the Sammy Hagar discs which I didn't like then, haven't tried them in 20 years. Meanwhile, let's rock til infinity with Van Halen and the comets!
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!ZER Van Halen ZER!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Scrotum Death

Scrotum Death - Demos: Revolution Of Death & The Beginning Of The End - 2013 01. Scrotum Death - Demos: Revolution Of Death & The Beginning Of The End, 2013 CD Compilation
     Old Legions Records - none
     1-6: Revolution Of Death (1989), 7-11: The Beginning Of The End (1992)
Back from the heat, into the ice, the snow and the slush. Lost almost 60 degrees in the process, I am in full Celsius-lag. I returned home with a small ton of Chilean death fucking metal (and one nasty Colombian piece). You will suffer. Let's celebrate with the demos reissue CD of Scrotum Death, probably the first death metal band from Chile. The first demo is as raw and primitive as you'd expect from a Hellhammer | Death cult, that is digesting the slow parts of Morbid Angel's Abominations Of Desolation on the second demo. Ugly, nasty, rotten swamp thing of black plague infested zer!
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!ZER Scrotum Death ZER!

I wish a slow scrotum death to the marketing company that goes after the name "Greenpeace". They must stop bombarding me with phone calls begging for money. Now!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Stark Raving Mad

Stark Raving Mad - Amerika - 1984/1985
Stark Raving Mad - Social Sickness - 1985/1986
01. Stark Raving Mad - Amerika, 1984/1985 Vinyl LP Compilation
     Nuclear Blast - NB 008
     Reissue from 1988 - 1-15: Amerika, 16-32: MX
02. Stark Raving Mad - Social Sickness, 1985/1986 Vinyl 10"
     Nuclear Blast - NB 017
     Reissue from 1989 - 1-5: studio 1985 (not from Amerika), 6-15: live CBGB 1986
Some of my favorite 80s hardcore resides on these two jaw dropping records. Take early DRI | Neos | MDC blasting chemicals and add some semi-Biafra vocals without the goat genes and mosh your living room for the 32 minutes of these 47 songs. Classic beyond classic!
It is advised to avoid the 2007 CD reissue: the sound quality is OK but the 20 seconds gaps between tracks make it unusable.
Oh, I must check my Alzheimer, I am just realizing that I already posted this in 2013. Don't think I am taking reloads requests, but errare humanum est and I am not anal enough about the rules to cancel this post now that it's ready. It must be the heat of summer, or the pisco sour.
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!ZER Stark Raving Mad ZER!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Holy Terror

Holy Terror - Terror And Submission - 1987
Holy Terror - Mind Wars - 1988
01. Holy Terror - Terror And Submission, 1987 Vinyl LP
     Roadrunner Records - RC 9582
     Reissue from 1988
02. Holy Terror - Mind Wars, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Under One Flag - FLAG 25
NRAR: this time you get the vinyl rips. A true speed metal collection and the EZTT are not complete without both masterpieces - especially the unmovable, unalterable, unbeatable, fireproof, waterproof, earthquake-proof, cosmic annihilation-proof maximizeristic supra hypra giga classic Mind Wars. It has everything you love about Agent Steel, Abattoir, Satan, Slayer and Assassin, but more of everything and better and faster and generally more viciously infectious. These melodies, this speed, these hooks, this intensity, this class, this perfection. I am crying. If Carnivore were a giant chainsaw on a bulldozer, Holy Terror were a battalion of evil surgeons. Is Mind Wars the best metal albums ever? WHY IS IT NOT MULTI PLATINUM? Shoot Metallica in the knees.
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!ZER Holy Terror ZER!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ring Of Fire

Ring Of Fire - Common Enemy - 1984 01. Ring Of Fire - Common Enemy, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Live Cheap Or Die Records - LCOD0001
Thanks for requesting this one, I had completely forgotten about these guys. I can't say I had been a big fan back then, for this is '77 sounding punk rock that was a bit too gentle compared to the thrash avalanche of Raw Power, AOD, BGK, TK, Rattus and all our 80s heroes. But now that the hormones have been tamed, it is time to appreciate RoF to their true value, which is great especially if you are into Kraut, The Germs, Fear and the whole early US punk wave. The singer reminds me of Stark Raving Mad. Should I do a Stark Raving Mad post? Punk's not dead!
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!ZER Ring Of Fire ZER!

Monday, February 16, 2015


Maelstrom - Megamorphosis - 1990
Maelstrom - Step One - 1990
Maelstrom - Step One - 1990
01. Maelstrom - Megamorphosis, 1990 Vinyl 7"
     Taang! Records - T-39
02. Maelstrom - Step One, 1990 Vinyl LP
     Taang! Records - T-42
03. Maelstrom - Step One, 1990 CD
     Emergo - EM 9407 2
Extra dimensional nostalgia wave! We were young and mobile, Lady Zer and I went to see the incredible Maelstrom with the incredible Scat Opera live in Paris, and then with the incredible NoMeansNo in Germany in 1991. Maelstrom delivered both times perfectly killer performances, at the level of their marvelous and criminally underrated records. I guess they came just a minute too late on the HC/metal-crossover scene with that funky/hip hop thing - Suicidal Tendencies meets Red Hot Chili Peppers, but a lot heavier, Cro-Mags style. Dinosaurs will be interested in the 7": it features the most awesome Void cover (Who are you?) - beware of goose bumps. Step One is an achievement that should have pulverized Metallica out of the charts, but no, the dirty-underwear album with the black cover won the jackpot (the one that came out after the "and sleeping pills for all" album). On top of that, Maelstrom did not release anything else (to my knowledge) and it fucking sucks because Metallica continue to annoy us to this day. I would have taken at least 4 more Maelstrom albums. The universe is cruel. Anyway, let's enjoy the existing massive grooves and first class, heavy riffing of Maelstrom, and smile until the end of the day.
Remove brackets and unzip: [megazerphosis]
!ZER Maelstrom ZER!

I just found the Helmut Schoeck book Envy as pdf. Try it if you are too cheap to buy the paper version and are serious about your "political opinions". This is the most interesting reading session I've had in years.

Friday, February 13, 2015


Phobia - Return To Desolation - 1994
Phobia - Means Of Existence - 1998
Phobia - Destroying The Masses - 1999
Phobia - Serenity Through Pain - 2001
Phobia - Get Up And Kill ! - 2004
Phobia - Grind Your Fucking Head In - 2004
Skrupel, Phobia - Another Four Years Of Murder - 2006
Phobia - Cruel - 2006
Phobia - 22 Random Acts Of Violence - 2008
Phobia - Loud Proud And Grind As Fuck - 2010
Phobia - Unrelenting - 2010
Phobia - Remnants Of Filth - 2012
01. Phobia - Return To Desolation, 1994 CD
     Relapse Records - RR 6903-2
02. Phobia - Means Of Existence, 1998 Vinyl LP Picture Disc Album Reissue
     Deep Six Records - DS72
     Reissue from 2008
03. Phobia - Destroying The Masses, 1999 CD Mini-Album
     Pessimiser Records - PESS-32
04. Phobia - Serenity Through Pain, 2001 CD Album
     Disembodied Records - DR 012
05. Phobia - Get Up And Kill !, 2004 CD EP
     Deep Six Records - DS58
06. Phobia - Grind Your Fucking Head In, 2004 Vinyl 12" 45 RPM Album
     Deep Six Records - DS49
07. Skrupel, Phobia - Another Four Years Of Murder, 2006 CD
     Crimes Against Humanity Records - CAHRECS043 , Compilation
     Contains 15 songs by: Skrupel, Phobia
08. Phobia - Cruel, 2006 CD Album
     Willowtip - WT043
09. Phobia - 22 Random Acts Of Violence, 2008 CD Album
     Willowtip - WT062
10. Phobia - Loud Proud And Grind As Fuck, 2010 CD
     Deep Six Records - DS-135
11. Phobia - Unrelenting, 2010 CD EP
     Relapse Records - RR7070
12. Phobia - Remnants Of Filth, 2012 CD Album
     Willowtip - WT-105
Grind til zer! Grinding grindcore of the grindest sort. Requested, zerred. What a great service from the Church Of Zer, yes?
Phobia obviously draw from the Rolls Royces of grindcore Napalm Death and Terrorizer, and push it as far as they can. One day, they will explode. I get easily turned on by this kind of machinery, especially with the Cruel album. Unlike Naked City, the repetitive linearity and stability of this grinding grindcore of the grindest sort induces trances of the best quality. Listen to 3 or 4 of these in a row and you will be sitting on a thick cloud of thoughtless happiness. Let Phobia give you this amazing massage. But Phobia also help with  neuron-heating tasks, their rectangular sound makes you focus very strongly into your brain tunnel and soon you see the light of successful achievement crowning all your efforts with joy and pride. C++ + Phobia = rezer.
Sorry about the quality of Means Of Existence, picture discs sound like shit and this one has a couple of uneditable bumps. But my copy of the original LP is even worse, no good to rip at all, I threw it away with rage. Fucking vinyls.
Remove brackets and unzip: [sea, zer and sun]
!ZER Phobia ZER!

PS: to new visitors of this blog, yes I take requests, but not of this kind: "re-up all link's ar dead !!" (see the Força Macabra post).
First, learn to write as a human. Don't SMS like a donkey or I will fart in you general direction. This is not a cell phone, this is the Church Of Zer, you brat. I am an old, easily irritated person who needs to be dealt with softly and gently, with real words and a fresh breath.
Second, If I am in a good mood, if the reup request is well constructed and diplomatic, on the verge of begging, and if I think proselytizing the requested reup improves the universe (eg. Eisenvater), then I might post Mediafire links. But in general I won't reup, biatch.
Third, what is not clear in the highly visible martial order posted in a few places around this page: DO NOT LEAVE COMMENTS TO REPORT DEAD LINKS! OR YOU WILL BE TELEPORTED TO 2505.
Too many words? Not enough smileys? 

I am ashamed, I watched Human Centipede 2. Almost more evil disturbance than the Serbian Film!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Adolf Satan

Adolf Satan - Adolf Satan - 2004 01. Adolf Satan - Adolf Satan, 2004 CD Album
     Bestial Onslaught Productions - ONSLAUGHT 012
Absolute consumption of thy last synapse into frozen fried living death! This is Larry Lifeless & co upgrading the Kilslug / Upside Down Cross sonic butchery to the level of grand art. It is all delicious and disgusting, a performance in evil of UDC's 1st album intensity, with that slightly more metal riffing, It is the sound of fucking a couple of dead sows in a sludge swamp full of bloated dead draft horses and half snakes. The tar sticks to your mucous membranes and you enjoy it so much, so much. I say "you" because you and I merge into the eternal continuum of rotting meat. We are the intestine of eternity with no disconnection. You enjoy it so much. I beg thee, Larry, please forward more wet death and gloom blood in our general direction. Please.
Remove brackets and unzip: [vomitstellar]
!ZER Adolf Satan ZER!
What do I do in a 11 hours flight with 27 screaming babies that forbid concentration on book reading? I watch a stupid movie that requires no brain. What movie do I choose, as a brave meat packet? I take my chances with Interstellar. And now I have to retroactively modify my 2014 Top -1. Interstellar easily beats all the other craps, Interstellar is the absolute 2014 Top -1 winner. It looks nice, but its pretentiousness buries the easy farces Lucy and Transcendence, which everyone already forgot anyway. Interstellar is so indelibly stupid I have not enough disk space to review all the hilariously killer shit it contains (light-emitting black holes anyone? self-cycled time-travelling agency? 'nuf said), the unbelievably dreadful acting, the half chicken/half slug-written script, the infinitely 2505ish plot and the general & complete sinking into new age brain-murdering anesthesia. But it worked, I watched the entire 3 hours, I could not believe how deep it was digging into the desperate attempt to be the new 2001. Jaw-dropping Olympic-level achievement. I had to eat it until the priceless end. It beats Prometheus big time. The imbecility-fan runs at 11. It is so refreshing. Thank you Interstellar! You are the new largest diamond marker of manly comparison. The Hollywood wankers outdid themselves! Grand megabravo! I dedicate you every second of the Adolf Satan CD with love and passion. But now I am afraid I have a brain tumor.
Let's be serious:
A pretty cool remake of the classic Last Night:

A doomy take on the dome setup:

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Crumbsuckers - Life Of Dreams - 1986
Crumbsuckers - Beast On My Back - 1988
Crumbsuckers - Turn Back Time: The Early Years 1983 - 1985 - 2014
Crumbsuckers - Turn Back Time: The Early Years 1983 - 1985 - 2014
01. Crumbsuckers - Life Of Dreams, 1986 Vinyl LP Album
     Rough Justice - JUST 4
02. Crumbsuckers - Beast On My Back, 1988 Vinyl LP Album
     Rough Justice - JUST 9
03. Crumbsuckers - Turn Back Time: The Early Years 1983 - 1985, 2014 Vinyl LP, Vinyl LP Single Sided, CD, All Media Compilation
     F.O.A.D. Records, F.O.A.D. Records, F.O.A.D. Records - F.O.A.D. 060, F.O.A.D.060, F.O.A.D. 060-CD
04. Crumbsuckers - Turn Back Time: The Early Years 1983 - 1985, 2014 Vinyl LP, Vinyl LP Single Sided, CD, All Media Compilation
     F.O.A.D. Records, F.O.A.D. Records, F.O.A.D. Records - F.O.A.D. 060, F.O.A.D.060, F.O.A.D. 060-CD
     bonus live CD
Omnidirectional reverence and gratitude to Crumbsuckers for the unlimited quantity of happiness provided for the last 30 years. Crumbsuckers until the very last day. Amen.
The seriously crumbsuckered ape buys the excessively cool demo release.
Remove brackets and unzip: [life of zer]
!ZER Crumbsuckers ZER!

PS: I am taking off to Santiago, Chile. All information regarding Santiago's best record stores and pointers to local shows for the next 3 weeks are greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Birushanah - 毘盧釈那 - 2002
Birushanah - 赤い闇 - 2007
Birushanah, Drain The Sky - Birushana / Drain The Sky - 2011
Birushanah - ヒニミシゴロナヤココロノトモシビ - 2013
01. Birushanah - 毘盧釈那, 2002 CD Mini-Album
     S.M.D Records - SMD - 001
02. Birushanah - 赤い闇, 2007 CD Album
     Missing Link Records - ERGH016
03. Birushanah, Drain The Sky - Birushana / Drain The Sky, 2011 Vinyl LP Limited Edition
     Destructure Records, S.M.D Records - D24, SMD 009 , Compilation
     Contains 5 songs by: Birushanah, Drain The Sky
04. Birushanah - ヒニミシゴロナヤココロノトモシビ, 2013 CD Album
     Scumzone - SCZN-1
From the very depths of doom arises the highly articulated pillar of Birushanah. The initial selling point is that it involves the bass player from Corrupted. But this music defends itself without a sales sheet, it instantly conquers the whole meat of any reasonable ape by its natural concentration of power and seduction. This is not funeral, black doom, it is a deployment of massive massaging riffs touching on early Melvins caterpillars. The melodies of madness compete with the middle age percussion as the tank that flats down this cathedral. The latest album is so addictive one might want to be cautious: play it louder than anything else. Birushanah eats the universe, spits it out, and eats it again until the eternal loop of zer becomes invincible.
Remove brackets and unzip: [glory zer]
!ZER Birushanah ZER!
And now, let's continue to meditate.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Freeze

Freeze, The - Land Of The Lost / Rabid Reaction - 1983
Freeze, The - Rabid Reaction - 1985
Freeze, The - Misery Loves Company - 1991
Freeze, The - Five Way Fury - 1992
Freeze, The - Freak Show - 1995
Freeze, The - Live From Cape Cod 1980 - 2007
01. Freeze, The - Land Of The Lost / Rabid Reaction, 1983 CD Compilation
     Dr. Strange Records - DSR-96
     Reissue from 2003
02. Freeze, The - Rabid Reaction, 1985 Vinyl LP Album Reissue
     Schizophrenic Records - Schiz 34
     Reissue from 2007
03. Freeze, The - Misery Loves Company, 1991 CD Album
     Taang! Records - TG 9300 2
04. Freeze, The - Five Way Fury, 1992 CD Album
     Lost And Found Records - LF 032/CD
05. Freeze, The - Freak Show, 1995 CD Album
     Lost And Found Records - LF 205/CD
06. Freeze, The - Live From Cape Cod 1980, 2007 Vinyl LP Limited Edition
     Schizophrenic Records - Schiz #29
Classic request zerred for maximum satisfaction of the punkosaurus in every ape. Like many of us, I discovered The Freeze on the compilation that also introduced my young meat to the FU's, Gang Green and Jerry's Kids - ever since the eternal bolts in the indestructible armor or zer. The Freeze from the 80s rocked you out of your underwear and plunged into addiction any punko-sensible killer-riff sponge. Highly infectious stuff! In the 90s (especially on Freak Show), the growing pop-punk thing infected them a bit too much if you ask me, and even if you don't. But still, The Freeze rock and pump til the end of zer!
Remove brackets and unzip: [je suis boston not l.a.]
!ZER Freeze, The ZER!


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