Saturday, November 8, 2008

Victims Family

voltage & violets, 1986
white bread blues + things I hate to admit, 1988/1990
the germ, 1992
maybe if I..., 1993
headache remedy, 1994
4 great thrash songs, 1995
Apocalicious (LP), 2001
Apocalicious (CD), 2001
A few times on this blog I declared Z or Y to be my favorite band of all times and spaces, for example CCM or Rose Rose. Now it's Victims Family's turn. When Primus came out with "suck on this", the general reaction in my village was "not bad for Victims Family wannabes". Victims Family is the greatest treasure ever hatched by the rock scene at large. The first two weeks after White bread blues came out, I used to wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning just to listen to it before going to my university classes. Strongly influenced by Frank Zappa, their jazzy virtuoso punk rock cannot faithfully be described with an alphabet. Just download and rejoice. I saw them several times between 1989 and 1992 and only Nomeansno, Primus or Shellac could put out performances of similar power. I want to be buried with these records.
If new to Victims Family, recommended order of introduction: all the albums, zer.
Or for the time-impaired superhuman: White bread blues, The Germ, 4 Great thrash songs and then everything else.
ABSOLUTE ÜBER CLASSIC ZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apocalicious + voltage: vinyl rip.
Rest : CD rip.
I'll do another post with Saturn Flea Collar, Hellworms, Triclops, Freak Accident and all their other bands.
more downloads from their website


  1. I was late bloomer with Victims Family. I didn't get in to them until '91, but man what a ride it's been. Sadly I never got to catch them live. Kudos...

  2. beside GOD,ARM,PRIMUS
    the best dand of my youth
    DUMP recommend the Polish

  3. Thanks for the re-upload of the covers. Everytime I find something new in your blog, but this really opens a new horizon for me, I'm really looking forward to the show. And 3 days later, Nomeansno will also play here, which is absolutely AWESOME !!!

  4. Cheers! Victims Family and Nomeansno never disppoint live, I envy you! Actually, they're all ALWAYS AMAZING! Enjoy!

  5. Hey man, you're absolutely right, the show was fantastic yesterday. After the shitty support act the singer started the show with the words 'Hi, we're Victims Family, thanks everybody for coming. Really, you shouldn't have.' But that would not turn out as true. From the first song, there was a great positive mood in the whole room, people dancing and really enjoying themselves. I didn'd think it was possible to move to these weird tunes, but it was and they made it a really intense experience. I was happy to see that they have an audience and there are people who like that kind of music. It wasn't completely full, but quite an amount of people there. After this great show I'm looking forward to Nomeansno on Wednesday now.

  6. Great! So they did not lose it over the years, excellent - but I wasn't expecting anything less than awesome from them. I do hope they'll stop by in Montreal. What an exceptional band!
    Enjoy NoMeansNo! Another totally killer live band!

  7. Always one of my favorites (beside NMN). Got all their stuff on vinyl, except the 7''s, but including the compilations. And of course I saw them live a few times. Looking forward to seeing them again on the 2011 spring tour.

  8. Please re-seed The Germ and 4 Great Thrash Songs ...




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