Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Richard Wal*Martineau

Dieudonné vs. Richard Wal*Martineau
Raël vs. Richard Wal*Martineau
Zer. A short pause in our stream of noizer. You need to understand French language to enjoy these masterpieces. Richard Wal*Martineau is the most uneducated person in the worldwide entertainment industry, which is already well filled with hardcore morons. His is the undisputed Emperor of the Farting Mouths, and holds the self-appointed title of High Priest of Those Whose Neuron Is Dry. The guy calls himself a journalist, but this is an insult to journalists as well as newsstands employees. And when he speaks, he sounds like a duck with flu. Ok, that was mean and a bit ad hominem. Zer.
Raël is my favorite religious entrepreneur. The only problem is his obvious blindness to Zer. Forget the Elohims, embrace the darkness of Zer. Zer. And bring all those nice Raelian ladies with you. When the Gospel Of Zer is ready, thou shalt open to the infinite power of the zerness of Zer as Zer delivers the rites of the Assblaster and the Dildozer.
Dieudonné is a controversial French comedian who earned the black sheep tag in the francophone united medias. Dieudonné is Satan.
So of course Wal*Martineau in true Wal*Martineau fashion tries to capitalize on the media bashing previously earned by these two artists (Wal*Martineau only swims in safe waters, he is the Canadian answer to the French National Ass Douche: Thierry Ardisson). And eventually both Raël and Dieudonné effortlessly evaporate Wal*Martineau's kindergarten rhetoric. He's the one ending up ridiculed and sounding like the olympic retard with a hypertrophied arrogance gland he is. Priceless. Total ZERRR!!!
Dieudonné sur Wikipedia
Raël sur Wikipedia
Raël on Wikipedia
les INCROYABLES assemblages de lettres et de ponctuation de Richard Wal*Martineau pour lesquels il reçoit DE L'ARGENT! OUI, ON LE PAYE POUR ÇA! VOLEUR!
le blog avec de la pub autour
Richar Wal*Martineau sera l'invité principal du nouveau numéro de Roger.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot: FUCK TELEVISION!!! May the endless stream from my intestines drown it forever. Zer.

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