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Reload: Outo, C.C.M., Spermbirds, Dehumanizers, Amebix, Militant Mothers, Wretched

Welcome into another orgy of reloads! CD rips to replace previous vinyl rips, plus reload of "The Power Remains" from Amebix which mysteriously disappeared, and better re-rip of the Militant Mothers superb live record, zerrrR!rrR!rR!RrRR!Rr!!!RRRR!r!RRr!RRrrr!RrR!!RR!

The Incredible Outo CD!!!, 1982/1988


Outo or the perfection of the mean 80s iconic Japanese hardcore thrashing! This is a mandatory CD from an all-time favorite of mine, as satisfying as GISM!
Hardcore Unlawful Assembly Compilation LP
1 I Like Cola
2 U.K.
Many Question, Poison Answer 7"
3 Frog Song
4 Death Of Victims
5 No Future
6 Jason
Half Wit Life 7"
7 Skate To Hell
8 Half Wit Life
9 Junk
10 Crazy Mom
Thrash Till Death Compilation LP
11 Slang
12 Risky Risky
13 Rise From The Dead
14 Leather Face
15 Warriors
16 Ending For Slag
正直者は馬鹿を見る LP
17 正直者は馬鹿を見る
18 Free Man
19 Mt. Osabishi Broken Fuckers
20 I Can Say
21 Risky Risky
22 Not Worth Damn
23 Lost Of Words
24 My Revenge
25 In My Head
26 British Bulldog
27 Cops
28 Last Countdown
My Meat's Your Poison Compilation LP
29 Rise One's Fist
30 Take Humanity Back
31 Believe In Oneself
32 Rise From The Dead (Muties Version)
No Way Out 7"
33 Fall Down
34 Never Win
35 No Way Out

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers
Early Discography, 1981/1984
The Italian hardcore gods' first releases, I could not resist. Their best stuff is not on this CD (Into The Void, the live album and the awesome tracks from the legendary compilation What Does Not Hurt Us), but this is mandatory anyway.
CD rip made from vinyls

400 Fascists 7":
1 Four Hundred Fascists 01:21
2 Tellyson 01:21
3 Akool 04:31
Furious Party 7":
4 Easy Targets 01:53
5 Frustration II 01:34
6 Frustration I 01:13
7 Furious Party 01:47
Permanent Scar split 12" with I Refuse It:
8 Voice of the Blood 01:11
9 Barbed Wire World 01:14
10 (Right to Be) Italian 01:09
11 Nation of Fire 01:25
12 Envy (I'm a Mess) 01:19
13 Foe or Friend 01:40
14 (We're) the Juvenile Delinquency 01:14
15 Work (Means Death) 01:18
16 400 Fascists (in Town Tonite) 01:03
17 Best Party Ever - No Bore 01:07
18 Alkool 01:00
19 (Everyday's a) Reagan Day 01:44
20 Bendix Power-Secret Hate 02:13
21 Addiction 02:05
22 Camp Darby Blues 01:29
23 Any Sacrifice 01:29
Last White Christmas tape:
24 Need a Crime/Ultracore 01:26
25 Mercenaries 02:04
26 Brand New One #2 13:40
Senza Tregua tape:
27 Terminal Fun 02:43
28 Commandos 02:55
29 Mad Race 02:53
from We Can Do Whatever We Want compilation:
30 Friend or Foe (live) 01:44

Something To Prove + Nothing Is Easy + My God Rides A Skateboard 7", 1985/1987
Yes yes yes! Classic classic classic German hardcore! Total headbanger!

The First Five Years Of Drug Abuse (CD1), 1986/1987
The End of Fucking Time (CD2), 1986
More super classssssssssssssssic hardcore! Nasty smart-ass hardcore does not age, bang that grey head! Disc 1 is a compilation with the Kill Lou Guzzo 7", alternate versions and songs from the LPs, while dics 2 is the entire and uncut fucking End Of Time album! Are you sweating?
You must buy this master piece of legend!

The Power Remains, 1986/1987
Let's ressuscitate this amazing collection of live and studio tracks.
Vinyl rip:
1. I.C.B.M. 05:56
2. The Power Remains 04:35
3. Chain Reaction 05:32
4. Last Will and Testament 07:11
5. Nobodys Driving 05:30
6. Fallen From Grace 04:45
7. Arise! 03:19
8. Drink and be Merry 05:05

Militant Mothers
Dream Trash Live, 1991
Fuck yeah, the AMAZING live record of Germany's kings of rock - Bad Brains style. MM are also on a prominent position on the Eternal Top Zer, this stuff is just world class. And yes, this vinyl comes in a metal 12" cover, I mean true printed and embossed metal (and larger than Slayer's Decade Of Aggression!), the thing must weigh a pound. Unique packaging! FANTASTIC RECORD!!!
Vinyl louder and track separated re-rip:
Intro/Something's Wrong
From Island To Island
My Decay
I'm Eighteen
The Strange Journey Of Killing Yourself
The Acid Of Life
A Gun Or A Brain
Sailin' On
Different Souls

Vivi Ogni Momento, 1986/1987
More of the Italian cream of hardcore! Totally dark raging noisy thrashing zer! This superb digipack CD contains only two of the studio records, but maybe with a better remaster than on the Lotta Per Vivere CD (which you still need in order to get the early skin-burning material). The live tracks of their last show make this CD definitely mandatory. THE CULT IS ALIVE!
La Tua Morte Non Aspetta - 12" LP 1986
1 Senti Il Richiamo
2 Sezionati Vivi
3 Verso Il Tuo Orrizonte
4 Angosce
5 Vivere Nell'Incubo
6 La Tua Morte Non Aspetta
In Controluce - 7" EP 1987
7 In Controluce
8 Libero E Selvaggio
Live In Padova, 1987 - Last Show Ever !!!
9 Genti Il Richiamo
10 Sezionati Vivi
11 Finira' Mai
12 Disperato Ma Vivo
13 Angosce
14 Come Un Cappio
15 Troppo Facile
16 Verso Il Tuo Orrizonte
17 Solo Guerra
18 Muori Per La Patria Muori Per Niente
19 Non Ingannarti
20 Vivere Nell'Incubo
21 Mai Arrendersi
22 La Tua Morte Non Aspetta
Extra Interactive Part With:
23 Wretched - Videos (Mostly Unreleased) & Photogallery !!!

You should now go to the Sludge Swamp and send them your own summer compilation! It's reader's submission time. Here is my big ass beach music collection.


  1. track 35 in outo is corrupted

  2. we could be brothers,,serious,,same dam taste in tunes

  3. Track 35 from The Incredible Outo CD!!! is corrupted

  4. I love the Spermbirds! Thanks for these classics. :D

  5. Haha, The Spermbirds support Youth Of Today on their midlife crisis reunion tour in Europe in September this year :-)
    I think I'll go there with a Lethal Aggression T-Shirt :-)

  6. Argh... Y.O.T., the reunion nobody wanted... Funny, I saw them in '89 with Lethal Aggression opening. Drug fiends alcoholics opening for straight edge boy scouts, yeah!
    Psycho (yesssss, from Boston!!!) this Saturday in Montreal!

  7. Thanks for your kind words 2nd person who said we sound like Chaos Uk never was a big fan of them hahaha all the best visit my site again & feel free to actually put up the demo properly if you email me i'll send you the artwork which should be done with in a few days thats front & back

  8. Funny, I saw Y.O.T. with L.A. opening in 1989, too. I thought they toured together only in Europe, I didn't know it was in Canada, too. The reason why they toured together was because Funhouse Records, the German label where they were both signed in, organized it for them. But seems they didn't get along, L.A. broke off on have of the tour.

    Fuck Shit, Psycho...I should live in Canada...

    I'm gonna see The Cro-Mags next week and 7 Seconds in 2 weeks.

  9. Yes it was in Europe only (I saw them in France).
    Which version of the Cro-Mags is it? Enjoy!

  10. I think it's John Joseph, Macky, A.J. Novello, and Craig Setari.

  11. Hardcore Til I DieJune 8, 2018 at 4:10 PM

    WOE!!! Militant Mothers, Wretched, Dehumanizers, Outo ... ?!?!??!!?!

    That is AWESOME! I have been looking for this albums forever ... thank you sooooooooooooo much!

    .h.a.r.d.c.o.r.e. .t.i.l. .i. .d.i.e

  12. Hardcore Til I DieJune 8, 2018 at 4:11 PM

    Oh crap .. just saw that all the links are down ... too bad ... i love these albums!

    great site though!




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