Saturday, February 9, 2013

Siege + The Spoils

Siege - Drop Dead 1984
Siege - Drop Dead 7'' 1984
The Spoils - To The Victor... 2008
01. Siege - Drop Dead, 1984 CD
     Lost And Found Records - LF 051/CD, Compilation
     Drop Dead 7'' + Cleanse The Bacteria tracks
02. Siege - Drop Dead 7'', 1984 7''
     Off The Disk Records - OTD 05
03. The Spoils - To The Victor..., 2008 LP
     Deep Six Records - DS81
Mutant destruction of the hardcore triplazer! Requested reload of the legendary sonic abrasion from Boston. Out of complete nostalgia, I also ripped the 7", but you're better off sound quality-wise with the 1993 CD reissue. This 7" was played too many times... Cracks cracks cracks! And don't miss the Spoils LP (Siege drummer & singer), this short album is another piece of amazing aural defenestration with immensely obsessive groove and a darker, almost metal approach while still hurting like Siege, or thrice as much as Darkthrone. To The Victor is a MEGAZER masterpiece, fucking RIP Kevin Mahoney, WTF.
!ZER Siege & Spoils ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [mega amageddon zer]

Zerism of the day: according to all surveys, 99.666 % of all movies are becoming entirely made of shit and pus and dead flies with no spark of imagination or originality of any kind; they are made by drooling, mentally impaired, coked-up, ignorant trendy assholes with ponytails who can't spell their names; and they feature moving monkeys speaking the bad words of neuron-challenged writers over computer generated disney-looking garbage imagery while bowel-disrupting music puts the final brown touch. Movies systematically betray their sources - books, plays, older movies. When enough monkeys paid for a movie, the same movie with an incremented index comes out. When downloading a movie (never pay for a movie), there is now a danger that the cable and hard drive are going to jump to /dev/null. Movies are to entertainment what McDonald's is to gastronomy. Therefore, to spend quality entertainment time in the realm of fiction, reading comic books brings much more joy and satisfaction. Select the right line, avoid the Nuclear Blast of comics and find Himalayas of real stories with no limits - and you chose your own soundtrack. Just wonder what is best for the next three hours: enduring Crap Atlas of The Dark Crap Rises, or reading the amazing Red Son while listening to Z, Thou, Siege, The Spoils, Gargoyle and Gargoyle? Yes, Red Son is a Superman story. And yes, it is as good as Preacher or The Filth. Greatness and excitement:


  1. The Spoils record is incredible, I play it often. The old Siege songs Kevin & co. re-recorded sound even better than they do on the 2 Nightstick records, which are pretty kick ass in their own right.

  2. Your Friend From RussiaFebruary 9, 2013 at 11:33 PM

    I have tears. Tears of joy. Thank you so much, dear Zer!

  3. Thanks again for another zerlity post.
    - I hadn't heard The Spoils 12'' before so it was a nice surprise. Grrrreat stuff!!! =D

  4. Thanks for The Spoils.

    Here's the Relapse version of the CD which I think is just a louder version of the L&F version =>




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