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Mordred - The Demos 1986-1988 - 1986/1988
Mordred - Fool's Game - 1989
Mordred - In This Life - 1991
Mordred - Vision - 1992
Mordred - The Next Room - 1994
Mordred - Volition  - 2020
Mordred - The Dark Parade - 2021
01. Mordred - The Demos 1986-1988, 1986/1988 CD Compilation
     Battle Cry Records, GOM Records - BCR/GOM 005, BCR/GOM 005
     Reissue from 2014
02. Mordred - Fool's Game, 1989 CD Album
     Armando Curcio Editore - FW 45182
03. Mordred - In This Life, 1991 CD Album
     Noise International - N 0159-2
04. Mordred - Vision, 1992 CD EP Promo
     Noise International - N 0188-3
05. Mordred - The Next Room, 1994 CD Album
     Noise - N 0211-2
06. Mordred - Volition , 2020 CD EP
     Not On Label - none
07. Mordred - The Dark Parade, 2021 CD Album
     M-Theory Audio - M-075-2
Back to the future! We knew something was up in the Mordred camp since the release of the excellent EP Volition and here we are now with one hell of a new album almost 30 years after their previous and formidable creature The Next Room. Let's fight inequality and include in the conversation the poor souls who never heard of Mordred: here is a one of a kind band expert at merging the heaviness of metal and the groove of funk with a captivating melodic approach and a gift for the über catchy without the degrading gimmicks of radio prostitutes. There was a major thrash metal element on Fool's Game as in early Megadeth, Blind Illusion or Re-Animator, or a much heavier brother of The Confident Rat from Ignorance. A true gem of flexible thrash! The following awesome releases showcase an approach much closer to 24/7 Spyz, Living Colour or an adult version of Faith No More. Mordred should have been huge, with such talent, skills and songs. Amazing musicians fronted by an excellent singer! Maybe it's not too late, the brand new album is full of hits, the new songs expand their trademark sound with hints at what Bad Brains were doing on their last album, or at the giants of modern rock KXM. And much more of course, because the sonic content of The Dark Parade is totally faithful to its title and artwork: a string of killer songs through many stylistic variations without losing the common thread of the somber Mordred sound. Amazing! When the world dies at the hands of our beloved governments, we will blast The Dark Parade at midnight, then we will be ready for the funeral doom and the war metal. Hail to  Mordred triplazering rocking the zeriverse forever and even after!
Remove brackets and unzip: [the dark rezer]
!ZER Mordred ZER!

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