Saturday, December 3, 2011


Suck On This (live 1989), 1990
Frizzle Fry, 1990
Sailing The Seas Of Cheese, 1991
Miscellaneous Debris, 1992
Pork Soda, 1993
Tales From The Punchbowl, 1995
Brown Album, 1997
Rhinoplasty, 1998
Videoplasty, 1998
Anti-Pop, 1999
Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People, 2003
The Green Naugahyde, 2011
The live bootlegs:
Master Of Puppies, 1990
Gone Fishing (disc 1), 1992
Gone Fishing (disc 2), 1992
Does Primus Really Fry ?, 1990
You Can't Party Without Me, 1993
Here Come The Bastards, 1992
Madhöuse, 1993
Back In The Madhöuse (part 1), 1993
Back In The Madhöuse (part 2), 1993
TOO MANY PUPPIES!!! LAST SALMON MAN!!! The Green Naugahyde is as green a come back as you could have wished in this universe. Who would have guessed that from the thigh of Possessed and Blind Illusion would explode the omnipotent soundgasm of the 20th century. I almost ODed on Primus. And now I will shut up and listen to Frizzle Fry and Animals again. Don't forget Animals, it's totally total too (and buy it, it comes with an amazing DVD overloaded with all the clips and some live shows, rezer). Bootlegs: get Madhöuse!!!
CD rip. Rhinosplasty and Miscellaneous Debris are cover EPs (The Residents, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, The Meters, XTC, Police, Stanley Clarke, Metallica, Jerry Reed).

Consume some Primus now!

GCDBMDD #5 : Thème du jour : Thanks God it's Friday ! Funk et soul à tous les étages
Encore pris au piège par le thème du jour du GCDBMDD vu le taux très très bas de funk/soul dans ma maigre discothèque. Ça se limiterait au produit phare de la fin des années 80 : la vague de "funk rap metal" (veuillez noter les guillemets) inspirée de Red Hot Chili Peppers, Suicidal Tendencies et Slayer (j'aime peu écrire le mot "Metallica"). Et mis à part quelques pointures énormes comme 24/7 Spyz, Freaky Fukin Weirdoz, Maelstrom ou Scat Opera, on ne peut pas dire que j'en ai beaucoup mangé, le style de leurs majestés Victims Family ou NoMeansNo étant davantage ma tasse de thé et mon assiette de choucroute. Alors voici Primus, l'un des plus larges dilatateurs de tympans des deux dernières décennies et quart, monument des forêts intérieures et des fumées extérieures, totem de l'amour des vertèbres, chancelier du métabolisme auriculaire. C'est pas aussi funk que James Brown, mais plus que Portal.
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  1. J'aime bien ta plume en français Zer. Ouais. L'English suit pas habile.

  2. Being that you enjoy the wonderful Fromage d'Primus along with your avant-garde funkore metal worship of Victims Family and NOMEANSNO, I'd like to present for your consideration Big Hair to the Eternal Zer. What is more cheese, afterall, than a big hair band?

    Here is their Complete Auvergne in FLAC including an early live set. [No password]

    01 |
    02 |
    03 |
    04 |
    05 |

    1. You're most welcome. What are your impressions of Big Hair?

    2. 1) I am rather pissed I hadn't heard them before, that's over 20 years of ignorance for me
      2) they are awesome, the perfect hybrid of Primus and Victims family with crazy violin, as you promised




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