Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ripping Corpse | Dim Mak

Ripping Corpse - splattered remains (demo), 1989
Ripping Corpse - dreaming with the dead, 1991
Dim Mak - knives of ice, 2006
Fuck yeah! On saturday, in a used CDs bin doomed to be trashed, I found a cheap green CD released by Willowtip, with an ugly front cover that reminded me the ugliness of Morbid Angel's "Domination" artwork. So I just bought the disc, I enjoy blind-buying a lot, especially when I hope on some Morbid Angel stuff. Going home, playing the CD, spending the rest of the day drooling. This shit is the most insane stuff I've heard in years!!! Well at least since the latest Brutal Truth album... Lightning fast crazy death metal!!! Extra big ass thrashing death complete destruction!!!! And with a high level of variations and the immense talent of making it all memorable and singable in the shower, incredible! You can hear they're first here to make great songs, not just to win the olympics of metal (although they do anyway!). Then the voice and riffs reminded me of something; I did the research and bam, these guys are ex Ripping Corpse. No wonder why Dim Mak is so great! I now have to check out the other two Dim Mak discs.
I'm taking this opportunity of joyful metallic happiness to re-upload some Ripping Corpse. In 91 I discovered 2 corpses in a single week. I quickly dismissed the Cannibal as boring and flat, but to this day I am still hooked on the Ripping!! Legendary thrashing death with a unique sound of total zer!

CD rip except vinyl rip of the demo:
1. Rift Of Hate 02:59
2. Exhumation Day 02:44
3. Anti God 03:08
4. Deeper Demons 01:58
5. Sado-Masochists From The Grave 03:15
6. Stone Garden 02:55

Ripping Corpse on MySpace
Dim Mak on MySpace
If you're not a poser, buy the Ripping Corpse CD!!!
Buy Dim Mak CDs too!!! KNIVES OF ICE!!!!!


  1. these links aren't working

  2. the files are hosted by which is currently having an update, no link work for the moment. I'll post an update as soon as it's ok on their side. sorry for the trouble.

  3. It's back to normal, you can download now.

  4. hi bud,,i have there follow up album that was gonna be released after dreaming with the dead,but they broke up eric went on to join morbid angel and the rest fell out of the lime light to return with dimak,,so if you want to hear it let me know ill send u a link,,its so better than dreaming witrh the dead,,if you could imaginew something being better,,lol,,i know

  5. Hi Cory, yesssss getting to hear this unreleased Ripping Corpse would be awesome (better than 'dreaming'?? arg!), thanks for sending the linK!

  6. sorry for the late respnce i will send you the link for ripping corpse,,its so sik man,,such a sad sad thing when they split>

  7. the link is funny,,but just go too loadown blogspot,,type in ripping corpse,,bang yr in heaven,,,lol




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