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Reload: Wretched

Wretched - Con Il Potere Che Tu Stesso Gli Hai Dato... ...Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire - 1982/1984
Wretched - Lotta Per Vivere - 1982/1989
Wretched - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto... - 1983
Wretched - Libero Di Vivere / Libero Di Morire - 1984
Wretched - La Tua Morte Non Aspetta - 1986
Wretched - Vivi Ogni Momento - 1986/1987
Wretched - Life Out There - 1993
Wretched - Psychosomatic Medicine - 1994
Wretched - Center Of The Universe - 1995
Wretched - Black Ambience - 2009
01. Wretched - Con Il Potere Che Tu Stesso Gli Hai Dato... ...Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire, 1982/1984 Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Compilation Unofficial Release
     Chaos Produzioni - 12
     Reissue from 2012 - 1-6: Wretched / Indigesti Split 7'' 1982, 7-14: In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto Per Distruggere Il Mondo Dove Tu Vivi 7'' 1983, 15-19: Finirà Mai?'' 1984, 20-28: Live @ Torviscosa (UD), 2/10/1982, 29-35: La Notte Dell'Anarchia 7/04/1984
02. Wretched - Lotta Per Vivere, 1982/1989 CD Compilation
     Antichrist Dionysus - A/D 03
     Reissue from 1996 - 1996 release: 1-6: Wretched / Indigesti Split 7'' 1982, 7-11: Finirà Mai 7'' 1983, 12-27: Libero Di Vivere, Libero Di Morire LP 1984, 28-33: La Tua Morte Non Aspetta 12'' 1986, 34-35: In Controluce 7'' 1989, 36-44: live at Torviscosa 1982
03. Wretched - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto..., 1983 Vinyl 7" EP 45 RPM
     Not On Label - none
04. Wretched - Libero Di Vivere / Libero Di Morire, 1984 Vinyl LP Album
     Chaos Produzioni - 1
05. Wretched - La Tua Morte Non Aspetta, 1986 Vinyl 12" EP
     Chaos Produzioni - 8
06. Wretched - Vivi Ogni Momento, 1986/1987 CD Compilation Enhanced
     E.U. '91 Produzioni - E.U. 021
     Reissue from 2005 - 2005 release: 1-6: La Tua Morte Non Aspetta 12'' LP 1986, 7-8: In Controluce 7'' 1989, 9-22: Live In Padova, 1987 - Last Show Ever !!!
07. Wretched - Life Out There, 1993 CD Album
     Hellhound Records - HELL 024
08. Wretched - Psychosomatic Medicine, 1994 CD Album
     Hellhound Records - H 0031-2
09. Wretched - Center Of The Universe, 1995 CD Album
     Hellhound Records - H 0041-2
10. Wretched - Black Ambience, 2009 CD EP
     PsycheDOOMelic - PSY 047
Requested: rezerred. I could not remember if the classic chainsaw hardcore or the sweet doom metal had been requested, so you get both you lucky bastards.
Remove brackets and unzip: [ztretched]
!ZER Wretched ZER!

If you have trouble expanding the rar of the record 01, try to extract it at the root of your drive, or download this name-shortened rar.


  1. Cant extract the 2012 Italian Wretched album, filenames too big no matter which drive i try extracted it in. Why do we need all the bandname / album title at the start of every song instead of just 1 - 2 - etc

    1. Sorry about that. Try this rar with no names.
      This file format is the one I chose years and years ago. It caused me troubles on two occasions only (this Wretched and a Wehrmacht LP in the box-set), so I am not going to modify my whole collection just because of these two.

  2. cheers fella, i tend to prefer removing all the crap before the song number / title but usually cant be bothered if theres like 15 - 30 or so albums in the discography

  3. Fucking best shit EVER (The Italian Wretched, that is), thank you, have a nice day and a nice year, if possible), cheers.

  4. LA TUA MORTE NON ASPETTA is one of my all-time favorite Hardcore albums … sooooo fuckin' RAW! I had that record in clear vinyl, not that anyone cares! But a MUST in everyone's collection!


    80s HARDCORE/CROSSOVER rules!!!!

    Not familiar with the Doom band of the same name, but I love me some good DOOM METAL, so double thank you!!!

    1. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! Been listening to this non-stop since yesterday!!!

      YOU RULE!!!

      One quick note: Tracks A7, A13, A14 seem to be present in duplicate per your track list …. same name and tag but different year 1982 vs. 2012 … unfortunately they are not the same length and there is no discogs page for it to figure out which one is the correct song … maybe you can figure it out for us?

    2. On my hard drive, the correct files are according to size:
      #7: 8083 kB (the other is #6)
      #13: 4597 kb (the other is #15)
      #14: 6423 kB
      #17 is missing
      This archive was fucked up in the tagging process because the file names length exceed the Windows capacity, and then there is a mix of old files from 5 years ago (2012) with the newliy tagge dones (1982).
      I would suggest to use the other archive and rename/retag the files from this one.

    3. No worries ... thank you for the quick reply, but I already obsessed over it … lol … and got it figured out. Below is the correct track lit, if anyone wants to simply rename the files:

      A1- Wretched - Schiavo Del Sistema [correct]
      A2- Wretched - A10- Wretched - Muori Per La Patria Muori Per Niente
      A3- Wretched - A11- Wretched - Solo Guerra
      A4- Wretched - A12- Wretched - Nessun Diritto
      A5- Wretched - Il Loro Stato [correct]
      A7- Wretched - A1- Wretched - La Logica Del Potere
      A7- Wretched - A15- Wretched - Mai Arrendersi
      A8- Wretched - A16- Wretched - Questa È La Mia Vita
      A9- Wretched - A17- Wretched - Finirà Mai
      A10- Wretched - A18- Wretched - Senza Fine
      A11- Wretched - A19- Wretched - Nelle Loro Mani
      A12- Wretched - A2- Wretched - Promesse
      A13- Wretched - A3- Wretched - Fino In Fondo
      A13- Wretched - A7- Wretched - Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire
      A14- Wretched - A4- Wretched - Se Ne Fregano
      A14- Wretched - A8- Wretched - Non Posso Sopportare
      A16- Wretched - A6- Wretched - Usa La Tua Rabbia
      A18- Wretched - A8- Wretched - Spero Venga La Guerra
      A19- Wretched - A9- Wretched - Combatti

      Where the first numbering is YOUR original track number and the second one is the correct track number and name of the song, e.g.: "A3- Wretched - A11- Wretched - Solo Guerra" means YOUR A3 is actually A11- Wretched - Solo Guerra

      I hope that helps!

    4. Oh wow, thanks! Sorry for this mess.

  5. As I am listening to Kreator and Sodom, I felt I had to share this beautiful compilation in stunning, crisp FLAC with you so you can share it with your ZERmmunity on your next compilations blast. While there is nothing exclusive on this compilation (even the first ever recording by Helloween, when they were still trying to do Thrash Metal), it does paint a perfect picture of the first 12 years of Germany's NOISE RECORDS, which played a MAJOR ROLE in propagating the harder Metal scene of the early 80s (Chuck Schuldiner of DEATH credits KREATOR as his main influence).!ZDIDVYoS!9TofUZUC0-y6ji3UWtQxSxUWnBWa105KiuSUpao_2i8

    let me know when you are done with it, so I can make space.




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