Thursday, March 10, 2022


1914 - Eschatology Of War - 2015
Minenwerfer, 1914 - Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden - 2016
1914 - The Blind Leading The Blind - 2018
1914 - Where Fear And Weapons Meet - 2021
01. 1914 - Eschatology Of War, 2015 CD Album
     Archaic Sound - RITE 020
02. Minenwerfer, 1914 - Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden, 2016 CD
     Archaic Sound - RITE 021 , Compilation
     Contains 8 songs by: Minenwerfer, 1914
03. 1914 - The Blind Leading The Blind, 2018 CD Album Limited Edition
     Archaic Sound, Redefining Darkness - RITE 031, REDA 034
04. 1914 - Where Fear And Weapons Meet, 2021 CD Album
     Napalm Records, Napalm Records - NPR1068DP, NPR1068CD
After the SS-18 post, it was only natural to follow up with Ukrainian black metal, ergo this update of the 1914 front. This is one of the most brilliant new bands, as confirmed by the three new releases since Eschatology, the most amazing of the lot - which is not to say the rest is not also very first grade neck-breaking, head-banging and meat-mauling. So, let's dedicate this to the vermin that walks under the name Vladimir Putin and to the pile of dungs that obey his orders willfully or not. Let's dedicate both SS-18 and 1914 posts to all the tenias that organized this new war by proxy in parallel to the existing conflicts, i.e. the entirety of NATO officials, "journalists" and other "pundits", "experts" and "advisors" who set this blood bath up. A special mention to our favorite diarrhea Justin "the brown bot" Trudeau. Tie them all to an Elon Musk rocket and shoot it into the sun. 1914 rule and will provide the perfect soundtrack for this liberating event. And if you support the infinitely ridiculous boycott of Russian products that hurt ordinary people who have nothing to do with all that evil crap, fuck you too with a shovel, ape, the Church shits in your useless throat. Instead of pouring that Russian vodka into the sewer, why don't you shower with it and then play for a minute with a lighter, or a torch?
Remove brackets and unzip: [impale all politicians]
!ZER 1914 ZER!

The Church likes to help people directly, i.e. bypassing the corrupt channels of fake charity setup by the rats at the UN and its subsidiaries or associate mafias. On a regular basis, the Church uses Bandcamp to donate to actual people - Ukrainians or Russians or Venezuelans or etc. Today this post was completed with this purchase although the files were already on the Church hard drive.

Hang all politicians to lamp posts, without exception.

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  1. Not typically into BM but these slow, heavy passages hooked me. Good stuff, thank you!




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