Friday, July 31, 2009


Actually, after these torture videos I might reconsider my obstinate refusal to watch 2-girls-1-cup. The quantity of such "vocal cover" clips on youtube is unbelievable, especially over a McMetal background. The most intriguing part is why would anyone want to upload this kind of horror on the internet. I'd rather reformat all my hard drives than let anyone see me doing something like this...


  1. Man, they're even worse than the first guy you posted :-o.

  2. Please continue to post these. I know how painful it is for you to dig them up but they are frigin' awesome. I can't stop laughing.

  3. the second guy was better than the 1st guy, the beginning scream was a really hard thing to do, to sustain it for eleven seconds and actually sound good after was amazing, i dont know why you found that horrible

  4. now i think you are really retarded...these guys got their vocals down and rocked it out (exept for the first one, cuz he was out of tune in alot of notes) but they were great, i cant see any reason why they suck

  5. I am not denying I am retarded. But if you think these are good performances, you're 12 years old or have never heard real singers. Plus their choices of songs deeply hurt my feelings, there are countless of great/real bands with amazing vocals to cover, like Tool, Bad Brains, Into Another... Why would you then select some manufactured talentless recycled wal*mart adolescent MTV pseudo-metal farts like Killswitch Engaged ? It's like using Pantera as a philosophical reference, or Celine Dion for her poetry.

  6. Zer is kinda right, the first performance was just horrible...that nigga cant even sing, and he brutally KILLED killswitch engaged, but i dont think the second guy was that bad i mean he got a really long scream that was hard to do, i think he got it for 13 seconds (near a longest scream for a song by Chester Bennington of LP which is 18 secs on Given up) and the kid actually hit the right notes, give me your thoughts why you think the second guy was horrible? cuz i think he wasnt and he has a great tone on his voice and he is pitch perfect...his voice is ALMOST NEAR Bert McCrackens Voice

    Please Reply Mr Zer, i wanna hear your thoughts

  7. Don't use the word "nigga", except if you're Garth Ennis and writing a Barracuda story. Thanks.
    As powerful long screams go, I personally know 2 guys - Mike from CortisoL and Youri from Cryptopsy/Unhuman who sang on the last 2 Porno Coma albums - who can sustain way longer than that (try the 1 minute mark). And there are many others.
    I'll admit the second young guy was less horrible than the first big guy, and that I was also judging the choice of his song, but actually zer, he's into it, good for him.
    Now, I don't like this style of whiny vocals, I do hate the mix of bad pop and the generic metal sound, and it's not because he karaokes it well that I can praise the performance.
    Actually he's not tight with the music.
    Also, karaoke, c'mon, is there anything unzer than that... I wouldn't be 1% as judgmental on a complete band performance even it was twice as bad. Also I was astonished by the number of such vocal videos on youtube, what a complete waste of time and bandwidth. Do it for real, start a band with human moving flesh. At the very minimum, you have enough hardware to release embarrassing videos, therefore you have what it takes (to run Cubase or equivalent) to make you own music. Don't be shy. Zer.

  8. Lol, have you ever heard the original version of that song?? i mean the 2nd guy actually sounds like McCracken, I dont think The Used is any related to pop...they are a Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Metal Band...i mean if you listen to his scream carefully he actually sounds like Dani Filth (Cradle Of Filth) and you cant judge the person or tell whether he is in a band or not, i mean have you ever heard of GigaScythe on youtube (the guy who does vocal covers of linkin park's songs) he actually has a band called Roses For A Saints and they already have an cant tell dude, i mean how could you tell if he has a band or not?? have you ever asked him?? or maybe try to ask him on youtube, and maybe if he doesnt have a band maybe hes got reasons, dude im not trying to protect the Kid here, but saying that hes horrible is a MEAN MEAN thing to do, i mean..this is talent at a young age and haters are the ones stopping this so maybe respect the kid, cmon hes a good singer

  9. Are you his mother or sister ? Yes maybe he has a band, but not on the video, so wtf ? Take this as negative reinforcement for large scale improvement...
    Yes, my remark is mean and he will cry if he reads it. But I did not go as far as leaving a bad comment on the youtube page, I am not that evil.
    When you post anything on a public medium like the internet, shouldn't you expect bad comments ? The net is not a big nice cozy village of warm friends. But if was my son, of course I'd praise him.
    Now, I listened to it again because of your remarks, and yes, I find it very bad. It is often out of tune and not tight. And he sings over very bad music.
    I shoot barbed-wire thunder at sinners who commit the crime of indulging in this screamo shit. Screamo is illegal. I hate Cradle of Filth too if that makes you feel better. I'm an old-school fat amateur with an old-school, narrow minded view of heavy music. Screamo has the same effect on me as Kiss or Céline Dion or Linkin' Pork or Christian Victory metalcore or viking metal. I just can't stand it.
    This song (from The Used which I had never heard of before) is ugly pop - distortion guitars and screams don't make it any less bad pop for college parties and tv ads.
    This blog is not an encyclopedia of objective criticism and detailed analysis, it's just my subjective take on whatever I feel like pushing or bashing. Not a lot of bashing anyway...
    Anything else ?




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