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The novelty post: Shellshock, Satan, Ratos De Porao, SIgh, Artillery, Clown, Forward, Onslaught, Church Of Misery, Beyond Description, Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation

Forward - War Nuke And Death Sentence 2012
Ratos De Porao - No Money No English 2012
Sigh - In Somniphobia 2012
Artillery - Legions 2013
Beyond Description - An Elegy For Depletion 2013
Church Of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum 2013
Clown - Human In Confusion 2013
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation - Wallow 2013
Onslaught - VI 2013
Satan - Life Sentence 2013
Shellshock - 肆~shi~ 2013
01. Forward - War Nuke And Death Sentence, 2012 Vinyl, LP, Album
     Prank - PRANK 136
02. Ratos De Porao - No Money No English, 2012 Vinyl x 2, LP, Compilation
     F.O.A.D. Records - F.O.A.D. 039
03. Sigh - In Somniphobia, 2012 CD, Album
     Candlelight Records Usa - CDL509
04. Artillery - Legions, 2013 CD,
     Metal Blade Records - 3984 15276-2
05. Beyond Description - An Elegy For Depletion, 2013 CD,
     Punishment 18 Records - P18R 062
06. Church Of Misery - Thy Kingdom Scum, 2013 Vinyl, LP, Vinyl, LP, Etched, Single Sided, All Media, Album, Limited Edition
     Rise Above Records - RISELP163
07. Clown - Human In Confusion, 2013 CD, Album
     MCR Company - MCR-268
08. Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation - Wallow, 2013 Vinyl, Album, LP
     Six Weeks - SW-127
09. Onslaught - VI, 2013 Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
     AFM Records - AFM 444-11
10. Satan - Life Sentence, 2013 CD, Album
     Listenable Records - POSH 205
11. Shellshock - 肆~shi~, 2013 CD
     Revontulet Records - RVR-0006
It is time to complete a list of previously posted bands with their new releases. We have two groups: Japan and the rest of the world. They intersect with three other groups: classic metal, crossover/hardcore/grind punk and Shellshock. We also have male and female. And we have megamaximum extra zer and great new stuff.
When it came out, I wasn't too interested in the RDP collection, this kind of releases often gathers bad quality recordings. I was so wrong, then I had to wait for this reissue on FOAD. This compilation is amazing, any RDP fan must buy a copy of this superb double LP. Only killer tracks here, amazing covers (the Septic Death and DRI ones totally kick heads!), burning live stuff and unreleased sessions, and a funny bio. Raging thrashing crossover!
In the metal group, we have four classic beasts. Onslaught deliver a great album, although it will never replace The Force or Killing Peace. Still, excellent Onslaught all the way. Artillery come with a truly amazing album full of killer riffs and great hooks. At first when the promo song was published I was dubious because of the new singer, but he's actually perfect. This album is an achievement in power and melody, a major piece in their discography. Just like Sigh who here put out one immense mountain of might. Multilayered high end black metal with circus music and Venom: they nailed it to the bone. Amazing! My favorite Sigh of the past ten years, easy. And the winner is... Satan. Life Sentence defies the laws of tradition. It is undeniably a modern album, yet it screams 1983 from all angles. It is a masterpiece in songwriting, execution and production, I would not blaspheme too much by saying it is one of the best heavy metal albums ever released. Each song is a classic, it brings out the best of NWOBHM, strips it of all the possible cheese, feeds it into the genius generator and leaves you flabbergasted. I didn't think they'd ever match Court In The Act, the only 1983 metal album that had me salivate as much as Show No Mercy and Kill'Em All. But they did! Non metal people should seriously listen to this diamond now firmly shining over the Eternal Zer Top Ten even if it is only a few months old. Hail Satan!
Now we turn to the Japanese thrash bunch. Let us get our audition canals cleaned up in a Flagitious Idiosyncrasy session. The ladies grind as much as before, but this is still not going to replace 324 or Multiplex. It's fun, not classic. More repeated satisfaction is earned from the new Clown and Forward. [I just realized the other Clown post needs refreshing, will do soon.] This new album is even greater than Livestock World. Bombastic punk rocking hardcore of the Testu Arrey | Forward | Paintbox branch, which means Poison Idea worship and greatness. Human is already a classic album, just like the new Forward, also their best IMHO. Forward kick and groove like hell, rezer of the perfect punk abrasion and rezer of the rezer! Beyond Description also come back with a great piece of crossover not too far from Attitude Adjustment (sometimes with a James Hetfield impersonation). It is maybe a bit too polished or not raw enough to excite as much as Clown, but in their current style Beyond Description bang that head.
Church Of Misery! Another fantastic release, and also my new favorite in their discography. Heavy duty dirty stoner massage at maxizer level served by an amazing sound production. This is better than the latest Cathedral or Electric Wizard. Can't wait to see them live, they should return soon.
Now... If I had to select only one album from this amazing list, I would suffer a lot, but I know I would instinctively grab the new Shellshock. Doom fans cannot not cherish Shi and its advanced semiprogressive thrashy punk rocking groove. Depending on the permeability of your neuron, you can hear some Coroner and Voïvod hovering over a field of high-end punk temptation. Simply perfect! Shellshock must never abort their mission, Shellshock forever rezer!
!ZER everybody ZER!
Remove brackets and unzip: [happy new zer]

Note URGENTE aux adeptes de Manu-Joseph Vallsline, il faut saisir le conseil d'État immédiatement afin d'électrocuter dans les plus brefs délais Michel Audiard et Jean-Pierre Marielle car d'aussi intolérables soufflés aux crevettes ne peuvent décemment pas survivre une seconde de plus dans un Univers d'amour, de partage et de libartu d'issprichion:


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    1. It's still not working...

    2. Working now. I have no idea how it became private... try again.

  2. fuckin ZER!!!!! thanks alot for the clown and shellshock album bro,i was searching it for a long time!!!!!!
    speaking of japanese madness did you ever heart about Urban Head Raw????? they did a lp recently that just RIPS

    1. I didn't enjoy Human Instinct a lot, but I'll try this one. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Can you stop clowning around and upload the other Clown? ;)

  4. I need password for F.I.D - Wallow, please...

    1. nevermind, i just read the password above. Thanks for post this great album. Play fast or die! ------ ixam




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