Saturday, March 21, 2009


none of the above, 1985
give'em enough dope, 1996
In 1984 I bought the legendary Maximum Rock'N'Roll compilation, which opened me the door on a world of unbelievable bands for which the term "classic" was especially coined - Raw Power, Rattus, Terveet Kâdet... and N.O.T.A., whose "propaganda control" is such a hardcore prototype I had it on all mix tapes to school... Aaaaaaaah, nostalgia. Totally briliant, FAST, LOUD, UNAVOIDABLE HARDCORE PUNK ZERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dope: CD rip (including live show), none: LP rip:
1. Ultra Violent
2. Den of Thieves
3. I Should Kill You
4. Reckless
5. Takin' Away Your Rights
6. On the Pavement
7. Keeping You Out
8. Sick Society
9. Frustration
10. Self Destruct
11. Police Front
12. War On Wankers
13. Nightstick Justice
14. Propaganda Control
15. Redneck Mentality
16. Identity Crisis
17. Drugs and Sex
18. Cut the Shit
19. Summer of 82
I wish I knew where I put my N.O.T.A./C.o.C. split live tape with 1982 live sets. Unzer.
N.O.T.A. on MySpace
N.O.T.A. on KFTH

This is unrelated, but very funny, I just came accross a "Christian hardcore" website. If you're bored and need a laugh, go read it. Fuck yeah, there is a forum too, "Where you can have candid discussions about God, music, and upcoming shows". Ah, the album reviews... sample: "I can tell you that my email conversations with the band have been really positive and that they are all in for Jesus. It shows in their music too.".
Oh shit, forum intro: "Do I have to be a Christian?
No, if you are here and you are not a Christian, then there is a reason that Jesus brought you here.

Do I have to like Christian Hardcore, Punk, Ska and Oi?
No, you can learn how Christ is using these genres of music to reach new believers

I reserve the right to pull or edit any listing, revoke any posting privileges, or remove you from membership status. Let's have some good clean fun."
Zeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.............. Yeah it is not nice to poke fun at slow people, but this one looks even better than a metal forum. I think I'm going to sign-up.


  1. although you are posting great stuff, there's barely anyone leaving comments, which is a shame.. many thanks for "give them enough dope"! didn't listen to it yet, but i'm really looking forward to it, and hope that it'll be as good as their split 7" w/brother inferior! one of a few 80s bands that managed to play really good music after the reunion. similar case as final conflict. many thanks for final conflict, rupture, brutal truth, and above all civil dissident recordings! keep on rockin', mate!

  2. Thanks a lot for "Give 'Em Enough Dope".
    Haven't heard this one before... :-D

  3. Wow, I've been looking for NOTA stuff forever! Thank you!

  4. Great up - hadn't heard "Give'em" - however, I think the last live track is missing (Night Stick Justice).

  5. J'ai la k7 live N.O.T.A. / C.O.C ainsi que Kina à la Tannerie (18/10/86), D.O.A. à Grenoble (09/11/85)& encore quelques trucs pas très fréquents (comme des vieux N°de Roger Mag). Ca t'intéresse?
    (Bassiste des Misérables & Membre de l'asso de la Tannerie)

  6. Totally awesome None Of The Above, gotta love 'em!

    White Metal used to make me laugh so hard back in the 80's but this christian hardcore shit really beats those hairy suckaz all the way. Unbelievable, and scary enough for me to avoid clicking on those brainwash linkoz... now c'mon this IS blasphemy! Vade retro jesus christas!!! ;P




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