Thursday, December 1, 2016


Hellfire - Into Fire - 2000 01. Hellfire - Into Fire, 2000 CD Album
     No Colours Records - NC 027
I am in complete awe. It looks like Bathory, it has the song titles of Bathory, it sounds like a 1967 Bathory demo, it rocks like Bathory! If you never have enough of the first Bathory album, you absolutely need this thing. Hellfire is to Bathory what Syphilitic Vaginas is to GISM. It fucking rules! Black metal punk destruction! Lucifertility! Triplazerocking bathorizer witchride!!!
Remove brackets and unzip: [bathorizer]
!ZER Hellfire ZER!


  1. great, a release of an german black netal nazi label.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Excellent choice !
      thanks for sharing

  3. Typical antifa head in ass knee jerk reaction stupidity. Nothing questionable about Hellfire in the least, and you choose to slander them as NS simply because they were released on a label that also released some NS bands (and a hell of a lot more that were not). But fuck facts when guilt by association is enough, right?

    1. I totally agree, anti-antifa or die

  4. Read the comment, you stupid fuck! It's about the label, not the band!!! On the other hand, why would a non-political band want be on a label which supports racist ideas? Oh, I forgot, freedom of bullshit.

    1. Because they're non-political and don't give a fuck?

    2. I see, that's your libertarian bullshit again. Everything that puts money in your pocket is fine.

    3. Money from an ad-free, subscription-free website that costs me over $100/year and weekly unpaid hours of maintenance and content generation?
      Your crippled understanding capabilities seems to render any further explanation of what "libertarian" means (aka voluntaryist) pointless.

      However, for the sake of other people who might be reading this with, unlike you, a brainpower superior to that of an oyster, let me clarify a bit: contrary to your perfect totalitarian worldview, what matters is what people do, not what they think or say.

      Of course you are welcome to voice your discontent. But the funny thing is I never ever got any outraged comment on this website by to denounce the fact that most underground labels & bands posted here openly support leftist if not communist ideologies - you know, the fantasies that got over 100 millions people into the grave in the 20th century alone.
      In the meantime, when a bunch of self-righteous parasites attack a black metal show, they are the fucking fascists.

      But what I do not understand is why you keep coming to my awful pro-libertarian, pro-anarcho-capitalist website if you so strongly hate these ideas? Are you not doing exactly what you are denouncing Hellfire for?
      Would you be... would you be a hypocrite??
      Fuck off to a better blog hosted by followers of Che Guevarra.

    4. I come back because i can! I don't really hate your anarcho-capitalist ideas. I just think they are weird. To me they appear to be designed to make rich people richer. I hate racism, because no one can choose where he's from or which color his skin is. So to me attacking a fascist black metal show doesn't make the attackers facsists. To hurt someone because of his ancestors is deeply wrong. To hurt someone because he's an asshole - completely right.
      A final question: what do your libertarian friends think of you spreading others peoples work so freely? Isn't that against your rules? Just kidding.

    5. Your interpretation of libertarian ideas is wrong. The libertarian/anarcho-capitalist/voluntaryist edifice is built upon a single brick: the non-aggression principle (whose flip side is self-ownership).
      it is a moral or philosophical stance, not an economic principle and even less a class warfare tool.

      You hate racism, I do too. Graveland may be a fascist BM band (I don't believe so, they seem to just have been stupid kids, but whatever). If the most they did was talk stupid shit 15 years ago, you can say anything you want, insult them, organize a boycott, write a book etc. but resolving to physical attacks is disproportionate. Would you find proportionate to shoot people in the head when they steal a car? We usually want reparation, e.g. the car returned plus a sum to cover the trouble.
      If Graveland did not attack anyone, no one is entitled to attack them. Even more so about the venue and the attendees! It is rich to justify this violence just because some ideas are found to be stupid or repulsive - especially in a society so vocal about tolerance and diversity.

      Fascism is establishing control over others through the threat of violence. Attacking a public event to have it canceled is fascist. Exerting violence out of the context of self-defense is fascist. "Antifa" are fascists when they attack people.

      You may be just kidding, but the copyright issue is a good point. Most libertarians do not believe in copyrights, the Church is safe and coherent!

  5. "what matters is what people do, not what they think or say."

    I'm not going to get into an ideological debate here...but I must take you to task on this statement...

    Are you saying that there is no accountability for what you say? No matter how incendiary it is?
    If what people "DO" is "SAY" inflammatory things that encourage and embolden other people to "DO" the things that are "SAID", then shouldn't all parties bear some responsibility for the series of events born out of those thoughts and actions?

    I do agree with you that the above poster's remarks were misguided in so much as they painted with a very broad brush in labeling NCR as fascist because of a percentage of it's roster being openly NS.
    But if you are indeed as openly inviting to everyone, as you state...why do you consistently use the "my blog..get out if you don't agree with me" mantra that I have seen in your comments in the past?

    Beyond that...Zer...keep doing what you have an exceptional blog that I count on to provide quality music choices for everyone. the risk of residing in 2505, might I ask you for a post on the following if you have it?


    ...cheers good friend...


    1. "If what people "DO" is "
      Good point. I did not want to get into that in my reply above for fear of ending up with a 10 km long rant.
      But since you're asking, let me try: I don't think there can be a generic rule because it depends on the "level of autonomy" of the party that DOES what was SAID, and their relationship at the moment of the act. It must be analyzed & judged upon every act.
      If the party that DOES is at zero (a total zombie with no independent thought - or an animal - or a young child - or a mentally retarded person), then the party that SAID is guilty.
      If the party that DOES is at a maximum (a rational, functional adult), then the party that SAID is innocent.
      If the party that DOES was threatened by the party that SAID (a gun to your head, you must shoot someone), the party that SAID is guilty, the party that DOES is innocent (and already punished by their own guilt).
      If the party that DOES was asked by the party that SAID (e.g. a mafia boss ordering a murder to his employee), both parties are guilty.
      If the party that SAID has no relationship to the party that DOES (e.g. a radio host speaking about killing a group of people), the party that DOES is guilty.

      When I write "is innocent", it does not mean you have to approve of what they said, and cannot punish them on an individual basis by ostracizing them. You hate what someone SAID that was found "innocent": shut them off from your life, do not consume their products, boycott their blog etc.

      In the context of Hellfire & the No Colours label, I think we are only in the SAID and not in the DONE, so there is no ambiguity. And everyone is free to boycott both the band and the label. And the poster above is welcome to convey his outrage, because I also think proportional reactions are fine (a SAY for a SAY). What is not OK and totalitarian is disproportionate reactions, like the riot that occurred in Montreal because of Graveland. The rioters physically attacked the show attendees and threatened the venue with more violence, for something that has remained in the SAY (or the THINK).

      "why do you consistently use the "my blog..get out if you don't agree with me""

      Everyone is free to engage in courteous discussion. I gladly talk with civilized people who disagree with me, I do it all the time in my daily life (I only know of three other people who share my ideas, life would be hell if I opposed the ones I disagree with).
      I un-politely ask people to leave, not when they disagree, but when they are aggressive idiots unable to sustain exchanges that go beyond the sarcastic and condescending one liners. Nothing forces them to come to this blog and if their contribution in the comments only reaches the level of the schoolyard, I want them to stay away because I can't help react to their stupid shit and it costs me time! I heat too quickly, I know.

      UNHOLY MAJESTY: don't know them.
      INTEGRITY & VOORHEES: got bored long ago and sold what I had from these two without ripping anything (still have a couple for sale).
      more DIE YOU BASTARD: I already posted everything I have, which is almost everything they released. The day I start reposting stuff, they will be on top (but I am not near that point...).

  6. Jesus Fuken Wept...
    Recorded in a dustbin in a Hackney Squat in 1986..
    Truly abysmal and dismal Black Metal for Glue-Sniffers
    and Special Brew addicts.. 30 years ago this would have
    been the next big thing with the Crust Militia.
    (Maybe I like it in the same way I LOVED Venom and Bathory
    in the mid-80's...) D.




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