Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reload: No Pigs, Uncle Slam, Bastard, Sacrilege, Rattus, The Fartz, Wrecking Crew, Ratos De Porao

Maximum CD reload, remake and complements of previously posted vinyls:

No Pigs
The 2008 No Pigs post was just shit, here is a proper rip (louder, cleaner, from a non-scratched In Her House!) of their two classic metal records plus this time the debut punk 7". The two 12" do not age, the heavy and dark crossover they propel in your direction rocks til you drop as much as any current release. The speed and groove of Excel and some Broken Bones with the mean heaviness of NoNoYesNo, fucking classic zErRRRrrrRRRrRRrRR!R!RR!RrrRR!R!RR! Don't miss the hardcore punk 7" either, it's a raw echo of the 80s German syle of Porno Patrol and such.
Vinyl rip:
No Pigs 7", 1984
A1 Broken Promises
A2 Money
A3 Anytime
B1 Side By Side
B2 Shoplifting
B3 Desolation

Black Day, 1987
A1 Black Day
B1 Reality
B2 Lust For Death
B3 Rage

In Her House, 1988
A1 In Her House
A2 Exit
A3 Crybaby
A4 Stained Sheets
B1 Smile
B2 How High
B3 Resent
B4 Word Press

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Uncle Slam
Uncle Slam - Say Uncle, 1988 / 2010
Amazing reissue - fully remastered for maximum kick-ass ass kicking! The first and best Uncle Slam album totally deserved to resurface reinforced and rejuvenated to remind the Municipal Waste generation where all this crossover greatness came from. We never get enough of the Suicidal Tendencies | DRI | Excel zernesssssss!!!!!
CD rip.
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No Hope In Here, 1989/1992
Yessss the Bastard CD at last! Classic deadly Japanese Discharge | E.N.T. for all lovers of crust worldwide!
1-8. Wind Of Pain LP
9-14. Controled In The Frame EP
15. Unreleased
16. Triple Cross Counter EP
CD rip.

Sacrilege - Time To Face The Ripper (demos 1984-1986), 2009
This is an excellent official release in a very nice digipack with booklet (liner notes, pics and lyrics). The music combines the four demos (the first two also to be found on the Early Demos LP and the last two from the Within The Prophecy demos CDR from last year's Sacrilege post). Still the ripping metal crust super classic!
CD rip.
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Rattus - BCT, 1983
To complete the Rattus output, here ia great CD rendering of their tape on BCT. 32 tracks of early material by the kings of kings of 80s hardcore! Just skip the first two joke songs... and never forget their last two AMAZING albums from 2005 and 2007!!!!!
CD rip.

The Fartz
Because This Fuckin' World Still Stinks, 1981/1982/1990 (1998 reissue)
Argh! At last the compilation CD of the killer early Fartz material, including:
Tracks 1-9 from BECAUSE THIS FUCKIN' WORLD STINKS... 7" EP released in 1981
Tracks 10-25 from WORLD FULL OF HATE 12" EP released in 1982
Tracks 26-35 from YOU, WE SEE YOU CRAWLING 12" EP released in 1990
Revisit the disgusting Discharge-Accüsed hammerhead and bleed!
CD rip.

Wrecking Crew
Balance Of Terror, 1988
Nice CD reissue of the metallic-NYHC-from-Boston classic with the Battalion Of Saints' My Mind Diseased cover as bonus track (also appears on the 1987-1991 compilation CD). Sill a pleasure to go through this album!
CD rip.

Ratos De Porao
Ratos De Porao - Periferia, 1981/1982 (2003 reissue) FIXED
For the die-hard fan and completist, some very very very early RDP here including the 1981 demo and a live set form 1982. We're still far from Brasil here but it's a fun experience to hear the blossoming of one of the longest running and best hardcore / crossover bands on the planet.
Sub, 1983 (1998 reissue)
Great 4-way split with Psykóze, Cólera and Fogo Cruzado, RDP steal the crown!
CD rip.


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