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Armed & Dangerous, 1984
Executioner's Song, 1985
Evil Invaders, 1985
Malicious Intent, 1986
Custom Killing, 1987
Violent Restitution, 1988
Shotgun Justice, 1990
Open Hostility, 1991
Exhumed CD1, 1994
Exhumed CD2, 1994
Decibels, 1997
Evil Invaders Alive (live bootleg), 1985
Among the classics of classics, Razor are the eternal speed and thrash metal super classic. I don't know which is my favorite album. Decibels was slightly disappointing after the two previous mega bombs, especially the totally murderous Shotgun Justice, a ZERISH HELL of a killer so very fast and intense record! And while Shotgun is the fastest and meanest of the catalog, Violent Restitution is probably the heaviest and most crunching. That was the awesome record to conclude Razor mark 1 (with the first singer), but all the previous albums are fantastic too, especially Executioner's Song's that floored me as much as Bonded By Blood or Killing Is My Business. Classic Slayer inspiration and perspiration from the North! Best thing out of Canada yet?
CD rip and vinyl rip of

Armed And Dangerous:
1. The End 02:04
2. Killer Instinct 02:44
3. Hot Metal 02:19
4. Armed and Dangerous 05:12
5. Take This Torch 03:18
6. Ball and Chain 02:34
7. Fast and Loud 03:52

NB: Exhumed is pretty unnecessary, no unreleased nor live tracks nor complete CD rendering of Armed And Dangerous:
Disc 1:
Tracks 1 and 2 from "Armed And Dangerous"
Tracks 3-6 from "Executioner's Song"
Tracks 7-12 from "Evil Invaders"
Tracks 13 and 14 from "Malicious Intent"
Tracks 15 and 16 from "Custom Killing"

Disc 2:
Tracks 1-7 from "Violent Restitution"
Tracks 8-15 from "Shotgun Justice"
Tracks 16-22 from "Open Hostility"

Razor website
Razor MySpace fan page

For more current thrash metal excellency, visit The Shining. Thanks Hardy!

And more classic thrash metal awesomeness with the new Wehrmacht release!!!! Honestly, I like the originals better, but this is very cool indeed. Includes a fast Accept fast-as-a-shark cover and 2 rerecorded songs from Shark Attack. Click image to buy (if you're into paying for files... there does not seem to be a physical release):

Now the best band in the world:

And the other best band in the world with the best metal video since Dee Snyder's ripping of Tipper Gore at the PMRC:


  1. I think there's like 5 or 7 songs on that download when you buy it...
    I was going to buy it,but paypal will not let me unless I log in!@#@&

    I will buy new Wehrmacht when my credit card is dead soon.

  2. This Razor shit is melting my fucking face CLEAN OFF!Fuckeeeng thank you for these and for this killer goddamned blog.

  3. Man! what a great blog dude! i own a blog too, is very difficult to post a whole discography (i use mediafire too) thanks man, for keeping metal alive!




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