Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Fartz

world full of hate, 1982
you, we see you crawling, 1990 (1981/1982 recordings)
what's in a name, 2001
injustice, 2002
The Fartz! With the crazy vocalist of the Accüsed (or vice-versa), you bet this is a mandatory ear-tearing experience. Dirty and raw hardcore punk rock aggression in true Crucifix | Rattus form with more metallic Accüsed perversion on the latter 2 albums, you really want this stuff! There is a good dose of great covers (Discharge, Motörhead, Black Sabbath etc.) and a couple of songs also in the Accüsed repertoire, plus stellar re-recordings of old songs on "what's in a name", how zerily zer TO BE SMASHED ON THE FARTZ ROCKING BLOOD WET WALL OF ZERRRRR!R!R!R!R!RR!RR RR!R! RR!R !R!RR! R!R!R !R R!R!R R!RRR !RRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! R!R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! R!R! !! RR !!!! R!R R! !R!R !
Injustice: CD rip.
Else: vinyl rip.

World full of hate:
B1 World Full Of Hate
B2 Bible Stories
B3 What's Wrong
B4 Happy Apathy
B5 Know It Alls
B6 Freight Train
B7 Take A Stand (Against The Klan)
B8 Children Of The Grave
A1 People United
A2 Hero's (Cum Home In Boxes)
A3 When Will It End
A4 Rights
A5 Don't Want No Gun
A6 Questions & Answers
A7 Viet Vet
A8 Battle Hymn Of Ronald Reagan

You, we see you crawling:
A1 Music Critics
A2 Is This The Way?
A3 Judgement Day
A4 Dead Soldier
A5 Resistance
B1 People United
B2 Police Force
B3 Buried Alive
B4 2525 (Exordium & Terminus)
B5 Death Merchants
(Forgot to split 2 rehearsal songs => 9 mp3s for 10 songs)

What's in a name:
A1 People United
A2 Police Force (W.T.O. Mix)
A3 Iron Fist
Written-By - Motörhead
A4 Freight Train
A5 Is This The Way (It's Gonna Be?)
A6 Take A Stand (Against The Klan)
A7 Hero's (Come Home In Boxes)
A8 Death Merchants
B1 Viet-Vet
B2 God Fearing Christians
B3 Judgement Day
B4 Resistance (War Is Hell!!!)
B5 Idiots Rule
B6 Children Of The Grave
Written-By - Black Sabbath
B7 You've Got A Brain (So Use It)

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Interview with vocalist Blaine Cook


  1. Looks like What's in a name? is a reissue of Because this Fuckin World Stinks. Always loved the Fartz. How good is Injustice? That record is just awesome. Must be one of the punk records of the decade.

  2. Isn't "because this fucking world stinks" sort of a discography release, with the early "world" 12" and 7" ? "what's in a name" contains only re-recorded material, same songs in a later version.
    And YES this has been the top of the top of hc/punk for the past decade!!!!

  3. Fartz released 2 records on AT Records back in the day - "Because this..." & "World Full..." one was 7" & other was 12". Still got the vinyl in a box somewhere. They have been reissued as a combined CD & god knows what else.

  4. "God Fearing Christians" off the Injustice album is a fucking great song

  5. Is there a way to reupload at least the album Injustice? I only got 5 MP3 off this album from the Alternative Tentacles website




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