Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reload : Heresy + Concrete Sox, Warfare, Dr. Know, A.M.Q.A., Verbal Abuse, World Burns To Death

More CD rips to replace previously zerred vinyl rips:

Concrete Sox
Yes, the split LP on CD! But unfortunately, it's only a vinyl rip... the booklet is a great reproduction of the original LP, but still it's a fucking vinyl rip (a bit louder than mine), I should have known.
the cultozerissimus erectilegendary split album, 1986
Ok, let's add a live split CD with Doom:
Live! Udine, Italy , 30-03-1989

One of my top zer thrash bands ever, in the Venom|Tank|Bulldozer|Atomkraft family, THE ALMIGHTY WARFARE!!! Actually I never confessed, but I do prefer Warfare to Venom. Warfare are catchier and more punk, zerrRRrrRrRRRrR!!!! Awesome compilation on 2 discs:
the best of Warfare CD 1, 1984/1985
the best of Warfare CD 2, 1984/1990
Metal Archive says:
Tracks 1-11 on CD1 are from the debut album "Pure Filth".
The tracks "This Machine Kills" and "Rose Petals Fall From Her Face" from the album "Pure Filth" are not on this compilation.
Tracks 12-19 on CD1 and track 1 on CD2 form the entire 2nd album "Metal Anarchy".
Track 2 on CD2 is from the 1987 Single "Addicted to Love".
Tracks 3, 4 on CD2 are from the album "Mayhem, Fuckin' Mayhem".
Track 5 on CD2 is from the 1984 Single "Two Tribes".
Tracks 6-13 on CD2 are from the album "Conflict Of Hatred".
The tracks "Wax Works", "Hate to Create" and "Fatal Vision" from the album "Conflict Of Hatred" are not on this compilation.

There are actually demo and live tracks, they're not all from the "Pure Filth" or "Metal Anarchy" sessions, you still need the vinyl rips to have the real things. Now we also need the full "Mayhem" and the live album album from real digital extraction, PLEASE NEAT RECORDS BE NEAT!

Dr. Know
2 more compilations from the nardcore kings:
This one is "Habily (what was old is new)" plus 4 great covers songs (AC/DC, Metallica etc.), so I sold my copy of Habily:
Fuck Off And Die!, 2002
"Best Of"s suck and discographies rule, but this one is an early discography called "best of". Not a full discog but has what we love most: the early material from Plug In Jesus, Burn, Original Group etc. It's all mixed up, which is dumb, but a quick reordering of the 33 tracks gives you all the early records without the vinyl cracks and pops, fuck yeah:
The Best Of Dr Know, 1983/1986 (released in 2001)

Ok this is not a CD rip, but "Mutant Cats From Hell" has always been one of my favorite punches in the face, so I re-ripped it, yes! That's like the DKs and Slayer in one tight trio. The original re-rip motivation was that I just found the 7" under a pile of other things, and "Mutant" deserved a louder/cleaner rip than in 2008, so zer zer zer:
Cats Are Neat 7", 1986
1. Omega Supreme 01:30
2. Nice Truck 01:40
3. Rick 01:37
4. Stiff N Blue 01:41
5. Family Reunion Massacre 02:39
6. Cats are neat 01:55
7. Bowling Balls 02:01

Mutant Cats From Hell, 1988
1. Decode 01:07
2. Energetic Disassembly 00:32
3. Redneck 01:31
4. Crunch 02:33
5. Post-Nuclear-Holocaust-Depression-Syndrome 01:05
6. Bowling Balls 02:16
7. Faceplant 01:39
8. No Loss 00:48
9. Thump,Thump,Thump 01:07
10. Snostrebla 01:40
11. Mutant Cats From Hell 02:33
12. Red Streak 01:31 / Fever 00:38
13. Babysitter 00:33
14. A.M.Q.A 02:16
15. Political Corruption 00:53
16. Cats Are Neat 01:52
17. Stiff 'N' Blue 01:09
18. Jetson 01:21
19. Cop On A Meathook 01:41

Verbal Abuse
Again, this is a vinyl rip on CD... It looks useless but it has bonus tracks worthy of attentive headbanging (demos, comp tracks and several live tracks from the "Passport" live album, which is dumb, but zer). Anyway it is still a hard rocking crossover classic that every normal human and pig - whether involved in orgies or not - needs to own!
V.A. rocks your liver and then sore, 1986 (with 1985/1990 bonus tracks)

World Burns To Death
The killer 3rd album of one of the most killer US hardcore bands of the decade!
The Graveyard Of Utopia


  1. Thanks for the re-ups, especially the VA. I've only seen them twice and they killed both times.

  2. Mutant Cats From Hell rar. include only 18 tracks
    Tracklist include 20 track - missing 2 track???

  3. World Burns To Death

    total fucking hardcore bands!!!

    cheers from BRAZIL

  4. AMQA: I forgot to slice the last song (last 2 songsin mp3 #18), sorry. I uploaded a new archive with 19 mp3s. Also Red Streak and Fever are one song (combined as Red Streak / Fever on the lyrics sheet).

  5. thanks for both AMQA

  6. hey zer, cool blog.

    mutant cats from hell is missing track 13 fever that i can tell. there should be 20 tracks, and 19 are in the folder. can you please reupload this gem? thanks!

  7. Fever is in track 12 (red streak + fever in a single mp3), I forgot to split it...




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