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Here is a spam I got yesterday. Sounds interesting but I have not read the book yet, I have no idea if it's great or a piece of crap (and I have not read anything else by the author). Try it out for yourself and let me know before I start reading if it's worth processing the 315 pages. Anyway, a book featuring MDC and Brutal Truth can't be entirely bad! Zer! The ad :

Underground journalist RYAN BARTEK unleashes long-awaited road book

Above is the FREE PDF download link to Ryan Bartek’s long-anticipated road book/music journalism expose “THE BIG SHINY PRISON,” covering all forms of extreme metal, punk, industrial, experimental, rock, electronic, psychedelia, etc.

This book is packed with interviews – from Brutal Truth to Millions of Dead Cops, Impaled to DWARVES, Repulsion to Cephalic Carnage. AxCx to Pig Destroyer, Kylesa to STALAGGH, Genghis Tron to Abysmal Dawn & beyond. Even USA President Barack Obama makes the most bizarre appearance of his entire career. Yet that’s just scraping the surface & below you will find a comprehensive list of appearances.
The following statement comes directly from the author: “My name is Ryan Bartek. For the past 3 years I’ve sacrificed everything for the successful completion of this project. I spent a year on the road, another year completing & shopping it, and another year of total rejection. It is only karmically fitting that both the demise of magazine & book publishing come in one fell swoop.

I was never in it for the money, nor the aspect of celebrity. I have spent an upwards of $10,000 on it, which I remark only to underline my absolute sincerity. No one would deny its quality -- but the raw nature of the work, as well as its excessive length, made it impossible to pigeon hole or successfully shop. Nothing like it has ever been accomplished, at least not in the format I’ve undertaken.

After this seemingly endless struggle, I have decided to offer it to the public domain. While I retain the copyright/trademark, I both encourage and support file sharing. It is my only wish that this manuscript be circulated & appreciated. Perhaps when all is said and done, someone might step up and offer a physical print run.

“THE BIG SHINY PRISON” can be downloaded at the following link:
If you cannot view a PDF file, either I or June Mansfield from Anomie PR will resend it as an MS Word Document or RTF File upon request.

If anyone wishes to circulate this PDF to their contacts, I hereby give full permission. If anyone runs a zine or label and wants to post the PDF on your site, I also endorse this action.

If anyone should so kindly post this announcement on their news blog, review the book, or send interview questions, I’d also be much appreciative.

Since there is no “official release” slated as of yet, the “time-sensitive” aspect of promotion is rendered moot (i.e. whenever you feel like getting around to it).

Also available for download are the front cover and promotional logo.

Book Cover direct link:

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Promotional Logo direct link:

Promotional Logo HTML Embed: <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

I wrote this book to prove that no answer is ever “the answer,” and that all of us – no matter our vocation – are part of something larger then we might ever consider. My entire life I’ve been a nobody, underdog freak. From the moment I discovered the underground, my quest has been that of finding a way to unite us all. “THE BIG SHINY PRISON” is my ultimate thesis.

Readers may be horrifically alienated/insulted by the views of some in this book. I endorse none but my own, and I think it’s fairly obvious where I stand. Anyone who knows me well enough realize that if I “explain the joke” then the jokes not funny. In “BSP,” I am relegated to the status of a ping-pong ball gathering information. I am a clown, a prankster, land pyrate & gutter philosopher – nothing more.”

That much said, welcome to “THE BIG SHINY PRISON.”

Dr. Ryan Bartek

Mabusvanian Consulate of Inter-Communal Affairs – myspace/bigshinyprison -- myspace/ghostnomadlives
June Mansfield: Anomie PR

“THE BIG SHINY PRISON” features appearances & interviews with members of
Brutal Truth, Pig Destroyer, DWARVES, Barack Obama, MDC (Millions of Dead Cops), Repulsion, Psyopus, Abysmal Dawn, Cephalic Carnage, Kylesa, Deathlist 5, Ludicra, RATT, Lesbian, HIMSA, Job For A Cowboy, Atheist, Sol Evil, Impaled, Diverje, Light This City, PHOBIA, Kettle Cadaver, Scorched Earth, Foxy Shazam, Otesanek, In Memorium, Duff’s Brooklyn, EXITIUM, The Angelic Process, ANAL CUNT, Blood Stained Dusk, Screaming Mechanical Brain, Fre-Ne-Tik, Zeke, Peppermint Creeps, Genghis Tron, Intronaut, Downtown Brown, Solger, Friends of Dennis Wilson, PHALLUS, Chinese Work Ethic, Melechesh, Vile, STALAGGH, Beefcake In Chains, SINDIOS, OCTAGON, The Gracchi, My Uncle The Wolf, Apocryph, Salt Lick, Amish Noise, Street Crime, 7000 Dying Rats, Churchburner, The Jet City Fixx, Alchemical Burn, Crematorium, Waco Jesus, Snotrokitz, Suicide Holiday, Galway Arms, Vertigo Venus, Severed Savior, Kill The Precedent, Kill The Client, Dreaming Dead, They Live, Brian Botkiller, Quinta Essentia, Alternative Tentacles, Whorehouse of Representatives, DSBP Records, RU-486, Mathematicians, Anal Pudding, Nihilistik Terrorist, Nihilistic Outlaw Criminal Order, A.K.A. MABUS, Onyx, Disgorge, Jack Cassady, Beer Metal Records, The Crashing Falcon, Lysia Gori, Stormdrain, The Dingbatz, Bu Hao Ting, Potty Mouth Society, Funeral Age, Uranium Death Crow, High Intensity Discharge, Stahlmantel, Hymns of The NeedleFreak, Hammers of Misfortune, The Plankton Beat, Ron of Japan, Jakked Rabbits, SASQUATRCH AGNSOTIC, The STD’s, The Plankton Beat, The Slashers, We Both Know, Hunab Ku, Black Flame Records & many others.

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