Sunday, September 27, 2015

Systematic Death - The Moon Watches

Systematic Death - The Moon Watches - 2014 01. Systematic Death - The Moon Watches, 2014 CD Album
     Fade In Records - FIRC-021
For this night of total lunar eclipse - what a magnificent spectacle, right now! - what most appropriate tribute than The Moon Watches? 30 years later, Systematic Death are still hard at it and deliver once again the perforation of the Japanese hardcore rib crusher! With patience, the never ending craving for visceral japcore is always rewarded! Thrash til death!
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!ZER Systematic Death ZER!


  1. Why is Japcore so awesome? Never got tired of it, even after 29 years of listening. Fun first contact with Japcore was back in '86, when a fake demo of a fake band named "Antichrist" (hahahaha) was circulating in the tapetrader scene. It had two songs, one named "I like killing" (which actually was "I like Cola") and the other one was "Werewolf Chaos" (whoah), which actually was "Stocking the ovens of death". Got it? It was Outo, hahahahaha. Found out later that year or in '87, when that incredible 4-way-split came out, you know which one I mean. :)) Cheers R

    1. Yeah I think I had the same demo with "I like cola" on it, but it was correctly titled. Then I became obsessed with finding all Outo recordings. That was after findong out about The Stalin and GISM on the 1984 and PEACE comps. Scarred for life!
      Japcore and Fininish hardcore have this exotic and over the top energy, I don't know... Even the Japanese metal bands do sound special and completely out of another galaxy.

    2. You name it, bro. And what stands out with ALL Japanese bands...great musicianship. Even the harshest noise is performed in an excellent and outstanding manor. Prolly because Jap society sucks a big donkey kong from what you hear. These guys must be totally pissed off and totally focused on their instruments, because there's nothing better to do for them. ^^ The results speak for themselves. And yes...I also like that unique Finnish hardcore sound. Been into it since that ravishing Finnish Spunk Hard Beat Comp from '84 (prolly listened to it in '86 or '87) with all the "great" names on it and some I wouldn't even try to pronounce, hahahaha. You be cool, my friend. Always nice talking to you about music and stuff. Cheers from Germany R

  2. Totally agree... my first exposure to Japanese hardcore was also the "Thrash Til Death" comp back in about 1988 when I was a total metalhead. At the time it was pretty confusing stuff but totally drew me in, then a year or so later MCR were kind enough to send me some review copies for my little zine (Shizuoka City Hardcore, Sapporo City Hardcore and some Griffin) and I was hooked. Hard to explain it really, it's just got a chaotic edge to it that other countries lack.

    1. Right on spot, dude. It's chaotic but still brilliantly played, with an energy and dedication other countries lack. Hahahaha, strange how stories resemble each other. I also used to be a metalhead back in '86, but getting in touch with Hardcore and stuff got me become more and more Crossover and in '88 the transition to total Hardcore punk was complete. ^^ Nowadays I don't give a fuck about any drawers or stereotypes, I listen to what I like. I even like Techno, hahahahaha. If you told me 26 years ago I would have either killed you or at least laughed at you a good deal. ^^ Cheers R




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