Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Poison Idea

pick your king, 1983
record collectors are pretentious assholes, 1984
kings of punk, 1986
the early years (1981/1984), 1994
war all the time, 1988
feel the darkness, 1990
Jeff Dahl & Poison Idea - dead boy, 1991
blank blackout vacant, 1992
dysfunctional songs for co-dependent addicts (Ian McKaye + more & live), 1992
pajama party (cover songs GISM, MC5, Motörhead etc.), 1992
we must burn, 1993
religion and politics part 1 & 2, 1993
latest will and testament, 2006
Mayhem (featuring Poison Idea members)
your choice live series - live in amsterdam, 1993
record bootleggers are potential millionaires, 1991
dutch courage, 1991
pig's last stand, 1996
hangover heart attack, 2003
Rövsvett - burn the gay nuns _ tribute to Poison Idea, 1996
bigger than god - tribute to Poison Idea, 1996
The zerness in Poison Idea exceeds the density of the pope. The sad story is that my wife and I were spending some vacation in Amsterdam on the week-end Poison Idea recorded the show on the "your choice" album, but we only saw the flyers the day after. Totally unbelievably unzer.
So here are most of Poison Idea's legendary records, minus a few singles. The strongest US hardcore punk rock metal in ITS INFINITE DOMINATING ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! At the top of the top of the ZER playlist for the past 25 years and until my last breath! POISON IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buy Poison Idea CDs and be happy forever!

CD rip except vinyl rip of "millionaires" (see image below for tracks) and :
Live in Amsterdam:
A1 Hangover Heart Attack (3:11)
A2 In Order To Live (2:49)
A3 Plastic Bomb (3:01)
A4 Alain's On Fire (5:07)
A5 Crippled Angle (3:27)
A6 Feel The Darkness (5:42)
B1 A.A. (2:02)
B2 Cop An Attitude (2:22)
B3 Blitzkreig Bop (4:29)
B4 Come Ass You Are (1:32)
B5 Punish Me (2:56)
B6 Up Front (7:11)
B7 My Way (1:04)

Hangover heart attack Tribute:
A1 Bonehouse Hangover Heartattack
A2 Barcode (6) Die On Your Knees
A3 Godnose A.A.
A4 Path Of Destruction Taken By Surprise
A5 Calibre 12 Allright
A6 Baffdecks Plastic Bomb
A7 Rat Bastards Laughing Boys
A8 Agrotoxico Punish Me
A9 Paintbox Thorn In My Side
B1 Diavolo Rosso Lifestyles
B2 Blasting Process Gone For Good
B3 Kill Your Idols Made To Be Broken
B4 Bolzen Rich Get Richer
B5 Mata Ratos A Verdade Portras De Tudo (Drain)
B6 Toe To Toe Just To Get Away
B7 6000 Crazy Discontent
B8 Ratos De Porao Pure Hate
B9 Wolfbrigade Say Goodbye

My favorite:
feel the darkness
dysfunctional songs for co-dependent addicts (Ian McKaye)
latest will and testament
war all the time
kings of punk
religion and politics part 1 & 2
and all the live albums (especially Pig's last stand for the GISM covers), and everything they ever released.

RIP Pig Champion.


  1. thanks for the "millionaires" bootleg, didn't have this!

    i have the "your choice live series" cd, very good release, too bad you missed that show, ZER

    what else can i say? one of my favourite bands, i have all (well, most) of this already, check it out you who don't know 'em... you're missing out on some kick-ass rocknroll

    cheers - matt

  2. Did'nt the Band SWAT have some poison Idea members in it? I think it was on amrep back in the day.excellent post btw!

  3. I was finally able to pass that gall-stone thanx to this post! The sheer volume of this post exceeded and subsiquently displaced the specific gravity of said stone-ZER! Emperor Palpatine aka the Pope has recently joined the ZER fold, we are making him hand out Pez candy to black field mice, you should see it! Its Zerriffic! We don't even plan to make him a member hahahahe! ZER of most high ZER, your blog is most Zer than all other! Now join in unison AAAAAAMMMMMMZZZZEEEERRRRRRRRRR>>>> humbly signed,
    Zer D. Ciple (Block Capitan en Clitoris)

  4. right on...million thanks! my band Spitting on Cops just played with a POISON IDEA cover band from Vista, CA called PIG CHAMPION...pretty good...check em out if you ever get the chance.

  5. We are very happy to have Panzer Palpatine among the mice-shit-eating untouchable cast of disciple ! May the Zer make him definitely deaf.

    I do not know SWAT, is it good ? I guess so. There is the Submissives cd to upload too (Pig Champion + Dave Dictor from MDC and maybe more MDC personnel, I forgot).

    Spitting on Cops, that's an amazing band name! Zer! MySpace?
    I'll definitiely check out Pig Champion. Poison Idea tribute bands are a much better idea than Metallica cover bands.



  7. then there's the IMPERIALI$T PIGS with a pre-pig champion tom roberts


  8. Maybe it's mediafire, but "dysfunctional songs..." and "pig's last stand" are not working for me ('null pointer').
    Brilliant post otherwise, had a shitty day and 'Plastic Bomb' was exactly what was needed. R.I.P. Pig Champion, he went too soon, though with all the self-abuse it was a wonder he lasted as long as he did!

  9. Sorry for the mediafire problems... I tested the files and download failed twice, then it worked... there is an impressive amount of download for these records, too many simultaneous requests might cripple the server. So try again and ZER!

    I did not find anything from the Imperialist Pigs, can anyone upload ?

  10. Right on! hey Zer here's SPITTING ON COPS first full length. We are actually hitting the studio for a new album and 7 inch.
    Get it here http://rapidshare.com/files/108345958/Spitting_On_Cops-Cops_Should_Be_Killed.zip

  11. Wow, incredible post! I haven't heard War All the Time in years, i think it's time to spin that one. I was lucky enough to catch Poison Idea at CBGB sometime back in the '90s. One of life's great moments.

    Please add my new blog, Blogged & Quartered. Some stuff there i think you might like.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  12. thanx for this great stuff!!!

  13. Holy CRAP! Total fucking goldmine! Thanks!!!

  14. thanks for this treasure, man!!

  15. Shit. I come here for "Bigger Than God​.​.​." but all links are dead.




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