Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ratos De Porao

Ratos De Porao - Periferia 1982 1981/1982
Various Artists - Sub 1983
Ratos De Porao - Crucificados Pelo Sistema 1984
Ratos De Porao - Descanse Em Paz 1986
Ratos De Porao - Cada Dia Mais Sujo E Agressivo 1987
Ratos De Porao - Dirty And Aggressive 1987
Ratos De Porao & Sepultura - We Are A Fuckin' Shit 1989
Ratos De Porao - Brasil 1989
Ratos De Porao - Anarkophobia 1991
Ratos De Porao - R.D.P. Vivo 1992
Ratos De Porao - Just Another Crime In Massacreland 1994
Ratos De Porao - Feijoada Acidente-International 1995
Ratos De Porao - Carniceria Tropical 1997
Ratos De Porao - Ao Vivo No C.B.G.B. 2000
Ratos De Porao - Guerra Civil Canibal 2000
Ratos De Porao - Sistemados Pelo Crucifa 2000
Ratos De Porao - Onisciente Coletivo 2002
Ratos De Porao - Homem Inimigo Do Homem 2006
Looking For An Answer - Split 10'' Ratos De Porao 2010
Ratos De Porao - Split 10'' Looking For An Answer 2010
01. Ratos De Porao - Periferia 1982, 1981/1982 CD
     Gravações Sem Qualidade - SQ-006, Compilation
     1999 CD reissue of 1981 & 1982 demos + 1982 live tracks
02. Various Artists - Sub, 1983
     Devil Discos - FDS052, Compilation
     1998 CD reissue 24 songs from: Psykoze - Fogo Cruzado - Ratos De Porao - Colera
03. Ratos De Porao - Crucificados Pelo Sistema, 1984 CD
     BRZ - CDZ 001 E
     1991 CD reissue
04. Ratos De Porao - Descanse Em Paz, 1986 CD
     Fast'N'Loud - FL014
     1996 CD reissue with 6 live bonus tracks from 1983
05. Ratos De Porao - Cada Dia Mais Sujo E Agressivo, 1987 CD
     Cogumelo Records - 199CG0007
06. Ratos De Porao - Dirty And Aggressive, 1987 CD
     Cogumelo Records - COG 011
07. Ratos De Porao & Sepultura - We Are A Fuckin' Shit, 1989 CD
     Rotthenness Records - RDCD024
08. Ratos De Porao - Brasil, 1989 CD
     Roadracer Records - RO 9424 2
09. Ratos De Porao - Anarkophobia, 1991 CD
     Roadracer Records - RO 9326
10. Ratos De Porao - R.D.P. Vivo, 1992 CD
     Estúdio Eldorado - ELD-05-2023
11. Ratos De Porao - Just Another Crime In Massacreland, 1994 CD
     Roadrunner Records - RR 9015-2
12. Ratos De Porao - Feijoada Acidente-International, 1995 CD
     Roadrunner Records - RR 8926-2, Compilation
     Covers of punk classics
13. Ratos De Porao - Carniceria Tropical, 1997 CD
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 220 CD
14. Ratos De Porao - Ao Vivo No C.B.G.B., 2000 CD
     Peculio Discos - peculio 024/07
15. Ratos De Porao - Guerra Civil Canibal, 2000 MCD
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 265
16. Ratos De Porao - Sistemados Pelo Crucifa, 2000 LP
     Alternative Tentacles - Virus 249
     Turbo rerecording of the first album
17. Ratos De Porao - Onisciente Coletivo, 2002 CD
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 291
18. Ratos De Porao - Homem Inimigo Do Homem, 2006 CD
     Alternative Tentacles - VIRUS 363
19. Looking For An Answer - Split 10'' Ratos De Porao, 2010 Split 10''
     Six Weeks - SW-120
20. Ratos De Porao - Split 10'' Looking For An Answer, 2010 Split 10''
     Six Weeks - SW-120
Let us return to the legendary discography of Brasil's hardcore punk/thrash metal icon. That 1989 Brasil album is as hot as ever, it's probably my favorite of the list, although every time I listen to another album I think this is my favorite (well except for the 1981/1982 demos which are merely fun as paleontology documents and the dubious thing with Sepultura). Soundgasmic avalanche of crossover!!
Let this be a lesson in punk and a slap on the ass of the inept monkeys in Pussy Riot who dare abuse the word "punk" for the absurdly idiotic bullshit they pulled. "Punk", "freedom of speech", "resistance" ? LOL facebook kindergarten texto rotten crap. Apparently the sub-apes in fluo dresses missed the evolution train and didn't touch the big black monolith. It's amazing that they did not kill themselves yet using electricity, but they might well earn a Darwin award soon. Pussy Riot stands for Public Relations and Propaganda Ridiculous. This Madonna-backed shit act of tittytainment is nothing but a marketing stunt in pure mediarrhea format to serve anti Russian geopolitical interests in the middle-east and mask other embarrassing events - where were Madonna and the other asshole plastic "artists"' indignation, including the hordes of facebook consumer che guevarra slugs who raise their little e-fists and consciously spread the "support PR" message with the power of a mouse click, while 34 miners where gunned down in South Africa, a man was executed in Texas or people are slaughtered in Bahrain? Fuck this shit up to the trachea, assfuck Pussy Riot forever with a Christmas tree.
!ZER Ratos De Porao ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [up your ass pussy chiotte]

In 2012? Really? Or is it 2505 already?

How low can a "punk" get?

Each day a new low.


  1. Fuck Yeah!!! I'm excited to hear the demos and early comp stuff! Thank you, Zer!!!!

  2. Thank you,Zer!!!It's my lovely band!Thanks for doing my request!!!

  3. great collection! and congratulations for the comment on Pussy riot, I feel exactly like you!!

  4. comment peut on vivre sans le Feijoada Acidente-national???

    sujet de philo pour le bac 2013????

  5. i'm laughing my ass off your pussy riot rant, very creative and totally agreed.

    PLUS i get Ratos De Porao...

  6. Versions portuguais au vocal de 3 albums si ca interesse du monde.

    3)Feijoada acidente:

  7. pussy riot. Mouaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaa.


  9. Hi can u fix these links? carniceria tropical/onisciente coletivo/anarkophobia/cada dia mas sujo e agresivo/split with looking for a answer... thanxxx!!!

  10. hallo!!password please???

  11. Please repost!! :)

  12. Portuguese versions of Brasil and Anarkophobia if you have them. Love your site!




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