Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Gut - Odour Of Torture - 1995
Gut - The Singles Collection - 2000
Gut - The Cumback 2006 - 2006
Gonorrhea Pussy, Gut - Yellow Tea For Free / Hooker Ballett - 2006
Distorted Impalement, Gut - Gigolo Warfare / Distorted Impalement - 2007
Satan's Revenge On Mankind, Gut - The Green Slime Are Coming! - 2010
Gut - Disciples Of Smut - 2020
01. Gut - Odour Of Torture, 1995 CD Album Limited Edition
     Regurgitated Semen Records - R.S.R. 013 CD
02. Gut - The Singles Collection, 2000 CD Compilation Limited Edition
     Deliria Noise Outfitters, Decomposed Sounds - DSR CD0005, DSR CD0005
03. Gut - The Cumback 2006, 2006 CD Album Enhanced
     Obliteration Records - ORCD 063
04. Gonorrhea Pussy, Gut - Yellow Tea For Free / Hooker Ballett, 2006 CD EP
     Last House On The Right - HAUS 034 , Compilation
     Contains 9 songs by: Gonorrhea Pussy, Gut
05. Distorted Impalement, Gut - Gigolo Warfare / Distorted Impalement, 2007 CD
     Morbid Records - MR123 , Compilation
     Contains 13 songs by: Distorted Impalement, Gut
06. Satan's Revenge On Mankind, Gut - The Green Slime Are Coming!, 2010 CD Limited Edition
     Rotten Roll Rex - RRR 20 , Compilation
     Contains 22 songs by: Satan's Revenge On Mankind, Gut
07. Gut - Disciples Of Smut, 2020 CD Album
     Splatter Zombie Records - SZR038
Porn day! Sehr gut! Honestly, the Church has long judged Gut not worthy of appearance on its premises, as its early output is fun and all, but well, ok. Even with the more remarkable 2006 album and subsequent splits. Past the glory hole of short and sluggish death grind on the topic of anal adventures, Gut cannot boast a huge segment of the Church playlist. Likewise, an Anal Cunt post here is very unrealistic. But that was until last week, when Gut's newest album Disciples Of Smut reached the Church shores. Holy shit! This is just a masterpiece of sludge death and doom punk, it is triplazeringly evil and amazing! Fans of Autopsy, Abscess and Pungent Stench with a side of old Exhumed shall experience an intense and constant deathgasm during it 47 minutes of hell. Drop all your previous information about Gut and just enjoy this massive sleaze fest that sounds like an invasion of horny bulldozers driven by obese zombies. This album is the one fucking killer entry here, all previous material is discretionary, but you have no choice, you have to get swallowed by Disciples Of Smut and listen to your bowels boiling and your brain melting and your bones cracking while the head bangs against that radiator with the infectious choruses. Triplazering Gargantua porno death and grease punk avalanche of doom!!!
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