Monday, December 31, 2012

Snake Nation

Snake Nation - Snake Nation 1989
01. Snake Nation - Snake Nation, 1989 LP
     Caroline Records - CAROL 1394
Requested, reloaded, rezer: the hard rocking C.O.C. side-project of 1989. What an amazing record that IMHO was never matched by post-Blind C.O.C. Darkened 70s hard rock drowned in a sludge swamp, triple triple zer!
Oh, for more Corrosion you might be very interested in this blog.
And yeah, a happy new year to everyone. Blog tradition asks to post the 2012 top 5, but I don't think I bought 5 2012 albums. Ah yes: Z, Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Bad Brains, C.O.C., all great, and still waiting for the new Gargoyle, which automatically enters the top 5.
!ZER Snake Nation ZER!
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Sunday, December 30, 2012


S.D.S. - Past And Future Disc 1 1989/1992
S.D.S. - Past And Future Disc 2 1992/1996
S.D.S. - Ameber 1998
01. S.D.S. - Past And Future Disc 1, 1989/1992 CD
     Mangrove - ROOT-16.1/2, Compilation
     1-3: Must Get To The Power Of The Defence For... Flexi (1989) comp, 4-9: Never Arise 7'' (1990), 10-11: I Will Take No Orders From Anyone LP (1991) comp, 12-17: Split LP With Misery (1992)
02. S.D.S. - Past And Future Disc 2, 1992/1996 CD
     Mangrove - ROOT-16.1/2, Compilation
     1: The Breakers CD (1992) comp, 2-3: Discharged (1992) tribute, 4-8: In To The Void, Unreleased LP (1992), 9: Crust And Anguished Life CD (1993), 10.1-4: Meaningful Consolidation 2 x EP (1995), 11: Total Insubordination LP (1996) comp, 12-15: Scum System Kill 7'' (1996)
03. S.D.S. - Ameber, 1998 MCD
     MCR Company - MCR-100CD
Ending the year under a ton of crust is a good idea. Reload, rezer of this incomplete yet super crunchy collection of Extreme Discharge Bastard Terror, consume without restriction and drool. The Mayanollywood end of the world did not work, try SDS!
!ZER Societic Death Slaughter ZER!
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Friday, December 28, 2012

The Krixhjälters + Omnitron

The Krixhjälters - The Krixhjälters 1984/1986
The Krixhjälters - Hjälter Skelter 1988
The Krixhjälters - Evilution 1989
01. The Krixhjälters - The Krixhjälters, 1984/1986 12''
     Rosa Honung Records - FAS 14
02. The Krixhjälters - Hjälter Skelter, 1988 12''
     CBR Records - CBR 107
03. The Krixhjälters - Evilution, 1989 CD
     CBR Records - CBR 108 CD
The quest for requests continues with the Swedish hard rocking jewelers. The first 12'' is a basic and joyful hardcore record, the following albums demonstrate the high class that culminates on the Masterpeace masterpiece, featuring one of the very best Ace Of Spades covers to ever reach my ears, yeah even better than Faff Bey's. Experimentalizer rezer!!
!ZER The Krixhjälters ZER!
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Omnitron - Masterpeace 1990
01. Omnitron - Masterpeace, 1990 CD
     CBR Records - CBR 123
!ZER Omnitron ZER!
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Negative FX + Last Rights

Negative Fx - Goverment War Plans 1982 Demos 1982
Negative Fx - Negative Fx 1982
Last Rights - No Guts, No Glory 1984
01. Negative Fx - Goverment War Plans 1982 Demos, 1982 CD
     Moulty - MOULTY-111CD
02. Negative Fx - Negative Fx, 1982 CD
     Taang! Records - TAANG! 5
     recorded in 1982, from 1996 CD reissue
03. Last Rights - No Guts, No Glory, 1984 CD
     Taang! Records - TAANG! 5
     recorded in 1984, from 1996 CD reissue
Classic of the classics! Boston hardcore! Just like Neos and Jerry's Kids, Negative FX embody the true start of everything raw, short and fast: the sound, the legend, the blood!
Could have added the Slapshot discs here but that will be for another time.
!ZER Negative FX ZER!
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Monday, December 24, 2012

So Much Hate

So Much Hate - How We Feel 1987
So Much Hate - Blind Alley 1988
So Much Hate - Your Choice Live Series 1988
So Much Hate - Seein' Red 1991
So Much Hate - Lies 1993
01. So Much Hate - How We Feel, 1987 LP
     X-Port Plater - X-006
02. So Much Hate - Blind Alley, 1988 LP
     X-Mist Records - XM-012
03. So Much Hate - Your Choice Live Series, 1988 LP
     Your Choice Records - YC-LS 001
04. So Much Hate - Seein' Red, 1991 CD
     Nikt Nic Nie Wie - NNNW 8
     bonus: 13-14: A Day At The Station 7'', 15: Purple Haze
05. So Much Hate - Lies, 1993 LP
     X-Mist Records - XM-040
Thrice requested makes it pop up: the grand reload of So Much Hate, Norway's 80s super export (before the Maybeline scene became all the rage). All the albums are amazing hardcore locomotives with a metal edge that remind me of the first classic Neurosis and mid-to-late era Negazione. Melodic rage and groovy jaws rock til you drop! So Much Class!!!
As newbie and unzer as it gets, do not ask for Kafka Prosess, I don't have any. So Much Hate all day long!!!
!ZER So Much Hate ZER!
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Sunday, December 23, 2012


Abattoir - Vicious Attack 1985
Abattoir - The Only Safe Place 1986
01. Abattoir - Vicious Attack, 1985 CD
     Century Media - CM66011-2
02. Abattoir - The Only Safe Place, 1986 CD
     Century Media - CM66020-2
Back to the future! 1985 forever! Vicious Attack is still the eternal speed metal ultra classic, I certainly dislocated a few vertebrae back in the day headbanging to this VICIOUS MEGA REZER!
!ZER Abattoir ZER!
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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Deepcore Fighter

T.D.F - Secret Of Flesh 1993
01. T.D.F - Secret Of Flesh, 1993 CD
     Tribal War Records - ASIA-8888
Planet Cheese did not explode today, ergo TDF saved the world! Let's thrash til midnight! ZER DEEPCORE FIGHTER!
!ZER The Deepcore Fighter ZER!
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To celebrate the end of the world, no mountain of cheese is tall enough:

This is a great movie:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Energetic Krusher

Energetic Krusher - Path To Oblivion 1989
01. Energetic Krusher - Path To Oblivion, 1989 LP
     Vinyl Solution - SOL 17
Return to this 80s UK thrashing death metal gem! Request completed. This non-stop delivery of penetrating riffs and pounding beats must be the regular breakfast of users of the first A.R.G. album. Classic! Bang your head and thrash til zer!
!ZER Energetic Krusher ZER!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Beefeater - Plays For Lovers 1985
Beefeater - Need A Job 12'' 1986
Beefeater - House Burning Down 1987
01. Beefeater - Plays For Lovers, 1985 CD
     Dischord Records - Dischord 17
     Ripped from 1991 CD reissue DIS64CD
02. Beefeater - Need A Job 12'', 1986 12''
     Olive Tree Records - OTR EP 106
03. Beefeater - House Burning Down, 1987 CD
     Dischord Records - Dischord 23
     Ripped from 1991 CD reissue DIS64CD
J'ai trop mangé. An old request fulfilled at last! The amazing Beefeater are of course still as essential today and their extra hot mix of Bad Brains | Scream | Chili Pepper meta groove makes me shout CLASSIC ZER TIL THE END!
!ZER Beefeater ZER!
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


X-Creta - Patronizing The Heterodox 1986
01. X-Creta - Patronizing The Heterodox, 1986 LP
     Punk Etc. - TORPO 6
Isaac Newton would have been a fan of these Belgian dudes. He would have loved this sawing thrashcore mix of Attitude Adjustment and echoes of early Kreator or Energetic Krusher. Some accelerated Venom | Warfare? All of the above for maximum headbanging zer punk metal attack!
!ZER X-Creta ZER!
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Buy, buy, buy or die!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Nomind - Tales Of Ordinary Madness 1988
01. Nomind - Tales Of Ordinary Madness, 1988 LP
     Lone Wolf Records - LWR-003
As promised, here comes the reload of this FANTASTIC hard rocking classic punk rock album. High class D.I.-sounding masterpiece! Guitar solos and domination! ZER ZER ZER!!!
!ZER Nomind ZER!
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Sunday, December 16, 2012


Gammacide - Victims Of Science 1989
01. Gammacide - Victims Of Science, 1989 CD
     Marquee Records - MR024
     Bonus tracks: 10-13: demo 1991, 14-15: demo 2005
Happy Sunday with this reload of Gammacide, the murderous thrash metal attack for fans of Acrophet and Sacrilege BC or Wehrmacht and Indestroy. Only one album but world class top zer insanity!
[ARCHIVE FIXED - sorry again for the corruption]
!ZER Gammacide ZER!
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Friday, December 14, 2012

The Comes

The Comes - Live 1982-1984 (Disc 1) 1982-1984
The Comes - Live 1982-1984 (Disc 2) 1982-1984
The Comes - No Outsider 1983
The Comes - Power Never Die 1986
01. The Comes - Live 1982-1984 (Disc 1), 1982-1984 CD
     SS Recordings - SS-924, Compilation
     1-14: Meguro Rokumeikan, 1983, 15-20: Shibuya Yaneura, 1984
02. The Comes - Live 1982-1984 (Disc 2), 1982-1984 CD
     SS Recordings - SS-924, Compilation
     15-17: Shinjuku Jam, 1982, others: unknown dates & locations
03. The Comes - No Outsider, 1983 LP
     Hirohito Era Hardcore - HEHC-1, Compilation
     2009 reissue: 1-11: No Side, 12-14: live tracks from Outsider compilation
04. The Comes - Power Never Die, 1986 LP
     Captain Records - CAP-0033-M
Express repost of the much requested The Comes. More raw zer japanabrasion of the aural conduits!
!ZER The Comes ZER!
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Thursday, December 13, 2012


Artillery - Fear Of Tomorrow 1985
Artillery - Terror Squad 1987
Artillery - By Inheritance 1990
Artillery - B.A.C.K. 1999
Artillery - One Foot In The Grave The Other One In The Trash [Live] 2008
Artillery - When Death Comes 2009
Artillery - My Blood 2011
01. Artillery - Fear Of Tomorrow, 1985 CD
     Metal Mind Productions - MASS CD DG 1045
     with 7 bonus tracks
02. Artillery - Terror Squad, 1987 CD
     Metal Mind Productions - MASS CD DG 1046
     with 8 bonus tracks
03. Artillery - By Inheritance, 1990 CD
     Metal Mind Productions - MASS CD DG 1044
     with 6 bonus tracks
04. Artillery - B.A.C.K., 1999 CD
     Metal Mind Productions - MASS CD DG 1043
     with 2 bonus tracks
05. Artillery - One Foot In The Grave The Other One In The Trash [Live], 2008 CD
     Metal Mind Productions - MASS CD 1179 DG
06. Artillery - When Death Comes, 2009 CD
     Metal Mind Productions - MASS CD 1280 DG
     with 2 bonus tracks
07. Artillery - My Blood, 2011 CD
     Metal Mind Productions - MASS CD 1441 DG
To echo this surge of spirituality, let's have another shot of the awesome Artillery!
!ZER Artillery ZER!
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Articles Of Faith

Articles Of Faith - Core 1982/1983/1990
Articles Of Faith - Give Thanks 1984
Articles Of Faith - In This Life 1985
Articles Of Faith - Your Choice Live Series Part 3 # 001 1995
Articles Of Faith - Fortunate Son 2003
Articles Of Faith - New Normal Catastrophe 2010
01. Articles Of Faith - Core, 1982/1983/1990 CD
     Bitzcore - EFA 01664, Compilation
     1991 compilation of 1982/1983 recordings
02. Articles Of Faith - Give Thanks, 1984 CD
     Bitzcore - EFA 01678
     1992 reissue with 2 bonus tracks
03. Articles Of Faith - In This Life, 1985 LP
     Lone Wolf Records - LWR 001
04. Articles Of Faith - Your Choice Live Series Part 3 # 001, 1995 CD
     Your Choice Records - YC-LS 022
05. Articles Of Faith - Fortunate Son, 2003 MCD
     Alternative Tentacles - Virus 299
06. Articles Of Faith - New Normal Catastrophe, 2010 LP
     Alternative Tentacles - Virus 422
Another refill of classic hardcore before the end of the world (countdown -9, don't you forget it). AOF were (are?) a unique blend of rage and melody, with a drop of Hüsker Dü and the formidable velocity and class of early Scream. One of the godfathers of the genre, for the post-DKs generation. The new Catastrophe mini LP is a fantastic return. Buy it! Killer rezer!!!
!ZER Articles Of Faith ZER!
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Rammer - Incinerator And Krusher 2002
Rammer - Suffer 12'' 2003
Rammer - Cancer 2006
Rammer - Otherworldly Resurrection 12'' 2009
01. Rammer - Incinerator And Krusher, 2002 CD
     Shifty Records - Sh 11, Compilation
     1-5: Incinerator, 6-9: Krusher
02. Rammer - Suffer 12'', 2003 12''
     Slasher Records - MURDER 01
03. Rammer - Cancer, 2006 CD
     Blue Fog - VOID008-2
04. Rammer - Otherworldly Resurrection 12'', 2009 12''
     Schizophrenic Records - Schiz 39
I wouldn't leave the top post with the RUG, so here is a fresh hot thing, not a repost, not a request: the unbelievable Rammer!!! To put it simply, Rammer released my über favorite Canadian metal discs of the decade with the murderous Cancer and the following mini LP (awesome white printed slab!) - OK, along with the furious records from Golers. Sodom and The Accüsed fans can only be blown away by Cancer. This is not to say the early material isn't great, it rips too, but Cancer obliterates. Yes they were possessed by the 80s thrash metal spirit, yet Rammer were still much more than another of these 80s retro bands (and to think some of these guys are now in Toxic Holocaust...). They were as intense, massive and exciting as Razor in 1990. It's a complete shame they split up and abandoned us to the plague of Kataplasm and all that. Zer for more Rammer!!! Total thrash attack!!! Skullcrusher!!!
!ZER Rammer ZER!
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Randy Uchida Group

Randy Uchida Group - Deathly Fighter Anthology 1984
01. Randy Uchida Group - Deathly Fighter Anthology, 1984 LP
     GISM Appreciation Society - GAS WAR 001, Compilation
The WAV was still on my hard drive since the last time it was posted, so here it is again, but I still don't like it very much. It deserves a spot here as an artifact of the GISM legacy. There's an Ozzy cover...
!middle ZER Randy Uchida Group ZER!
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